Zhan Long

Chapter 19 – Bloody Dagger

Chapter 19 – Bloody Dagger


The two Wild Wolves leaped towards Tyrant of Western Chu’s back. Since he was the closest to the Wolves, it was only natural that he became the target for their attacks. After using [Hemostasis] on myself, I took my Bramble Thorn Sword and rushed ahead to attack Tyrant of Western Chu as well. I sliced horizontally with an ordinary sword attack, but I was lacking in practice….



Tyrant of Western Chu’s HP decreased by a chunk, and in addition the two Wild Wolves behind him also raised their claws and used [Whirling Claws] LV-2. Tyrant of Western Chu’s health immediately dropped into the red zone, and his face turned into a shade of deep purple. Knowing that he was at a disadvantage, he turned around and run,

“Healers!” yelled Tyrant of Western Chu.

His two healers quickly ran towards him. Crap, I’d better not let these two healers heal him, or else I wouldn’t have any chance in winning!

I lowered my sword and quickly chased after Tyrant of Western Chu. One of the healers rushed up to him, and the staff started glowing to heal Tyrant of Western Chu, but I quickly caught up and sliced towards the healer’s neck with my Bramble Thorn Sword.



A critical hit, instant death!


System Notification: You have killed player [Drizzling Rain]. Sin +100 points. You’ve become a “Chaotic Player”!


“You…Xiao Yao you bastard!” said Tyrant of Western Chu, full of anger.

I didn’t bother responding to him, and after taking a hit from Tyrant of Western Chu, I quickly cast [Hemostasis], and ran towards the second healer with my Bramble Thorn Sword. I sliced towards the healer’s chest, and the damage showed up as “161”. With cloth armor and only investing stat points in magic, the healer was defenseless against my attack. After 1.5 seconds, I quickly sliced again. The healer could only stand there shocked, without any thoughts of healing herself, and died with a cry.


I heard a gunshot sound, and immediately afterwards, Piggy entered my vision, running with a gun in his hands. He shot me from afar and took out 74 Health Points. At the same time, Tyrant of Western Chu came and attacked me with a powerful strike!


I quickly withdrew, and kept running back. I used the familiar terrain to my advantage, and ran into the flat-grounded cave. At the moment when Tyrant of Western Chu’s group entered the cave, they would see nothing but pitch darkness. While they couldn’t see me, I would take that chance and escape!


The two elf archers also rushed with Tyrant. I took advantage of their blindness, and with a raise of my sword, I slashed twice, and finished one off. Simultaneously, an arrow appeared in my chest, and my Health became next to nothing. My mana pool had almost reached its limits, so I could not cast [Hemostasis] anymore. Well, I had already killed 3 people. There was no need to go any further, or else this would get ugly!

Tyrant of Western Chu’s vision adjusted to the darkness and he came running and shouting after me.

“Xiao Yao you bastard! Stand still, I will cut and burn you until nothing but ashes remain!!”

I grinned a bit. Well, since it had come to this, you couldn’t blame my heart for being so ruthless…


I parkour stepped on the walls and sprang into the air. In the air, I squeezed myself through gap between the rocks where I came down from earlier. Down below, Tyrant of the Western Chu’s group, a total of 7 people, chased after me. Due to their killing intent, my skin started to get goosebumps.


I escaped the cave, and emerged into the blinding sun. I quickly spun around and used my sword to hammer on the moss rocks. From my experience before, this was an important pressure point for the cave, and it seemed to support the entire cave.


Sparks flew out, and the rock completely crumbled under my sharp Bramble Thorn Sword. Following that, the rocks around it started to collapse into the cave. What a scene!


The entire hill deformed in a split second, and dust went in every direction from the Wolf King’s nest. In the blink of an eye, the Wolf King’s nest had been completely crushed by the hill’s collapse. After I wobbled on top of the sinking hill, I slid down onto the collapsed cave. At the same time, I heard cries from under my feet. Tyrant of Western Chu, Piggy, and all the others got crushed by the rocks, and were now dead!

In the same instant, I heard a system announcement——


System Notification: The first Gold-ranked Boss [Bloody Wolf King] has been killed by player [XXXX] via a special method. As a reward, the player gains 3 charm!

[XXXX]? Who was that? I thought and look around…Oh! I had 5 charm now, so that player was me! Sadly, since I didn’t kill it manually, I didn’t get any experience points, or else I would have risen from level 18 to level 20, or maybe level 21, or even possibly level 22….

Tyrant of Western Chu’s group had died, and they would need about 10 minutes or so to revive. I should scram before they revive. Oh wait! I still had one more thing to do!

