You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 12 - Comparing figure? I’m not afraid of you!

Chapter 12 – Comparing figure? I’m not afraid of you!

Qing Ya who was panting with rage walked straight forward all the way, and unconsciously, there was actually no more path to walk. Without choice, she turned around and immediately saw Ye Hua who was catching up with her. At this moment, half of her anger had already disappeared, but she still did not pay attention to Ye Hua and walked towards the shopping center.

The two of them arrived at the shopping center. Every time when Qing Ya entered into a shop, she would discover that Ye Hua was standing outside of the shop while smoking. I will count it that he still has a bit of conscience! However, when she walked out of the last shop, Qing Ya discovered that Ye Hua suddenly disappeared!

This damned bastard, where did he run off to! It can’t be that he saw some beautiful woman and eagerly followed after the beautiful woman right!

“You finished buying everything?” Ye Hua walked out unhurriedly from the other side.

Qing Ya’s brows wrinkled, “Where did you run off to just now!”

“I went to the toilet.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Ye Hua snorted, I will count it that you are tactful!

“Carry it.”

“I’m not carrying it.” Ye Hua took a look at those small and big bags. As a supreme overlord, how can I help a woman carry things! If words were to spread out, where would my status be and how would others view me!

Qing Ya was simply angered half to death. She felt that living together with this man, she would definitely have to live half a lifetime lesser.

Taking out her phone, she called Liu Hang’s phone.

“CEO Qing, is there anything that I can help serve you?”

“Send a car over to First-Rate Shopping Center.” Qing Ya said indifferently.

“Alright CEO Qing, please wait a moment.”

After hanging up the phone, Qing Ya looked at the hateful figure and mumbled, “Forget it if you are not willing to help me carry things, but you still even walk that fast, do you not know that I am pregnant?!”

“That’s right! Why did I forget about this, I am a pregnant woman, I am the biggest!”

“Aiya!” Qing Ya cry out in alarm and feigned falling down onto the floor and held onto her stomach with a face full of pain.

Ye Hua’s figure came to a stop, red light radiated within his pitch-black eyes, and when he saw that the small life was safe and sound, he let out a huge breath of relief.

But, this woman almost caused my child to be gone! Anger, rage! The entire shopping center suddenly trembled lightly. It caused everyone to be shocked, they thought that it was an earthquake. Luckily, the tremble disappeared very quickly. Just now, if not for Ye Hua controlling it well, everyone in the shopping center would have most likely been dead.

“What’s the matter with you, don’t you know how to talk!” Ye Hua shouted towards Qing Ya. Everyone in the shopping center heard that and couldn’t help but looked over.

Qing Ya was stupefied by Ye Hua’s shout at her. I am pregnant with your child, what’s wrong with me telling you to help me carry some things! Although I feigned the fall, can’t you at least be concerned about me for a bit!

Tears of grievance immediately started falling out as she thought about the helplessness during this period of time. I thought that I found a person who could help me, but in the end, I found a much more cold-blooded fellow!

“That’s right! I don’t know how to walk! You leave! The child and I don’t need you to care! I don’t want to see you anymore!” Qing Ya cried, and she cried out very broken-heartedly. Not a single men is a good thing at all, why is my life this bitter…the men that I meet are all scumbags.

The people at the shopping center leaned forward on the guard rail and looked at Qing Ya and Ye Hua and sighed incessantly. Such a beautiful woman is actually pregnant, and the man seems to be very cold-blooded. The woman had already fallen down on the floor and the man did not even show a bit of concern at all, and instead even questioned her if she knew how to walk or not, tsk, tsk tsk…

It was the first time for Qing Ya to lose her self-control like this and weep endlessly in a public place with where there were numerous people. Suddenly! Qing Ya who was crying bitterly felt something strength carrying her up. When she opened her eyes, she saw that face which seemed as if it was carved. It must be said that, Ye Hua was indeed really very attractive.

“Even if you don’t find it embarrassing, I also find it embarrassing.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya took a look at the surroundings and discovered that there were a lot of people looking at her. I must have definitely been very embarrassing just now, I hope no one took a video of me just now, this is but precisely my black history! All of this is to be blamed on that damned bastard, to actually shout at me like that!

But…I am carried in his embrace right now! What does this count as, does he know that he is in the wrong already?

