Zhan Yue

Chapter 15: Huge gains

Chapter 15: Huge gains

Shua shua shua—

Blood splattered and those I passed were all swept off. At that moment, although my Health was still dropping, my strong stats were an absolute advantage in front of these players. Along with my fast movement speed, I was able to kill my way through the Dragon Alliance as I headed for the coordinates Ah Fei had given me.

At the same time, I calculated my remaining Health. When I had just charged out of their group, I was only left with 2%. Moreover, all the players I passed were killed by me. It was an empty forest ahead, and beneath a tree stood two people. One was the stunned Ah Fei and the other was a panicking Archer.

“Let’s fight then!”

I shouted towardAh Fei, “The Boss is right in front of you, yet you’re not hitting it?!”

“Hit… I will hit it!D*mn, how do you know that theBoss is in front of me?”

“I told you to hit, so just hit!”


Ah Fei waved his staff and launched Fireballs and Wind Blades at me, while the Archer retreated as he flung Explosive Shots and basic attacks on me. Thus, my Health dropped bit by bit until I was down to 1%.

“D*mn, August, retreat; don’t get insta-killed!”

The Archer was shocked.

Ah Fei retreated while using Fireball; his face filled with panic.

I smiled. From their eyes, I could see endless panic. These two definitely treated me as a demon, but… that was true. To current players, I was indeed a demon!

Peng peng~

An Explosive Shot burst in front of my chest, and I was now at death’s door. I dashed forward,and with a twist of my dagger accompanied by a bright light, Gouge directly killed Ah Fei’s party member.


The Archer’s screams terrified Ah Fei, such that he forgot to attack.

“Continue attacking!” I shouted.

“Ah, oh…”

He started to launch attacks again.

I said, “In a moment, when the Boss is finished, take all the drops and use the City Return Scroll to get back;don’t let other people kill you!”


At that moment, tens of meters awaywere people. Breaking Dawn, Dragon Alliance, Flame Slayers, et cetera were all around, and whenthey saw Ah Fei casting spells on me, their faces all turned green!

“D*mn!Who is that level 11 rookie boss?!”

“D*mn, is he gonna solo the Boss? Did we all mess up? F*ck!”

“Attack—kill him!The Boss is ours! What gives him the rights to get the first kill?”


They unfortunately all messed up, forin the next second, a Fireball took my last bit of Health, yet I did not retaliate. If I randomly waved my dagger at Ah Fei, I could easily kill him, but I suppressed my impulse. Right before I died, my body turned into stars, which surged into the sky. At the same time, a loud ring sounded inmy ears


[System notification: Congratulations,player August End, for successfully killing the Spirit World Patroller (Elite Boss), obtaining Autumn Moon Village’s First Boss Kill and getting level +2, Charm +1, gold +10 as well as the extra reward, a Starfire Staff (Excellent)!]


This time, Ah Fei was a huge winner…

As for me, I flew back to Black Castle and landed on Wind Cloud Platform. Above me was the image of Master Ding Heng, which had congealed from smoke. He touched his beard and smiled. “Little fellow, although the trial failed, your performance is still really shocking, and you didn’t let Black Castle down. Work harder next time and go back to cultivate.”

“Yes.Thank you, master!”

I nodded and went offline.

After taking off my helmet, I sucked in a deep breath, which made me feel energized. Ah Fei also went offline. He tugged off his helmet and laughed out loud. “D-D*mn… D*mn… D*mn… D*mn…”

I was momentarily speechless. “You said four consecutive vulgarities; what do you wanna say?”

“Hahaha!You are the Spirit World Patroller, aren’t you?” He punched me lightly.

I laughed out loud. “So you aren’t dumb!”

“What’s going on?” He smiled questioningly at me.

“It’s a long story. Anyway, I’ve got a hidden job and the background is that I am in the opposite camp of players, so I can transform into Bosses to spawn in maps and fight against you guys.”


He sucked in a deep breath and his eyes lit up. “Then, in the future, I can use this method to kill Bosses and get equipment?”

“That’s the case, but who knows if there’ll be changes.”

