Zhan Yue

Chapter 10: First again

Chapter 10: First again


A blood-colored pillar covered the sky above Two Balls’ head. His gaze froze and he asked, “It actually is me?”

On the Wind Cloud Platform, the Undead Corpse pointed with his warhammer and said coldly, “The pride of the lion race; it’s your turn. Come! I shall let you feel what true power is!”

“Arrogant!” shouted Two Balls in rage as he jumped up. He opened his arms and his sharp claws were enveloped in death laws. The cold light made one’s heart feel icy-cold. His body sank and he pounced on him like a wild beast. His claws gave off energy flames as they clashed.

The Undead Corpse hollered and waved his warhammer.


There was a loud explosion. The two were on the same level, but Two Balls seemed quicker. He turned into an afterimage as he constantly launched attacks. In the blink of an eye, the Undead Corpse was put at a disadvantage and could only get beaten up. After a series of attacks, his healthbar was wiped out.

I was stunned; Two Balls had grown a lot!


“Scoff… Purgatory Lion?”

Long Yilan’s horns started glowing, then it was filled with a really pure and saintly energy. “Your power and speed are decent, but unfortunately… an animal is still an animal.No matter how much you cultivate, you are just a beast. Compared to the true dragon race, those being close to gods, we aren’t on the same level.”

On the Wind Cloud Platform, Two Balls’ face looked cold. “Long Yilan what nonsense are you saying? Wasn’t your dragon race a bunch of animals when the world was just created? We are all beast cultivators, so what gives you the right to look down on the lion race?”


Long Yilan spread his palm and a sword landed in it. He jumped up, his face full of disdain. “I will tell you the gap between Purgatory Lions and Half Dragons. Prepare to fail!”

“You’re asking for death!” hollered the Purgatory Lion in rage, then he pounced on his opponent.

Deng deng deng…

Long Yilan knew that the Purgatory Lion’s attacks were strong, so he took a few steps back. He grabbed his sword and the sound of dragons roaring surged around him. He raised his sword and an illusion of a dragon claw wrapped around its blade. He then slashed at Two Balls!

Great Dragon Sword Technique, Sweep!

The moment he slashed, five large golden words appeared on the battlefield. This was actually an S-tier technique, which could trigger the system’s words! This sword was really strong, and with a resounding clang, the sword and Two Balls’ claws collided, giving out the sound of metal clashing against metal. This sword actually forced Two Balls back!

“A beast actually dared to face a dragon?!” taunted Long Yilan. His sword turned into a streak of light, which stabbed the Purgatory Lion’s stomach. At the same time, five large golden words appeared once more—

Great Dragon Sword Technique, Stab!

“I will fight you to the death!”

The Purgatory Lion did a whirlwind motion with his claws and flew outward, but despite the sharp strike hitting Long Yilan’s sword, he was still forced back. After a loud thud, his Health dropped by over 2000. He stumbled back and his body knocked onto the blue barrier of the Wind Cloud Platform.


Long Yilan shouted and waved his sword once more. The sword energy turned into a storm, which tossed the lion out of the Wind Cloud Platform.


Purgatory Lion smashed onto the ground and all his face was lost.

I could not help but suck in a deep breath. I looked at Long Yilan and felt that he was not someone who was easy to deal with!

“It’s your time!”

Long Yilan pointed his sword at me and said proudly, “July Wildfire, you got first by luck previously. This time, you are handing this honor over!”

“July Wildfire!”Purgatory Lion jumped up and his eyes were filled with rage. “Long Yilan has a noble bloodline; you… must defeat him and fight for yourself!”

I nodded. “Don’t worry, Two Balls; I will take revenge for you!”

“Don’t call me that!”

His face was covered in black lines.


In the next second, a pillar of light covered me and teleported me to the Wind Cloud Platform. At that moment, Long Yilan’s detailed stats appeared in front of my eyes.

Half Dragon – Long Yilan (Elite Boss)

Level: 12

Attack: 580-720

Defense: 300

Health: 12000

Skills: Great Dragon Sword Technique, Wind of Death

Introduction: Long Yilan, a Half Dragon, is able to control dragon energy and death laws. He is really famous in the younger generation of Black Castle and is the personal disciple of Reincarnation Valley Manager Zhuang Huai Shui.



