Zhan Long

Chapter 1204: Finding Pearl

Chapter 1204: Finding Pearl

After the patch, NPCs knew of our identities and knew that we were abnormal people from an alien world. They knew that we were protected and couldn't be killed.


System notification: You have accepted SSS Grade super quest Find the Truth!

Quest content: Enter Hybrid Demon Territory alone and find Pearl. You have to be very careful. Pearl has become really violent and there are many Hybrid Demon Territory experts protecting her. If you die, this quest would fail. Return with the truth and you will get huge rewards!


"Li Xiao Yao."

Frost stood in front of me and said seriously, "It might be too dangerous to let you enter alone. I will send 10 dragon riders to protect you. If you face danger, you can roar as a warning and they will protect you."

I looked out at those dragon riders and smiled, "Forget it, their lives are so precious, don't take the risk. I can settle it, just wait for me to return."

"En, come back soon. If you can't get close to Pearl then don't." Hesitation flashed in Pearl's eyes, "At most, we will fight to the death with them!"

I sucked in a deep breath, "No need, I shall head out now!"

I exited the doors right away and looked at the storm outside. However, I could hear Queen Zhi Shu's voice, "Frost you shouldn't hesitate. If you do then you won't want Li Xiao Yao to investigate Pearl's real identity. You need to understand that the bigger picture is more important than the safety of one person. I know you cherish Li Xiao Yao but there are things that have to be done."

Frost's voice was firm, "This will be the last time I send him into danger alone... If there are such things in the future, no one tries to persuade me or I won't hold back!"

Zhi Shu and Lanais said, "Understood. Calm down, you are in charge of the Dragon Territory, don't be so rash."

Frost, "Mm."


My legs left the ground as ice wings formed on my back. I silently entered the snow and clicked on the map. The quest had pointed out the direction that Pearl was in and it was near Storm Abyss. Her original land was Blood Mountain Range but she didn't remain there. She moved around the Hybrid Demon Territory but indeed, that was more suitable for her identity as their commander.

Things were much simpler alone.

I charged through the storm and entered the blood plains. I saw many Dragon City warriors busy at the sides of the abyss. They were building the chain bridge again. If we didn't build it, the Dragon Territory would be unable to head over to the Hybrid Demon Territory.

I increased my speed and charged through the sky like a meteor.

After flying for close to 30 minutes, I arrived at Shura World. However, Shura Mountain was gone and what replaced it was a red abyss. Numerous white souls were screaming in it. At the sides were many Necromancers chanting things that I couldn't understand.

They were refining the souls of players that they had obtained. Although the players had revived but they should know that a shadow of themselves was being tortured here.

There was nothing I could do about this so I just left.

Not far from the necromancers were many Shura Cavalries. There were around 100 thousand of them. I had no interest in fighting them. Moreover, apart from them were Lamp Zombies. The Spirit Flower Bugs in their lamps were the nightmare of all top players. Even Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting were hit by many Spirit Flower Bugs. I alone would not be able to defeat all of them.

I continued to fly forwards towards Blood Mountain Range.

The current Blood Mountain Range was different from before. It wasn't blood in color but was covered in dense forests. Many ancient beasts lived within and I could even see players there killing them to get experience and equipment. These were from Seven Shine City, they were Indians.

As the players joined the Hybrid Demon Territory system, the Hybrid Demon Territory opened a back door for them. They actually amassed these monsters for players to kill. This made me worried. After the Indians obtained Seven Shine City, they were recovering. Although Clear Black Eyes promised me that she wouldn't join the third and forth country wars, but could her words be trusted? No matter what, as The Executor and Zhan Long's Guild Leader, I had to plan for that.


Not long later, after flying across Blood Mountain Range, ahead was a wide plain. It was plains that were filled with death and fear. At the end of it was Storm Valley. This map was too far from Tian Ling City and I had to fly for 1.5 hours to get here. This place was closer to Iron Skull City and Swirling Abyss City.


A beast with lightning glowing around its horns roared at me. Unfortunately, I was high above so it couldn't hit me. At that moment, a black patch flew out in front of me. They were Two-winged Demons. When I got close to the abyss, they were lying in wait.


My boots stepped the sky and I sped up. I charged right above and entered the dark clouds. I couldn't see much and just used the map to travel. The Two-winged Demons definitely couldn't see me so this was my way of avoiding them.

Fortunately, I had the flying ability if not I would definitely get noticed.


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After flying for half a minute, I was above the Storm Abyss. I had come many times but now it was much larger. There was also a military management system going on here. The few corridors were all opened up and the rings around were connected deep below. On those rings were many troops and also small maps like egg rooms, blood ponds and furnaces.

Deep below, flames were rising up right at me. Hot flames surged right towards me. Was Pearl below?

I observed the Storm Abyss for a few minutes and tried to find a path that I could take. It was not practical for me to just charge in as there were too many monsters here. I would definitely get chopped into pieces before I could even see Pearl. If I flew from above, it wasn't practical either as there were many Two-winged Demons around the flame pillars.

I thought about it and finally confirmed that the only way that I could get deep in was through this flame pillar. Although the temperature could burn me but the pillar was at least ten meters around and it was thousands of meters long. The flames inside were opaque and led straight towards the clouds. If I entered from above, I could avoid the monsters around and head towards where Pearl was. This was much more practical. It was bold and if anything happened I would basically die.

But, when I thought about the danger, I became much more excited. Things were much more interesting if there was a challenge!


I flew a hundred meters forwards and a spiraling flame pillar entered the clouds at where I was about to head towards. I used Wall of Douqi and Frost Armor before charging in. When my body was wrapped in the smoke and flames, I found it hard to breathe. My health was also dropping quickly. I was basically losing ten thousand health per second. I had 650 thousand health. With Cleansing Rain, I could spend 120 seconds in the pillar. I didn't hesitate and headed out!


My body was being burnt by the flames and I couldn't help but groan. I stepped into the sky and dove down. The flames and storm made it difficult for me to open my eyes so I could only squint as I flew forwards. The flame pillar caused my cape to flutter and it seemed like it wanted to melt my armor. I was like a fish swimming against the current, flying down with all that I had.

Each inch of my skin was being burnt and my health was decreasing. I drank a health potion and continued to pay attention to my health bar. Once my health was not enough, I would use Invincible Body!

At the same time, I noticed that the Hybrid Demon Army around ignored me like they didn't notice me at all. They were doing their own things. Some were cooking meat, some were eating bones, and some were fighting one another.





My health dropped and my breathing was about to stop. I continued to charge forwards and the closer I got to the bottom, the stronger the storm. The storm formed wind blades that dealt damage to me which caused my health to drop even more.

I used Cleansing Rain every 7 seconds to heal 80 thousand health. However, the storm and flames dealt 30 thousand damage every second and I was soon unable to hold on.

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The more I went down, I could already see the core of the Storm Abyss. There was a giant red eye looking at everything. Energy flowed out from the eyes and was forming a fountain of storm and death flames. I could see a barrier and pass through it could split me from the storm and flames.


"Keng keng!"

My swords came out of my sheath and I used my last bit of strength to slice!

"Peng peng peng..."

Energy spurted out and I sliced a meter big hole in the barrier. I then charged in without hesitation!

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