Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1538 - You Are My Little Love Song (105)

Chapter 1538: You Are My Little Love Song (105)

Qin Siting must have seen Xiao Luye. She wondered if Xiao Luye had guessed that there was someone here. Perhaps he had guessed it? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stared in this direction for so long.

For some reason, they were looking at each other from such a distance. She could not see Xiao Luye’s expression clearly, but she could feel the inexplicable coldness from Qin Siting’s silence.

It felt as though sparks were crackling in the air.

She quickly picked up the phone and placed it by her ear. “Hurry up and go back. Besides, it’s almost the Spring Festival. Aren’t you going back to Lin City? Uncle Xiao should be waiting for you to go back for the New Year.”

Xiao Luye did not speak. He hung up the phone and threw it into his pocket. Then, as if he had already confirmed this direction, he looked at them expressionlessly.

Shi Niange heard the sound of the phone being hung up and saw that he was looking over. She subconsciously took two steps back, as though she was afraid that he would see her.

“You’re not going out?” Qin Siting sensed that she was retreating and turned back to look at her.

“No, I can’t even hide, so how can I go out?” Shi Niange was helpless. “You know the Xiao family, right?”

Qin Siting nodded.

“We are family friends. We grew up together. When we were young, we often played together. When we grew up, we separated because our parents were busy.” Shi Niange didn’t want to say too much, but people with eyes could tell what was going on with one look. Last year, she didn’t believe it and thought that Xiao Luye was teasing her and joking. But after so long, she often heard Xiao Da say how his eldest nephew was. After a long time, she was convinced that Xiao Luye really had that intention towards her.

But she didn’t!

To say something so vulgar, she really treated him as her brother!

No matter how handsome, rich, outstanding, or how many fangirls liked him, Shi Niange only liked him like her brother! She had never changed!

She originally thought that he was very busy right now and didn’t have time to take care of her. She didn’t expect that he would actually take the time to come to Hai Cheng when it was almost the new year.

The roses he had placed in the car were really beautiful. Under the contrast of the white snow outside, the red was bright, but it was also abrupt. It was like the relationship she had always thought of as a good friend who had grown up with her. The white color suddenly infused with a red color that could not be avoided. It was very beautiful, but it was difficult for her to get used to the sudden brightness.

“Childhood friends?” Qin Siting asked.

“…Yes, but not exactly.” Shi Niange answered awkwardly.

Qin Siting’s handsome brows moved slightly. “He likes you a lot?”

Shi Niange panicked at his question and quickly said, “But I like you!”

Qin Siting turned to look at her. Shi Niange stood at the same spot and looked at him. Her hands were intertwined, and her fingers were pale from her grip.

At this moment, the pleasant sound of the doorbell rang. Shi Niange’s expression faltered under the pleasant sound. She turned around abruptly and saw that Xiao Luye had actually stood outside Qin Siting’s villa. He raised his hand and pressed the doorbell.

Qin Siting also looked out when he heard the voice. In fact, when Shi Niange was young, she often played with Xiao Luye. She felt quite safe by his side. To her, he was an especially powerful Brother Xiao. She could joke around with him as much as she liked, but now she was with Qin Siting, and she had just lied. If Xiao Luye really found out that she was here, then… then it was better not to…

It was better not to discover it. Otherwise, why did she feel like she was about to be swept into the Asura Arena?

“You don’t want to see her?” Qin Siting asked.

Shi Niange quickly nodded and looked at him pleadingly. “Why don’t we pretend we didn’t hear it? I’ll give him a call later to explain. It’s better than being discovered in the blink of an eye after I lied.”

Qin Siting glanced at her troubled and apologetic expression and said lightly, “Repeat what you just said.”

“Ah? Which line?” Shi Niange was stunned.

Qin Siting looked at her and did not speak.

She suddenly had an idea. “Ah… but I like you? This line?”

Only then did he look away. As though satisfied, he suddenly turned to open the door.

Shi Niange was still a little confused, but now that she heard the doorbell, she could not understand what he meant. She instinctively looked around to find a place to hide when she saw him open the door.

The villa’s door being opened did not mean that Xiao Luye could enter. After all, he was outside the front door. She did not know what Qin Siting was doing outside.

Shi Niange first ran to the sofa, thought for a moment, and felt that it was impossible. She then turned to look at the doors of the other rooms. Although she wanted to hide, she felt that what did she take Xiao Luye for? He wasn’t really here to catch her? Besides, it was her first time in Qin Siting’s villa. It was better for her not to walk around carelessly.

She had no choice but to lean close to the French windows to look out. She saw that Qin Siting had already walked out.

