You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 545 (I disagree!)

Chapter 545 (I disagree!)

Qing Ya beat his chest with her small fists and said, "Ye Hua, how could you doubt me like this?"

Ye Hua followed his wife's back, also quite speechless.

Ye Hua said helplessly, "Okay, it's alright if I'm jealous." Coaxing your wife is really a technical job; it's really embarrassing not to have any unique skills.

"We've all gone through so many things, don't you still understand me? I'm also slowly changing for you." Qing Ya choked up and said. In fact, Qing Ya was also under a lot of pressure in her heart when she did such a thing.

Ye Hua said softly, "Well, I know it all, I am narrow-minded."

"You scoundrel, you only know how to bully me. When my son comes out, I will let my son teach you a lesson, and you will only know how to bully my mother."

"If he dares, his butt will be swollen," Ye Hua said disdainfully. He caressed Qing Ya's long hair and said, "Okay, don't be angry, if Ah Li sees you crying, your image will be gone."

"It's all your fault," Qing Ya wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

"Okay, okay, it's all my fault." Seeing Ye Hua's helpless look, Qing Ya let out a chuckle. He is really a man that she loves and hates at the same time. She will be in his care for the rest of her life, so he will expertise in coaxing her.

"Let's go back to rest first. I haven't hugged you well these days."

"Hmm," Ye Hua put his arms around Qing Ya's waist and walked towards the dormitory generously. This martial arts competition is no longer interesting.

As for Chen Xuanzong who was peeping, he would find an opportunity to kill him in the future. How could he mess with the woman of the deity? Chen Xuanzong was indeed peeping from a distance, and seeing Qing Ya crying, his heart was about to bleed. But seeing that Long Aotian coaxed Qing Ya back with sweet words, he felt even more uncomfortable. This Long Aotian is really the most flamboyant character, and will never change!

'Wait, Long Aotian, sooner or later this Demon Emperor will take your life, and let Qing Ya see your true face, then sneak in and embrace the beauty.'

The next two days of competition were still in full swing. The south was considered a complete victory, while the north became more and more depressed and almost became autistic. Even the patriarchs of the aristocratic families lost the battle, just watching the southerners compete for the fruit.

The northerners put all such grievances on the head of the Voidless Realm.

In the blink of an eye, the last day of the competition came. This day was sunny and suitable for family outings. Of course, this was true for ordinary people, but for both the North and the South, today was a big day.

The southerners were vying for the final place, while everyone in the north was planning a usurp.

The atmosphere in the entire arena was very depressing! The casualties in the contest this time were not that exaggerated. Maybe because some people conceded defeat at the beginning, and if they couldn't beat them, they also conceded, which became the norm.

The northern family sitting below began to discuss in low voices.

"This time, the Emperor brought a total of 50 guards, which is not a lot, so we don't need to worry," Jiang Yuanzhou said.

"Who will be the first to start?" Ye Xiao asked lightly.

Duan Hou said softly, "We don't need to. Those northern patriarchs can't help but question. Don't worry, everything has been arranged. We just need to use our words."

"That's good," Jiang Yuanzhou breathed a sigh of relief. At this point, there was no turning back.

Chu He's face was heavy, and he really wanted to report these troublemakers.

In the stands, only Donghuang Baizhi and Ye Hua were present. Qing Ya took Donghuang Li and waited in the dormitory. After all, the scene was a little bloody, and children couldn't see it.

In fact, Donghuang Li knew about it and also understood her parents' intentions.

She seemed very obedient and well-behaved, not noisy, and talked with Qing Ya, or chatted with her unborn brother.

Ye Hua said calmly, "Baizhi, it seems that the top three are all from the south."

"That's right. There is only one person in the top ten in the whole north, so he's rather lucky," Donghuang Baizhi said helplessly. This was obviously a scheme against her. Many people deliberately lose, and it seems that they are all planning to usurp.

"This Qi Xuewen and Xin Ba are pretty good," Ye Hua said indifferently as they competed for the championship and runner-up.

Donghuang Baizhi chuckled, "That's right. The champion and runner-up of this martial arts competition are not the patriarchs of those aristocratic families but these little patriarchs."

"They hid deep," Ye Hua said as he took out a cigarette and lit it. Smart people are not scary, but people who play dumb are scary.

"After today, the north may be suppressed by the south," Donghuang Baizhi said with a melancholic tone, full of helplessness.

Ye Hua exhaled a puff of smoke and said lightly, "It's not so easy to be an Emperor."

"Sometimes I really don't want to be."


Donghuang Baizhi was a little confused. What did he mean by soon? Ye Hua always wants to take revenge. There is a vast world over there, and there is no need to be so restrained.

Qi Xuewen and Xin Ba fought in full swing, and Xin Ba obviously had the upper hand. It seems that the crazy old man is indeed very strong.

At this moment, Qi Xuewen felt something. The person in front of him was not Xin Ba at all, but an old man!

"Brother Qi, admit defeat," the crazy old man imitated Xin Ba's tone and said.

Qi Xuewen was thinking about whether to continue to overdraw the dragon energy, but he felt it was not worth it. The difference between the first place and the second place is 30 longevity fruits. Can these 30 longevity fruits be exchanged for those precious dragon energies?

It seemed a bit uneconomical.

Thinking of this, Qi Xuewen made up his mind, let go of his fist, and cupped his hands. "I admit defeat!"

After Qi Xuewen finished speaking, everyone in the south applauded, and Yu Quan also stood up and shouted, "The champion of this martial arts competition belongs to Xin Ba, the patriarch of the Xin family in the south!"

Yu Quan stood in the void, waved his big hand, and saw the guards of the Voidless Realm bring out the prize: longevity fruits! The bright red fruits exuded a delicious smell, making everyone salivate.

Xin Ba received one hundred longevity fruits, which was a lot, and Qi Xuewen received seventy.

This time, all the longevity fruits were divided up by the south. Looking at the delicious fruits, the northerners couldn't sit still and seemed to want to rush and snatch them.

The South was already anticipating it. The men and horses on both sides were already at war!

"I disagree!" someone shouted loudly in the northern crowd, expressing dissatisfaction with the competition's result. However, it was obvious that the entire Voidless Realm was aimed at.

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