You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 6 - She is here again

Chapter 6 – She is here again

At this moment, Jiu Ye was regretting to the point that his intestines were turning green, the matter had already obviously been settled, and everything would be fine if I had just left! But I stubbornly still tried to give gifts…great, if I can’t meet his requirements, I don’t even dare to think about the consequences. All I can do now is brace myself and give the gifts to him.

“Boss, you can be at ease.”

Ye Hua fluttered his hand, I hope that I can taste something fresh again today, though the hope is not really big.

Jiu Ye hurriedly made a phone call to contact his henchman, then personally went downstairs to bring the people upstairs. 10 top quality beautiful women walked into the office one by one, immediately filling the air with a fragrance.

Ye Hua took a glance at the 10 women, it was indeed as I had expected, they are all women who cannot bring up my excitement.

“Boss, this beautiful woman is Long’an City University’s number 1 school belle, look at this height, look at this curve. Furthermore, her family circumstances are out of the ordinary too.”

“This one is formidable, Long’an City’s youngest CEO, her assets exceeds over ten million.”

“This one…this one…and also this one…”

It must be said that, all those women were all top quality, placed outside, they were all goddess level, no matter was it appearance or figure, they were all indeed top quality! Jiu Ye indeed did not lie, however, Ye Hua only took a look at the 10 women and went back to continue watching Calabash Brothers, seemingly as if the bewitching spirit within the show was much better looking than those ‘bewitching spirits’ here.

The 10 women all had a look of disappointment. In actuality, they all came here willingly, no one forced them to come here. All of them wished to be able to have a beautiful night with this boss, but the result was that this boss actually chose to watch Calabash Brothers and didn’t even take a second look at them.

Lie Gu who was lying down on the floor was completely lazy, totally not able to bring up any interest at all. Seems like his appetite was also raised fussy by Ye Hua.

Ye Hua began sweating cold sweat again, he called the 10 beautiful women to go outside, then brought another woman into the office. Ye Hua took a look at the woman, this woman is decent, however, I still don’t feel interested.

“Boss, this woman is the renowned Young Lady Yi Ran, right now, she can definitely break into the ranks of A-List female celebrities.” This was Jiu Ye’s trump card, in order to fawn Ye Hua, he did not hesitate on spending huge money to invite Yi Ran over, and even promised that he would definitely help make her more famous in the future.

It must be said that, Young Lady Yi Ran’s looks were indeed very good. Different from those women, this Yi Ran had a faint air of arrogance, her aura was not bad, her figure was flaming hot, S shape curve, pure white skin, and that exquisite small face of hers also did not undergo surgery before. However, Ye Hua just couldn’t feel excited.

Qing Ya from yesterday, only women of that level could make Ye Hua feel excited.

Seeing that Ye Hua was still indifferent, Jiu Ye’s heart sunk to the valley floor, just how high are his requirements! This kind of woman is still not okay for you?!

“Are you able to call Qing Yutong over?” Ye Hua asked faintly.

Hearing that, Jiu Ye started feeling dizzy. Qing Yutong is an international superstar! Furthermore, she got Oscar Best Actress Award this year, and her fame increased even more! How am I able to call over this kind of woman?

Yi Ran snorted coldly in disdain, seemingly ridiculing at Ye Hua’s childishness.

Wei Chang’s expression immediately changed, the entirety of Wei Cheng seemingly seemed to become very twisted, and Lie Gu who was lying down on the floor opened his eyes, his dog eyes emitting a thought of greed.


Jiu Ye stretched out his hand and slapped Yi Ran. As a woman, how was Yi Ran able to withstand a slap from Jiu Ye who was enraged? Yi Ran flew to the wall and was stupefied.

“Boss, this woman is not sensible, please forgive her.”

Ye Hua said faintly, “Those presents of yours are not much.”

“Woof, woof, woof~” Lie Gu came to Ye Hua’s side and pushed against Ye Hua’s leg, seemingly as if begging for something.

Ye Hua let out a breath and said calmly, “Go to the storeroom.”