The door opened, and two young men stood upright. It was unclear what they were talking about. Xiao Luye’s expression was cold and arrogant, and his aura was domineering. Qin Siting’s back view was tall and noble like a jade tree on a glacier, and it was also clear and cold.

From the shape of her mouth, she could roughly tell that Xiao Luye probably knew Qin Siting. The young master of the four big families in Hai Cheng and the young master of the Ling Xiao Group must have met in certain occasions. It was not surprising that they knew each other.

He seemed to be asking why Qin Siting was here. Then, he looked inside and knew in time that he could not see the side. Shi Niange subconsciously hid behind the curtains. Then, she felt that her actions were so childish that she was helpless.

Afterward, the two of them chatted for a while until Qin Siting reached out to him symbolically. Xiao Luye seemed to be unhappy because of something. His face was cold, but he also seemed to be embarrassed. He shook hands with him with a sour face, and then the two hands, which were very tacit and despised each other, separated as soon as they touched. Then, they maintained the grace of their respective families. After saying a few words with a fake smile, Qin Siting made an inviting gesture.

This gesture was not to invite Xiao Luye in, but to ask him to leave.

Xiao Luye left expressionlessly.

Qin Siting closed the door and walked back.

When he entered the villa, he heard the sound of the door closing. Shi Niange was still standing by the window, but behind the curtains, her head was revealed as she blinked at him.

Qin Siting glanced in her direction.

“How did you tell him to leave? Does he know I’m here?”

Qin Siting did not answer. He only said, “Stay here tonight.”

“Ah?” Shi Niange opened her mouth and was stunned.

He glanced at her. “Even if your childhood sweetheart, Brother Xiao, can drive away, with his usual methods, he will still send someone to guard nearby to see which villa you left in. It’s not that you don’t want to be discovered by him, right? Then don’t leave tonight.”

Ah, would Xiao Luye send someone to guard nearby?

Thinking back to when he was young, he seemed to never reveal anything. If he had already suspected earlier, he could have really sent someone to guard him.

But this was not important!

More importantly, wasn’t her happiness too sudden?

Was she going to stay in Qin Siting’s villa for the first time?

Although her home was right across the street and was only about a hundred meters away, she was actually staying in Qin Siting’s house!

“Then, then I…” Usually, when they were in school together, when they were in the laboratory, they would also be alone like this. Actually, it was nothing much. However, when she suddenly mentioned that she was staying with him tonight, she suddenly felt a little… unsure of what to do.

“Then which room do I stay in?” She asked after holding it in for a long time. Her face had already begun to heat up again.

Qin Siting pointed upstairs with his chin. “Choose one yourself. It’s all newly cleaned rooms. The master bedroom, the guest bedroom, and the guest bedroom. You can choose whichever one you like.”

“Okay!” Shi Niange did not stand on ceremony with him. Anyway, he had just come to stay today. He had probably never seen the rooms upstairs, let alone stayed there. In that case, she could really choose as she pleased.

Since the owner of the villa had given her permission, she went upstairs and looked around. She saw two large master bedrooms and three guest bedrooms on the second floor. There was also a cloakroom and a study room.

She went to the third floor to take a look. She saw that this floor was mostly occupied by secondary bedrooms and guest bedrooms, but there were not many. There were only three bedrooms on the third floor, and not all of the guest bedrooms had beds.

There were only a few rooms with beds.

She returned to the second floor and saw that there were a few clothes in one of the master bedrooms facing the south. There were also clothes in the closet. She guessed that this should be the room Qin Siting planned to stay in. Even though he had never slept on the bed in this room, Shi Niange’s heart was still beating wildly as she looked at his room.

She definitely could not be thick-skinned enough to snatch his room. Even if she asked to stay, he might agree.

“The guest room next to your room. I think it’s very clean. There’s a spare bathroom in that room. It’s convenient for me too,” she said as she went downstairs after looking through the room.

Qin Siting nodded. He knew that he did not want to be discovered. Before turning on the lights in the living room, he pressed the remote control on the wall and the curtains slowly closed.

Even though she knew that he was taking care of her thoughts and had drawn the curtains, suddenly, a man and a woman were alone. The sky was dark outside and the curtains were drawn. She still had to stay here tonight.

No matter how she thought about it, she felt strangely ashamed.

Shi Niange stood rooted to the ground. She, who had always been bold, felt that her legs were a little weak. She did not know what to do next.

Before Qin Siting went upstairs, he asked her, “Do you have any change of clothes in your bag?”

“…No.” She only had her phone, wallet, keys, and other things in her bag. How could she put clothes inside?

Qin Siting went upstairs to his room. When he went downstairs, he handed her a new shirt he had not worn.

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