Ze Tian Ji

Chapter 29 – The sword that lifted a storm

The starlight was emitted from the night sky and was reflected when it passed an invisible barrier. It shined onto the face of this middle-aged male demon. It made his complexion seemed even paler, as if it was the unmeltable ice from the north.

Luo Luo raised her arm and wiped off the blood around the corner of her lip. She looked at him and asked, “Do you want to kidnap me or kill me?”

The male demon said calmly, “I wouldn’t be able to leave the capital if I kidnapped you. Sorry, I could only kill you on the spot.”

Luo Luo stared at his two demon horns and said, “It seems like you waited here for me for a while.”

The male demon bowed slightly and said, “Since You left your kingdom, or more precisely, when You passed the River of Stinking Blood, I have waited for this day to arrive.”

Luo Luo said, “Then it was quite a long time.”

“I left my homeland several years ago, and You had started your trip for more than a year already. I hid in the capital like a rat for more than half a year. My life is to silently watch you in the darkness. It was both boring and dangerous.”

The male demon revealed his life that he lived these past few years. It was told in a quiet and indifferent tone, but the actual contents were terrible or even solemn – hiding in the core of the human world for such a long time, for sure he sacrificed a lot, especially mentally.

He was silent for a moment and turned around to face the northern direction of the lake. He sighed, “I miss the wind and snow of my homeland. I also miss my wife and family. Thanks to You, I have the chance to accomplish this great task tonight.”

After hearing this, Luo Luo’s heart grew a hint of regret.

She didn’t know that the Demon Race was after her and had followed her from her home all the way to the capital. They were so dedicated to this goal that they waited such a long time for this opportunity. Now the demon race has captured the chance, it would be hard for her to escape.

But the thing she was most regretful of was that she handed this chance to the Demon Race. If she hadn’t use the Button of Thousand Miles to escape the protection of her people to find the person, then this male demon could only continue hiding and waste his time in the human world until his death.

She looked at the night sky and stared at the reflected starlights. She knew that the giant needle had successfully blocked out the outside world. Although her people were just on the other side of the wall, they still wouldn’t be able to hear her scream.

Right now, no one could save her except herself.

Luo Luo assessed her current situation and grew calm. She looked at the male demon and showed a desire to fight. “A Heartseeker at his peak is strong, but not strong enough. I don’t think you are good enough to kill me.”

“It’s hard to live in the capital. There are too many powerful human xiuxingists here. If I am too strong, then it would be easy to attract the attentions of those powerful xiuxingsts. The Zhou Royal Palace would just need to send a few honorable guests and I would be dead, therefore I must not be strong.”

The male demon looked at her. “My technique is specialized in the area of hiding, and so, I am not too strong nor too weak. I’m just enough to kill You, therefore I am the most suitable person for the job which is why it is me that stands in front of You today and not another demon.”

Luo Luo said “I want to know your name.”

She said this sentence calmly, almost like she was talking down on him.

“My name is Mo He,” the male demon answered.

Luo Luo said, “Mo He is just your last name.”

The male demon smiled a little, but his expression was a bit frightening due to his pale skin. “It is meaningless for You to waste our time.”

Luo Luo laughed. Her laughter was high and could be heard from far away. If that barrier didn’t exist, then the people on the other side of the wall would have heard it very clearly. But the male demon didn’t have any intention of stopping her.

“I thought you didn’t care if I wasted time.” she said seriously.

The male demon said “After killing You, it would be difficult for me to escape the capital alive. Then this short period of time would be the last moment of my one hundred years of life. If I can talk with one of royal bloodline like You, I believe my soul would rest in peace.”

Luo Luo opened her wide eyes and her eyelashes winked. She asked curiously, “You are not afraid of being discovered by humans?”

The male demon pointed at the iron needle in front of him.

“The royal palace isn’t far from here.” She cautioned him nicely.

The male demon said expressionlessly. “I am confident that even if the Divine Queen was looking in this direction, she wouldn’t be able to see what we are doing.”

“Okay. I am sure no one is able to save me now.”

Luo Luo sighed. Although she was worried, she still seemed cute.

“Then are you sure you can kill me?”

After finishing this sentence, her eyes got brighter like two night pearls. She took off a leather whip from her waist. The whip was extremely long and it stacked in piles under her feet. It strange how she was able to keep the entire whip around her waist.

“Is that the legendary Falling Rain Whip?”

The male demon was surprised, but it was unknown if it was due to the legendary weapon or some other reason.

Then he looked at Luo Luo and said sincerely. “No matter how many rare magical weapon you have around you, You must die tonight. Because this is the plan of the Advisor and no accident could occur.”

After hearing this, Luo Luo held the whip more tightly. Her face grew paler. The Demon Advisor. It is one of the most terrifying names in this entire continent. Even her parents treated this man with extreme caution.