I looked at how excited he was and smiled. “You still haven’t told me whether or not you picked up what I dropped?”

“En, I did; let’s look at them together.”

He sat on the sofa and hugged his game helmet. He pressed the button at the top and smiled. “Elf Beauty, show the spoils I got from killing the boss!”


After I heard the name he gave the system elf, I could not help but feel like vomiting.


The top of the gaming helmet also functioned as a projector. It projected the five items inthe air, and among them werea dark green bow, a green robe, a pair of boots, and a ring. There was also a pale red skillbook.All of their stats appeared—


Attack: 15-29


Required level: 15


Type: Cloth Armor

Defense: 12

Magic: +12

Required level: 15


Type: Armor

Defense: 18

Strength: +7

Required level: 15


Strength: +13

Bonus: Raise Heavy Strike damage by 15%.

Required level: 15


“D*mn!Three Excellent equipment?” I was shocked.

“We are rich; we are rich…”Ah Fei said excitedly. “Excellent equipment is worth at least 500, while the level 15 gear should be able to fetch us above 1000.”

“En en, stop blocking. I wanna look at the skillbook’s stats.”


He quickly moved his fingers which were blocking the projection, and instantly the details of the red book appeared

(ATier skillbook): Upon activation, 30% of damage dealt is turned into Health and lasts for five seconds. Job required to learn the skill: Assassin; required level: 20.

It was actually that?

My heart sank and I said, “This book wasn’t in the spoils of war I saw; does that mean… When I’m in Boss form, the skills I carry have a chance of dropping?”

I got excited right away. “This means that White Cloak and Hunter’s Edge have a chance of dropping, too?”

All of a sudden, it was as if the gate to a new world had opened!

Each time I walked onto Wind Cloud Platform, the skills I chose were only temporary. They would disappear after I leftthe duel arena. If I could think of a way to get White Cloak and Hunter’s Edge to drop, I would have these two skills forever.

When I thought about that, my heartbeat quickened, and I was like a deer in headlights,similar to when a guy found out that the girl he liked felt the same way—excited, nervous, and giddy.

Beside me, Ah Fei was pumped up. “Ah Li, these things were able to be dropped because of you. How would you like me to deal with them?”

I thought about it and said, “I can use Blood Drawing Blade, so store it. Think of a way to pass it to me. As for the others, you can wear the All-knowing Robe and sell the rest. Directly auction them off since we are still in the early phases.”


He thought about it and said, “When you descend next time as a Boss, I will toss the book to you and you can pick it up. Won’t that work?”

“No.” I shook my head and smiled bitterly. “The system has restrictions, so I can’t pick items up.”

“D*mn…”He frowned. “Then we shall think of another method in the future. I will auction the goods first, then we can go for supper to celebrate. Barbecue and beer, okay?”


“Ha, wait for me!”


Ten minutes later, below.

August was pretty hot. It was already midnight and the streets were much quieter than in the day. Not far from our place was a supper stand. It had many patrons, most drunk boys and girls with thick makeup.

After sitting down, Ah Fei lowered his voice. “At night, all the beauties will come here to eat…”

“How does it concern you?” I laughed.

He waved. “Boss, I’d like to order.”

“I am here; I am here.”

Not long after the dishes and beer we ordered arrived,we touched glasses and Ah Fei smiled. “Come, let’s gulp it down for the start of our legend!”


I felt much more relaxed. Compared to the depressing job of checking data in Destiny Corporation all day long, which I did not want to return to anymore, I actually preferred my current life.

Right when we started eating and drinking, a bunch of students walked over. They should be from the nearby university. After they sat down, they began talking.

“D*mn, what’s going on? Breaking Dawn, the Dragon Alliance, and Flame Slayers mobilized their forces, yet the Spirit World Patroller actually fell to some noob!”

“That person is a level 11 Mage.What skill does he have? The system even said that he got an Excellent-grade Starfire Staff; he really is lucky.”

“Right, I am furious. One whole night and I got nothing. That August End Mage, really….”



Ah Fei was a little annoyed and he could not calm himself down.

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