You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 14 - Acting cool after smoking syndrome

Chapter 14 – Acting cool after smoking syndrome

At this moment, Lie Gu walked into the room with jolting buttocks. When Lie Gu walked into the room, Qing Ya was shocked, and Lie Gu trembled for a bit, what a beautiful woman…

“Woof, woof, woof~” Lie Gu raised his head and barked a few times.

Imperial translation: “Your honor, didn’t you say that you wouldn’t touch the same woman twice?”

“She is my wife.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Lie Gu suddenly jumped backward and looked at Qing Ya in disbelieve, then afterward, he kneeled down on the floor and barked with his head raised, “Woof, woof, woof~”

Imperial translation: “Honorable madam, please receive this humble one’s kowtow.”

Qing Ya snorted, “The master is strange, and so is the dog too.”

Although Qing Ya was grumbling with her mouth, her hands were focused on cleaning the table. She exerted all her strength to wipe off the oil stain on the table, seemingly not being to stand to look at this kind of thing. Seems like she was also a woman who has mysophobia. As for Ye Hua, he lied down on the sofa and watch the Calabash Brothers fight with the vixen together with Lie Gu.

After throwing away the rubbish, Qing Ya walked into the room and when she saw that Ye Hua was still watching the cartoon, she shouted, “I’m here tired like a dog, and you are here watching television, do you not know how to try helping me for a bit?!”

Ye Hua did not turn his head back at all. While stroking Lie Gu’s head, he said indifferently, “You think too much, a dog isn’t as tired as you.”

“Ye Hua! Do you want to fight?!” Qing Ya’s eyes immediately turned red. This is my first time cleaning things up, forget about you not helping me at all, but you actually mock at me after I cleaned things up, how could there be a man like this in this world!

“Woof, woof, woof~”

Imperial translation: “Your honor, the madam is crying.”

Ye Hua shook his head. This woman’s mental strength sure is weak, just one sentence only and it is able to make her cry, I really don’t know how she managed to earn all that money.

In the past, Qing Ya was not like this. Perhaps it was because she was pregnant now and her mood fluctuation was comparatively bigger now. Adding on with that right now she only trusts Ye Hua, but the state that Ye Hua displayed out was different from what she had expected. This kind of feeling made her felt very perplexed and also grievance.

Ye Hua closed the television and said indifferently, “Let’s go out and take a walk, it will be beneficial for the fetus.”

Seeing that Ye Hua’s tone softened, Qing Ya snorted, “Not going.”

It has been a very long time that someone rejected me so many times within a day, yet, I can’t do anything about it at all because she is my child’s mother.

Lie Gu barked out a few more times again.

Imperial translation: “Your honor, madam sure has a personality.”

Ye Hua took a glare at Lie Gu, and the latter curled up his body in fear. This woman is in lack of a lot of teaching!

Grabbing onto Qing Ya’s pure white wrist, Ye Hua said in a deep voice, “Let’s go!”

“Not going, not going!!!”

Ye Hua did not care that much and just pulled onto Qing Ya and walked.

“Be gentler a bit, it hurts!”

At this time, it was Leisure Bar’s peak period, many women waited at the bar as usual. The familiar sounds of footsteps started ringing out from the stairs, just that the sounds sounded like it was in a bit of a hurry, and also, there were the sounds of another footstep.

When the women saw Ye Hua appeared, and he was pulling onto an incomparably beautiful woman, countless sounds of glass breaking could be heard within Leisure Bar, those were the sounds of heartbreaks.

“The boss…he is actually pulling onto another woman!”

“And they are so intimate too…what happened to the boss!”

“Let go of the boss, he doesn’t belong to you, he belongs to the entire world!”

However, the men who were seated in the bar were different, when they saw Qing Ya’s face, they were stupefied! It is not unreasonable that the boss likes a woman like this. Another woman like this cannot be found in this entire bar, that red eyes of the woman, it makes her seems so pitiful and lovely at the same time.

Eh, incorrect! Why are the beautiful woman’s eyes red? Thinking about it, it could be that the boss is too vicious…

When Qing Ya heard the painful grumbles of those women, she felt disdain in her heart, what is good about this man, you all are only confused by his outer appearance, this man is already at the point where he almost needs to be spoon-fed when eating, being his wife is the equivalent of doing bitter work for him, and furthermore, you have to listen to him preach time to time, and even have to get ridiculed at a few times.

