Zhan Yue

Chapter 22: King of the Gnoll!

Chapter 22: King of the Gnoll!

Peng peng peng!

Blade light scattered as I launched three consecutive strikes. The first strike wiped out the Warrior leader with low Health, while the second and third killed one person each. In the next moment, I charged into the group and barked like crazy. I slashed with the daggers and continued killing people. In less than half a minute, the thirty peoplein Ten Mile Slope were all cleared out.

My contribution points reached 112!

Felt good. As players got higher and higher, the contribution points and experience I got from each Wind Cloud Platform Trial was like a feast!

Continue. I stretched and rested on an old tree. I crouched , and though I did not know how dogs could climb, I still managed to do it.


Not long after, a few more parties entered the forest.I cleared them out sans an exception. In these two hours, Ten Mile Slope was my territory and no one could think of heading in!

“Ah Li!”

At that moment, Ah Fei said, “I might come in a little later.”

“What happened?”

“My party was killed.”

“W-Whois so arrogant?” I was stunned.

“Hidden Dragon Mountain.”

“Oh, Man of Steel, Wang Yaozu…”

“Yi, do you recognize them?”

“I fought them a few times; how did you offend them?” I asked.

“Haiz…” he sighed and replied, “my party’s Archer is a little annoying.When he saw them, he said that he hadn’t expected so many middle-aged men to play Illusionary Moon. That Man of Steel got furious and started attacking us. Fortunately, I ran fast. If not, I would’ve been killed.”

“Those people are actually so arrogant…” I frowned. “That’s okay; I will take revenge for you later.”



Not long after, another group entered Ten Mile Slope. Moreover, it was the Hidden Dragon Mountain that had destroyed Ah Fei’s group. It was obvious that they had much higher levels this time!

Man of Steel held a blade and shield and walked at the front. His beard seemed uneven in the morning sun, and his eyes were filled with determination. His equipment seemed new, too. He was level 19, just a step away from level 20.

“The provided coordinates are here.”

Man of Steel walked at the front and said with a cold gaze, “Since Breaking Dawn and Flame Slayers are still gathering, we have to enter ahead and wipe out this Golden Gnoll Demon!”

At the side, Wang Yaozu held a light green sword. He finally changed his weapon and said carefully, “Leader Lu, are you sure that we can kill an Excellent Boss quickly? Moreover, I heard that… this Golden Gnoll Demon is like a ghost; he also has Mother Hunter—erm, I meanHunter’s Edge.It’s so weird.”

“What are you afraid of?”

Man of Steel towered over him as he retorted, “A level 20 Excellent Boss has at most 20000 Health. I heard that people from Ocean Island Village and Dusk Village finished the battle in thirty seconds. Plus, even small parties managed to clearthose Bosses. Once the Boss appears, let’s charge and kill it. No one is to be afraid. Let him kill the frontline; I don’t believe that we can’t outdamage him with so many of us.”

In the darkness, someone walked out. It was an Assassin called Camel’s Back. He nodded. “I agree with our leader; he makes sense.”

Archer Old Li said, “Okay.Keep shape and don’t let the Boss sneak attack us. Since he has Hunter’s Edge, we should split up a little like Breaking Dawn. Then we might really be able to take him down.”

“What really?”

Man of Steel frowned. “I came to take him down this time!”


At that moment,I had already come down from the tree. I stepped behind Man of Steel, and right when he was speaking, I greeted him with a basic attack and Backstab!

Peng peng!



So tanky!He did not die even after that? Did he add all his points to Health?

“Aiya, he is here!”

Man of Steel retreated in panic while using a health potion. His expression changed as he shouted, “Charge and surround him! Flower, use Heal on me fast!”

The Priest healed him from behind.

At least twenty ranged players charged up. All of Hidden Dragon Mountain’s elites were here. There were around fifty of them, but this was good as they were giving me more contribution points.

In the next second, I flew to the ranged team. Their close-combat players surrounded me from all directions. I was like a whirlpool that sucked in all these players. That was the goal I wanted. Right when Wang Yaozu’s sword was about to hit me, I activated White Cloak!