Looking at his stats, I could not help but take a cold breath. His Attack and Defense were far above mine, with only his Health being slightly lower. He also knew of the S-tier Great Dragon Sword Technique. In Illusionary Moon, it should be a top skill move. There was also a Wind of Death; who knew how strong was that?

On the other side, I had an advantage which was quite obvious. As expected, after learning Stealth, Gouge, and Backstab, these three skills remained usable. Apart from that, I had Hunter’s Edge, White Cloak, and Blood Drawing Blade now. I possessed six skills, while he could only use two.

Prepare to fight; wipe him out!

Protect the honor of this duel arena. I was the disciple of Wind Cloud Platform’s guardian. If Long Yilan snatched it away, would mymaster not lose face?

“Can we begin?” Long Yilan smiled coldly.

I nodded. In an instant, my body sank down and I disappeared.

Scoff!What pathetic tricks. So embarrassing!”

Long Yilan’s left hand was like a dragon claw, which pressed onto the ground. He looked like a dragon hunting for its prey as dragon energy surged around him and merged with the death laws. A huge storm broke out on the Wind Cloud Platform; this was Wind of Death!

The strong winds swept me and actually caused continuous damage!




I incurred 500 damage each second. More importantly, the skill had a wide range, which effectively covered the entire duel arena. My Stealth was directly broken.

“Hahaha!You aren’t invisible anymore. Prepare to die!”

He hollered and charged at me. His sword turned into a golden streak of light and he activated Great Dragon Sword Technique right away.


The sword energy had not even arrived yet, but the shirt on my chest was stabbed and my ribs were broken. His sword energy dealt damage in advance and 3167 appeared on my head. So strong. It also proved that my defense was far from Purgatory Lion. After all, I was an Assassin and my survival skills were far from his.

“So weak.Prepare to die!”

Long Yilan’s eyes did not hide his desire and craze about winning.

I saw through everything. Right when he stabbed my chest, I flicked the dagger and used Gouge!



My damage was not low, either; after all, I maxed out my Agility, so my damage would definitely be sufficient. When Gouge was completed, I jumped and appeared behind him. I swung the Water Pattern Dagger and used a basic attack and Backstab together. Instantly, there were two stabbing sounds and two damage notifications appeared!



Good fellow, the damage of the dagger seemed really high! Green equipment was just so amazing. So strong!

“You’re asking for death!”

Long Yilan turned around, his embarrassment transforming into rage. His long sword slashed like lightning, which could not be blocked at all. This time, it actually dealt 5000 damage. How terrifying!

“July Wildfire, be careful!”

Beneath Wind Cloud Platform, the Purgatory Lion shouted. It seemed like he was even more nervous than me.

“You’ve got no chance!”

Long Yilan closed in on me.His face was full of smiles as if he had already won. His long sword slashed, bringing with it a streak of sharp sword energy!

Right at that moment, my body shook and I activated White Cloak. The broken clock turned white and I disappeared in the wind. I forcefully went into stealth during battle!


Long Yilan slashed the air and his smile froze.

I obviously would not give him a chance to hit back. I arrived at his back like the wind and took a deep breath. I waved the Water Pattern Dagger and used Backstab to stab down fiercely. Instantly, the White Cloak icon shone again; this was the buff from the skill!

White Cloak, after activation, first attack towarda target would deal 200% true damage. Level 1 Backstab was 150% damage itself, so the two put together dealt 300% true damage!



One shot! Just one Backstab and I cleared out Long Yilan’s remaining health. All of a sudden, his face was filled with disbelief, and he knelt onthe ground. His body was then swept up by the wind, and he left the Wind Cloud Platform like that.

“Oh, my God…”

Beneath the duel arena, the Purgatory Lion, who had not been sent away, looked stunned. “How strong, July Wildfire!You… What kind of monster are you?”

I did not say a word, but deep down I felt delighted. I was just too strong!

“Purgatory Lion, aren’t you heading down?”

In the wind, Master Ding Heng’s image appeared. He waved and a death wind carried Two Balls’ body out of the Wind Cloud Platform. Shortly after, my master looked down at me with a merciful smile. “Kid, you really didn’t disappoint me. Well done!Prepare to be summoned. It’s time for you to prove the strength of the undead race!”

“Yes, master!”

I nodded.


In the next moment, a bright light descended from above and covered my head. It was here again; my moment of glory was here!

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