Ze Tian Ji

Chapter 19 – The new student of The Tradition Academy (Part 3)

Learn whose spirit? The pope’s? What spirit? Officer Xin then thought to a deeper level and wondered why the Pope gave his approval. Even after he looked in to the deepest part of his soul, he would only understand a tiny bit of what the Pope’s intentions were out of the vastness of his plans that were as vast as the Milky Wave.

When Officer Xin walked out of the Archbishop’s room, his face was pale from thinking about Archbishop’s comment and it didn’t calm him down at all. He had a few conjectures on what the purpose of the Pope was but he wasn’t sure what was correct and what was wrong. Did the Pope really decide to revitalize The Tradition Academy? Why wasn’t there any sign in the capital? Why would he pick such a young student to do such thing? The most important issue was without the historical problem of The Tradition Academy resolved, who dared to touch this part?

As he got closer to Chen Chang Sheng’s location, he had to make up his mind and come up with a decision. When he was about ten footsteps away from the room, he had made up his mind on his plan of actions and made a fake smile. “Here are the roster and the key, but you probably don’t know, even if there are actually anyone on the roster, we can hardly find them.”

Chen Chang Sheng took the roster and flipped through it. He saw that the pages were very old and that next to most names there was a word “left”. He asked “Then what should I do?”

Officer Xin thought ‘How is this my problem?’ Although he said that to himself, he absolutely couldn’t speak it out loud. He had already decided that he would not support the Traditional Academy and not get involved in the plans of super powers. He would fulfill his duties that were within his range of powers that were provided to him like giving money and giving people if Chen Chang Sheng required.

“You think…Studying in The Tradition Academy, what do you still need now?” He looked into Chen Chang Sheng’s eyes and asked tentatively.

“Whatever I want?”

“If you want me to sent the teachers at the Heavenly Academy to The Tradition Academy…..then I probably can’t.” Officer Xin laughed and said. He knew that what he just said was not humorous, but rather appeared somewhat helpless.

Chen Chang Sheng said “I want people.”

Officer Xin’s smile gradually faded and said seriously “How many?”

Chen Chang Sheng replied seriously, “A large amount.”

Officer Xin’s face didn’t change, but his two hands were gradually getting cold. He thought that it was really what the Archbishop had guessed. The Pope’s attempt at revitalizing The Tradition Academy must had hidden objectives. Otherwise why would the first thing this young student asked was people and asked for so many? If there was really something that violated the taboo, what should he do?

“Can I ask…why do you want so many people?”

He said each word seriously and carefully and stared into Chen Chang Sheng’s eyes. Although Officer Xin’s face was extremely serious, he was prepared to refute his statement and run right away quickly.

Chen Chang Sheng did not feel his nervousness. Even if he did, he could not understand. “The Tradition Academy is not small. Most buildings are too old and broken. The buildings can be fixed slowly but to study in the building it needs to be cleaned. If I don’t have enough people to do the work, then it will take away a lot of time from my studying.”

When Officer Xin heard this, he took a deep breath not due to fear but surprise. Worrying that Chen Chang Sheng would regret, he said unhesitatingly: “The needed revenues will be given immediately, and the needed workers will also be sent out. I will then send some miscellaneous affairs over, no, actually, I will take them myself to you.”

After he said this, he friendly pat Chen Chang Sheng’s shoulder, held Chen Chang Sheng’s arms, and walked him out of the department of traditional education. The scene drew many attention from the surroundings because the usually serious Officer Xin was actually being so kind to such a young looking student. This scene sparked many discussions in the deparment.


“Chen Chang Sheng actually went in the Tradition Academy?”

“Yes….after Nanny Ning left, he shortly went to the department of traditional education.”

The study room located inside the Dong Yu General’s Mansion fell silent immediately after the short exchange.

Xu Shi Ji’s face was indifferent and he looked at the worrisome Nanny Hua. “Since it’s that side’s intention, then don’t worry about it for now.”

Madam Xu who was worried said “Why was there such a sudden change?”

Xu Shi Ji said “I ask her to help solve the issue with Startaker Academy. It was not for that little kid. Sacrificing such a big favor, I originally wanted to tell this engagement to her. I had hoped that she would report it to the Divine Queen but she took it in her own hands and whatever she does is reasonable.”

Madam Xu was still worried and said “The problem is what Nanny Ning said ‘leave that kid alive?’ Why would the palace care about him?”

Xu Shi Ji glanced at Nanny Hua.

Nanny Hua looked down and whispered “Last night, Shuang Er went to the palace saying that the lady sent a letter regarding him.”

Madam Xu heard this and was a little unpleased. “This kid, why did she send a letter for some stranger instead of her parents?”

Xu Shi Ji wrinkled his eyebrows. He didn’t want to hear this talk. “Marriage is a big thing that only parents can take part in and speak. Even the Divine Queen herself wouldn’t mind this kind of business. So what are you worrying about? Let’s give some way to Lady Mo Yan and let that youngster live. If he still won’t stay down, then we can re discuss this matter again.”

