Zhan Yue

Chapter 29: Taking revenge

Chapter 29: Taking revenge

These many lines of words emitted an old aura as if they had existed since ancient times. They seemed to have been in hibernation for so many years as there was no life in any of them.

“These words…”

I stood up and touched the words.

At this moment, all my equipment had been burned, and only this special pendant on my wrist was left. The moment I touched the words, the pendant started to glow!


The short few lines of texts started to glow, too, and then resonated with my pendant. Shortly after, these words jumped out from the furnace and wrapped around me. Moreover, the few lines of words actually got completed, like an old poem appearing in front of my eyes. There was also the sound of dragons roaring in the air, as if an old giant dragon was waking up.


[System notification: Will you learn the technique Dragon Will (SS)?]

“Dragon Will?”

My mind went blank. Did I activate a hidden questline in the furnace and obtain the chance to get a SS-grade skill? That was so amazing!

I confirmed that I would learn it. I then sat cross-legged right there on the blistering floor of this furnace. My white skin gave off an eye-catching glow. Right after I confirmed it, I started immersing inthe comprehension of the skill. All of a sudden, my pores opened and I reached a state of enlightenment. The ancient texts that I could not understand appeared in my mind and I began understanding what they meant.

This state was really weird. I was inside the game, but it felt as if I was trying hard to learn a new language. My brain seemed to be expanding as I used all my effort to comprehend the ancient texts. It had become a giant machine which was running to helpme understand and digest the records.

Just like this, who knew how long I had sat there cross-legged, but I eventually heard a dragon’s roaring!


The aura shook my body and soul. I opened my eyes and noticed that the golden words, which were initially floating in the air, were now etched on my body. My brain shook as if a dragon’s seal had branded my very soul. I had successfully obtained the skill!


[System notification: Congratulations for obtaining the skill,Dragon Will (SS)!]


Along with that sound, a golden dragon icon appeared on my skill list. This was the Dragon Will skill, and compared to it, Gouge, Stealth, Backstab, et cetera appeared much dimmer. It was as if a bunch of poor people had appeared beside a rich man!

I opened the skill details to take a look at what was going on. My eyes lit up and I was shocked–

Level 1 (SS): Activate a palm strike and summon the power of the golden dragon. This aura, which contains dragon energy, will cause 300% damage to targets within a ten-mile straight line. Five minutes cooldown.

This was actually an AOE attack. Moreover, it mentioned that the attack contained dragon energy.Was that different from normal skills?

I sucked in a deep breath and looked at the top of the furnace. The lid was tightly shut and Zhuang Huai Shui’s voice was gone. If things were as expected, they should be gone. It was time to test whether I could leave this place or not!

Thus, I activated Dragon Will and it started to store up power. Streaks of golden dragon energy appeared in my veins and wrapped around my right arm, which then turned into a dragonform. I opened my fingers towardthe lid and pushed outward. Instantly, a dragon roared and a dragonform palm charged forward.

It smashed onto the top of the golden furnace.


A giant explosion rang out in the wilderness. Dragon Will was so powerful that it sent the lid flying.


I turned into an afterimage that disappeared into the wind. In the next second, I entered Stealth and jumped down, heading toward the Wind Cloud Platform. This place was still dangerous and I had to be careful.

The area around the Soul Refining Furnace was all empty and there were no guards. Zhuang Huai Shui probably thought that I was truly dead so he left. He definitely would not expect that, not only did not I die, I even obtained a top technique inside!

I walked back home and thought of what had happened today.

Dragon Will was an incomplete technique etched on the furnace walls and I could activate it probably because of the pendant. However, how had the words gotten completed? This was a riddle that I could not understand so I stopped bothering thinking about it.


Wind Cloud Platform.


Master Ding Heng’s body turned into a corporeal form and landed in front of me. His eyes were icy cold. “Zhuang Huai Shui really locked you up in the Soul Refining Furnace and started refining you?”

“Yes”—I nodded—”but I was fortunate to escape.”

