You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 543 (Be careful, young man)

Chapter 543 (Be careful, young man)

The entire northern stands seemed unusually sluggish.

On the other hand, people in the south had happy smiles on their faces, especially Qi Xuewen. After this battle, his name might resound throughout the cultivation world.

Yu Quan slowly announced the two sides in the next battle: "No. 100 against No. 200!"

Xin Ba was startled.

"Xin Ba, it can't be you," Qi Xuewen felt it was a coincidence, not a deliberate arrangement. Xin Ba was indeed number 100. He thought the number was auspicious, but he didn't expect to be in the second round.

"It's me," he smiled helplessly. Qi Xuewen patted Xin Ba on the shoulder to cheer him up. He took a few deep breaths, laboriously jumped up, stood on the top of the ring, and waited for his opponent. Everyone didn't know Xin Ba very well, so they assumed he was the new head of the family.

When Chen Xuanzong's figure appeared on the field, everyone in the north exclaimed. Chen Xuanzong was a dark horse in the north. If it were not for the lack of a godly item, he might be able to sit in the position of the family. Therefore, Chen Xuanzong's current strength had been pulled to the same position as the aristocratic family by everyone, and it should be impossible to lose.

The opponent in the last round was too insidious and hid too deeply. Otherwise, Ye Xiao wouldn't be so angry that he would resort to using spiritual powers.

Xin Ba had heard the story of Chen Xuanzong. This man became a dark horse in the north within a few months of his appearance. He heard that his strength was terrifying. "Master, what should we do? The opponent is very strong!" Xin Ba was in a hurry.

Qi Xuewen had just won a round, and he couldn't lose, otherwise, he would lose face. The crazy old man was silent for a long time and asked lightly, "Xin Ba, do you really want to win?"

"Yes, master, this is my fame battle, I can't lose." Xin Ba said anxiously. If he loses this battle, the road ahead will be even more difficult.

"Xin Ba, let me handle it, but I will only help you this time, and you will have to work hard on your own in the future!" The crazy old man seemed to be full of confidence.

Xin Ba suddenly felt a wave of confidence, and his whole body changed. "Thank you, master!"

"Xin Ba, relax your whole body, don't resist, there will be a little pain, and the master is about to enter your body."

"Master, come on, I'm not afraid of pain!" Xin Ba was ready to meet this strange pain. The crazy old man gave a soft smirk and immediately took control of Xin Ba's body. Sure enough, it was a little painful, but Xin Ba could still see the things in front of him.

Chen Xuanzong noticed Xin Ba's changes. If he was still a young man just now, he had now become an old man who had experienced many battles and had experienced numerous vicissitudes of life. Chen Xuanzong's brow revealed seriousness, the other party suddenly gave him a strong sense of oppression.

What's going on? Everyone felt the change in Xin Ba, and they were very curious.

"Qing Ya, it looks like your suitor is about to lose," Ye Hua said abruptly.

Qing Ya was getting bored on the side. 'This stingy husband became jealous.'

Donghuang Li exclaimed, "Ah, is this Qing Mama's ex-boyfriend?"

Qing Ya wanted to cry but had no tears. Where did Ah Li learn those words? Even "ex-boyfriend" came out.

Ye Hua was a little upset. He hugged his daughter and said, "Yes, this is Qing Mama's ex-boyfriend."

The words of her husband and Ah Li made Qing Ya speechless, and she explained, "Ye Hua, we were just friends before."

"The book says that there is no normal friendship between men and women unless the man is ugly," Donghuang Li's words gave Qing Ya a critical hit of 10,000 points. Obviously, this Chen Xuanzong is not ugly, but also very handsome.

Ye Hua also said, "Yes, there is no such thing as a normal relationship."

This time, Qing Ya was really enraged. Her beautiful eyes turned red in an instant, and a layer of water mist appeared. She felt so wronged to death.

"I have given birth to a child. My belly is so big, and you still talk about me like that, making it seem like I am having an affair behind your back. How can you say this?"

Donghuang Baizhi looked back and then gave her daughter a hard look. It was really rude!

Ye Hua didn't expect such a big reaction from Qing Ya. He just made fun of her, but now that there are so many people, he is too embarrassed to comfort his wife.

Donghua Li also knew she was wrong. She jumped off her father's arms and walked to Qing Ya, whispering, "Qing Mama, Ah Li is wrong. Please forgive Ah Li."

No matter how angry she was, she couldn't let the anger affect the child. Qing Ya squeezed out a smile. "Qing Mama didn't blame Ah Li."

Qing Ya didn't like Ye Hua making such jokes very much because she was loyal to him, and he accused her of having an affair, making her very uncomfortable.

"Qing Mama, Ah Li will tell you a joke, please," Donghua Li looked at Qing Ya and begged. 'If you didn't listen to Ah Li's jokes, she was about to cry.'

Qing Ya, who was very sad at first, got better. But if Ye Hua wants to coax his wife well, he has to work hard. He is really self-inflicted. He insists on teasing his wife about this kind of thing.

Xin Ba stretched out his palm to grab it and held an ordinary longsword in his hand, while his left hand rested naturally on his back.

At first glance, it doesn't look very eye-catching, but the aura exuded by Xin Ba is amazing. Holding a long sword, he seems to be a long sword, giving people an unbreakable and unclimbable mountain.

Xin Ba's eyes were calm, like lake water. "Don't you want to choose any weapons?"

Chen Xuanzong felt that he had met an equal opponent this time, and this momentum alone would not lose to the Patriarch of the aristocratic family!

Not only him, but everyone in the south had such thoughts.

Qi Xuewen had amazed them, but Xin Ba's performance was even more astonishing!

Qi Xuewen in the stands was also dumbfounded. 'How could Xin Ba be so strong?'

It seems that he also hides his strength.

Qi Xuewen reached out and grabbed a long knife, immediately swinging it twice. This watermelon knife was a level 6 thief weapon.

"Be careful!" Chen Xuanzong shouted in a low voice.

Xin Ba remained indifferent, saying, "Young man, you are the one who should be careful."

Young man? As the Devil Emperor, it was the first time he was called that. Seeing the immature face of his opponent, Chen Xuanzong snorted coldly and retorted, "Big words!"

Finishing his words, Chen Xuanzong's big knife whistled toward Xin Ba with incredible speed, even faster than Ye Xiao!

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