Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 1371 - Let’s Get Married

Chapter 1371: Let’s Get Married

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Jun Xiqing looked up and got a happy surprise. “Young Master Mu, it’s you?”

It was Mu Yanfeng.

Mu Yanfeng went over to help Jun Xiqing sit up. “This is a small tribe near the Holy Lady Clan. The Mu Family was conducting an oil drilling expedition here and I just happened to be here supervising. I never expected to find you unconscious in the grass plains. So I rescued you and brought you back.”

Hearing this, Jun Xiqing was very grateful. “Young Master Mu, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I have had the doctor here bandage you up. Try as much as possible not to move and don’t get the wound or bandage wet. Rest well and your injuries will be healed earlier.”


Jun Xiqing pulled the blankets aside and slowly got off the bed. She had just put on her shoes and the moment she stood up, a sudden terrible pain shot through her shoulder and she started to collapse.

“Xiqing, be careful!”

Mu Yanfeng quickly reached out and caught Jun Xiqing in his arms. The girl’s slender, soft body exuded a faint youthful fragrance that left him stunned.

Jun Xiqing lifted her eyes to find Mu Yanfeng’s face within inches of her own.

If she moved just a little closer, her lips would touch his.

It was a very ambiguous position.

Recalling that time in the movie theater when he had a bodily reaction toward her, Jun Xiqing’s little face instantly turned red.

She felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Placing two hands on his chest, she wanted to push him away. “Young Master Mu…”

Mu Yanfeng gazed at her face, which was pale and drawn from her injuries. Her long lashes fluttered, more delicate than the wings of a butterfly. Caught in the throes of her injuries, she appeared very pitiful, like a precious lotus flower that should be loved and cherished.

Mu Yanfeng gently held her slim waist. “Xiqing, I really like you very much. Let’s get married?”

Let’s get… married?

Jun Xiqing’s eyes instantly dilated in shock. Was Young Master Mu actually proposing to her? Now?

“I…” She had no idea what to say.

A low, magnetic voice rang out at this very moment, carrying with it traces of malevolence and scorn. “Previously by chance, I caught you two getting at it. This time, if I hadn’t arrived, you would have gotten married?”

Jun Xiqing looked up to see a tall, strapping figure standing at the door. It was Lu Yeming.

Based on his appearance, he had rushed over.

The man was framed by the rays of the morning sun. The way those jade-like features glowed in the golden light made one’s heart race.

He stood there, staring at her delicate little face with his deep, almond-shaped eyes.

They continued to stare at each other.

Mu Yanfeng was still holding Jun Xiqing’s soft waist and he turned to look at Lu Yeming. “So it’s President Lu. I like Xiqing and am proposing to her.”

Lu Yeming smirked as his brows gave off a cold, malicious vibe. He had a natural air of dominance and authority. The man was born to be king.

“Young Master Mu, didn’t I tell you before that you cannot touch my woman?”

Mu Yanfeng’s expression hardened.

A sudden gust of wind blew by and before anyone could see what was happening, Lu Yeming had his own arm around Jun Xiqing’s waist and he gave a hard tug. His movements were lightning fast.

In the next second, Jun Xiqing’s slender body fell into Lu Yeming’s firm embrace.

A tearing sound.

Jun Xiqing cried out as her wound split open.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Yeming glanced down at her.

“You hit against my wound!” Jun Xiqing glared at him angrily.

“You deserve it for seducing another man behind my back! And such a lousy one at that! Do you take me for a fool?”

Lu Yeming reached out and pressed her wound on her shoulder.


Jun Xiqing was so angry that she bit his hand.

She bit very hard, widening her little mouth like a puffed-up kitten, revealing her tiny teeth. A delicate circle of teeth marks appeared on his hand.

She had even drawn blood.

Lu Yeming’s eyes darkened and he bent over and kissed her gently. “Good girl, don’t be angry anymore.” His voice was low, raspy, and indescribably sexy.


Jun Xiqing let go of his hand and started pounding on his body with her fists.

In return, Lu Yeming simply pulled her into his chest, melding her soft, fragrant body into his own. It felt exactly like how he had been imagining all along.

“I am sorry, Qingqing. I came late…”

Jun Xiqing’s eyes turned red. Her tiny fists drooped down as she went limp and just allowed him to hold her.

As Mu Yanfeng watched the entire proceedings, he was left feeling like an outsider. He was completely unable to penetrate their private world.

So he walked out.

A familiar voice drifted in from the outside. “Your Highness, the scenery here is lovely. Let’s stay here for a couple of days.”

It was Dongfang Ruoli.

It seemed that Dongfang Ruoli and the fake Lu Yeming had arrived. So Jun Xiqing reached out and pushed Lu Yeming away.

Throwing her a meaningful look, Lu Yeming put on his latex mask and cap, becoming Ah Jia once again.

“President Jun, what a coincidence. Fancy meeting you here.”

Dongfang Ruoli’s eyes brightened on seeing Jun Xiqing. She then glanced at the “well-endowed” Ah Jia.

Her heart ached with hatred. She had lowered herself to seduce this inferior-ranking Ah Jia, but had been interrupted by Jun Xiqing.

If Jun Xiqing hadn’t interrupted her, this Ah Jia would definitely have fallen for her! Dongfang Ruoli gazed at Ah Jia with a smitten expression.

Someone called out then. “Your Highness, it’s the tribe’s Songkran Festival today. Let’s all go and enjoy the festivities.”

The flowing river was crystal clear, so clear that one could see all the way down to the bottom of the riverbed. The single men and women in the tribe were in the river splashing water at each other. The most handsome man and the most beautiful girl got splashed the most.

Ah Jia came to the side of the river. Dressed in an all-black outfit, he was not at all ostentatious but still exuded a clean and dignified air. The girls in the river all stole glimpses at him before blushing.

One of the braver girls started to splash water at him, and before long, an increasing number of girls started splashing water at him too. His black clothes clung wetly to his body, revealing his muscular chest and tight v-shaped body.

One’s eyes must not stray below that black belt around his waist. It was a forbidden zone.

Ah Jia’s physique was not one of those overly-muscular personal trainer-type, but still possessed an elegantly flawless S-curve.

Jun Xiqing couldn’t get wet and had no choice but to sit on a large rock. She dipped her snow-white feet into the cooling water. It felt extremely soothing.

All the while, she observed Ah Jia from the corner of her eyes. He was surrounded by a bunch of girls and she took the opportunity to observe his physique. Tsk tsk, his strong shoulders curved downward into his slim waist and then outward again into a butt that was even perkier than a woman’s. Standing there by the river, his lean physique was on full display, causing those girls to giggle and whisper, their faces blushing furiously and their hearts thumping wildly.

Jun Xiqing whistled.

Ah Jia turned at the sound of her whistle, his deep eyes landing on her snow-white feet trailing in the water. A bump appeared at the front of his pants in an instant.

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