Chapter 1 – Rebirth

What can I say, I like this novel already. The main character knows what he wants and will go any lengths to get it. Just a novel that I wanted. Thank you for suggesting it to me. I know it was said to be called “Cut Immortal”, however when I checked the actual Chinese word it translated to “To behead Immortal”. So i just wanted to stick more closely to the real meaning if you’re wondering why the name is different. Just a problem I encountered is that each chapter is divided into two, and each part as long as one regular chapter in any other novel. Therefore, when I translate one chapter, it’s as long as two chapters pretty much. I just wanted to put it out there meaning it will take me twice or thrice the usual time to finish translating. Hopefully this one I will not lose interest so we can enjoy the story together.😉 Enjoy!

People say that when you are dying, you will remember a lot of things, especially the regretful past. Most people are not willing, Yang Chen is now in that situation.

First thing that flashed in his mind, Yang Chen, after being accused wrongly, now is in a dangerous situation. The culprit in front of Yang Chen proudly shouted, Yang Chen is wounded, he can’t resist.

“I killed people, and that’s what I do, so what? Now who’s going to believe you? You’re the killer!” Grinning with his face, in front of Yang Chen very clearly said: “To tell you, I got news, the young master, I killed her, and I blamed you, so what?”

“You are despicable!” Yang Chen heavily wounded, unable to do anything just said those words.

“What is it with you? You think you are worthy of the Zhu Guo(Fruit)? Do you not look at yourself?” Yang Xi sneered loudly: “Was I worse to wish for the young master’s Zhu Guo, now I’m an assassin. The high grade Zhu Guo is now my reward for killing you. I blamed you, you even handed the Zhu Guo without emotion, did you not feel anything? You son of a bitch, you are my tenant, and for you to possess the fruit? You also even dared to refuse my request?”


The second to scene appears, Yang Chen’s beautiful master, refusing to learn a skill, decided to kill herself instead.

“Yang Chen, go leave, never think about getting revenge for me, live, go!” The beautiful master’s farewell, the look in her eyes, even when he was dying, Yang Chen can feel the wrenching pain.

“Master, its my fault! Blame me for hurting you!” Yang Chen knelt before her choking with tears.

Because of the Zhu Guo, Yang Xi framed Yang Chen, now even implicating the door division. The main door(something like a sect) suddenly discovered the beautiful master of Yang Chen turned out to have acquired special roots, at once ordered her to learn the ancient cauldron skill. Four Yuan Ying monks too, surrounded the Chunyang Palace, at the moment there is no way out.

“Yang Chen, go!” The beautiful master with firm eyes, nothing changed. An encirclement outside has been set up, and Yang Chen looked at her one last time.

“My master!” Yang Chen cried bitterly for dozens of miles.


The third scene appears, after Yang Chen soared. Yang Chen thought, I worked hard before to soar, finally to have revenge, but did not expect that facing so many sects, I’m still helpless. He finally soared, however he encountered so much difficulties.

“You trash, trying to soar away, you’ll be an example to others, letting them know going against me is their end!” The original Tian Men master, now just second in command, sneered at Yang Chen, threatening him.

After soaring everyone can see Yang Chen’s miserable circumstance, Xuan is powerful, everyone is too scared to complain. Yang Chen suffering, everyone thought of him as a lesson. Yang Chen felt thousand years of suffering.


But soon, Yang Chen’s memories came back to a happy picture, his beautiful master gavimg him his first flying sword.

“Yang Chen, Mingguang(Bright Light) sword, I refined specifically for you, you have a good hand, keep practicing it!” Master’s slender fingers pinching Mingguang, to the front of Yang Chen, at that moment, Yang Chen was the happiest.

His body freezes, he felt piercing pain, Yang Chen couldn’t help but scream in pain.


A long scream came from Yang Chen, voice was filled with a deep sense of unwillingness, people all around jumped.

“Who dares make noise?” Someone thundered loudly passing over, and then, a figure appeared, suddenly saw a crowd still gaping helplessly at Yang Chen.

“In Shan Men there should be no noise, yet you entered rudely, this year’s spiritual roots test, you do not participate in it!” Yang Chen has not yet come to see what he looks like, big sleeves moved, Yang Chen body involuntarily flew and was taken out of the place.

*Thump*, Yang Chen falls heavily to the ground, a long time unable to get up. But this pain meant that he was still alive.

Magic burst out under his body that kept him alive? This simply is a pleasant surprise, this pain, what is it? Yang Chen was happy, there was a sudden burst of magic, while trying to heal, he discovered his body had no magic in it.

With great alarm, Yang Chen tried again, still nothing. Mana lost? This is big trouble, his heart beating very fast, suddenly he thought. Mountain gate(Shan Men)? Spiritual roots test? What the hell is that?

Yang Chen now found out, he was not on the battlefield of celestial beings punishing evil, but in a very strange place. Around was a beautiful hazy environment, and looks like a good place to practice.

Struggled to sit up, Yang Chen found himself wearing a one piece clothing, touching around his waist, under the touch, but felt a sharp sword.

Boom, Yang Chen’s mind felt like it was exploding, instantly he understood, this was that year when he took the root test. On the day when he was facing bombardments, he did not die, but now back to his childhood.

“This is outside the Mountain Gate!” Watched from a distance that seemed a familiar figure filled his eyes, Yang Chen thoroughly determined he was reborn. Those people, it’s because he has forgotten, it has been 10,000 years.

However, no matter how long the time it did not take away his hatred against the heavens. Those that get worse, then kill heaven’s young master, everything is still in his mind.. Then all the suffering, all have to do with this incident, is related to this group.

