Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 568 - Save the Baby…

Chapter 568: Save the Baby…

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The guests were all from wealthy and established families, they held wine glasses and were chatting and socializing.

Gu Mohan was clad in a tailored tuxedo with a white shirt inside. With a bow tie around his collar and his hair styled, he was suave and handsome.

He had one hand in his trouser pocket, the other was occupied with a wine glass. He swirled the glass while a few businessmen surrounded him, trying to make a good impression. Although he listened to them, he was clearly disinterested.

“President,” Yan Dong walked over and said, “Miss Tang has yet to appear, but the wedding is going to commence soon.”

The wedding is going to commence.

But Tang Mo’er hadn’t appeared yet.

Gu Mohan remained straight-faced, he took a sip of the red wine before replying, “Okay.”

Up the hill, in the bungalow.

Tang Mo’er sat in her own bedroom, she was embroidering a red sachet.

This was her first time ever doing it, the embroidered sachet was for her baby.

She frowned because of a sudden pain, she had poked herself with a needle.

Lowering her eyes to check on her finger, it was bleeding.

She had an ominous feeling, as though something bad was going to happen today.

Knock knock. Butler Ye was outside her door. “Elder Miss, it’s me.”

“Come in.”

Butler Ye pushed the door open, entering the room.

“Butler Ye, what’s the matter?”

“Elder Miss, I have to inform you that Gu Mohan and Jun Xiyan are getting married today.”

Tang Mo’er was stunned. She dropped the needle and sachet on the ground and looked at Butler Ye in shock. “What did you just say?”

“Elder Miss, please take a look at this.” Butler Ye showed her a screen, it was a video of the wedding venue. There were fresh flowers scattered everywhere and Gu Mohan stood tall among the crowd. He was suave and obviously the center of the attention.

Tang Mo’er took a few seconds before she could react. He was getting married again?

From Lu Qi’er, to herself and now Jun Xiyan. Just how many times was he going to get married?

No, she knew for a fact that he was serious this time.

He was really going to get married.

“Elder Miss, the wedding has yet to commence. I’ve prepared a car outside the bungalow. You can still make it if you rush to the venue right now. You have to make your own decision, Sir has said that if you’re really going to end things with Gu Mohan, he would shoulder the responsibility and raise the baby on your behalf.”

Butler Ye left after speaking.

Since Butler Ye had to follow Lu Jinwen to the airport, he had to leave. They had just received news that Jun Mosheng had arrived in Karghalik!

Sir was initially planning to take action at the wedding venue but for Elder Miss’ sake, he chose to take action at the airport instead.

Butler Ye recollected their conversation last night. “Sir, were you behind the abortion pills prescribed to Elder Miss?”

Lu Jinwen lifted his eyes, looking at Butler Ye. “Butler Ye, how long have you been working with me? When did I ever use such unscrupulous ways? Abortion pills? Moreover, Mo’er is my daughter.”

Butler Ye shook his head, somewhat abashed. Sir loved Elder Miss very much, as she was his only child on earth.

Old Master Gu was wrong, Sir and Old Master Gu weren’t the same type of humans. Old Master was cold-blooded and heartless, but although Sir was… cold-blooded, he was loyal.

In the room.

Tang Mo’er’s mind was a mess, there was a sound in her head, telling her over and over again that Gu Mohan was getting married to Jun Xiyan.

But why?

Why did he have to force her in such a way?

He was forcing her to go back to him.

If she didn’t appear, he would marry Jun Xiyan.

Tang Mo’er’s limbs were cold, she placed her hands on her tummy when she felt a twinge in her tummy.

Was her baby thinking of Daddy?

Mr Gu.

Her Mr Gu.

Tang Mo’er got up, running out of the bungalow and she got in the car that was on stand-by. “Hurry up and drive.”

“Understood, Elder Miss.” The chauffeur nodded.

The luxurious car sped away and Tang Mo’er looked outside the windows and noticed a familiar figure walk past.

Wasn’t that the nurse who handed her the abortion pills that day in the hospital?

Tang Mo’er wasn’t certain about it and just as she was about to take a second look, the figure had vanished.

The luxurious car had driven out of the area and they were along the roads, in the luxurious city. She suddenly felt something warm below, there was a warm liquid that was gushing out.


She reached out to feel it with her fingertips and when she checked, her fingers were stained with blood.


The blood was garish and she froze for an entire minute before she finally let out a shriek, “Ah!”

“Elder Miss, what’s wrong? Oh no, you’re bleeding! Elder Miss, you’ve miscarried your baby! I’ll take you to the hospital right away!” The chauffeur made a U-turn and headed for the hospital straight away.

Tang Mo’er face blanched and she felt as though she was pushed into a whirlpool. The tiny veins underneath her skin could be seen clearly.

Did I just suffer a miscarriage?

I’ve suffered a miscarriage!

Her pupils dilated with horror, she held onto her tummy with both hands. Her stomach was hurting and she felt like something was going to fall out from below.



She felt as though someone was hollowing her out, her entire body was hurting. Baby… her baby…

Why did she suddenly suffer a miscarriage for no reason?

Her hands were shaking and she took her cell phone out from her purse, dialing that familiar phone number that she had committed to memory.

With every second that passed, her anxiety got even worse and she clutched onto her cell phone tightly, till her joints were white.

The phone call was picked up, she quickly cried out feebly, “Gu Mohan, save our baby… I don’t want to lose our baby…”

“Tang Mo’er, you’ve miscarried your baby?” Huo Yanmei was on the other end of the phone, her voice was full of scorn.

Why was it Huo Yanmei who picked up the call?

“Where’s Gu Mohan? I’m looking for Gu Mohan…”

“Mohan is with Xiyan right now, they are preparing to walk down the wedding aisle.”

Gu Mohan and Jun Xiyan were getting married. They were getting married.

Tang Mo’er lowered her eyes and looked at her skirt. It was fully stained with blood. She was bleeding profusely, and the blood dripped down endlessly. “I’m looking for Gu Mohan, could you please… let me talk to him… please…”

“Tang Mo’er, you’ve miscarried your baby, are you trying to emotionally torture Mohan by breaking the news to him? Why are you always so selfish, if I were to be in your shoes, I would shoulder all the agony myself after losing the baby. You’ve already lost the baby, why are you still not willing to let him go?

“Tang Mo’er, just let everything return to what it should be. Mohan will forget about you and marry Jun Xiyan. You shouldn’t disrupt his life anymore. And also, he doesn’t need you to give birth to his child, there has never been a lack of women who would do it willingly. Moreover, Xiyan will give birth to his child in the future, he would forget about the baby you just miscarried in no time at all. He doesn’t need you in his life.”

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