Zhan Long

Chapter 31 – Daily Meetings

Chapter 31 – Daily Meetings

General Wang Jian’s fighting skills were like heaven and earth compared to Liu Ying’s. His attacks are lightning fast, leaving no room for other players to dodge them. Not only that, his level 3 combo ability attacks from 3 different angles! Such aggression! This is how you completely overwhelm your opponent!

At the same time, his killer bee also comes flying over, I’m finished!

I scan over my skills, and I see [Heal] and [Hemostasis] are still in cooldown. There’s no way for me to stick in a recovery skill between Wang Jian’s attacks to save my life. Wang Jian’s level 3 combo attack combined with the attacks of his killer bee, would instantly drop my health to nothing. Ok, fine. A life for a life. I’ll hide my Bee Overlord, and when Wang Jian kills me, Bobo must kill him as well!


General Wang Jian clenches his teeth, “You little healer, die!”

The sword slashes towards my shoulder, and I feel waves of pain accompanied with 3 damage numbers.





Actually, Wang Jian’s first two attacks had already killed me. This is the difference between our levels, my opponent has a very high growth in strength to attack, while I’m stuck with a crappy growth rate but at least I can heal myself instead of chugging health potion constantly. In pain, my whole body falls backwards, but the moment before I die, I call my Bee Overlord, and it uses a 3-strike combo aimed straight at Wang Jian’s chest!

“What the hell is this…?!”

Staring at the adorable, yet aggressive Baby Bobo,General Wang Jian is dumbfounded at the 3 damage numbers that appear in front of his chest——





Oh my God, even though I died, it was worth it! Bobo’s last strike was a critical hit! Ah, this feels good. Even if Wang Jian had two lives he still wouldn’t have survived that. If I knew this would have happened, I would have sent Bobo to attack as soon as Wang Jian came near me, it only takes Bobo a single combo to destroy Wang Jian!


I was forced into my soul form, appearing within the cemetery. I check and see what I dropped. Looks like none of my equipment dropped, the only things missing were 3 White equipments, and 2 bundles of [Chilling Wind Herb]s. Ah how it pains me, but Wang Jian also died. The entire General family have been annihilated, so they shouldn’t be able to pick up my items. Let me return first, to see if there’s any chance of revival!

After running for 7 minutes, I return back to my corpse.

The wind brushes against the pine trees, and I stand next to my corpse. I didn’t dare revive, because not far from me were General Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi! In fact, General Wang Jian had already revived! Wang Jian was sitting on my corpse, sipping a health potion.


“This Xiao Yao Zi Zai bastard ruined our plans!” Wang Jian kicks the leg of my corpse, and says furiously, “If he didn’t do that last second heal on Yue Qing Qian, we would have undoubtedly gotten the boss level equipment!”

General Li Mu shoots him a glance, and simply says, “You know, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is one of the top healers in Ba Huang city. At the same time, he is one of the the top alchemists. He has quite a bit of business with Yue Qing Qian; they probably formed a friendship. If that is true, then him helping Yue Qing Qian is forgivable ”

Wang Jian furrows his brows, “Boss, what do you mean by that?”

Li Mu smiles faintly, “In all of Ba Huang City, there are not many healers that have high levels or promoted from a trainee healer, but Xiao Yao did it! On top of that Xiao Yao is level 4 in [Alchemy] and also in [Herb Picking]. Don’t we need these kinds of people? I think you should put down your anger, and carefully consider our family’s future development.”

Wang Jian mutters a bit more, but doesn’t continue speaking.

On the side, the 50 year old archer holds his long bow while sitting in the bush says, “You little punks think about this too easily. Do you think because we won against [Prague] today means that we are stronger than them? Wrong. Today, they only brought around 70 players, yet then have thousands of players in Ba Huang City. How about us? The main force is us four, and even if you add up our relatives and friends, we couldn’t even reach 40 players, we can’t be compared to [Prague]. Today’s victory is a fluke, in reality we lost.”

Li Mu nods, “Yep. Looking at the long term, we don’t have enough money, players, and we don’t even have an official guild. We’re basically solo players playing together, but luckily we leveled up quick, or else we wouldn’t even have this group of 40 or so members. I hear that [Flying Dragons], [Prague], and [Wrath of the Heroes] have all settled into Ba Huang City. Their resources, members are all superior than us. So, we have to work hard right now, so we can also rise to the top.”

Wang Jian raises his head, and grunts, “Boss, do you think you’re a new reporter? Don’t say useless things, even now Xiao Yao Zi Zai hasn’t revived yet, what should we do?”

Li Mu stands up, holding his long sword, and says, “Yan Zhao and their group have probably revived by now, and there will be a large amount of people from [Prague] coming here. What we need to do is very simple, we return back the city and avoid them. Since the boss is already killed, I don’t want us to face Yan Zhao again!”

