You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 1040 (One Sword Instant Kill)

Chapter 1040 (One Sword Instant Kill)

'What is Father's arranged person doing? Why are they still not taking action, and what are they waiting for?'

'This man can actually face it so calmly, as if he holds everything in his hands!'

'Damn it! He even smiled!'

'He must be mocking me!'

Huang Yun couldn't care less about Ye Hua now. Killing Ye Hua was impossible at the moment, but the position of the Crown Prince must be secured!

Countless people surged out of the city gate, and the sound of battle shook the heavens!

However, the two million soldiers bravely fighting the enemy, upon hearing the sound of reinforcements behind them, became even more vigorous.

For them, there was no concept of rights and exploitation. Now, anyone coming to rescue was a good brother.

But for Huang Li, such a sound was almost like a heartless killing.

This damn Huang Yun actually came out with people!

He came out to snatch military merits, shameless scum! He's doing such a filthy thing!

Jing Tiandi watched this happen and kept waiting... just a little longer.

Shi Yun sighed lightly as he watched Huang Yun come out to respond to the challenge.


It's not that Huang Yun was brainless; it's that Ye Hua has pressed him so hard that he can't maintain his previous grace and intelligence.

Ye Hua's appearance has driven this former genius crazy. He hasn't gone crazy yet, just on the verge of it.

"Huang Yun! What do you mean by this?" After cutting the enemies in front, Huang Li questioned Huang Yun.

Huang Yun, with a stern face, said, "What do I mean! Kill the enemy!"

"Kill the enemy?! You shameless thing! I will report all these things to the Emperor!" Huang Li angrily shouted. Are you not afraid of being laughed at for your actions?

You come out to fight only when it looks like you're going to win. Why didn't you come out in the beginning?

"Up to you," Huang Yun said indifferently, although pretending to be calm, he was still quite upset inside.

Completely unexpected, these two million people could defeat the enemy.

Just at this moment, the originally bright sky gradually dimmed.

Ye Hua looked up at the sky; it finally arrived!

Jing Tiandi also sighed in relief, finally luring him out. He reached out towards the void!

Emberfall appeared in Jing Tiandi's hand!

"Wushen, proceed with the original plan!"

"Yes, Father!" Jing Wushen said in a deep voice. Today's battle is over. It's time to go back and seize the throne!

An anomaly occurred, and everyone on the battlefield paused, staring at the sky.

Huang Li and Huang Yun were no different, their eyes filled with greed.

This is the Supreme Soul!

With the possession of the Supreme Soul, one could become the supreme and exalted figure, revered by thousands.

Ye Yuanqing appeared beside Ye Hua at this moment, already arranging for the retreat.

"Elder brother, what should we do now?"

"Just watch." Ye Hua said softly, curious what would happen next.

Gradually, the dimming sky became eerie, as if the earth was covered with a black cloth.

The phrase "couldn't see one's hand in front of one's face" could now be felt. Even though eyes were open, nothing could be seen!

Just as everyone was puzzled, the sky suddenly opened its divine eye!

A beam of dawn shot out, incredibly beautiful, illuminating the entire battlefield, appearing exceptionally sacred.

If a guy with wings appeared now, it would be very normal.

Ye Hua also witnessed such a phenomenon for the first time, expressing great curiosity.

"So beautiful." Ye Yuanqing whispered.

Just as everyone was marvelling, a red bead appeared at the top of the sky, descending along the dawn.

Jing Tiandi immediately took out a scroll, but as soon as he took it out, the scroll inexplicably disappeared from his hand, causing Jing Tian's expression to change!

He felt like he shouldn't have taken out the scroll just now!

"Father, what is this beat?" Jing Wushen also wanted it; after all, it was a super treasure.

Jing Tiandi, with a stern face, nodded, "This is the primordial spirit of the Supreme Overlord!"

"My God! The primordial spirit of the Supreme Overlord!" Jing Wushen exclaimed in shock, finding it truly unbelievable.

After a brief stunned moment, Shi Yun shouted, "Seize it!"

The Overlords behind him burst out, over twenty streaks of coloured light rushing towards the Supreme Soul, appearing very conspicuous in the dark night.

Jing Tiandi naturally saw it too. The Emberfall held high in his hand, and it fell down on those Overlords!

A terrifying sword aura instantly formed, shaking the space between heaven and earth. It was evident how abnormal this ordinary swing was.

The red sword energy was extremely fast, carrying an aura of destruction, attacking the Overlords.

Jing Tiandi's strength itself was higher than that of these Overlords. Their movements were incomprehensible to the Overlords, unlike Ye Hua.

So with a simple swing, it was terrifying to the point of explosion.

Even before the sword energy touched them, the bodies of these Overlords disintegrated in midair, and even their primordial spirits didn't have a chance to fly out before bursting.That's right, it's that kind of disappearance. Shi Yun, seeing this situation, was filled with horror, desperately avoiding the sword energy!

But the sword energy was still too fast. Shi Yun, in the midst of escaping, was still injured. His entire right half of the body disappeared.

It could be clearly seen that Shi Yun's body fell from the sky, his eyes filled with terror.

'What kind of sword is this? I've never seen it before! The blade of a single sword aura could instantly kill an Overlord!'


Shi Yun's body smashed into a large pit on the ground, barely clinging to life.

More than twenty Overlords, with a single swing from Jing Tiandi, were all killed. This left everyone dumbfounded.

The soldiers of the divine realm were quite shocked. This was too powerful!

The soldiers of the Demon Capital, changing their morale from just a moment ago, immediately cheered. Their commander-in-chief single-handedly took down more than twenty Overlords, leaving one on the brink of death.

Who could break such a record? No one could!

Huang Li and Huang Yun were stunned. This guy is too insane! What kind of weapon does he have? To kill so many Overlords with a single swing, this is impossible!

Ye Yuanqing was also shocked. This is simply terrifying!

"Big brother... What kind of weapon is this? Why is its power so immense?" Ye Yuanqing asked in a low voice. In the known arsenal, there has never been a weapon that could instantly kill Overlords.

Ye Hua also felt the same. He indeed had many collections, but he didn't possess a weapon that could directly kill Overlords with a single strike. It was by relying on his powerful strength to kill an Overlord.

"Oh, this is a legendary weapon," Ye Hua said softly.

"A legendary weapon? I've never heard of it," Ye Yuanqing was puzzled, having never heard of a legendary weapon from birth until now.

Ye Hua chuckled, "Well, now you have."

Ye Yuanqing was in shock, a legendary weapon... Is it really this powerful?

Too heaven-defying.

This episode was shocking, but the Supreme Soul was slowly descending! Now was the best time for plunder!

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