“Woof, woof, woof~” Lie Gu let out a bunch of excited barks and walked to the front of Yi Ran. After biting onto Yi Ran’s collar, he dragged Yi Ran out of the office.

As for Yi Ran, she let out a bunch of miserable shrieks, but no matter how she resisted, it was futile, because Lie Gu was a skeletal dragon.

Jiu Ye saw stupefied by what he saw, just what kind of bar is this? The boss is strange, the subordinate is strange, and the dog is also strange too. Wu Ye did not say anything about this situation to me before he died!

“Alright, the boss has taken your gift, you can leave now.” Wei Chan said indifferently. He had regained back his calmness. Just a while ago, Wei Chang had the thought of eating that woman.

Jiu Ye wished that he could run away from here, this place was just too terrifying already, I am not going to come back here again. As for that Yi Ran, all she can do is wish for the best. I will satisfy her request, but of course, the preconditions is that she is not dead.

After Jiu Ye left, Ye Hua went and watch a few more episodes of Calabash Brothers before closing the television, “Wei Chang, I will hand this matter over to you.”

“Yes, boss!”

Ye Hua took a yawn and went back to his room to rest, leaving Wei Chang alone in the office.

Wei Chan lightly shouted, “Evil Spirit; Death Mage!”

A black vortex suddenly formed on the floor, and a figure who wore a black gown and carried a sickle gradually appeared from the black vortex. The figure had an aura of death.

“Master!” The Death Mage placed the sickle on the floor, kneeled down with both of his legs, and placed both of his hands on the floor. Just that, there was no flesh on both of the hands.

Wei Chang said calmly, “I do not want this person to be able to see tomorrow’s sun.”

“I will solemnly obey master’s order!” The Death Mage picked up the information of the person and disappeared from the office. Seems like the Death Mage was already used to this.

Wei Chang let out a breath and spoke to himself, “The little bit of humanity that I nurtured out with great difficulty almost ceased to exist a while ago.”

During the second day, a huge matter happened at Long’an City! Famous entrepreneur Song Anping suddenly died in his lover’s house, immediately giving rise to controversy and all kinds of guesses.

When Jiu Ye learn of the news, he shivered. Isn’t this too mystical already? Song Anping actually dead that fast, it can’t be that Song Anping’s death was really just an incident right?!

As for Ye Hua, he was still the same as usual, when there was nothing to do, he would try to cultivate out a bit of humanity by either reading magazines, looking at Qing Yutong’s works, or watching Calabash brothers.

However, Ye Hua discovered that, Lie Gu this fellow had been a bit strange lately, leaving early and coming back late. However, it was only for a week, and afterward, Lie Gu went back to normal. It was reckoned that it was because Lie Gu was bored with whatever he was doing. On the contrary, that female star’s taste was a bit hardcore. Thinking about it, it does make sense, after all, Lie Gu was a skeletal dragon.

Life continued on as usual. A month passed by in a blink of an eye, and everything went back to normal.

However, on this night, Ye Hua’s peaceful life was totally smashed apart!

“She is still here?” Ye Hua was currently enjoying watching the Calabash Brothers saving their grandpa. Actually, he had already watched it countless of times, but he still does not get it, what good is there in saving the grandpa…

Wei Chang nodded his head, “She is still here, do you need me to go and chase her out?”

Ye Hua closed the television, stood up and said indifferently, “Forget about it, she has waited for 3 days, I will go and meet her.”

“Congratulations boss, you are becoming more and more human-like.” Wei Chang was somewhat astonished first, then immediately yelled and congratulated.

Ye Hua took in a breath, humanity this kind of thing is hard to cultivate but very easy to lose, I hope that she won’t make me lose the humanity that I cultivated out with difficulty.

It was currently 2am and Leisure Bar was quiet. Only the lights around the bar counter were still lighted up. It was still that same tall chair and the same woman, however, there was indeed something different today, the expensive gown was no more, and what replaced the expensive gown was a short-sleeved shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

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