Zhan Yue

Chapter 24: Dragon Alliance

Chapter 24: Dragon Alliance

Within the short half of an hour, seven to eight parties tried to get the Dog God’s treasure, but without an exception, they were all wiped out. Only a few of them managed to get something and escaped. Moreover, most of the players were killed by my army of Gnoll and me. In the end, after Dog God’s treasures refreshed, not only did they not decrease, there were also more of them. The entire forest was shining brightly.


Under my Stealth, I held my two blades and headed south.

In the distance, a bunch of people stepped into Ten Mile Slope, but they did not head deep in. The one at the front was a level 21 Mage and he held a shining staff. His green robe made him look really mature. His neck was adornedwith a green necklace and he wore a pair of dark green boots.

Dragon Grievances (Trainee Mage)

Level: 21

Party: Dragon Alliance.


It was someone from the Dragon Alliance!

I frowned and continued to hide in the darkness. I did not attack.

After I stepped into Ten Mile Slope, Dragon Grievances stopped and frowned. “The items that Breaking Dawn had dropped should be gone, but the items that Flame Slayers had dropped still should be there. If we charge and grab the items, our core players will have an equipment upgrade.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

On the side, an Archer holding a bow frowned. His ID was ‘Dragon Enters Ocean’, and he was around 25 but seemed really old. “That Golden Gnoll Demon is able to use Hunter’s Edge, and like what Breaking Dawn Fate said, the Autumn Moon Village’s Bosses are really weird. They use mostly the same skills and are really smart. They know how to dodge and flee. They also know how to assassinate and even command mobs.”

Dragon Grievances laughed coldly. “Third, you are too timid. I know that you have been crushing on Breaking Dawn Fate for a long time, but don’t treat her words as the law. Remember that you are in the Dragon Alliance.”

“I know.”Dragon Enters Ocean gritted his teeth and said, “I know my identity; ;I’m just saying that we should consider Breaking Dawn Fate’s judgement. That so-called Ten Mile Slope’s Dog God is like a cunning dragon guarding his own treasure. I even think that he’s baiting people to try and get the dropped equipment.”

“That’s impossible,” refuted Dragon Grievances calmly. “I heard that Illusionary Moon is an upgraded version of Destiny; the NPC’s AI system was also upgraded. If a Boss could be so smart, then how would players even play? Doesn’t it mean that the Bosses would be playing around with players, instead?”

Dragon Enters Ocean laughed bitterly. “Leader, don’t you think that the three Bosses have been playing with Autumn Moon Village’s players?”


Dragon Grievances was stunned and waved his handsdismissively. “There’s no need to think so much. Prepare to strike. First group, come with me to attack the Ten Mile Slope’s Dog God. The rest of you, clear up the battlefield and take the equipment that those guilds dropped. We can’t come here for nothing, or elsepeople in the Sunan Region will laugh at us.”



Not long after the Dragon Alliance entered Ten Mile Slope,they split into two groups, with the first half seeking the Boss and the second half proceeding to clear out the battlefield. Their plan was great. I returned to the core region and sucked in a deep breath. I looked at the countdown timer, and less than half an hour was left until the trial ended. Let us have one last massacre and earn extra contribution points. I could also use up some of my health so that Ah Fei could get the last hit.

Wang wang wang~

In the empty land of the forest,I instructed the Gnolls. They only had one mission, which was to split apart the two teams. I would killthe vanguard and then deal with the rearguard. I would not give them a chance to get close to the treasures!

Actually, I could let Ah Fei sweep the treasures, but his level was too low and the equipment was just average. He probably could not beat those Gnolls. What if he got killed?That would affect the Boss killing plan, so it was not worth the risk.

Not long after, the Dragon Alliance’s members entered.

Dragon Grievances walked in front as he held a shining staff. He frowned. “Heavy-armor at the front and ranged at the back. We need to learn from Breaking Dawn’s lesson. Have the heavy-armor on our flanks in case the Gnoll army attacks. All players above level 20 pan out. All of you are important in killing the Boss; we can’t let Mother Hunter’s Edge kill many of you at once.”

“Yes, leader!”

A bunch of them responded.

Unbeknown to them, I had already infiltrated their group. My blades surged with death energy. I took a deep breath and attacked! Backstab landed on Dragon Grievances’s back!


