Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 928 - The Story of Ling and Heng (191)

Chapter 928: The Story of Ling and Heng (191)

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The man returned to the bedside to watch the unconscious young woman.

One end of the white binding cloth was held. The man’s fingertips contained the heat and desire he was forcefully suppressing. Even as he held himself back, he could feel his blood being stirred up.

The binding cloth fell open and the young woman’s body was fully revealed to him. All of the answers he had received could not compare to the actual sight of her right now.

This scene seemed to foreshadow the beginning of something irreversible.

He felt a burning heat unfurling in his body; swallowing him whole. It left him wanting to tear apart the person in front of him.

Li Nanheng watched the young woman on the bed. He reached up to tug on his own collar as he scanned her body. There were barely any injuries on her. Instead, her smooth and creamy skin ensnared his attention; despite knowing this was forbidden, he could not bear to look away. His fingers caressed her waist as though to confirm that this was real. He slowly moved his hands up.

His fingertips brushed past the loosened binding cloth.

Li Nanheng’s gaze turned cold as certain memories began replaying in his mind. The soft sensation in his palm was not unfamiliar to him.

Despite Feng Ling’s unconscious state, she was enduring the effects of the medicine. Considering the amount of time that had passed, it was likely that the heat in her body was about to overwhelm her. The man’s fingers brushed against her skin and the contrast between the cool air and his warmth fingertips left her body trembling. The young woman released a soft whine. In the quiet room, the huskiness of her voice could not be concealed. Her voice floated gently in the air, causing the atmosphere to turn ambiguous.

As Li Nanheng watched the young woman on the bed, his black pupils that were like a pair of ancient wells, instantly turned heavy like ink, with impenetrable depths like an ocean.

He knew that she couldn’t suffer any more fright right now. However, all of the little liar’s arrogance and lies had culminated and left him incapable of stopping himself.

The man’s breaths turned hurried and perhaps even warmer than hers. Inch by inch, he took her in with his eyes. From the short hair by her ears to her youthful complexion, eventually, he could not resist leaning down. He carefully avoided her injury and pressed a gentle kiss against her forehead. Despite knowing that this was all real, he still wondered if the sensation of silicone was supposed to be so similar to the real thing.

Who on earth had given her the courage to use that sort of excuse to dodge the fire?

Fuck, and he actually believed in her.

Feng Ling’s clothes became even more unkept with the man’s movements. Her flat, tight abdomen had a smooth silhouette that could drive any man mad. Despite her frequent use of the binding cloth, it didn’t seem to impact her growth whatsoever. Instead, it concealed her skin from direct sunlight, causing her white, smooth skin to appear especially fair and delicate.

Even though this was all real, she was flawless and captivating, leaving one wondering if she was fabricated.

It was captivating to the point where… it was difficult for him to hold himself back…

In Feng Ling’s unconscious state, she held onto a few strands of awareness. It was impossible for her not to feel anything, but for some reason, her eyelids were extremely heavy and her head was aching badly. She did not know where she was or who was next to her.

She felt as though she was submerged in a pool of burning hot water; her body was soft and somebody was lighting flame after flame, setting her body on fire.

When the young woman released another whimper, Li Nanheng’s gaze turned heavy. He bent down and caught her lips, kissing her deeply and intimately. He explored every inch of her thoroughly.

Feng Ling was unaware of what was happening and could only feel her body softening even more. She did not have the strength to lift her hands. As the man explored her body, she instinctively gripped the bedsheets once before losing all of her strength. She could not move her hands again.

She seemed to have experienced such a burning kiss before. That night on the snow mountain, it seemed like…

Could it be that, after being fed with that sort of drug, she was suddenly recalling those memories?

She could not open her eyes and was barely clinging onto any consciousness. She could not say how this was different, but the electrifying sensation ignited through her spine left a numbing ache in its wake. She couldn’t help but furrow her brows and whine softly.

Feng Ling was always rational, and she always made sure to maintain the necessary distance. However, right now, the honesty her body was displaying provoked the man.

She was at the peak of her maturity right now; ripe for the picking. Every inch of her body was untouched and beyond sensitive. A gentle caress alone would leave her trembling.

Feng Ling whimpered from his kiss and as the shaky noise left her, she shifted her legs; this was undoubtedly an instinctive action.

However, such an action caused the man’s gaze to be immediately set ablaze. His burning gaze almost swallowed her whole, and as she shifted her thighs ambiguously, his pupils turned darker and heavier.

“Do you want it? En?” the man spoke softly by her ear. He knew that she was unconscious, that if he really did anything to her right now, she wouldn’t hold any resentment. He also knew that right now, he really wanted her.


It wasn’t the right time for her gender to be revealed. Considering her temper, if she learned that her secret was no longer kept, and that he was the one who knew, it was likely she wouldn’t be able to tolerate staying the base.

She had already suffered a serious fright today and was forced to abandon all of her restraint to kill someone.

Such a Feng Ling, if she suffered anymore emotional stress or provocation, Li Nanheng couldn’t say for sure that he would be able to keep her from leaving.

But at this moment, the young woman suddenly opened her mouth and gasped roughly. Her impatient and flushed expression challenged the man’s restraint.

Li Nanheng’s throat tightened. His fingers abruptly shifted down to hold onto her leg…

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