Zhan Long

Chapter 11 – Obsession Kills

Chapter 11 – Obsession Kills

While in spirit form, I ran up to the corpse of the boss. Near the corpse was Tyrant of Western Chu, who was guarding my corpse. It looked like he planned to kill me as soon as I revived in hopes of my Bramble Sword dropping.

I couldn’t help but laugh at him. Hah, I didn’t care if you guys puppy-guarded my corpse, I would just wait. I had tons of time, now we would see who had more patience.


At this time, my cellphone rang, and the call was immediately forwarded into . It was Lin Wan Er calling me…

“Li Xiao Yao?” Lin Wan Er’s voice was extremely beautiful.

“Yeah, miss?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er laughed before continuing: “Yue Er and I are planning to get something to eat, come over to our building and wait there…”

“Alright, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

“Good, we’ll wait for you.”

When I looked at Chu’s pathetic party, I hid a smile. In my mind, I said to them ‘I’ll be getting some free food, take your time!’ Then I logged off while in spirit form which guaranteed my safety in-game.

After I took off the helmet, I glanced over at my roommate. Glasses was twitching on his bed, he must have been in a fierce fight. Whatever, it was his own problem, time to leave!

At the girl’s dormitory, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were waiting for me outside. As soon as they saw me, they rushed over. Dong Cheng Yue patted her stomach, complaining: “I already told Wan Er to get dinner but she insisted that I keep on playing. Now I’m starving, let’s hurry and get a midnight snack.”

I smiled at Dong Cheng Yue: “Alright.”

Liu Hua University’s cafeteria was always open, 24/7, which showed the incredible wealth Liu Hua University had.

After ordering a couple of dishes, we dove in. Since I was really hungry, I disregarded my appearance and swallowed 7 steamed buns in an instant. The two girls were shocked at my voracious appetite. From afar, a couple male students were also shocked. They stared at me: “That guy…not caring a bit about his appearance, even in front of those two girls!”

Lin Wan Er’s smile was frozen on her face and gave me the evil eye: “Were you starved in your past life? Eat slowly.”

I nodded without saying anything. Instead, I finished my seafood soup in one gulp. Damn it, when have I ever had such great tasting food? Being rich truly had its good points.


Dong Cheng Yue finished her plate and was tasting her soup before smiling at me: “Xiao Yao, Today’s the day where you get pass your Lv 1 obstacle right?”

It was incredibly awkward for me: “Yeah, I’m Lv 9 already …”

“Oh! You’re pretty fast in raising your level, getting to Lv 9 in just 10 hours!”

Lin Wan Er kept her poker face, and glanced at her phone before talking to Dong Cheng Yue: “It’s pretty late, we should get back and sleep.”

She just ignored me!

I asked: “Dong Cheng, what level are you guys?”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled again before she proudly said: “I’m already a Lv 15 Mage, trying to get to Lv 20 in order to register officially as a Mage. Wan Er’s level is even higher than mine, she’s already Lv 16. God, the speed in which Assassins are able to raise their levels right now is insane, even the Mages can’t keep up.”

I asked: “You guys already left the newbie village?”

“Of course, we left the village yesterday…” Dong Cheng Yue winked before continuing: “Oh right, me and Wan Er chose Fan Shu City as our main city, what about you?”

I thought about it and said: “My newbie village is really close to Ba Huang City, maybe I’ll stay there for some time before venturing out to find you guys…”

Lin Wan Er gave me another evil eye with her perfect smiling poker face: “Oh, so you really don’t want to see me in game eh?”

Immediately I shuddered, feeling a killing intent from her. Instantly I straightened and hurriedly said: “What are you talking about? I actually really want to go to Fan Shu City to meet up with you and Dong Cheng. But the monsters between the city have really high levels, and I’m only a small Healer. How in the world can I get over there? On my way there, I’ll be killed tons of times, I might even be sent back to newbie village…”

Finally, Lin Wan Er’s poker face showed signs of breaking, she forcefully swallowed a laugh, biting her lip, before she regained composure: “Okay, then just stay at Ba Huang City, if you find yourself in a bad spot, then come and find us.”

