You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 18 - Those are all delicacies…

Chapter 18 – Those are all delicacies…

Wearing a light blue security guard uniform, Wei Chang arrived at the castle gate and politely stretched out his hand to knock onto the gate.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

It must be said that, Wei Chang’s luck was quite good as today just so happens to be the date where the hitman organization would hold their regular meeting. Currently, they were discussing about the mission at Long’an City yesterday.

Deep within the castle, 10 higher-ups were currently having a solemn discussion. Their attire was appropriate to the occasion, just a look and one would know that those people were the elites within the upper class.

“Cold-blood is our S-Rank hitman, how could he had possibly failed!”

“I don’t know. I feel that we should set this request aside for now, China is not a good place.”

“If Kaiser was still here, he would definitely oppose this time’s mission. Moreover, cold-blood is Kaiser’s friend too!”

“Kaiser has already left, there is no need to talk about him!”

Wei Chang stood outside the gate and knocked for a full minute, and no one actually came to open the gate. Feeling a little impatient, Wei Chang suddenly shot out a black light from his fingertip. The black light was shot up to the sky and came to a stop at 100 meters above the ground. When it came to a stop, it formed into a black umbrella and enveloped the castle within it.


The sound of a gun being fired rang out, and a lustrous yellow bullet was shot towards Wei Chang’s head. Just that, before the bullet was able to reach Wei Chang’s head, it was stopped by an incorporeal black light and fell to the ground powerlessly.

Wei Chang gazed at the sniper that was at the spire and stretched out his palm. There was no whatsoever high-end explosion, and instead, Wei Chang’s arm transformed and turned into an unknown substance which had a big mouth. The sniper that was at the spire was stupefied, what fucking monster is this!

In the moment of distraction, the monster which had only a mouth already appeared in front of the sniper. Followed by the opening of the mouth, the frightening rows of sharp teeth and threads of gluey liquid could be seen.

Without waiting for the sniper to shriek, the malevolent big mouth already encased the sniper’s head, and just like a snake, it straightforwardly swallowed the sniper. The super long arm was like a throat, and the swelling object that was moving in the super long arm was that sniper. The sniper was transported all the way to the inside of Wei Chang’s body.

Licking his lips, Wei Chang’s eyes turned completely black and mumbled, “The taste of a human is still as enticing as ever~”

The alarm sound suddenly rang and all the higher-ups that were in the castle immediately became startled.

“What’s the matter? Did the international criminal police came?”

“Don’t know, it should be that something happened outside.”

“What is there to worry about, there would always be some fellows who think highly of themselves every year. Continue with the meeting.”

Wei Chang laughed lightly, then spread out both of his arms. Both arms transformed and formed into countless big mouth monsters. Every big mouth monster seemed to have its own target. The countless big mouth monsters bore through the castle, and the huge castle seemed as if it was bound up by a huge octopus. The scene was frightening.

Furthermore, it could very clearly be seen that, within every ‘throat’, there was a swelling object moving towards the inside of Wei Chang’s body.

“Burp~ This is precisely the taste. Having not tasted it for a few years, I have finally tasted it again today, his honor is truly benevolent.”

The alarm sound suddenly disappeared and the higher-ups that were holding a meeting in the secret room all let out a sigh of relief.

“See, what did I say, it is but some small fries only.”

The others all laughed. Just that, within the entire castle, they were the only one remaining.

Wei Chang, of course, had to place the main course at the last. Declaring their death, this was an old custom.

After opening the gate and walking into the castle, various kinds of armors and oil paintings could be seen. Wei Chang casually seized all the armors and oil paintings, then walked towards the hall.

When Wei Chang arrived at the center of the hall, he came to a stop, then stepped onto the ground with his right foot!

Wei Chang immediately fell downwards, breaking through all kinds of mixed soil, and arriving at the lowest level’s meeting room at the end, then looked at the 10 middle aged men who were currently holding a meeting.

The 10 higher-ups were discussing about the organization’s direction, when all of a sudden, a person suddenly fell down from the top of the meeting room. The person who fell down was a stranger that was wearing a uniform. Those that knew Chinese all immediately saw the armband.

