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Chapter 1313 - The Story of Ling and Heng (576)

Chapter 1313: The Story of Ling and Heng (576)

Although Feng Ling was well-prepared, TMing’s obstruction still affected the Feng Corporation.

In just two days, the Feng Corporation’s stock prices fell several times. All the large orders and unemployed executives in New York and the senior executives who had come with them to Washington were at a loss. Even Qin Shuke was no longer smiling these days. Every day, she carefully sorted out the company’s financial situation and even openly tried to poach many talents from the Feng Corporation.

Feng Ling listened to her assistant’s report.

The assistant looked nervously at Feng Ling’s side profile as he reported. Right now, everyone in the company was talking about Feng Mingyi’s revenge. No matter what the reason was, there was only one way to suppress Feng Ling. It was to force Feng Corporation into a corner and wait for someone to take over.

“Has anyone from the company’s board of directors called?” Feng Ling asked after a few seconds. She didn’t seem nervous at all.

She knew very well what would happen if this battle didn’t end well. Feng Mingyi had never been willing to let the Feng family off.

“No, but…” The assistant raised her head to look at her. She seemed to have something to say but did not dare to.

“Speak.” Feng Ling’s voice was clear, unaffected by these incidents.

“When I took the documents upstairs, I heard two senior executives talking about the board meeting in New York. They said they might go to the Feng family to talk to the old man and the old lady, and then they wanted to hold a board meeting to accuse you of misconduct.” The assistant looked at her worriedly. “I only heard about it…”

Feng Ling’s expression did not change. “I understand. Thank you.”

He thought Feng Ling would be angry or frightened after hearing this, but the assistant didn’t expect that Feng Ling’s expression didn’t change at all.

But thinking about it, it made sense. No matter what, Feng Ling was a very composed person. She never showed her emotions. The news that the new head of the Feng Corporation was a cold-faced beauty had already spread in the circle. What was so strange about it?

However, this time, the issue was so serious. Did she have the confidence to survive this crisis?

Right now, the company was in need of financial negotiations. After all, the Feng Corporation was holding onto Feng Ling. If they couldn’t get through this time, not only would Feng Ling lose face, but the Feng family would also lose face. After all, this was the last hope of the Feng family. The remaining two old people were no longer worth mentioning. Many people in the American Chinese business circle were waiting to see the Feng family’s ending.

Especially now, the one targeting the Feng family was their godson.

Before Feng Ling arrived, she was prepared that Feng Mingyi would not see her.

But surprisingly, he agreed.

The elevator slowly rose. This was the first time Feng Ling met this man named Feng Mingyi. He was her father’s godson.

This person knew the Feng Corporation and the Feng family like the back of his hand. It could be said that he knew the Feng Corporation well, so it was easy for him to win every battle. However, she didn’t know much about this Feng Mingyi.

Under the secretary’s lead, Feng Ling entered Feng Mingyi’s office.

Feng Mingyi was a man who looked pleasing to the eyes. He was the kind of man who would be obedient and filial to any elder. This was one of the reasons her father had misjudged him.

The young man sat behind the desk. The temperature of the air-conditioner here was too low, and it made one’s hair stand on end.

The secretary closed the door after leaving.

Feng Ling walked over and sat down in front of the desk. It was their first time meeting, but it was as though they didn’t need to greet each other.

“Mr. Feng is very capable. It has only been two or three days, but he has already blocked the path of the Feng Corporation.” Feng Ling’s cold voice came through. She was not flustered at all.

Feng Ming looked at the cold-faced beauty in the rumors, and his pupils reflected Feng Ling’s calm yet untainted face.

No wonder almost everyone who had seen her in person was shocked by her cold beauty aura. She was indeed a different type of woman.

“Everyone’s surname is Feng. There’s no need to address me as Mr.” Feng Ming sneered. “Speaking of which, my name was given to me by your father. Seeing that you’re considered half a sister to me, I don’t want to make things difficult for you. You also know that TMing is a branch of the Feng Corporation, and you know what I want. If it weren’t for your appearance, perhaps the Feng family would already be in my pocket. As a layman, why do you have to learn from me?”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to afford the half of the mountain that Mr. Feng has set his eyes on.” Feng Ling smiled, but the coldness on her face contrasted sharply with the smile in her eyes. “Let me give you a reminder. Although the TMing has tacitly agreed to be a branch of the Feng Corporation, the name of the legal person behind it should still be there. If I want to take it back, do you believe that I can remove your name from TMing?”

Feng Ming smiled. “I thought you came here today to beg for mercy.”

“Beg for mercy? Did you do something amazing that you need me to beg for mercy?” Feng Ling’s voice was not as delicate as a normal girl’s. In this seemingly peaceful yet tense environment, her voice was even colder. “I’m afraid the person who can make me beg for mercy is not born yet. Mr. Feng, don’t take your little tricks too seriously.”

“Why? Do you have other tricks up your sleeve? Or could it be that the Feng Corporation, which has been without a backer for a long time, has found a backer? As far as I know, in this Financial Conference, you haven’t even come into contact with anyone, not even CEO E who the highest amount of funding, have you? CEO E and I have been friends for many years. If I don’t speak up, do you think he will give you a single cent?”

Hearing Feng Mingyi’s confident attitude, Feng Ling’s cold eyes turned colder. “CEO E?”

Initially, she received news that the person in charge of the financing channel this time was not CEO E, but because of Feng Mingyi’s actions, the person in charge had changed.

“Yes, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, Miss Feng.” Feng Ming raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “The person in charge from before has recently met with some trouble and has been replaced. You’ve dealt with that person before, but you’ve never met CEO E. Do you think you have any chance of winning?”

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