Zhan Yue

Chapter 12: Invincible Hunter's Edge

Chapter 12: Invincible Hunter’s Edge

At the same time, just when Hunter’s Edge was used, four huge golden words appeared around my body. This was the special effect when an S-tier and above skill was used. A low voice also shouted Hunter’s Edge. All S-tier and above skills had this effect.

That terrified everyone around, though.

The first attack, which dealt up to 1700 damage, was related to the Attack stat. My attack was far above the current players, so it was normal for me to insta-kill them. The second attack was related to Agility. I pumped all my stats into Agility, so hitting 2200+ damage was unsurprising. As for the third attack, I was not even at 1% Critical Strike, so the addition was not much. Nonetheless, Hunter’s Edge had a high-base damage, so it was enough to insta-kill them, too!

Thus, with Hunter’s Edge, their defenses were crushed.

The twin daggers danced, and before they were even able to react, I was among the long-ranged players. My dagger stabbed into their bodies and they were all killed instantly. With the level and stats advantage, this battle was more of a massacre, much like when a tiger entered a group of lamb.

In the blink of an eye, all their long-ranged players were killed!

The remaining few close-combat ones hacked at me, shaving off around 1000+ of my 14500 Health. That was quite decent. Next was the process of me lifestealing!

I turned around and looked at the five or six remaining players. Although they were said to be heavy-armored, they were just wearing white low-grade or Strong-grade armor and could not take a hit at all. At this time, my Hunter’s Edge cooldown was over. I directly used the Blood Drawing Blade skill, obtaining 30% lifesteal. Shortly after, I used my strongest damage skill!

“Hunter’s Edge!”

A low voice sounded in the air. Instantly, three terrifying damage numbers rose on top of three heads. They were all killed instantly. I also obtained 2000 Health, getting back to full health. My daggers danced and the remaining few were dealt with. In the end, the entrance to the valley regained its serenity, with ground covered in bodies, potions, and low-level equipment.

As for me, I kept my dagger and sank into darkness, hiding away from the troubles of the world.


I looked at my contribution points. From that battle, I gained 58 points and a lot of experience.

Once again, I returned to the old tree. The dagger in my hands emitted a cold light. I just waited silently for the next batch of players to give me contribution points.

Five minutes later, another bunch entered the valley.

Sha sha…

A pair of shining green boots stepped onto the leaves. Above was a pair of light green steelcaps, and further above was a light green armor which covered his strong body. He held a green longsword and a light green shield in his left hand. His messy hair was filled with a desire to kill, and the scar on his face showed his depth and seriousness.

He was here: Hidden Dragon Mountain’s Party LeaderLu!

Man of Steel (Trainee Paladin)

Level: 13

Party: Hidden Dragon Mountain


A few hours ago, he was just killed off by me and went from level 10 to level 9. Who knew that, in just a few short hours, he would reach level 13? Such leveling speed and determination deserved respect.

Right behind Man of Steel was their deputy party leader—

Wang Yaozu (Trainee Warrior)

Level: 12

Party: Hidden Dragon Mountain

This deputy party leader’s equipment was much worse. He was just wearing some gray and white equipment, there was nothing green at all. Compared to Man of Steel, he was like a poor farmer.

Scoff. I’m back! I will definitely get the first kill this time!”

Man of Steel looked at Zombie Valley coldly, his face filled with the desire to fight.

Wang Yaozu touched his nose. “You’ve taken my only two pieces of Strong-grade equipment; your Defense is so high now! D*mn…”

Man of Steel turned around and looked at him. “Old Wang, why are you worried about that? We are prepared this time, and everyone is already level 10. Once we wipe out that Spirit World Patroller, not to mention Strong-grade equipment, even deep green equipment will definitely drop. When the time comes, how will you not get any equipment?”

Wang Yaozu snorted. “The forums said that a small party had just been decimated. That Spirit World Patroller is similar to the Copper Ghost General in that they’re both Assassin-type Bosses. We need to be well prepared before we enter.”

“Don’t worry.”

Man of Steel waved his hand. “Everyone from Hidden Dragon Mountain, push forward. We have to enter before other parties do and kill that Spirit World Patroller. I will open the path while you damage them.”

“Yes, leader!”