“Good… Good…”He was furious. “Land of Reincarnation, you actually tried to kill my only direct disciple; are you trying to slap my face?”

As he said that, he hollered, “Everyone above the Body Refining Realm, come to Wind Cloud Platform!”

Instantly, wind surged behind the Wind Cloud Platform and many beings appeared. There were elder-level experts and also Undead Warriors with eyes glowing red in color. There was also a bunch of Undead Cavalry riding Undead Bone Horses. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of experts had gathered. They were all members of the Wind Cloud Platform!

I was stunned. I did not expect for the Wind Cloud Platform, which seemed so empty most of the time, to have so many residents. My master, who was one of the deacons, was actually really skilled.


Ding Heng summarized what had happened. “That’s what happened. Today, the Land of Reincarnation bullied us. I can’t take it anymore; we must ask Zhuang Huai Shui for an answer!”

An ashen-white undead old man held a staff and smiled. “Land of Reincarnation thinks that they have many people and want to bully us. Senior brother, you don’t need to say so much; let’s just charge at them.”

“Right.Charge at them!”

The Undead Cavalry all pulled out their swords. “Elder, we can’t let those turtles in the Land of Reincarnation look down on us. This time, we must let them know how strong we are!”


An Undead Giant, which was carrying a huge tripod on his shoulder, gave a thunderous roar. “July Wildfire is the elder’s only direct disciple and will become our next deacon elder. They actually dared to attack him; they’re obviously breaking our legacy. D*mn!We can’t swallow this; I’ll go all out against them!”

“Very good!”Ding Heng smiled and nodded. “Go, let’s head to the Land of Reincarnation and smash Zhuang Huai Shui’s manor!”

“Yes, elder!”


In the north of the Land of Reincarnation, there were a bunch of residences. This was the place where the cultivators here lived. Deacon Zhuang Huai Shui lived here, too. In front, the black mountain walls were all connected and the World Ender gave off a blood-colored glow. This was Zhuang Huai Shui’s cave, and right outside were over ten Land of Reincarnation’s Undead Warriors, whose faces were ashen-white as they faced the hundreds of Wind Cloud Platform’s experts that had appeared.

“Elder Ding…”

An Undead Guard walked in front and said respectfully, “I don’t know what happened, but why are all of you here so aggressively?”

“Stop talking nonsense! Get Zhuang Huai Shui out!” Ding Heng said seriously and his voice was filled with huge energy, twisting the space around.

“This… The deacon is in secluded meditation!”

“You talk too much nonsense!”

The Wind Cloud Platform’s Undead Giant hollered and tossed the giant tripod over. “Zhuang Huai Shui, come out and get hit!”


The tripod, which contained a really strong power, smashed directly at the World Ender Formation outside the manor, causing a loud buzz that made the surrounding people’s eardrums hurt.

“All of you… are too much!”

A Land of Reincarnation’s Young Skeleton walked to the front and spoke. Flames appeared on his blade and he appeared ready to strike.


Among the Wind Cloud Platform’s group, an elder pointed a finger and death energy shot forth. It turned the Young Skeleton into a pile of bones.


A Land of Reincarnation’s elder walked to the front and gritted his teeth. “Ding Heng, you are one of the deacon elders; isn’t this… too much bullying? Couldn’t we just sit down and talk about it?”

“I will say once more:Tell Zhuang Huai Shui to come out.Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!” said Ding Heng.


The bunch of Land of Reincarnation’s cultivators gritted their teeth. Long Yilan appeared at the mountain entrance and gnashed his teeth, too. “Elder, they have charged here already. Are we just gonna take this and swallow it down?”

“Shut up!”The elder glared at him lividly. “Before the deacon comes out, do you think we can win?”


At that moment, Ding Heng had finally lost his patience and he snapped, “Zhuang Huai Shui, you want to continue being a coward?!”

Power exploded and formed a giant white palm, which slapped onto Land of Reincarnation’s cave right then. There were loud explosions and a corner of the World Ender Formation was smacked off. Ding Heng was so strong he was probably the strongest out of all the cultivators in the five outer locations!

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