Dong Cheng Yue excitedly added: “Yup yup, me and Wan Er will protect you!”

Lin Wan Er showed signs of irritation: “Why are you so happy Yue Er?”

Dong Cheng Yue instantly froze. While blushing she quickly said: “Well…me and you are both damage dealers, if we could bring Li Xiao Yao, we’d also have a Healer. The pace at which we can kill monsters would definitely increase, right…..”

“Really?” Lin Wan Er’s eyes flashed an indiscernible emotion and stared at Dong Cheng Yue before she reverted back to her sweet, poker face smile: “Alright, I trust you…”

Dong Cheng Yue patted her chest: “Ugh, that was close…”

“What did you say?!”

“Umm, I said that this soup is really good…”



At about 10 PM, I escorted the two girls back to their dormitory and took a walk around the dormitory. After finding a spot where no one else was around, I quickly jumped above the wall of the dormitory. On top of a tree, I monitored the dormitory’s surroundings.

Since it was at night, the University was extremely crowded; there were students that belonged to the University and a surprising number of students that didn’t belong to the University. On the roads of the University were countless Porches and Ferrari’s that raced past each other. After I waited for 2 hours, until about 12 PM, I left my “post”. After such a long guard, I ensured that there wasn’t any immediate danger. At least then, there wouldn’t be anything that would’ve harmed Lin Wan Er.

Even though the game was fun, I must not forget my job to protect Lin Wan Er. My top priority wasn’t to be with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue but rather to ensure that no harm befell Lin Wan Er.

While I was on the tree, I opened my phone to check up on Tian Xin Corporation and Lin Tian Nan. I needed to figure out what the Tian Xin Corporation and Lin Tian Nan had done to cause such danger to themselves and why they were so important. To be able to have had police from Hang Zhou directly send out men (me) to protect Lin Wan Er, Tian Xin Corporation must have an extremely powerful connection and Lin Wan Er must have been extremely important to Lin Tian Nan.

On my phone, I was able to access data on Tian Xin Corporation –

Tian Xin Corporation was founded by the core engineers of Lockheed Martin, and held patents in high-tech radar invisibility technology. They were a major player in the production of BMI compounded materials. In 2015, they split from Lockheed Martin and under the project leader, Lin Tian Nan, became a supplier of the Chinese military. With them, they brought state-of-the-art technology in weaponry. In recent years, they were beginning to develop nano-bullets, using the fact that the high frequency sound that atom collision makes could be used to melt metal. These new bullets were extremely effective against armored units such as tanks. In addition, they were a huge player in developing China’s most advanced aircrafts and radars.

After I read Tian Xin Corporation’s bio, I couldn’t help but take in a huge breath. I never imagined that Lin Tian Nan was that important; from the information gathered, Tian Xin Corporation’s addition to the Chinese military boosted the development of Chinese weapons by at least 10 years, especially strengthening China’s Air-force. Because of Tian Xin, China was finally able to make progress on fifth generation aircrafts.

Because of how strong Tian Xin was, every country in the world was envious of Tian Xin’s technology. Yet, Lin Tian Nan was extremely cautious and didn’t show many weaknesses that could be exploited. One of the few, or the only weakness that Lin Tian Nan had was his daughter. Because of this, many people had tried to kidnap Lin Wan Er to use her to threaten Lin Tian Nan in giving up his company’s latest technological innovations. As a result, the Hang Zhou police was also handling Lin Wan Er’s protection, trying to find someone that was both smart and strong but also unnoticeable to protect Lin Wan Er, and that person was… you guessed it, it was me!

As I sat atop the tree, I shuddered at the enormity of the task that was entrusted to me.

I switched my focus back to afar, maintaining high awareness of my surroundings. I quietly checked the surroundings one last time; yup, final checks show that tonight was definitely safe.

