Ze Tian Ji

Chapter 25 – Dew Platform and Herb Garden

Lady Mo Yu (TL A: Or Mo Yan mentioned earlier in the story, the author has officially changed her name at this point because he liked this one better) had long eyelashes. Due to the previous drizzle, tiny water drops hang from the tips of her eyelashes. This made her seemed very beautiful. Too bad after hearing the Divine Queen speak, she blinked and that rain drop fell down into darkness of the night in the Dew Platform.

The Dew Platform was right in front of the royal palace and was several hundred feet tall. It was built purely out of bronze and was surely a majestic structure. There were thousands of night pearls decorated on the platform. Their light could be seen from even dozens of miles away, but tonight these night pearls didn’t emit any light.

Mo Yu glanced towards the edge of the Dew Platform. The black goat was standing there as well and raised its head to stare at a certain direction in the night sky. Mo Yan looked back at the center of the Dew Platform and reassured that the Divine Queen was also looking in the same direction in the night sky. She was fairly confused.

“Your majesty, what are you looking at?” She asked.

Lady Mo Yu was respected throughout the Zhou Dynasty or even by the entire continent. This respect was not only due to her background and her strength but also to her close relationship with the Divine Queen. There were less and less people who could talk casually with the Divine Queen in the world now.

Starlight shone upon the Dew Platform. Only the woman’s back could be clearly seen.

It was just a simple back image, but it seemed like the representation of this universe.

This is because she was the first female emperor of this world. She was the master of Zhou Dynasty.

“Someone has lit up a star.”

The Divine Queen turned around and said indifferently.

Lady Mo Yu was silent. Every night there were xiu xingists lighting up their destined star, but even the Divine Queen can’t see them. But today she saw it and stared at it for so long. What did this represent?

“That star is extremely distant from us.”

Hearing the Divine Queen’s next sentence, Mo Yu thought she understood.

She thought for a while and said, “Even if it’s further…… it doesn’t always represent a true genius.”

The Divine Queen didn’t speak.

Mo Yu acted like a little girl who was ignored by her elders and hummed. “The boy of the Family of Qiu Shan lit up his destined star when he was four years old. That star was the Dragon Star. Its distance could be ranked among the top ten in the recent a hundred years, but just that same night a small faction’s apprentice also started Purification and his destined star was even further away from the Dragon Star. But does this mean that he could compete with the one of the Family of Qiu Shan? Purification is still determined by the strength of one’s body, veins, and bones. How can a regular person match with one of the Dragon’s bloodline?”

This was a valid example. Qiu Shan Jun was the champion of the Honor Roll of Green Cloud before he was eighteen years old. He was a genius recognized by the entire world. But that apprentice from the small faction was already lost in the crowd. No one remembered him except a person as knowledgeable as Mo Yu.

The Divine Queen explained. “The person who light up his destined star today was unique. The strength of his soul and the calmness of his spirit rarely exists in this world. I believe it was an elder who studied for over a century and suddenly understood the Way. He was just like Wang Zhi Ce from back then. They both endured the test of time and finally released their potential.”

Mo Yu replied, “During the night when Sir Zhi Ce light up his star, the entire capital sensed his presence. How could it be compared with tonight? Plus there were no shadow of the star being projected onto the ground, which means that it wasn’t the power of a special bloodline. Even if he has potential, I’m afraid it would be limited as well.”

The Divine Queen didn’t turn back but it was clear she was smiling. “You are just a child. What do you know about xiuxing?”

Although Mo Yu was young, she was already a great xiu xingist of Starfusion stage. Both of the Zhou Dynasty and the southern xiuxing factions viewed her with regard. Even the Pope himself liked to compliment her. However, in the eyes of the Divine Queen, she was still a child who knew nothing about xiu xing.

How many people in this entire continent has the right to say this?

The Divine Queen was obviously one of them.

Therefore Mo Yu wasn’t angry. She just stuck her tongue out toward the back of the Divine Queen.

She wasn’t a little kid anymore, but she could still be innocent because the person she was facing was the Divine Queen.

The Divine Queen knew she was fooling around at her back, but she smiled and stayed silent.

Mo Yu walked up beside her and looked at the vast sky and the stars. After viewing for a long time she suddenly asked. “Your majesty, the destined star…..Does it truly represent each and every one of our fate? Then can we see the future of our destiny?”

The Divine Queen replied “It could be interpreted as something else besides our destiny.”

Mo Yu asked curiously “What is the other interpretation?”

The Divine Queen looked deeply into the night sky and fell silent for a long time.

There used to be a distant star and it shined for a moment, but it couldn’t be seen anymore.

The Divine Queen spoke, “Perhaps…… they are our destined doom.”


Chen Chang Sheng had lit up his destined star.

There were only a handful of people who had the chance to witness that moment.

Due to that invisible crystal wall, those people miscalculated the distance between that star and the surface of the earth. But even then, this distance could be ranked among the top in the human history.

The Xue Lao City of the Northern Demon Race, the Mountain Virgin of the South, the Mountain Li of the Longevity Sect, and the Forgotten Valley of the Kingdom of Yao. Perhaps there were people who saw it, or perhaps they didn’t. But if they did, they would treat this with great regard and try to discover the identity of the person who light up that star.

But this was unimportant. There were billions upon billions of stars in the night sky and they contained countless relationships and strings with humans. It was a world of unpredictability. No one not even Chen Chang Sheng could ever see that string. If even Chen Chang Sheng said nothing, then no one could know it was him.

But there were always accidents, or you can say exceptions.

Some people’s level of xiu xing wasn’t exactly high. Speaking logically, they couldn’t even see the image of the destined star that was light up and talk less of following that string to tract Chen Chang Sheng down. But perhaps it was fate, the moment Chen Chang Sheng light up his destined star, that person was also looking at the night sky just like the Divine Queen. Perhaps also out of fate, she was also xiu xinging at that time and she released her soul into the ruined garden.

But the most important reason was that she had a special ability that made her close with the star. She could instinctively discover many things.

It was a talent or to be precise, it was her racial ability.

On the other side of the broken walls of the Classical Teaching was the Herb Garden.

She was in the Herb Garden that night.

She could clearly sense the calmness and endurance of the soul that light up that destined star.

She was curious of who the owner of that soul was.

She wanted to find him and ask him some questions. For this purpose, she didn’t mind gifting him some precious treasures that were rarely found in the world.

Because her name was Luo Luo, and she was generous.

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