I picked up my Bramble Thorn Sword and ran towards the Wolf King’s corpse. I still hadn’t picked up the items that the Wolf King dropped, and I couldn’t possibly be wasteful like that. These treasures were the rewards for my bravery and intelligence…

I quickly scavenged the area, and after 3 minutes, I noticed some gold fur under a pile of rocks. Chipping away at the rocks for a bit longer, I saw the Wolf King’s corpse. I flipped the corpse, and I saw two dropped items, plus a reward of 2 gold coins! I was rich baby~

Picking up the gold coins and the equipment, I could see a dagger that had a reddish-tint suffused over it. The other equipment was a green leather chestplate. It looked pretty good, and with a flick of my wrist, a window appeared with the statistics of my new equipment——

[Bloody Dagger] (Green equipment)

Attack: 55-90

Agility: +5

Others: Increases the instant-kill rate by 0.1%

Level Required: 20

[Green Chestplate] (Green equipment)

Defense: +17

Strength +4

Level Required: 20


My mood instantly turned great. My goodness, who knew that the boss would drop two Green-ranked equipment? Although it was not Silver-ranked, it was still a lot stronger than Black Iron Ranked equipment that I had. In addition it was a level 20 Green equipment, and to the top players that were around level 20 right now, it was a priceless artifact! I was rich again baby~

<< Green -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Purple -> Emperor -> Valkyrie -> Saint -> Divine -> God >>

I put away the Bloody Dagger and the Green Chestplate in my bag, and I took my Bramble Thorn Sword to prepare to leave. Going along the mountains and blending into the forest, I disappeared in an instant. Even if Tyrant of Western Chu’s group revived, they would have no chance of finding me, since the Seven-Starred Valley was enormous. They couldn’t split up and try to find me, because they couldn’t defeat the level 18-20 monsters individually, so they could only move together or else it was game over for them.

But, the boss and the drops had been stolen, plus they all dropped one level. Looking at Tyrant of Western Chu’s short temper, I thought that with every fiber of his being, he really wanted to cut and burn me until nothing but ashes remained…

Indeed, before long, a paid System Announcement was transmitted through the air——


System Announcement (Tyrant of Western Chu speaking): “Xiao Yao Zi Zai! You better remember today’s events you bastard! You are not only angering me, you are making an enemy of the entire [Wrath of the Heroes] guild! Just you watch, I will personally wipe you away from the face of the earth, and on that day, you will deeply regret your actions today!”

This player speaker system was pretty effective huh. 10,000 yuan (~$1600) to speak once, this guy must have been pretty d*mn rich!

Well, since my name was in red because I killed players, I needed to continue killing monsters. Every monster kill reduced my sin point by one, so after 300 monsters kills, my name would return to normal. But whatever, this suited me just fine. I could level up while killing monsters!


But, before long, I heard a drop sound. It was a message from a friend, and I only had one person on my friends list. The extremely beautiful, the charming, assassin Yue Qing Qian, Deputy Chief of [Prague].

“My friend Xiao Yao, what have you done to anger these insane people from [Wrath of the Heroes]?” asked Qing Qian.

After thinking for a while, I gave her a reply. “We had a small argument back at the starting village, and just now we had some slight problems in the area around Ba Huang City.”

“It seems that you haven’t dropped any levels. You killed them?” she asked again.

“Yeah, I killed two healers, one archer.” (Xiao Yao)

Qing Qian seemed pretty surprised. “Wow! Very impressive. If I’m not mistaken, you are also a healer. What kind of attack allowed you to take out three of them? Last time I saw you, you were wearing a sword on your belt. Tell me, what kind of healer also uses a sword? ”

I smiled a bit. “Well…I am a person who doesn’t go by the standards, so I took the Berserk Healer route. All my points are put into strength.”

“I see, I see. You really are one strange fellow. Oh yeah, how’s your alchemy level?”

“It is level 3 now. I’ve already started making level 3 pills.”

“Ah good.” She sent that with a smile-emoticon, and continued. “Then I’ll put an order down. Level 3 pills, at least 1000 batches, can you provide it?”

“Yep, no problem. 1000 batches. But, the Seven-Starred Pills recover 200 MP, 50 MP more than what they sell at the NPC store. So looking at the price, I will sell it at 5 silver coins per pill, same price at the NPC store. I’ll let you know when I have everything prepared.”

“Okay, no problem. I’m going to go now, you go on and play. But be careful. If you die while having a red name, you will drop a lot of your materials and equipment.”

“Don’t worry. Oh yeah, I still have two more items, would you have any interest in them?”

“What are they?”

I sent the pictures and attributes of the Bloody Dagger and the green chestplate to her, and after a few seconds, she sent me a call request.

“Wow! How did you get your hands on these Green-ranked equipment?” she asked with a voice full of excitement.

“Trade secret. If this gets out, I can’t do anymore business can I? Do you have any interest in these?” I replied with a smile.

“Of course I do! Level 20 Green-ranked dagger, this could be the first ever Green-ranked equipment! I do want it and you can give me a price, but throw in a discount in name of our friendship!”

“Fine…” I went quiet for a second to think. “The Bloody Dagger will be a bit expensive though…How about this, I’ll sell you the dagger for 5 gold, plus the chest plate for 2 gold. A total of 7 gold, it shouldn’t be expensive right?”

“Yep, deal!” Her eyes seemed to twinkle when she finished up the deal in call window.

“Okay, when I finish killing the monsters to clear my red name and return, I’ll get these to you.”

“Okay!” Qian Qing said with a smile, but quickly added another sentence. “Wait! Xiao Yao, you are a kind person…”

“Thanks, you are kind as well…”

“Yep, we are both good people…”



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