Security guard!

“Who are you!” One of the men stood up and shouted.

Wei Chang walked towards them unhurriedly, and some of the men already took out their gun.

“Bang, bang, bang!!”

The bullets were all totally not able to enter Wei Chang’s body, and all of the bullets landed near Wei Chang’s leg.

“I am called Wei Chang! I am Binge, one of the Seven Sins that is under His Honor, the Supreme Overlord’s command. To be able to die under the Supreme Overlord’s order, it is you guys’ blessing. Therefore, please give up on resisting.” Wei Chang spread out both of his arms and had a face of pleasure on his face. It seemed as if I had returned to back in those days, all of the images where we were massacring everyone are suddenly re-appearing in my mind. Also, those special lines, it has been a long time since I have read it out, my tone just now seemed like it was missing something, should I read the lines out again?

“What rubbish!”

Wei Chang took a glance at the man who spoke, and his arm immediately transformed into a big mouth monster and swallowed the man.

The remaining 9 people were all stupefied. What kind of monster if this! Is this a movie! Is this thing an alien!

Wei Chang’s arm could be seen transforming again and forming into 9 big mouth monsters this time. Each of the big mouth monster suspended above the head of each of the remaining 9 people. The gluey thick liquid could be seen dripping out from the big mouth monster and dripping onto the head of the person that was below it.

“Kaiser will not let…AHHHH!!!!”

Before even being able to finish what they wanted to say, the remaining 9 people were all immediately swallowed by each of the big mouth monster.


Wei Chang let out a burp. Although there was not a lot, but I still had my enjoyment. Not sure how long I will have to wait for the next time. As for the Kaiser that they speak of? Burp…most probably a joke I guess.

“Evil Spirit; Death Mage.”

Same as that day, a skeleton who wore a black robe raised up from the ground, then afterward, kneeled down in front of Wei Chang and said, “Master.”

“Tidy up everything.”

“I will solemnly obey master’s order.”

Wei Chang casually opened a void black hole and traveled back to the bar.

And as for the death mage, it floated up to the sky and read silently with his mouth, then raised up his staff, “Hell flames!”

Immediately, countless fireballs appeared in the sky and bombarded the castle. After the bombardment, only a large piece of scorched earth was left.

Returning back to the bar, Wei Chang did not saw Ye Hua. Wei Chang first placed the oil paintings that he took from the castle and placed them onto the bar’s wall, then afterward contacted Ye Hua.

Currently, Ye Hua was sitting in the car and listening to Wei Chang’s report. Looking at the watch, 26 minutes. However, there is another way that this matter could have been handled. Wei Chang’s way of handling things is still the same as back then. Wait after I go back, I will have to properly educate him. When doing things, one has to use their brain.

The person who was driving the car was, of course, Qing Ya. The cold looking small face appeared to be fuming right now. This fellow is really lazy to a whole new realm, to not even know how to drive a car, and furthermore let a female drive the car for you, you are truly a big boss!

“Ye Hua, can you find a time to go get your license?” Qing Ya couldn’t help but say.

Ye Hua opened the window and said indifferently, “You knowing how to drive the car is enough.”

“But in the future when my belly becomes big, it will be difficult for me to drive the car!”

“Hire a driver then.’

Qing Ya was actually left speechless. This man was not only lazy, but he also doesn’t even have ambition! Only knows how to tease me all day, that fiancé of mine is not even as arrogant as him.

“Qing Ya.” Ye Hua called out lightly.

“What is it?”

“Don’t hope for me to do senseless things.” Ye Hua said indifferently, then took out a cigarette. But after pausing for a moment, he kept the cigarette.

Qing Ya who was about to get angry, upon seeing Ye Hua’s action, pursed her mouth and actually did not say anything. With Qing Ya driving the car, the two of them headed towards the suburbs.

At the north of Long’an City, there was a manor which occupied an enormous amount of space. Some of the big shots in Long’an City of course knew who the manor belonged to, Qing Family! This family which had a long history was rumored to be at the pinnacle during the Ming Dynasty. However, this was a rumor and no one was able to prove if it was true or not.

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