Incorrect! He said that I an embarrassing, how am I embarrassing! Which woman is able to grow up as beautiful as me, have such a good figure like me, and also have that much money at the same time! And he even dares to say that I am embarrassing, he is too much of a bastard!

“Let me down!” Qing Ya said calmly, her small face was a bit face.

Ye Hua took a look at her, “Are you able to walk properly?”

“You are the one that is not able to walk properly!” Qing Ya snorted and walked forwards in huge strides.

Liu Hang personally drove the car to First-Rate Shopping Center to wait for Qing Ya. When he saw Ye Hua this unfamiliar man, he was puzzled, who is this guy? Could it be that he is that guy that the corporation had been crazily spreading and talking about?

“CEO Qing, careful of your head.” Liu Hang opened the door and smiled respectfully, while Qing Ya had a cold face.

Ye Hua stood at the side and said indifferently, “Move inside.”

“Do you not know how to enter through the other side!” Qing Ya was puzzled, must this fellow make me get in a bad mood? Finding a problem when there is no problem!

Ye Hua took a look and said lightly, “It is not safe.”

Qing Ya, “……”

If I can reverse time back to that night, even if I got beaten to death, I also wouldn’t go to that bar, and would never want to get acquainted with this man.

“What are you being in a daze for?”

Without choice, Qing Ya moved inside and Ye Hua finally entered into the car.

Liu Hang witnessed everything with his own eyes and he seemed as if he had just seen a ghost. CEO Qing actually moved! How could it be, is this man really this formidable that even a woman like CEO Qing must do what she was told!

“Ceo Qing, are we going to the company or?” Liu Hang started the Audi A8, then turned his head around and asked.

Qing Ya looked outside the window and said indifferently, “Ask him.”

“Leisure Bar.” Ye Hua also looked outside the window and said coldly.

“Eh…” Liu Hang felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange and did not dare to say anything. However, he felt that CEO Qing and this fiance of hers was still quite matching. At the least, when comparing both of their looks, both of them could be placed on the same level.

It is only the afternoon right now, going to a bar at this timing isn’t too appropriate right? However, wherever the CEO says she wants to go, I will just drive to that place.

After a quiet journey, they arrived at the front of the bar and Qing Ya said lightly, “Leave the car here, I will be using it.”

“Alright CEO Qing.” Liu Hang clasped the key with both of his hands.

Ye Hua silently took a look and totally did not had the intention to stretch out his hand to take the key. Opening the door, he walked into the bar by himself.

Qing Ya felt angry, but she also could not show that she was angry in front of her subordinate and could only swallow her anger and take the key, and also the huge bunch of daily products and clothes to wash and change into.

“CEO Qing, let me help you.”

Because Qing Ya was not in a good mood, her tone was a bit strong, “No need!”

Liu Hang felt that it was better for him to not involve himself in this matter and going back home to eat his wife’s cooking was the right path.

Qing Ya placed carried everything to the bedroom. Right now, it just so happens that Ye Hua was changing his clothes. Those muscles are strong like rock, and also that line, just how perfect is it? Incorrect! This fellow is definitely doing it on purpose and showing off his body in front of me! Tsk! Showing off one’s body, who don’t know how to do that!

Right in front of Ye Hua, Qing Ya actually took off her shirt and skirt, and leaving herself only with her undergarments. That curvaceous figure, that perfect curve, that delicate skin, every part of it was that perfect, any man who saw this body would definitely go crazy for it.

Little guy, to actually try to show off your body in front of me, if I don’t bewitch you to death, I will write the word Qing horizontally! Right now, I reckon that he is closely staring at my back and fantasizing. Don’t know if his saliva is dripping or not.

“Calabash Brothers, Calabash Brothers, 7 flowers on a rattan. Windswept and battered by the rain, it is also not afraid, la, la, la, la~”

Qing Ya’s body froze, and her delicate hands clenched tightly.

“Bewitching spirit! Where do you think you are running!”

This fellow not only do not have humanity, there is also a problem with his IQ. Instead of looking at me, he is actually watching a cartoon, and even more, he is watching Calabash Brothers! Humiliation!

“Where is the bathroom!” Qing Ya asked angrily.

“It is right beside you.” Ye Hua revealed out an expression as if he was looking at a fool, almost angering Qing Ya to the point that she fainted.

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