“Let go, I know how to walk!” Qing Ya’s anger had calmed down by a lot.

Ye Hua let go of Qing Ya’s wrist, “Don’t try to make me angry in the future.”

Qing Ya’s anger which had just calmed down was immediately ignited up again, “Ye Hua, just who is the one that is trying to make who angry, you better explain it clearly to me today!”

“Your tone right now is exactly trying to make me angry.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

Qing Ya sneered, “I am just precisely trying to make you angry, what are you going to do about it? If you have the guts, you can not want the child then! Worst come to worst, I will just raise the child on my own, then married to someone else and let your child recognize someone else as the father!”

Ye Hua’s footsteps immediately came to a stop. This woman is not only foolish, but she is also already foolish to the point that she is crazy.

“What is it, angry already? Want to hit me? Come on~ I will let you hit me, in any case, you only know how to bully me!” Qing Ya shouted angrily, erupting out all the grievance in her heart.

Ye Hua suddenly turned around and raised his hand, there was a trace of viciousness within his pale face.

Looking at Ye Hua who was calm and scary at the same time, Qing Ya’s beautiful eyes turned red again, he really wants to beat me! Tears started sliding down Qing Ya’s delicate face.

The slap that Qing Ya imagined did not land on her face, and instead, the palm of Ye Hua’s hand rubbed gently onto Qing Ya’s cheek.

“I’m not that bad to the point that I would hit a woman.” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. After finish speaking, he continued walking forward, leaving Qing Ya who was standing right there with a foolish expression.

This bastard! He actually changed a new way to tease me, I definitely cannot endure it! I must think of a way to punish him, if not I will suffocate myself to death!

Qing Ya ran for a bit to chase after Ye Hua who was at the front. The two of them came to the river bank to go for a walk. The slight wind made one felt carefree and relaxed, but, both Qing Ya and Ye Hua did not bother with each other.

During the whole journey, Qing Ya was pondering over Ye Hua’s weak points, and the conclusion that she got, in the end, was that, no matter what Ye Hua did, he wouldn’t dare to really beat her, and would only use his mouth to talk, so as long as she takes advantage of this point, she would be able to anger him.

“Are you prepared for tomorrow night’s family feast?” Qing Ya asked casually and dragged her fingers at her beautiful hair that was blown messy by the wind. Too beautiful, the men that were in the surrounding all knocked into a tree.

Don’t talk about a family feast, even if it was a feast at Hongmen, Ye Hua also wouldn’t look upon it seriously. Right now, aside from the child, there was no one, and nothing that could give rise to Ye Hua’s interest.

(鸿门宴: Feast at Hongmen – A feast set up to murder it’s guest.)

“There is nothing to prepare.”

Qing Ya did not like this point of Ye Hua the most, he is acting cool too much already, and he still dares to say that I was acting cool.

“Your opponent is very strong, the vicious sickness that my grandpa gotten back when he was at the battlefield was cured by that fiancé of mine. My dad’s periarthritis and my mom’s rheumatism were both cured by him too.”

Ye Hua silently took out a cigarette and lighted it up, “You are my wife right now, not someone else’s fiancé.”

“I’m discussing tactics with you, what are you bringing this up for!” Qing Ya wrinkled her brows and said in displease.

Ye Hua took a puff, then unhurriedly exhale, “No tactics are needed, it is but an insignificant person only.”

“Can you not act cool?” Qing Ya held onto her forehead. Could it be that this man suffers from acting cool after smoking syndrome? Every time when he talks while smoking, he can brag especially well.

When he is not smoking, he is a people of Long’an City, but when he is smoking, the entire Long’an City is his.

Leaning on the protective railing, Ye Hua flicked the cigarette ash and said indifferently, “Qing Ya, your scope is still too low.”

Here he comes again!

“My scope is low, how about you raise my scope for me then.” Qing Ya also leaned on the protective railing. I want to listen to just what this man can brag about this time.

Ye Hua flicked the cigarette butt and said unhurriedly, “Do you feel that you are very formidable?”

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