From a large Immortal suddenly become a mortal, hatred, Yang Chen heart does not know how to describe the mood. But one thing’s for sure, he is alive. One hundred thousand heavenly days of his body now gone, at least he still alive and still living in the most anticipated moments.

He set his hands down, then Yang Chen properly sat in a posture, after a long time he was able to stand again, his body seemed to be connected with something. Until the first batch out of dozens of people who came along with him from the mountain gate came out, Yang Chen stood up.

“Just my luck!’

“This year is no good, alas!”


A series of sighing sound coming from the group, village kid saw Yang Chen struggled, rushed over to support Yang Chen.

“Well, at least we have the opportunity to try. Unlucky today, at least we weren’t kicked out!” The young man seems enthusiastic, while Yang Chen flapping dust, he said.

“Well, go, go!” Today everyone has basically no chance of going in front, naturally everyone followed: “We still got one month, keep walking! Next year there may still be a chance!”

“Come on, this is the heavens spiritual roots, this year was not meant to be, next year is not necessarily the same.” Down the road, someone sighed.

“It is not true, spiritual roots appear after a certain amount of time, the body, bone is intact when they begin to emerge, maybe I am a big time, spirit root will appear in the next year will have an immortal root too” Speaking naturally, is a man full of hope about his body.

“That Yang Xi has good luck this year, Elder Yang has more power now. His first grandchild , a granddaughter also has an immortal spirit root, in the village it is not something you can just come across.” Everyone was frustrated and envious.

Yang Xi, Yang Lan, Yang Chen has heard these two names, the mind with dusty memories seem once again to remember from the depths of memory. Especially Yang Xi, who Yang Chen hates to the bone. However, for him he must not involve the master. Yang Chen had to live his life in hiding due to humiliation and about 50 percent of it is due to Yang Xi.

Luckily, Yang Chen is now reborn, but at the moment he is not an immortal. That would mean, Yang Chen has countless possibilities. Going with the crowd on his way home, Yang Chen secretly thinking.

Because Mountain Gate kicked him out, he felt somewhat fortunate, if he were truly face a Tian Men person, Yang Chen don’t know if he can hold back his anger. The person he is right now, has no magical power, even as a junior disciple, he’s still pretty weak..

With regard to not being elected, Yang Chen doesn’t care about it, in his mind his immortal cultivation memories and tens of thousands of years of experience, to make it into a gate, for Yang Chen it makes no sense. (TL: BTW, the so cold gates can be considered like sect’s compared to other Xianxia novels.)

Even if Yang Chen was a good for nothing in his generation, at the immortal realm he was still timid, however he still once was a Golden Immortal. These schools are ordinary, besides he had a teacher in Chuan Yang palace, what are they in his eyes? Yang Chen can rely on his experience, don’t tell me I will be unable to become an immortal again? No good, to walk again in my old path, once again becoming a Golden Immortal.

However, does he need to go the same path again? Returning means Yang Xi will frame him, causing the Tian Men(Sky Gate) to chase, to meet the mysterious Sky Gate that humiliated him? In his mind it is hard to find a solution, in a flash a thought came out. Just before, the magic burst out quickly from the body, it is the same as Yang Chen was about to die, even old magic practices, it is a method to improve one’s spiritual roots.

In the immortal realm, Yi Lao Mo rampaged frequently every century, several celestial troops unable to do anything about him. Nevertheless, a traitor appeared, the celestial troops created a trap. When he was attacked to be killed, blood flowed like a river, he finally was injured heavily. He used a huge demonic burst out of his body, and a hundred thousand celestial troops died.

The reason it is easy to Yi Lao Mo to be free is relying on one of the five elements, fire, his body filled with the spiritual root of fire. Coincidentally, Yang Chen knew this door exercises to enhance spiritual roots, he is also of the fire spiritual root, but just now Yang Chen has not yet begun to practice. Would it not be a big opportunity?

With this idea, Yang Chen heart pounded and he jumped up at once. Even soaring to the spirit world did not get him this excited. But at the same time, there is also a difficult dilemma.

It is to kill people to absorb life essence the devils work to supplement their own spiritual roots, he himself was a Golden Immortal reborn, do I really need to practice magic power? Yi Lao Mo not only killed tens of thousands of people, is it required to kill ten of thousands of people to practice? To use his years of experience, how different can it be. One side is killing to increase spiritual roots, one side is to do normal practice, these two ideas in Yang Chen’s mind turning, unable to make a decision. (TL: Go to the dark side mwahahahah)

“Did you forget? Yang Chen!” In his head, a stern voice: “Have you forgotten how master in those days being humiliated, died from suicide? Have you forgotten how they created a trap, and you were unable to do anything? After you soared to the sky, how Xuan treated you a slave and humiliated you? Did you forgot all about that? You’ve been timid once, must life go on like that?

“No!” Yang Chen sent a low hissing roar, thinking about all the bitter memories, all moments in his heart. Master dying with her beautiful eyes, after those who framed you had smug expression, celestial beings giving a look even worse than a dog’s contemptuous gaze, madness began to surface. Finally, the memories stop at master holding the sword and giving it to me.

“No!” This moment of good will never allow someone to break. Yang Chen eyes, showing an unprecedented level of determination: “Let me shoulder shoulder the burden of slaughter, even let me turn in to the devil himself, I will protect you, from now on you will have joy and peace.”

After years of trial, Yang Chen’s character is very tough at the moment, after the decision, Yang Chen instantly calmed down. Looking at the tall gate entrance, sneered and turned away.

“Master, you wait for me, I will come to you, past tragedies will never happen again.” Yang Chen shouting, he swore:”Once you helped me carry it all, this time however, I will be the one to help you carry half the sky!”

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