A white cloak fluttered and I disappeared. As I left, I turned and pointed at where they were gathered, activating the skill—


Hong hong hong~

Cranes danced in the sky, then a storm swept all of them. The damage was too strong and it pretty much insta-killed most of this party’s members. Not even the ranged players, including Man of Steel who had gotten healed, escaped getting hit. Apprehension’s damage really was not something they could imagine.

When Apprehension ended, I returned and used Hunter’s Edge to claim their lives. In less than a minute, the battle was over. Hidden Dragon Mountain’s members all layon the forest floor in an orderly manner. Even the Assassin was found and killed. My level was at an advantage, and along with the Boss’s hidden skill, I could see all Assassins within fifty yards.


I sucked in a deep breath and jumped onto a tree. I gazed into the distance, looking forward to the next batch of friendly people. My contribution points had jumped from the initial 100 to the current 900. If things went well, I might be able to return with 2000 points!


I took a screenshotof Man of Steel and Wang Yaozu dying and passed it to Ah Fei. He smiled. “Feels good, I feel much better. Ah Li, you are so strong. D*mn, Hidden Dragon Mountain has so many people; normal players can’t challenge them, but you killed them as if you’re killing chickens.”

“They are rookies…”

I laughed. “Do you know when Breaking Dawn is coming? I am waiting for them.”

“Soon.Probably in a few minutes, but you really need to be careful.There are at least ten members above level 20 in their guild. Breaking Dawn Ash was originally planning to leave the beginner village, but when they heard that the new Boss knows Hunter’s Edge, they understood that it’s you, so they’re planning to wash their past humiliation with your death.”

“I understand. I’ll think of a way to deal with them.”



I crouched on the tree and was in deep thought.

With me alone, I probably could not deal with Breaking Dawn, who had close to a hundred people. They had higher levels this time and were naturally more prepared. Their equipment was probably much improved, too. The mobs in the beginner village had chances of dropping Strong and Excellent-grade equipment. They might all have full green gear to take revenge on me.

Therefore, I had to use all the resources I could.

I canceled Stealth and shouted towardthe Gnolls, “All of you, come over and listen to my orders!”

Unfortunately, the sound I made was: “Wang wang wang~Wang wang wang~”

Still, this bunch of Gnolls really walked over. They carried short crossbows and barked back at me. That felt weird. It seemed like they understood me, but I did not understand them. Still, since they were wagging their tails and nodding, it seemed like they listened to me.

After all, I was the Golden Gnoll Demon; I was their king!

Thus, I pointed at the forest and said, “You, head there to ambush. Attack when I tell you to attack. Before I give orders, no one is to move, or else I’ll cook all of you alive!”

All of a sudden, theygave loud barks and surged into the dense forest.

It worked…

I was delighted. The Gnolls were close to a thousand. Although level 20 Gnolls could not deal with level 20 players, even at a 3 to 1 ratio, what if there were a thousand? The effect would be largely different. More importantly, I was the true killing force while they just needed to disturb them.

Sha sha~

The wind blew and all I heard the shifting of sand. The atmosphere in Ten Mile Slope felt like it was freezing with a huge battleabout to begin!


A few minutes later, they arrived!

A bunch of Breaking Dawn players appeared at the side of Ten Mile Slope. A little while later, Breaking Dawn Ash also appeared. Already at level 21, his body was decked out in dark green gear. He should be someone with full Excellent-grade equipment, and each should be high level. At the side, the now level 20 Breaking Dawn Destruction, Breaking Dawn Dust, and Breaking Dawn Fate seemed to have learned level 20 skills. Their strength could not be underestimated!

“A few minutes ago, Hidden Dragon Mountain was wiped out here.”

Breaking Dawn Fate looked into the distance. Her eyes were really calm, “This time, we can’t be overconfident. I suspect that the few Bosses in Autumn Moon Village have the same AI and aren’t ordinary. It makes us feel like we are facing a crafty Assassin, and that’s a really bad feeling.”

“This time is different.”

Breaking Dawn Ash had sword intent swirling around him. This was the effect of the level 20 skill Sword Dao Comprehension, which increased sword attack damage by 25%.

He looked at Breaking Dawn Fate and said calmly, “We have level 20 Warriors now; let’s see how the Boss will handle Warriors with the Charge skill! Spread out in your formations and enter your battle stations.”

“Yes, leader!”

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