“Okay, let’s go!”

The group takes out their city return scroll, and become flashes of light as they return back.


I stand next to my corpse, but I still don’t dare to revive. I’m not sure if there is anyone staying around from the General family, just to kill me a second time.

“Don’t worry and revive, haha!”

In the bushes, a graceful shadow walks towards my corpse. It’s Yue Qing Qian holding a dagger. She blinks her eyes and says, “I already scouted the area, everyone from the Generals have left, so go on and revive!”


I successfully revive, and instantly cast [Heal] on myself, my HP is back to full! I also swallow a [Seven-Star Pill] to return my mana as well. I look at Yue Qing Qian, and laugh, “Oh Qing Qian! What a coincidence!”

She returns the laugh, “Yeah, what a coincidence! Wanna have dinner together?”

I shake my head, “Nah, I’m studying ancient literature, pretty busy…”

“Okay…” Qing Qian looks deeply at me, and says, “Xiao Yao, I’m thankful for your help. Without you, [Prague] would lost the loot of this boss. I never would have thought that the Generals were this strong, and we only brought some weaker players. We almost got completely wiped out…”

I sighed, “Well, I was only planning to help you a bit, but I never would have thought that General Wang Jian would come for me instead, and my pet accidentally killed him. Sigh, now that I’ve angered the Generals, it’ll be hard to show my face in Ba Huang City…”

Behind me, a fresh sound comes, “Then join us in [Prague], the doors of [Prague] will always be open to you!”

From downhill, a person equipped with a long sword comes walking over. It’s uncle Yan Zhao. He is indeed a skilled player, making his own skill, or perhaps he is a swordsman in real life as well.

Yan Zhao comes to my side, and the twin sister, Yue Wei Liang also come smiling, “Yeah! Brother Xiao Yao, you’re so close to Qing Qian, join us in [Prague]! Then you and her can be together, how nice eh…”

A few people from [Prague] chant, “Haha! Get together! Get together!”

Qing Qian’s face turns crimson, and she waves her dagger, “Say another word and I’ll kill you!”

The crowd goes silent.

I hold the ancient spear, and smile, “Thank you for thinking about me Yan Zhao, but I truly don’t want to join any guilds. I am used to playing by myself in games. ”

Yan Zhao straightens up, looks at me, and says, “Zi Zai, I understand what you mean, but…but in this world you cannot always be wandering around by yourself. A person will eventually feel lonely. I still think that you should join us. I can…I can, after the guild is finished settling in, I can let you be an elder, how’s that?”

I laugh a bit, “No thanks, I won’t join any guilds. Unless…Unless my old pals come together again and we will conquer [Destiny]!”

“Your pals?” Yan Zhao seems surprised, “You have a studio? Or a guild?”


“What’s it called? Doesn’t matter if it’s from <>, <>, or even <>, I am well informed of any large studios or guilds from these games. Tell me which one…”

“Zhan Long…” I feel a bit embarrassed.

Yan Zhao goes quiet and thinks for a bit, “Cough cough, I don’t really remember this studio, but who would have known that there is a skilled player like you Xiao Yao, you have plenty of potential. Anyways, I’ll let you consider it, or maybe wait until your Zhan Long crew gets back together, then join us, that would be a wonderful as well. Look, that Qing Qian is so close to you, and when she’s with us she always mentions you, the swordsman healer, and also…”

Yan Zhao lowers his voice, “She doesn’t have a boyfriend, and her mother keeps telling me to get her to get with someone!”

I laugh out loud.

Qing Qian’s face goes completely green, and with monstrous killing intent, says, “You damn uncle, you wanna die?!”

Yan Zhao laughs, and waves his hands, “Nahh, I have no intention of dying. Ok, I need to go now, you two go on and continue chatting. Oh, one more thing Xiao Yao, when you get time, can you provide some more high level mana pills for us. [Prague] will keep on challenging different areas in the map. We’ll take all the pills you have…”

I nod, “Okay.”

Yan Zhao brings his people to leave, and right before he’s out of hearing range, I yell, “Uncle Yan Zhao, wait!”

“Hm?” He asks.

I rub my hands, and smile, “That…I wanted to ask, your combo, how did you make it? How come I researched for long, but couldn’t find how you do it?”

Yan Zhao had a blank look, and smiled, “That..Wait until you join [Prague]. I’ll tell you then~”


Damn guy, still hiding secrets..

I’m speechless, this Yan Zhao guy is really stingy. Whatever, I’ll slowly figure it myself, I don’t need help!

I turn around, and look at Qing Qian. I extend my hand and say, “Come on, return the [Chilling Wind Herbs] back to me, I’ll go and make some level 4 mana pills…”

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