You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 21 - You won’t do, too ugly already

Chapter 21 – You won’t do, too ugly already

“Aotian?” Qing Chengren called out once again, displease did not appear on his face.

Long Aotian regained back his conscious and apologized, “Grandpa Qing, I apologize, I was just too astonished, Yutong is just too beautiful already.”

As Qing Yutong’s mother, Zi Han said tenderly, “Aotian is so talented, it is a pity that my Yutong won’t be able to have the fortune.”

Long Aotian felt extremely great. Mother-in-law, no need to be that courteous, I, Long Aotian can take in both of them.

Qing Yutong took a glance at this man despisingly and let out a ridiculing snort. This expression, this snort, she simply resembles a lot like Qing Ya.

“That’s right, Aotian, why didn’t you come together with Qing Ya?” Wang Muqing asked with concern. It must be said that Qing Ya’s father, Qing Huaxuan, has very good taste. Both of his wives were extremely beautiful, even at this age, if they were to just dress up for a bit, when they go out together, they would definitely look just like sisters. Just a look and one would be able to see that Qing Huaxuan was a man who knew how to enjoy his life.

Long Aotian paused for a moment and said, “Qing Ya has been busy with work those days. She had me to come to accompany you all first, and she will come later on.”

“Actually, I saw big sister coming together with a man.” Qing Yutong said all of a sudden, and immediately, it caused Long Aotian’s expression to sink.

Qing Huaxuan’s gaze sunk, “A man?”

“That’s right, the man looks quite good too, more handsome compared to him.” Qing Yutong pointed towards Long Aotian and said, and the latter had the feeling of wanting to kill someone. I am an immortal doctor, I can treat someone with my left hand, and kill someone with my right hand! Who actually dares to steal a woman of mine! And the man is actually more handsome than me, he must die!

Wang Muqing’s face immediately became cold, seems like this point of Qing Ya was inherited by her mother.

“Aotian, don’t worry, Qing Ya this child is just obstinate, the man is probably some actor which she hired.”

Long Aotian thought to himself, the man better be an actor that she hired, if not!!!

“What are you all talking about? Yaya brought a grandson-in-law home over for me, where is he?” A grandma could be seen shouting excitedly and looking at her left and right. This grandma was Qing Ya’s grandma, Mei Xunshuang. Mei Xunshuang has severe senile dementia, and sometimes she would not even recognize her own husband Qing Chengren. Her two granddaughters were the only exception where she would always be able to recognize.

Grandma’s words were just like a few pair of sharp swords stabbing into Long Aotian’s heart. Your grandson-in-law is sitting right in front of you, and you actually asked where is he! However, grandma’s senile dementia is a bit severe, I am not able to cure it immediately and have to slowly treat her.

“You all are bluffing me, I did not see my grandson-in-law at all.”

Stab, stab, stab, Long Aotian was about to become a hedgehog already.

“Mom, Qing Ya’s fiancé is sitting right in front of you.” Wang Muqing held onto her mom’s arm and said.

“impossible, my grandson-in-law is not that ugly like him!” Mei Xunshuang pouted her mouth and said with a face full of disdain.

Long Aotian’s face was already green now. Just what is wrong with today! I am the one who should be today’s lead! This must be a test given to me by heaven, I cannot get angry, smile, smile!!!

Mei Xunshuang couldn’t stand to continue looking at Long Aotian anymore, “Just who are you, smiling that unsightly!”

Pfft, Qing Yutong let out a bunch of laughter, grandma sure is powerful, killing people without spilling blood.

Zi Han glared at her daughter, the atmosphere is not good already and you still laugh!!!

Qing Chengren said embarrassedly, “Aotian, don’t take it to mind, you also know my wife’s senile dementia.”

With a forced smile, Long Aotian said, “Grandpa Qing, be at ease, I will definitely cure grandma’s senile dementia.”

Qing Chengren was very gratified, to have a grandson-in-law like this, I will also be able to feel much more at ease.

Qing Yutong could be seen walking to behind her grandma, then saying, “Grandma, I saw big sister’s man just now, he looks super handsome.”