Mature Warning – Can be skipped since doesn’t affect plot

“Aah aah…..”

As soon as I was positive that it was completely safe, small sounds came from the right, startling me. Looking over, I closely examined the space to my right, hmm, there were 2 upperclassmen, a guy and a girl… the guy was seated on the rock chair while the girl was on top of the guy. On her right leg dangled her panties, hmm, it was a bright pink. The two of them moved slowly and even though they didn’t make any huge movements, they still made quite a bit of sound.

I jumped off the tree, a soft “paa” sound accompanied my jump. Even though the sound wasn’t big, the two upperclassmen still heard me and turned their heads in unison: “Who is it!”

I shuddered at their attentiveness and calmly, as if I were talking to lions: “Just walking around…Sorry if I am interrupting, please continue.”

I took a shortcut by walking across the grass, then I reached a lamp post by the side of the road in a couple of steps. Behind me, someone said: “Damn it, let’s continue, these bastards!”


I was looking forward to taking a shower once I got back to my dormitory. But unfortunately, Glasses was already taking a shower so I had to wait.

While waiting, I sat in front the dorm’s desk and used Glasses’ computer to go on the internet. After I booted up his computer, the first thing that popped out was Destiny’s official website and in the tabs next to it were information about the players with the highest levels, best equipment etc. It was extremely messy.

But I didn’t browse through the stuff that Glasses was already reading. I needed information that would actually help me.

After I browsed through Destiny’s official website, I finally got a grasp of Destiny’s map. On the map were 7 great kingdoms. Of them, the Chinese sever had access to Tian Ling Castle. Under Tian Ling Castle, there were 3 secondary cities, Fan Shu City, Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City. Once new players walked out of the newbie villages, they would choose one of the three castles as their home castle. For Tian Ling Castle, the monsters around it were way too high leveled. At this point, the player with the highest level was only level 18, even for him, attempting to go to Tian Ling Castle was suicide. After all, even if he had the best Lv 18 equipment, he still wouldn’t be able to defeat Lv 70 monsters around Tian Ling Castle; the gap between stats was just too huge.

Then I zoomed in onto Tian Ling Castle and its three subordinate cities. Yeah, Grass Dog Village was closest to Ba Huang City and it was very, very far from Fan Shu City. I would visit Fan Shu later.

At the same time, Glasses finally finished his long shower and walked out of the bathroom. When he saw me, he couldn’t help but laugh: “Li Xiao Yao, how did your leveling go today?”

“I’m at Lv 9, what about you, Glasses?”

“Impressive, that’s a pretty fast pace, already Lv 9, even I’m only Lv 13. Right now I’m at Jiu Li City, where do you plan on going? How about coming to Jiu Li City and playing with me, and we can take on the world together…”

My mouth twitched at the thought of being together with Glasses: “It’s alright, for me to get to Jiu Li City, I need to go across dozens of mountains and swim through dozens of rivers. I’ll probably be killed back to Lv 1 before I even the reach the city. I’m close to Ba Huang City, so I’m planning on making Ba Huang City my home city.”

Glasses also smiled when I mentioned me being killed back to Lv 1: “Alright, just wait until your level is high enough and you are able to own horses, then you’ll be able to go anywhere you want. Don’t be impatient and try to come to Jiu Li!”


I looked at the time. It had been about 3 hours since I logged off, let me log back on.


After my data was read, “Shuaa”, a blinding light transported me near Bramble Thorn Bear’s corpse. I was still in my spirit form and looking around, there didn’t seem to be anyone around. I was about to revive when a thought crossed my mind. I should probably double check my surroundings. After walking around, I found Tyrant of Western Chu hiding behind a fallen tree, and the two Mages were also hidden behind shrubs. How wretched, these people were way too obsessed, right? All this for a Black Iron Tier weapon? Really…such wretchedness.

I logged off, took a shower and went to sleep. If they really wanted the weapon then why don’t they puppy-guard my corpse for an entire night?

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