When the great war ended, the demon race lost terribly to the alliance formed by the humans and the Yao race. But the demons did not become extinct entirely. The demon race held their ground in the cold northern territory and seemed to prosper in the recent years. Although it had a powerful and ruthless Demon Emperor ruling the Xue Lao City, another important reason why it prospered was that an advisor was giving order to the demon race. No matter the strange yet effective schemes or the upfront economic policies, there was always a shadow of a person behind them.

Yes, the shadow belonged to the Advisor.

The Demon Advisor was a human.

No one knew why would a human voluntarily betrayed his race to work for the demons, but the entire continent knew that this human was well respected in the demon race. Just from this point, it was clear how great this person was.

The plans created by the Demon Advisor never failed. His mind seemed to have no weakness. His ability to manipulate the mind and other’s power already surpassed the level of a master. It was an unspeakable ability.

For countless years, the Northern Conquest started by the humans failed due to this man’s schemes and plots. Some conquests even failed before the army was gathered. The loss that this man brought to the human race was greater than the loss to the eight terrifying demon generals combined.

Millions of human xiuxingists and Yao heroes tried to find this Demon Advisor and assassinate him but no one has accomplished this goal. No one has found him besides a powerful swordsman from the Longevity Sect.

Until this day, no one knew the name of this Demon Advisor, what he looked like, where he was from, and what kind of history he had that made him willing to betray his own race and work for the demons. Some rumors said that after the Demon Race lost in the great war, this advisor didn’t return to the Xue Lao City with the Demon Emperor but instead chose to hide his identity and live in the human world. He could be your neighbor, your teacher, or even a priest.

That was the most terrifying aspect of the Demon Advisor.

People only knew he liked to wear a black robe.

When many powerful demons mention of him, they respectfully call him Sir Black Robe.


Luo Luo was looking at the demon male wearing black robe and her heart slightly sank.

If this was the Demon Advisor’s plan, then she probably had no chance of surviving. Everyone knows that the Demon Advisor’s plans all seemed easy, even casual, but they never have any mistakes. Nothing unexpected happens.

The demon male next to the tree wore a black robe. He was the Advisor’s direct subordinate.

The iron magic weapon directly in front of him kept all the changes outside of the world.

She came to the Tradition Academy by herself.

No other people could see her.

She obviously would die.

This set up was easy, but it made perfect logical sense.

She knew that she could only rely on herself to have a chance of survival.

But she knew that the legendary demon advisor had accurately and precisely calculated the strength of the two sides. Like what the male demon had previously said, he was not too strong but not too weak, just strong enough to kill her.

He could definitely kill her.

She could see the opponent’s strength and stage because of her inborn ability, but it did not mean she could beat him

According to human’s xiuxing system, she should be in the primary meditation stage now. For her age, this stage is already quite impressive but in a fight against adult elites, this stage was not enough for her to stay alive.

“At the last moment of my life, I had the pleasure to talk to such a noble princess, I feel satisfied.”

The demon male slowly walked toward her and slowly lifted his right hand. You could see a white light between his fingers.

It was the light cluster solidified from Qi.

Luo Luo felt the horrifying influence coming from that light cluster. She narrowed her eyes slightly.

The demon male’s feet had on a pair of broken shoes.

His shoes stepped on the grass and did not leave a trace.

At day, the green grasses were cut short and the broken branches revealed a blithe feeling.

The grasses, probably because they were cut short, actually handled the demon male’s shoes.

No, that’s only the image of a moment.

In fact, when the demon male moved his first step, his body had already began to become empty, then it disappeared!

Luo Luo’s eyes became more bright as if they were about to light up the darkness of night.

She knew that this demon male could hide for an exceptionally long time in the human world. Like what he said himself, his xiu xing method focused on hiding, but even so, she didn’t expect that the opponent would be able to disappear so easily in a fight.

The next moment, the demon male appeared behind her.

A terrifying fist hit her directly on the back.

The demon male was much stronger than her. He was using his strongest fighting technique.

He gathered all of his Qi in his fist, attack with his full power. He knew that this would cause his right hand to become useless in the future but he did not care. As long as he could kill this girl, he would give up his life and soul, why would he even care about a hand?

Luo Luo could not block the attack. In fact, she could not even trace the opponent’s attack.

But her whip could.

She held the long whip in her right hand. Her whip jumped up like a snake, the whip tail, like a snake’s tongue darted through the darkness to stab directly into the demon male’s throat behind her.

At the same time, she loosened her hand, third button fell to the ground.

Demon male’s pale face was indifferent. He did not care at all. He continued to punch down his fist.

Chi! A sound camp up.

A bloody hole appeared on his throat.

