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Chapter 1329 - The Story of Ling and Heng (592)

Chapter 1329: The Story of Ling and Heng (592)

“B-But the company’s executives are also saying that the company is being targeted. It’s already very difficult for the company to be targeted. Everyone says that it can’t be maintained anymore. I…” The employee on the rooftop gripped the railing tightly.

Hearing this, Feng Ling coldly shifted her gaze to the safety railings in his hand. “I’m the CEO of the company. If I say I don’t know about laying off employees, I won’t lay off employees. Are the rumors spread true, or my words?”

Feng Ling’s voice was powerful and clear. The employee on the rooftop knew that the camera was facing her. Her words were not only for her to hear, but also for all the employees in the company to see, so of course it was counted.

The employees in the other offices who were originally in a bad mood finally calmed down and believed that it was just a rumor.

“You also know that the company is being targeted. In this case, apart from blocking the various projects, is there any other way to attack the heart?” Feng Ling said mildly. “Although the rumors are small, the words of a person are fearful. When all the employees of a company are panicking and can’t even carry out their normal work, how can they have the capital to turn the tables? I’m afraid that they won’t even be able to maintain the most basic operation. The other party is the one who will truly collapse. We have truly lost completely,” Feng Ling said coldly. “Right now, I promise in front of all the employees that I won’t lay off any employees. In the future, if anyone here dares to touch my private number, just report it to me. If there are any problems, I will use this method to tell everyone clearly that not only can I destroy one person, I can also destroy a company. Most of you are employees of the Feng Corporation, so you should pay more attention to your company’s current state of affairs than me.”

At the end of her speech, Feng Ling’s tone gradually became gentle, and her words were no longer as sharp as before. However, as she listened to the old employees, her heart was filled with emotions.

Yes, they had been in the Feng Corporation for many years. Their feelings for this place were too deep.

On the rooftop, aside from nodding obediently, the employee could only wipe her tears with emotion and no longer had the mood to seek death.

“It was just a small rumor crisis, but it alarmed all the media in New York. It was really my fault for making everyone panic like this. The responsibility lies with me, and it is my responsibility. I hereby solemnly declare that as long as I am here, the Feng Corporation will not collapse, and I will not let you lose your jobs.” In just a few words, Feng Ling had already instilled the idea that as long as she was here, they would definitely be able to keep their jobs.

After she took over the company, although most of the employees accepted this new CEO, many old people actually didn’t take her seriously.

In this small crisis, the collapse of the employees’ confidence was quietly resolved. At the same time, Feng Ling’s image as the new CEO was strengthened in front of all the new and old employees.

In the Feng Corporation office building in New York, the employees in the office gradually returned to their work stations to continue their work. The media also gradually retreated. As they did not manage to capture any shocking news, a big scandal became a small dispute in a company, and no media was willing to spread it around.

An hour later, when Feng Ling heard Qin Shuke’s report that everything had calmed down, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Although it’s just a small dispute, it’s more important to stabilize the mood and calm the matter than to explain it to the media. Feng Ling clearly found the key point,” Xiao Xu commented.”I didn’t expect that Feng Ling would change so much in just three years after leaving the base. Her heart is stronger than before, and she has become more mature. If Feng Ling was only an outstanding member of XI Base back then, it can be said that her wings have grown a lot.”

Xiao Xu looked at Li Nanheng.

Li Nanheng’s ink-black eyes remained fixed on Feng Ling’s face. He did not shift his gaze away from her.

“Not yet mature, but at least she is calmer than I expected.” After a long while, when everything on the screen ended, Li Nanheng’s thin lips moved slightly.

“It’s already very good. It’s only been two or three years. You can’t expect her to reach the level of a first-class corporation in just two or three years, but this is already very good.”

Li Nanheng played with the remote control in his hand. “Isn’t the most appropriate way to ask me to help her? Hold my leg and ask her husband to help her?”

Xiao Xu :”…”

Feng Ling had been busy in the company for two days and had barely left the company. She lived in the company because she didn’t want to contact CEO E again, but now that the Feng Corporation was on the decline, she had to obtain other resources no matter what. Otherwise, not only would this trip to Washington be in vain, but she would also lose a lot.

“Have you really never considered asking Li Nanheng to help you? Right now, the Feng Corporation needs to go around trying to win over the Li Corporation, but isn’t the most direct way to do so? Li Nanheng is really important in this matter. You don’t have to be so cold to him. If you soften your stance and express your attitude to him, the Feng Corporation won’t have such a difficult time.” Qin Shuke knew that Feng Ling didn’t like to hear these words, but she still had to softly advise her.

Seeing that Feng Ling didn’t speak, Qin Shuke sighed again. “In the past, I wasn’t very familiar with Li Nanheng. In my memory, I often heard Cousin Mingzhu talking about him, but the Li Nanheng I heard about was a very cold, difficult to approach, and a bad-tempered man. But in your case, what I feel is a man who loves you very much. No matter what, instead of pleasing so many people like CEO E, why don’t you smile more at Li Nanheng? This is more useful than anything.”

Feng Ling pursed her lips and glanced at her. Qin Shuke decided not to speak, but when she turned to walk out of the office, she whispered, “You’re so patient with CEO E and the other CEOs. You often smile at others when you socialize, but you may not be able to achieve your goal. Those cooperation cases may not fall into your hands, but if you treat Li Nanheng like this, I’m afraid he can send the whole world to you…”

The office was opened and closed, and the room was quiet.

Feng Ling lowered her head and continued working. Suddenly, her phone vibrated.

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