Behind him, a bunch of players nodded their heads.

Their party Archer was still that fat person called Old Li. There was also an honest-looking, middle-aged level 13 Mage called Chicken Pee among them. Besides these few were other long-ranged and melee members. Their party exceeded twenty people and their combat strength was decent.


A person appeared out of thin air;it was a level 13 Assassin who held two daggers in his hands. He was equipped with either white or green gear and went by the ingame name Camel’s Back. His eyes were filled with cunning. “Leader, I’m an Assassin, so… I shall not attack. Once the Boss appears, I will help control and damage.”

“Okay.”Man of Steel nodded. “You are in charge of using Gouge to control him. You can use the skill when he attacks to try and interrupt his skillcasting.”


On the backline, a level 12 female Priest holding a pale green staff spoke. Her ID was Flower Zhang, and she was around thirty years old. She frowned. “Just clear the mobs and stop talking. More and more players are at the entrance. Let’s get this first kill in case other things occur. Moreover, I have work tomorrow!”

“Okay, listen to her; attack!”Wang Yaozu said.

Thus, the bunch of them started clearing out mobs.


In the distance, the area was still empty with no other players around.

I took a deep breath and attacked.

First to kill Man of Steel! This person’s equipment was the strongest in the party and he was totally green. He was a Paladin as well, so his Health should exceed 2000. Even then, he definitely would be unable to handle Hunter’s Edge, so I had to use it on him. Based on the skill system, after killing the current target, Hunter’s Edge would automatically target others in the same range. Therefore, I did not have to worry about damage being wasted.

Immediately, I ordered the Zombies below me, “Go.Focus on the Paladin at the vanguard.”

“Wu wu wu…”

The bunch of Zombies nodded and charged at the crowd.


Man of Steel, who was attacked, slashed about with his sword while he said, “What a weird bunch! They’re actually focusing on me. What is going on? D*mn, my toughness is about to be broken!”

Wang Yaozu frowned. “Not good.This exceeds the game system. The Copper Ghost General wasn’t killed that time and despawned. I feel like this Boss is weird; let’s pay attention to that. Maybe this Spirit World Patroller is related to the Copper Ghost General.”

“What connected?Stop being so mysterious all day!”

Man of Steel sent the head of a Zombie flying and said, “As long as he’s a Boss, he can be killed by players. The parties before couldn’t kill him because they’re weak!”

Camel’s Back nodded. “Leader is right!”

This was when the Toughness skill on Man of Steel’s body broke apart. My time was here.

At that moment, I, who was already in position, attacked. With a peng, golden energy surged around me. Hunter’s Edge’s deep shout spread in the air, and the skill hit Man of Steel and the others!





The first strike sent Man of Steel into low healthand the second instantly killed him. The third landed on Wang Yaozu and brought him down to low health.


Wang Yaozu saw Man of Steel’s healthbar disappear and his face turned green. “I knew that he’s going to attack. The Boss is actually camping for us. What is this Boss even?! Focus fire and intercept him. Flower, heal me! This dumb party leader can’t even handle a series of skills. This Hunter’s Edge skill is just so shameless!”

Unfortunately, the Priest’s healing could not keep up. Level 1 healing and recovery skills could only add 300 Health. My Water Pattern Dagger did 1000+ damage by slashing Wang Yaozu’s chest. He was instantly killed!

“D*mn, the Warrior is dead, too!”

Camel’s Back gritted his teeth and charged forward. He used Gouge!

I laughed. I used my movement speed to shift my body and dodge the guy’s Gouge. At the same time, my dagger moved and I insta-killed him!

“D*mn, our frontline is too weak!”

Old Li fired an arrow with his bow and shouted, “Leader’s green equipment can’t handle this Boss’s skills. What is going on? Players can’t kill such Bosses, right?”

“Stop making noise and charge; this Boss is losing health!” Chicken Pee continued to use skills.

However, it was too late. When their Paladin and Warrior got killed, they were destined to lose. Within half a minute, my dagger washed them with blood. After I killed the Priest, they were once again wiped out fully. This time was much worse as none of the twenty people were left alive. Once again, I earned 52 contribution points!



With a flash of my body, I disappeared into the bushes and continued to wait for my next guests.

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