He was killed instantly. Shortly after, I charged forwardand used Hunter’s Edge on a level 20 Archer. As I insta-killed him, my two other attacks killed two more nearby players. The heavy-armored players pounced on me. The same as before, a golden word appeared—


Hong hong hong~

Apprehension surged all about, and a dark gold storm swept them. After all the players on this side were wiped out, I charged toward the other side, claiming lives while I took hits. After the fight, I actually realized that the Dragon Alliance was not as amazing as people said.

Autumn Moon Village’s players always said that the Dragon Alliance was on the same level as Breaking Dawn. They were all top factions of Autumn Moon Village, and in the entire country server, they were a second-tier guild, but after fighting with them, I noticed that while they were perhaps strong as individuals, their coordination was terrible. Moreover, their execution and leadership were far worse than Breaking Dawn. They gave me much less pressure compared to Breaking Dawn.

In the end, after the killing, their hundred-man team was reduced to a small number of Assassins. I chased the wind and headed south to attack their second team. After a bloody battle, their second team was wiped out, too. From start to finish, the Dragon Alliance members did not even get to touch the treasures and were all decimated. Their battlefield became my treasure trove, too. Shining equipment and potions awaited the system’s refresh.

Pa ta~Pa ta~

My blades drooped as fresh blood dripped onto the grass. I frowned. At that moment, I actually felt that I was a little evil, giving players from the Dragon Alliance a bad gaming experience. I reflected but got over it right away. Their gaming experience had nothing to do with me; my gaming experience was the only thing that mattered…


I looked at the time and saw that only a quarterwas left. I said to Ah Fei, “Okay, it’s nearly time. Enter the Ten Mile Slope; I don’t have much health remaining.”

“Okay, I will come now. Right, my party is back in the city and I am the only one left.”

“Be careful not to get killed by the Gnolls.”

“Don’t worry; I have Strong-grade equipment and can kill those Gnolls, so give me the coordinates and I’ll head over.”

“Okay, Ten Mile Slope, the south border (2782, 29. By the way, have you bought a City Return Scroll?”

“Yes, three!”

“Nice! I’ll wait for you. I have around 5% and might recover to 10%. With your damage, you should be able to take me down in two minutes.”



In Stealth, I silently arrived near the coordinates.

From afar, Ah Fei came out of the bushes. He was still left with 5%. “D*mn, are those crossbows so strong? They nearly killed me.”


I walked out.

Instantly. Ah Fei saw my red name and he was frightened. “D*mn… Ah Li?”

“En, quickly attack; don’t heal up.Time is of the essence.”


He used Wind Blade and Fireballto attack me, while I just stood there. I looked around warily. Within tens of miles, there were no players and even Assassins could not escape my eyes. Therefore, no one should know about what we were doing.

I was really bored, so I took a look at my gains. I looked at the contribution points and felt blissful. A full 3789. I killed many high-level players with good equipment, so I gained more. Moreover, this was even with me giving my life to Ah Fei. If I lived, my contribution points could increase by 50%.

However, there was no need to. My equipment could not be wasted, and more importantly I wanted Hunter’s Edge and Apprehension, so I needed Ah Fei to hit them out of me.

Although I could exchange for many skillbooks in the Precious Treasure Pavilion, there were no Hunter’s Edge, Apprehension, et cetera among the items for sale. Thus, I had to use such methods to gain them!


I looked at my health while chanting.

“Drop Hunter’s Edge! Drop Hunter’s Edge!

“Even better if I could drop Apprehension!

“Or White Cloak. White Cloak is good, too!”


After two minutes, my eyes turned black. Ah Fei’s Fireball hit me one last time and sent me back to the Wind Cloud Platform!

“How was it?What dropped!” I asked anxiously.


Ah Fei was speechless, “No skillbooks. You dropped four Excellent equipment and I gained so much experience that I reached level 20. HAHAHA! I can return to learn level 20 skills!”

“En, Frost Domain and Stone Wall are both really strong.Learn them. Quickly return to the city!”


“Right”—I suddenly wanted to ask—”did the system announce it?”

“They did.”

“Then stay safe; you might be the target of everyone…”

“Ha, I understand~”

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