Lady Xu said, “I’m just afraid that this kid may actually be successful and powerful in the future. If he does then what happens if he wants to take revenge on the Mansion?”

Xu Shi Ji suddenly laughed. The laugh held a mystery that made the others feel like there was more to the situation and the event than what they thought it was. “Powerful and successful?”

Lady XU looked at his smile and was a little afraid. She didn’t dare ask any further and waved her hand at Nanny Hua for her to leave. She said in a lower voice, “Previously Prince Chen Liu invited you to a gathering, are you going to attend or not? Although he is well liked by the Divine Queen, his status is still a bit special. I feel it would be inappropriate.”


Many years ago, after the last rebel of the royals was put down by the Divine Queen’s bloody actions, all of the people who contained royal bloodline has been expelled from the capital and were sent to different provinces for inspection and watch. Only Prince Chen Liu was allowed to stay in the Prince Mansion of the capital due to his young age.

Perhaps it was due to his young age, the Divine QUeen allowed him to enter the palace and study with the princess and Lady Mo Yan. These two lived together, drank together, and ate together. They created a strong bond between each other and the Divine Queen watched him grow up. Therefore she liked him a lot. Even after Chen Liu became an adult the Divine Queen didn’t expel him from the capital but instead granted him a Prince status.

Of course, besides the long term relationship and the good reputation, many people thought the reason that the Divine Queen treated Prince Chen Liu so well was because the Prince Liu reminded her of her dead sons.

But no matter what, Prince Chen Liu was still a member of the royal family. His blood was that of a royal’s. No one doubted that the Divine Queen was still suspicious of him. Because of this, it would be inappropriate for Xu Shi Ji to have supper with Prince Chen Liu when Xu Shi Ji was a general that served under the Divine Queen.


After listening, Xu Shi Ji stayed silent for a moment and said, “It’s fine. The prince has invited me multiple times, if I still don’t go due to my status, the prince will surely be unhappy and the palace may speak negatively of me. They will call me an official who doesn’t interact is not a good official. Besides, the Divine Queen sees through everything. She knows that the reason Prince Chen Liu wants to contact me is to create a relationship with the Family of Qiu Shan so they can take care of his father living in the south. Since this is out of filial obedience, why would the Divine Queen care? In addition, the father of Chen Liu stayed down for his entire life. It wouldn’t be unexpected for her to directly summon him back into the capital.”

Lady Xu didn’t speak a word but she was a little nervous. She knew Xu Shi Ji’s personality more than anymore else. He always stayed quiet and never expressed his feeling about anything, but now he spoke so much to explain this. For sure it wasn’t meant for her, then who is he explaining to? It was easy to understand that even himself was unsure of the meaning and liability of these words.

But even then, he still wants to attend the invite of Prince Chen Liu. What did this mean?

After Xu Shi Ji finished his sentence, he wrinkled his eyebrows and noticed he behaved unusually. After calming down a little, he looked at his wife and smiled “You don’t have to worry……that kid won’t have any future. The reason that Lady Mo Yan made him enter the Classical Teaching was to destroy his future.”

Although the name of Classical Teaching may seem terrific. it was prefixed “Classical”. It sure wouldn’t be worse than the Heavenly Academy or the Starseeker Academy. In fact, in the previous several hundred years or even before that, the Classical Teaching was the best and the hardest academy to enter in the capital.

But now, the Classical Teaching is in ruins and forgotten by everyone. It had no reputation inside the educational field. If it stayed silent like the previous years it was fine, but if a little action was heard from it, it would be mocked by everyone. Why else would the teachers and students all leave the academy in such a short period of time?

The reason that the Classical Teaching had fallen into ruins was all due to an event that happened several decades ago. That year the principal of the Classical Teaching was an archbishop of the Tradition and the senior of the Pope. His status in the Tradition was only lower than that of the Pope and was respected all over the world. Even the Virgin of the Southern Sect was placed below him. It was truly an exception in the history of the Tradition.

Speaking logically, after arriving to a status like this principle of the Classical Teaching, he should be more than satisfied. But the human heart was just like the stars in the night sky, it was hard to count and understand. After trying to obtain the position of the Pope but failed to win the support of the Divine Queen, he got help from the royals and tried to rebel against the ruling of the Divine Queen and lost miserably in one night. The principal was defeated by the Pope and a massacre occurred in the Classical Teaching.

There were people who tried to restore the academy’s former glory after that one night. But under the eyes of the Divine Queen and Pope, no students who graduated from the Classical Teaching could have a bright future. Only after two years, no student attended the Classical Teaching and the only thing teachers could do was to leave.

Just like this, the once glorious and prestigious became a gloomy ghost academy.

Only until several decades later, the Classical Teaching welcomed a new student.

The name of that new student was Chen Chang Sheng.


“No, that’s expelled.”

“New student?”

“No, that’s an abyss of no return.”

Xu Shi Ji concluded expressionlessly.

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