You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 556 (Qing Ya is About to Give Birth)

Chapter 556 (Qing Ya is About to Give Birth)

The women started playing mahjong.

Donghuang Li and Ye Zizi went upstairs to play games. It's best for kids to participate less.

"Hey, drink less." Donghuang Baizhi won a hand and shouted at the men.

Lie Gu grinned, "Madam, when drinking, you must drink until you speak nonsense, and you have to drink until the whole universe is yours. If you can't do these two things, why bother drinking at all? Isn't that right, Your Honor?"

"Ignore that woman, drink up!" Ye Hua was in high spirits. Donghuang Baizhi snorted, giving you face now, but wait until we go back and see how I deal with you.

"Your Honor is mighty." Yi Hong shouted out immediately, looking at himself, he wouldn't dare to talk to his wife like that.

Zi Shan's deadly gaze arrived instantly, and Yi Hong dared not say more.

Ye Hua patted Yi Hong's shoulder, "Men! You have to be strong, there's no such thing as being afraid of your wife!"

"Yes, yes, Your Honor is right." Yi Hong quickly agreed, but he didn't dare to do that. He'd be beaten up by ZI Shan.

Zi Shan, who was playing mahjong, snorted. Having Your Honor backing you up is useless.

Ye Hua began a lengthy discourse, instilling the idea of male supremacy into his subordinates. Ye Hua was indeed different when he was drunk. He even started bragging about how he couldn't find a woman who was suitable for his status. He could just hook his finger, and they would come to him.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi didn't know what expression to make. If you're so amazing, then go find someone.

The other women were helpless when they heard Your Honor's words. They felt like their husbands were being taught badly. They couldn't let their husbands play with Your Honor in the future, or they would be led astray.

"Let's go, let's hit up the nightclub." They didn't know who shouted it, but the women playing mahjong immediately gave a deadly stare.

"Who said that just now? Step forward! That's so unlike you! Yi Hong, was it you?" Ye Hua coldly shouted, pretending to be suspicious.

Seeing that there was a scapegoat, Lie Gu laughed, "Yi Hong, I have to criticize you. Zi Shan is so good to you, but you still want to go to a nightclub and mess around. Do you feel sorry for Zi Shan?"

Lu Hong also said, "Yes, although I know you envy big brother for having two wives, know...just don't think about having two yourself."

Yi Hong felt like he had been struck by lightning. 'What happened? I don't remember anything. There's something wrong with my wife's eyes.'

Ye Hua paused, "Yi Hong, you need to reflect on yourself. Let's continue drinking."

"Your Honor is mighty~"

"Your Honor is broad-minded!"

"Your Honor is invincible!"

Tonight, Ye Hua is really in high spirits. There's no way around it. They drank until ten o'clock and several men lay on the sofa in a dizzy feeling, which was quite good.

Then they started discussing serious matters such as the plan for the new year. After all, there are still some "crises" that have not been resolved. As for why they have not been resolved, it is because they want to see what they are going to do.

Then it's about when to go back. Ye Hua thinks he needs to have a complete plan. If he has to go back, he doesn't want to engage in brutal killing like before, but instead wants to have a justified killing.

There is a difference between the two. In short, the goal is to kill those who deserve it openly, and have others applauding on the sidelines. This is what the martial arts competition is about. When Donghuang Baizhi wins, the people around cheer, which is the feeling they are after.

This kind of plan cannot be completed in a short time, so Ye Hua is not in a hurry. He is waiting for Donghuang Baizhi to give birth to this child before making plans.

It was almost dawn. Ye Hua stood up and said, "Ladies, are we still playing?"

Donghuang Baizhi snorted, "Weren't you going out to a nightclub? Why don't you go now?"

"Madam, don't blame your husband. Men are always like this when they drink." Wei Chang quickly intervened.

Ye Hua's temper is slightly better now. If it were before, he would have scolded them. It's really disrespectful.

"Okay, let's stop after this round." Ye Hua said lightly, as it was almost 12 o'clock.

However, Ye Hua ignored the motivation for the women to play mahjong. They couldn't stop.

Ye Hua didn't mind and just wanted to have a good time during the New Year.

"Oh~ it's almost 12 o'clock. Ah Li, come down and get the red envelope." Donghuang Li and Ye Zizi flew down from upstairs.

"Daddy smells like alcohol. I'm going to find mommy to hug."

Ye Hua was helpless. This alcohol smell was really unpleasant.

With the arrival of 12 o'clock, the new year officially began!

"Little Lord, do you want a red envelope?"

"Ah Li wants one."

"Little Lord, I have a red envelope too."

"Ah Li wants that too."

Ye Hua looked at his daughters' happy expressions and felt content, and the women finally stopped playing mahjong.

As Ye Hua's wives, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi naturally had to give out red envelopes."

Regarding this kind of custom, Ye Hua also follows the local customs, but what's the difference in exchanging gifts back and forth? It can only be considered as a good luck charm.

"Ahh!" Qing Ya suddenly frowned and held her stomach.

Zi Shan hurriedly supported Qing Ya, and at this moment, Qing Ya's amniotic fluid suddenly broke.

"Your Honor! Madam is about to give birth!" Zi Shan exclaimed.

Ye Hua was discussing something with Jue Tian when he heard Zi Shan's shout and hurried over, excitedly asking, "What's wrong, is she giving birth?"

"Yes, her amniotic fluid broke," Zi Shan also felt overjoyed. A new life arrived just after the New Year, what a good omen.

Qing Ya grabbed Yehua's sleeve tightly, "Ye Hua, it hurts so much!!!"

Qing Yutong said in a deep voice, "Quick, carry her upstairs, and heat up some water."

"Can you deliver the baby?" Ye Hua curiously asked.

"I learned it on TV."


Zi Shan said in a sweet voice, "Your Honor, I still know a little bit."

Ye Hua nodded, "Then go quickly, be careful!"


Several women walked back and forth in the bedroom, while a group of men waited outside the door, occasionally hearing Qing Ya's painful screams.

"It's been half an hour! Why hasn't the baby been born yet!" Ye Hua was a bit impatient. Of course, he was anxious when he encountered such a thing for the first time, fearing that something might happen to Qing Ya and the baby.

Jue Tian respectfully said, "Your Honor, don't worry, human childbirth is a bit slow."

Ye Hua narrowed his eyes and lit one cigarette after another.

"Daddy, don't worry, Mommy and little brother will be okay." Donghuang Li pulled on his father's pants to comfort him.

Ye Hua squeezed out a smile and touched his daughter's head.

In an instant, it was already 3 o'clock in the morning! The screams in Qing Ya's bedroom never stopped, making Ye Hua feel like killing someone!

And the subordinates standing by were also wearing solemn expressions. This was a bit unusual. After all, Madam's strength was formidable. Did delivering a baby really take so long?

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