“Really?” Mei Xunshuang was just like a child and asked happily.

“Of course, when has Yutong ever lied to you.”

Mei Xunshuang said happily, “That’s great, Yutong, when will you two give birth to a great-grandson for grandma?”

Everyone all suddenly became silent.

“That will only be possible if brother-in-law is willing first.” Qing Yutong said forthrightly, once again causing everyone to become dumbstruck, especially Long Aotian. Fuck! What kind of plot is this!

Qing Huaxuan shouted out coldly, “Qing Yutong! What are you even saying! Look at your behavior right now, if I had known, I wouldn’t have let you enter into the entertainment industry!”

Qing Yutong did not approve of what her father said and spread out her hands and said, “Dad, if you can marry 2 people, why can’t others marry 2 people too?”

“Scoundrel! You repeat that again!” Qing Huaxuan became flushed with anger. Towards him having 2 wives, those 2 daughters of his both had their own prejudice. Ever since they started studying university, the number of times that either of them came home in a year could be counted with just 1 hand.

“Yutong, your dad is angry already, don’t anger him anymore!” Zi Han reprimanded her daughter. This kind of scenario would happen at least once every time they all met up.

Long Aotian felt that what Qing Yutong said was right. A man who has capability should marry more than one woman. Father-in-law, aren’t you the same too?

Qing Chengren shouted out, “Behave! Asking you all to come back to eat dinner this time, it should be a happy occasion, and not listening to you all quarrel!”

Every family has its own problems, Qing Family was the same too.

“Ao Tian, don’t take it to mind.” Qing Huaxuan smiled towards Long Aotian. This child is much more sensible.

“I understand, I understand.” Long Aotian said humbly, obtaining Qing Huaxuan’s favorable impression. Only a man would be able to understand another man.

If Qing Huaxuan knew that this Long Aotian was thinking of getting both of his daughters, who knows if he would still have the same mindset.

Qing Yutong mumbled softly, “Men are all the same.”

Right at this moment, the double door of the living room was pushed open, and Ye Hua’s and Qing Ya’s figure appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Dumbstruck!

“My grandson-in-law is here, my grandson-in-law is here.” Mei Xunshuang could be seen shouting loudly, pulling everyone back from their astonishment.

Awkwardness filled within the air.

Ye Hua looked at everyone indifferently, and when he heard the words the grandma shouted out, he wished that he could throw a magic over at her. Grandson-in-law? You are thinking too much already grandma.

Under everyone’s astonished gaze, Qing Ya brought Ye Hua to the middle and carefully introduced, “His name is Ye Hua, my husband!”

“Hello brother-in-law~” Without waiting for everyone to regain back their composure, Qing Yutong immediately jumped out and be the first to admit Ye Hua’s identity. The reason she did that was because she simply wanted to see her father getting angry, and the best would be that her father flies into a rage, thus, she temporarily came to a mutual consensus with her big sister.

Ye Hua sized up Qing Yutong for a bit. I do not feel as excited as I imagined I would. Seeing her in person, there is a very large difference compared to seeing her on the TV screen. Although her figure is not bad, her outfit is somewhat lacking in appeal, this point of Qing Ya is better compared to her. If she was to request, I may perhaps give her a chance, count it as a kind of recognition of me towards her.

Qing Yutong saw disdain from within this man’s eyes, and even more, she even saw pity appearing in his eyes. Fuck! What is this situation, this man is even more boastful than that Long Aotian.

“Qing Ya, do you know just what you are saying right now!” Wang Muqing stood up and shouted. This daughter of mine is getting more and more impudent, she actually really hired an actor back home!

Qing Chengren saw Long Aotian whose complexion was ashen and said with a smile, “Aotian, Qing Ya is just joking, don’t take it to mind.”

Long Aotian restrained the anger in his heart, he really wanted to leave in anger, but he did not! In situations like this, the more that I have to be able to stay calm! However, why did the Qing Ya today become so much more beautiful, I really want to drag her to the room and seal the deal with her.

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