You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 2 - Freshness

Chapter 2 – Freshness

Tang Wei’s hands were trembling and tears slip past her cheeks, at school, within every males’ heart, I am their goddess, but at here, the boss doesn’t even properly look at me, am I that ugly…

“Boss, Tang Wei wasn’t intentional, please forgive her this time, she really needs this job.” The female who spoke out to stop Tang Wei just a while ago ran up and pleaded, seems like the two of them were good friends.

“There are many people who need a job.” Ye Hua said indifferently, not moving his gaze away as before.

“Boss, Tang Wei’s family financial situation is poor, and because her appearance is very outstanding, every workplace that she went to, she would always get harassed. I was the one who introduced her to come here to work, boss, I’m begging you, don’t chase Tang Wei away.”

Ye Hua’s gaze finally moved, looking at the female who was pleading for Tang Wei, he said, “Do you take this place of mine as a shelter?”

The female did not dare to reply as she lowered her head unwaveringly.

If this situation was placed at yesterday, Ye Hua would fire Tang Wei without any mercy, but not sure why, his mood was pretty good today.

“Don’t let this happen again.” Ye Hua said lightly, showing mercy unprecedentedly.

“Tang Wei! Quickly thank the boss!”

“Thank…you…boss!” Tang Wei shouted out while sobbing, she was crying to the point where she wasn’t able to speak properly.

“Go back and continue working then. Wait a moment!” Ye Hua suddenly called out to Tang Wei who turned her body around and was about to leave. Tang Wei even thought that the boss had a change of mind.

“Take your thing away, it is an eyesore.”

Tang Wei’s tears which stopped just a moment ago immediately started falling again, picking up the love letter that was on the table, she held it in her embrace and went back to cleaning, while sobbing at the same time.

At this time, a middle age security came to the front of Tang Wei. The security was called Wei Chang, he was the security head of this place. His appearance was extremely resolute, belonging to the category of handsome uncles.

Wei Chang handed over a napkin and comforted, “Xiao Tang, don’t do this kind of silly things anymore in the future, you have also seen the situation of that woman just now too.”

(The name ‘Xiao Tang’ here refers to ‘Tang Wei’, others sometimes add ‘Xiao/小’ to someone’s name to address the person. ‘Xiao/小’ also means ‘small’.)

“Uncle Wei, what kind of woman does the boss likes?” Tang Wei asked while sobbing.

“Xiao Wei, I have been working here for quite a few years already, and I have only seen the boss brought a woman upstairs 3 years ago, and that woman…it is not that Uncle Wei I have not seen before beautiful woman, but that woman was really very beautiful, no matter was it temperament or figure, it was one of the best that I have seen.”

“Have that woman come back before?”

“Never.” Uncle Wei smiled and shook his head.

“Why? According to what you said, the boss should really like the woman right?” Tang Wei asked naively.

“Boss’s demands towards a woman are at the peak, and the boss’s mysophobia was even more fatal, he likes women that are clean, but he has never touched the same woman twice.” Uncle Wei said in a low voice. Actually, this also wasn’t any big secret, most of the old employees more or less know about this.

The female immediately knew where her mistake was, nodding her head disappointingly, she secretly took a look at the boss, he is really so charming.

Wei Chang sighed lightly, speaking up to this point, whether if Tang Wei would be able to keep this high paying job depends on her.

Ye Hua swayed the wine glass, he heard everything that the two talked about, but he didn’t really mind it, because what Wei Chang said was right, he was a very picky man, just that, Wei Chang seems to have a lot to talk about recently!

Ye Hua had arrived at this world for 5 years already, recalling back to the things in the past, he was not really filled with that much hatred anymore. As an undead, he went from a small figure who feel apprehensive to becoming a murdering god who swept everything before his eyes, and in the end, he became enemy with the entire human race, leading to all the human who was in the overlord realm to gather together and unleashing every kind of forbidden magic, which in turn finally wiped out he himself and his underlings.

What was funny was that he actually did not die and arrived at this world, and what was even funnier was that not only did he not die, he even possessed the abilities of all those overlords and became a supreme overlord! Constructing out flesh from his original human skeleton body, with his current strength, he was totally able to return and seek revenge. However, he had already lost interest in that, all those overlords were but a bunch of salted fish. Perhaps, saying that they were a bunch of salted fish was also overvaluing them.

After living that many years of bloody life, it was also time to take a few years of vacation and understand the complicated thing that was called humanity. It was a pity that the humans of this world were too weak, just a blow of breath was enough to annihilate all of them. As for why he chose to take a vacation at this place, it was because this place was idle and quiet.

Occasionally, he was able to come upon a good quality woman. Just 3 years ago, he was able to come upon one. Back when he was a human skeleton, he was not able to experience sexual intercourse, but now that he had flesh, he was finally able to experience it himself.

The feeling was not bad, but it was a pity that after having sexual intercourse with a woman once, he would lose interest. Actually, if he wanted to find a woman that was of his taste, he could do it so long as he set out to look, but that way, it would be not interesting, something that could be controlled couldn’t compare to the fresh feeling that arises abruptly.

Counting the time, it has been quite a while since I taste something fresh, not sure how many years I still have to wait for, if I become impatient from waiting, I will just burn this place with a fire and change a plane to rest at I guess.

Ye Hua was this kind of person, as an undead, his humanity had already been annihilated very long ago! If not for staying at this place for 5 years and nurturing out a bit of humanity, just that woman who offended him awhile ago should have long become a residue in the air.

“Lady, you can’t enter, we are closed already.”

While when Ye Hua was contemplating, the voice of a security guard rang out at the door.

“Closed? Why did I not see it? Quickly move aside!”

The corner of Ye Hua’s eyes twitched slightly, although this woman’s voice was cold, her tone was like a jade bearing ball, it can be considered as having reached my criterion.

“Lady, we are really closed already!”

The sound of the high-heeled shoes tapping on the floor was extremely rhythmic, this was something that a normal woman would not be able to do. Summing up the two points above, this woman is quite fitting for my taste, not sure how the other aspects of this woman are like, but, seeing the security actually didn’t stop her and even let her in, seems like the security doesn’t dare to touch this woman, this woman has a bit of imposing manner, not bad!

The sound was getting closer and closer, Ye Hua raised his head and look over. Truly not bad, every aspect of her has reached my requirements, clean, temperament, imposing manner, and of course background. As for how to make out someone’s background, all you have to do was to just look at how she was dressed.

If I did not saw incorrectly, what this woman is wearing right now is a black diamond dress that was designed by Debbie Wingham. With the reputation of the designer, the price of the dress was 5.6 million USD. So it was bought by her, this is a bit interesting.

The watch that she is wearing on her wrist should be Piaget SA unordinary luxurious series, 18k platinum, set with 429 round beautiful diamonds and 80 square beautiful diamonds, under the illumination of the light, the watch was dazzling. The price of the watch should be around 10 million RMB.

I have never seen before the black high-heeled shoes that she is wearing, I reckon that it is custom-made. The top of the high-heeled shoes is fully embedded with Kwiat diamonds, the price of it should be around 1 million USD.

The main point is that necklace, that necklace is the most valuable. I remember seeing the necklace before on a magazine last year, the name of it is Christie’s Diamond Necklace and the diamonds that were used were all high-grade white diamonds. A total of 52 high-grade white diamonds were used, and the total weight was 104.84 carat. I remember that the sale price at that time was 8.14 million USD.

Also, those 2 earrings, although it seems nothing of out the ordinary, it should have some commemoration value to it.

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