Ze Tian Ji

Chapter 11 – These two kids

It was still the beginning of spring, but today, it was already hot. Chen Chang Sheng didn’t know if it was due to the weather or his emotions. When he returned to the inn, he found that his clothes were wet from his sweat and had become dirty from the dirt. He felt even more upset because he liked to be clean, until he saw that person.

The person was a youngster with green shirt, who was standing in the middle of the inn lobby. He slightly lifted his lower jaw, kept a cold face, and wasn’t concerned by how much inconvenience his actions would bring to others at all. He was as arrogant as a wild crane, whose eyes did not see the chickens heading down and eating.

This inn was located close to the Mausoleum of Books, so the population passing by was huge. It was lunch time now and the people who walked in and out of the inn were like tidewater, yet no one dared to get close to the youngster. The green shirt youngster was like the lonely peristele in the Luo canal, tides split apart right after encountering it. This image looked strange – Chen Chang Sheng knew this green shirt youngster, but people in the inn didn’t know. The strange image happening now was definitely due to the interaction that happened between them before. He felt a little surprised. Why was he here now? Presumably, he was seeking Chen Chang Sheng, yet what did he want?

Chen Chang Sheng walked up to the green shirt youngster, did a gesture of greeting and then stayed silent because he did not know what to say.

The green shirt youngster was Tang Thirty Six, whom Chen Chang Sheng had met once during Heavenly Academy’s entrance exam. His name came from his rank on the Proclamation of Azure Clouds. Interestingly, he and Chen Chang Sheng both, were not good at interacting with others. After returning the gesture, Tang Thirty Six also did not know what to say so immediately there was an awkward silence between them.

The inn was soundless. People did not dare to irritate Tang Thirty Six. Many of them looked down and ate, not daring to make any sound, and even more they did not dare to chat. Yet many visions fell on the two youngsters. People were curious on what was going to happen next.

Awkward silence was a very embarrassing thing. Awkward silence under many people was even more embarrassing, especially to Tang Thirty Six. He had who wanted to show his friendly and mature side to Chen Chang Sheng. Fortunately, he was slightly older than Chen Chang Sheng, after thinking for a bit, he eventually thought of a method to solve the situation and said, “A guest came. Why don’t you invite me to sit?”

Chen Chang Sheng was shaken awake. He led him into his room, took out around ten silver taels, called over a waiter to serve a cup of good tea. Shortly, the tea was ready. A pot of tea was placed on a desk. The two cups were poured up to 70%. Chen Chang Sheng said “please,” then there was the awkward silence again.

A long silence was truly embarrassing. Tang Thirty Six could not bear it any longer and said openly, “You still didn’t get into any?”

Chen Chang Sheng replied honestly, “I did not make it for the fourth time.”

Tang Thirty Six remained silent for a while and said, “I know that it’s the Divine General of the Eastern Decree’s Estate who is interfering with you in the back.”

Chen Chang Sheng looked up. He felt surprised that Tang Thirty Six actually knew the inside story of his problems, but he did not know how much he knew. With such uncertainty, his vision naturally became somewhat different.

In Tang Thirty Six’s impression, Chen Chang Sheng was a talented, friendly, and determined normal person. Now he suddenly found that this kid’s vision was as sharp as a knife edge. He involuntarily felt surprised, slightly narrowed his eyes, becoming even more interested in the things Chen Chang Sheng were hiding.

What made Tang Thirty Six depressed was that, after he said the words “Divine General of the Eastern Decree’s Estate,” Chen Cheng apparently felt touched. Yet he didn’t say the answer he wanted, but instead remained silent like a useless quail. He felt a bit irritated. Two eyebrows lifted up like swords coming out of their sheaths and he yelled, “Don’t you feel angry? Don’t you feel mad?”

Chen Chang Sheng looked up and gave him a glance before he slowly rolled his eyes.

Tang Thirty Six was drinking tea when he saw the look. He almost spat out the tea in his mouth. He didn’t expect that the traditional or even conservative kid would have such a childish face.

Chen Chang Sheng thought ‘I felt so depressed that I was about to die, but why do I have to let you know?’

Even the engagement, he did not prepare to let others know, much less the four unjust entrance exams that had happened due to the engagement?

The engagement, until now was still a secret between the Divine General’s Estate and himself. Even though the Divine General’s Estate had consecutively interfered with him and the mid-aged woman’s words made him very angry, he still did not want to publicly announce the engagement to the world. It’s not because he was afraid of the threats from the Divine General’s Estate or because he was afraid of getting killed by them, but simply because he believed that, after all, he would return the engagement to the Divine General’s Estate. Thus, why would he announce it to everyone? Miss Xu might be arrogant and cold, just as evil as her parents, but if the Divine General’s Estate apologized later on, why would he give a girl difficulty marrying later on?

Yes, he believed that, after all, he would cancel the engagement because he strongly believed that the Divine General’s Estate would apologize to him one day. Moreover, he did not want others know his name because of Miss Xu. It was probably arrogance, probably stubborness, but he wanted to insist on it. His view of this world was still insistent on walking upon the path named innocence.


Interestingly, even though Chen Chang Sheng did not say anything and Tang Thirty Six did not know anything. He approximately understood Chen Chang Sheng’s intention. For no reason, he felt deep admiration. He finished the tea in one gulp, patted Chen Chang Sheng’s shoulder and said “I admire you.”

Even though he was the young genius who ranked thirty sixth on the Proclamation of Azure Cloud, was the one who stood in the crowd like a wild crane, with no one daring to interrupt, he was still a youngster. Because of this, Tang Thirty Six’s action appeared somewhat pretentious and when he was saying this sentence, his vision and attitude all seemed somewhat arrogant. If it was others, they might feel very uncomfortable, and some might even feel angry. However, Chen Chang Sheng did not. He understood that Tang Thirty Six was trying to show friendship and comfort but because he wasn’t used to such actions it had come out somewhat awkwardly.

Chen Chang Sheng said, “Thank you.”

Tang Thirty Six said, “Verbal gratitude is not enough, you should treat me.”

It was another very awkward yet friendly expression – Chen Chang Sheng suddenly felt pity for this kid. He thought that this kid had probably cultivated for his entire life. No wonder he was at such high level at such young age, but the way he interacted with others was really terrible. He felt worried about how Tang Thirty Six would live in the future.

Chen Chang Sheng was always very focused when he was thinking, which made him seem somewhat dull and inflexible. Tang Thirty Six looked at him and couldn’t help but shake his head. He felt pity for this kid, thinking that this kid had probably been reading books for his entire life, no wonder he would remember so many doctrines at such a young age. But the way Chen Chang Sheng interacted with others was really terrible. He felt worried about how Chen Chang Sheng would live in the future.

(TL: LOL like attracts like. It takes one genius to understand another…)

In short, both had no right to feel pity for the other, yet both were feeling pity right now. Thus, another interaction between the two began after the initial one at Heavenly Academy.

Chen Chang Sheng called the waiter over to see the menu. He calculated that the money his Master gave him and the money his senior gave him privately, was enough for him to stay in the Capital for a good few years. Then he stopped thinking and pushed the menu toward Tang Thirty Six and said, “Pick whatever you want…..*en*, this is my first time treating someone.”

He did not know that this sentence made Tang Thirty Six feel even more pity for him, thinking ‘which remote mountain did this kid come from?’

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