Simultaneously, his fist also fell onto Luo Luo’s back.

The demons were born in mountains, their power was named out of mountain.

His fist, was a mountain.

This mountain directly crashed into the little girl’s body.

The picture looked very violent.


The button fell on the ground.

Some fog appeared. Before it was able to spread out, Luo Luo was already turned around and was faced with a horrifying fist.

Under normal situations, she should not have enough time to turn at all in front of that male demon’s strange movement, but she did.

Because she used another Button of Thousand Miles beforehand.

The Button of Thousand Miles could not help her pass through that shapeless barrier, but it could at least help her turn around.

But what could she do even if she turned around.

That horrifying fist came closer and closer. The light of Qi emitting out between the fingers became brighter and brighter.

Was it because of pride that during the last moments of her life she turned to face death directly?


Luo Luo’s childish face held a firm and determined manner.

She shouted and held her little fist tightly. She fearlessly swung her fist toward the fist coming toward her face.

Hong! Along with a big sound.

The floor was lifted up, dirts flew up and countless deep traces like spider’s web appeared on the lawn. The forest that was just fixed was blown down when facing the wind!

The wind softly passed by.

Dirts gradually settled down to reveal bodies.

The demon male stood at his the original location but his pale face had a very complicated emotion. Several lines of blood could be seen flowing down slowly.

His black robe was already shredded into fragments to reveal a pale but robust body.

His right fist was badly mutilated. Frightening white bones were already visible.

The most horrifying wound was on his head.

The demon horn on his left side was broken from the root. Blood was coming out.

A yellow sharp tusk deeply nailed onto his forehead shook slightly.

If this sharp tusk went in a few centimeters deeper, then he would have probably died already!

The demon male wanted to pull the sharp tusk out, but for an unknown reason, he did not dare to do so.

He knew that if the advisor did not give him the magic weapon to suppress the battlefield, he would be already dead from this girl’s surprise attack.

Thinking to this point, his face became even paler and somewhat scary.

“This….was the great emperor’s tusk?”

He looked into Luo Luo’s eyes. His voice was shaking slightly. He yelled painfully and furiously “Truly you are the legendary princess who possesses countless treasures. You actually own defensive magic weapons at such a level. After all of this, I have underestimated you.”

Three Buttons of Thousand Miles, a Falling Rain whip, and a Great Emperor’s dusk.

Every single item was a treasure that even the elites would have trouble getting ahold of. And these were all held by her. And all were used by her without hesitation.

If the elites of the world saw tonight’s scene, they would definitely thump their chest and stamp their feet. They would definitely feel extremely unfortunate.

But she was different because she was Luo Luo. She was very generous so she had to be generous to herself first. Moreover, these things were hers anyway.

“I have to admit princess, your reaction is very good. The inborn bloodline’s power is indeed strong. But unfortunately… this is a plan developed by the Advisor. He must have already calculated the items you have and ascertained that those are not enough to kill me.”

The demon male used his hand to paint blood all over his pale face. Under the slightly twisted starlight, it made his face look strangely dreadful.

He eventually said, “I am still alive. So can you can please die?”

Luo Luo’s situation was not good. The corner of her lip, which she previously used her sleeve to clean up, spilled out a streak of blood again.

She looked at the demon male and lightly waved the whip. The long whip reflecting the starlight as if it came to life in the darkness. It was no longer a snake but had become a dragon.

A dragon in the wind and in the rain.

The Falling Rain Whip ranked seventeenth on the Tier of Legendary Weapons.


The male demon disappeared and wind started blowing harshly around the library. The light emitted from the inside was like a boat surfing on a great tide. Sometimes it was dim, sometimes it was bright, sometimes it could be seem and sometimes it was gone.

Luo Luo lowered her head and stood calmly. The Falling Rain Whip in her hands kept on lashing in the night wind.

Faintly rain drops started to fall.

The raindrops could block the cold presence from the night sky.

The wind of form a barrier to block lightning.

The Falling Rain Whip could call upon the wind and rain from all directions. It was the best weapon to protect oneself.

But she was just a little girl and she was only at the beginning stage of Meditation. The difference between the male demon and her was too great.

If she didn’t use the Teeth of the Emperor to surprise attack him, the male demon could’ve used his strong qi and held through the power of the Falling Rain Whip to kill her forcefully. But the current situation was still not positive.

The techniques that male demon used were too strange. They followed certain paths that cannot be understood. His attacks travelled freely in the darkness of the night.

Although her whip could bring about the wind and rain from all directions and protect herself, it couldn’t capture the whereabout of the enemy which meant that she couldn’t attack.

If she couldn’t attack, then how was she able to sustain the defense any much longer?

Even if the Falling Rain Whip was a legendary weapon, Luo Luo still needed her soul to use it. With each rain drop or gust of wind, a trace of her Qi was used.

She started to breath more rapidly and heavily. She didn’t know if she could hold her ground for the weird magical weapon of the enemy expired or for her people to arrive.

She was still struggling with an unmovable determination, she waited patiently.

She was waiting for the man to truly show himself.

She used all of the magical weapons on her, yet she still couldn’t escape. She still had the whip but most importantly, she was hiding her ways.

Only she knew that the weapon she held in her hands was the Falling Rain Whip, but the technique she used was that of a sword.

The sword technique also contained wind and rain.

Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong.

The most powerful point of this sword technique was that it could concentrate the wind and rain into one single point and attack the most fragile part of the enemy.

The male demon was already hurt and wasn’t at his peak anymore. She was confident that if a chance showed up, she could definitely kill the enemy.

But the problem was that although the man was enraged after being wounded, he still didn’t lose his conscience. He appeared to be extremely patient. Before he was entirely sure of his chance to kill her. Now he would use his strange technique and avoid the wind and rain. He didn’t give her any chance to attack.

Luo Luo suddenly felt cheated.

The techniques of the demon race were always mysterious and hard to understand. But if she could master the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong and realize the true core of the Wind and Rain of Eight Direction, how would she be in such a passive situation?

Why didn’t the teachers of Heavenly Academy and the Starseeker Academy know how to teach her? If she could find the person from that night, could he teach her? Right, if it weren’t for this person, how would she ambushed and be in such a bad position?

Yes, it was all that person’s fault.

(Editor Bingo: Girl please stop being spoiled and it was your own fault…)

Because Luo Luo felt cheated, she didn’t want to be generous. She decided that if she found that person in the future, she wouldn’t give him that many presents anymore….

Perhaps, take away half of the gifts?

Although Luo Luo was thinking about this, the battle still raged on.

Danger approached with merciless steps.

A wound appear on her neck. The male demon caught a weak point of the Falling Rain Whip and gave an almost life threatening blow.

Not only did Luo Luo feel cheated, she was also sad.

She didn’t want to die.

She always felt that living was the happiest thing, and the most beautiful thing — you see, the clouds in the sky are pretty and the clouds in the capital are magical. Sometimes they looked like the hair of the ladies on the street. The clouds of her homeland were also beautiful just like the face of a young bandit.

Even if she was to die, she felt that she couldn’t die in the capital because many innocent people would die for her death, like the lady on the street, or the young bandit.

Luo Luo started to lose more and more blood.

The Falling Rain Whip got weaker and weaker.

The male demon was still hiding in the darkness of the night.

She felt tired and sleepy.

The Falling Rain Whip lashed through the night silently and the wind and rain was quiet as well. The demon also didn’t make any sound.

Silence surrounded the Tradition Academy. It was most suitable for sleeping.

Besides playing and xiuxing, Luo Luo loved to sleep.

She knew she couldn’t sleep at a time like this, but she really was sleepy.

Suddenly, a noise broke the silence.

The Tradition Academy woke up.

So did Luo Luo.

“Absorb the starlight into the chest and let the Qi flow freely. Lift your wrist to the shoulder and hold back the wind and rain.”

Luo Luo didn’t know who was speaking.

But she knew it was the contents of the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong.

She instinctively held her whip and flipped her wrist. She lifted her left knee and the Qi flew upward. Ignoring the veins spoken about in the sword technique, the Qi flew straight into the body and skipped the stomach into the chest. She felt her hands holding the whip and started to heat up.

“What’s next?” she thought with a confused expression.

The night was still dark.

The sound came up again.

“Dou Zhen, Kui Liu.”

The two words with weird pronunciations were heard.

But if they were separated, then people living in this world would easily understand what they are.

Dou Zhen, were the two stars located respectively on the East and the West.

Kui Liu, were the two stars located respectively on the South and North.

Stars stayed still forever, especially the famous stars. People who lived on the ground regardless of age all clearly remembered the stars’ positions.

Luo Luo was dazed. She didn’t understand the meaning. Where were these locations?

Was she supposed to stab to where the star Dou was? How about Zhen?

Suddenly, she understood.

Between Dou and Zhen, she could draw a line.

And between Kui and Liu, she could also draw a line.

The intersection of the lines was the only point in the sky.

Luo Luo opened up her eyes widely, looking towards that place.

The Falling Rain Whip in her hand was already stabbing towards the point in the sky.

The Falling Rain Whip gathered all the rain and wind into one line. The hundreds of wind and rain became a sword.

Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong.

In the Tradition Academy, the wind and rain suddenly grew smaller but the sword spirit became much stronger.

Chi. (a sound)

Blood was blown out from the dark sky.

At the same time, the elite demon gave an angry and painful call.

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