Chapter 16 – Promises Must Be Kept

Rather than saying that this offer was for the benefit of Yang Chen, so that he could start cultivating earlier, it would be better to say, that this was an opportunity for Sun Hai Jing to use right and proper reasons to abuse Yang Chen. It’s important to know, that Sun Hai Jing had already cultivated for several years and at that time he had already reached the qi refining realm. Although reaching the third qi layer was not any frightening talent to be envied, for dealing with an ordinary person this was more than enough.

For ten years, Yang Chen would not be able to cultivate and Sun Hai Jing would continue to progress each day, the disparity would only increase more and more with time. As Yang Chen would keep postponing the time to challenge Sun Hai Jing, the chance to defeat him would become smaller and smaller.

And in case Yang Chen would not dare to challenge him, Sun Hai Jing would greatly exploit Yang Chen’s identity as a servant by finding someone else to keep insulting Yang Chen until he couldn’t endure it anymore and leave. Ten years of time was enough for Sun Hai Jing to do many things. And since these were the instructions from Chu Heng, he could freely overdo it. In short, everything could be excused with the justification that it was to temper Yang Chen’s mind, and others could not refute it.

Then, even if Yang Chen didn’t leave, the order given by the Greatest Sky Sect’s uncle master Li would still be fulfilled, by not letting Yang Chen cultivate and it would furthermore be impossible for him to meet with Shi Fairy in the future. In the case that Yang Chen would lag behind in cultivation, then after ten years his cultivation would require dangerous methods to progress, added to that kind of insult, his nature would clearly become very weak, so there would naturally be no need to worry about him.

This was a setup which could not be easily blocked or investigated and it could easily be entrusted to someone else, so that they may go through with it and easily damage Yang Chen. Only, by then, who would get Yang Chen out of his predicament?

As Chu Heng had finished talking, without waiting for Yang Chen to reply, he turned towards other direction. Suddenly his voice could be heard:

“Senior Brother Du, how do you think of this younger disciple’s plans?”

Everyone turned their gaze in the same direction as Chu Heng. Over there, a lone shadow suddenly appeared and the outer disciples responsible for recruitment all bowed respectfully and saluted:

“These disciples pay their respects to Uncle Master Du!”

Yang Chen recognized this senior Du, his name was Du Ming Qian and he was a disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall. His conduct was usually upright, but he rarely listened to anyone. Usually there would not be a disciple of the law enforcement hall here today, but unexpectedly he had come, it seems some disciple had informed him of the events here. The argument which was equating an executioner with a disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall had piqued his interest.

Finally, Du Qian nodded faintly in response to the salute by those disciples. Immediately, his gaze fell onto Yang Chen’s body and then slightly turned to the other side in Chu Heng’s direction and loudly snorted:

“My Pure Yang Palace has no such rules, is this solution your own trick?”

“My Pure Yang Palace had no such rules before, only, my Pure Yang Palace has also not received any executioner before, only ordinary people. He has even murdered over a thousand people. Moreover, if he thinks that he has some kind of relation with Shi Fairy, he will become arrogant and that is not good for his cultivation. Thus, this very minor self endurance training should also be good for him.”

Chu Heng gently smiled, not minding Senior Brother Du’s manner.

“Even in the presence of Shi Fairy, I also would lay out such arrangements, perhaps Shi Fairy herself would also not say anything.”

“Even if it’s important for him to temper himself, it is also up to his master to set the arrangements, I am afraid, Younger Disciple Chu, that this is kind of inappropriate.”

Du Qian wrinkled his brows, nevertheless he could not do anything about Chu Heng’s method and could only try to find some loopholes to deal with him.

“This disciple has just been just recruited, he had just barely joined Pure Yang Palace and is still yet to formally become an apprentice, naturally it is not that inappropriate.”

Chu Heng smiled, having easily dismissed Du Qian’s concern and then stopped to return. Turning towards Yang Chen he asked again:

“Yang Chen, are you willing?”

“If I don’t want to, what other way is there?”

Yang Chen still hadn’t replied directly and instead asked a question.

“If you don’t want to, it proves that you have a nature of running away and with my Pure Yang Palace’s large influence, although you have no real chance you can still try to go to another place to get a better chance.”

Chu Heng had already said this sentence once, but he was not tired of saying it again.

“In case this disciple challenges Senior Sun, no matter the result, it is probably asking for punishment by committing the offence of injuring a disciple of same sect?”

Yang Chen thought and asked again.

Chu Heng smiled and didn’t reply, but rather turned towards Du Qian and said:

“Senior Brother Du is from the Law Enforcement Hall, surely you will believe his words.”

Du Qian was a disciple of the Law Enforcement Hall, in this respect he naturally had the qualifications to speak. Muttering to himself, even if he could not do anything about Chu Heng’s actions, he still couldn’t conceal his good intentions and loudly said:

“Since there is a prior engagement, naturally it will not count as disciples of the same sect injuring each other.”

“When I challenge him he cannot ask for a helper?”

Yang Chen laughingly asked again.

“Naturally he can’t, since a challenge is a private matter between two individuals, even if someone loses, he will have to accept his loss, fair and square.”

Chu Heng, who seemed very proud of himself for coming up with this move, answered Yang Chen’s question very patiently.

“Finally if he is injured, then what?”

Yang Chen’s complexion became seriously concentrated, as if to ask about, and thoroughly understand all possibilities and only then challenge him.

“That’s very regretful, but only you can be blamed for not being skilled enough, not other people.”

Chu Heng smiled again, his mood was absolutely cheerful, so he replied happily:

“You can be at ease, when disciples of the same sect compare notes, they can seriously injure each other but not take one’s life. You can ask Senior Brother Du about that, aswell.”

Du Qian couldn’t do anything now to support Yang Chen. He only nodded towards him and said:

“When you challenge him, notify me so that I can be present at the duel. At least, I will be able to save your life so there is nothing to be concerned about.”

“Many thanks Senior Brother Du!”

Yang Chen could naturally differentiate between good and bad. After expressing his thanks to Du Qian, he turned towards Chu Heng and asked again:

“Becoming a servant for ten years, beginning from now, in these ten years I can challenge Elder Brother Sun Hai Jing at any time and if I win, I can start to cultivate formally, is that right, Uncle Master Chu?”

While speaking, Yang Chen already used Elder Brother Sun to address Sun Hai Jing, as well as calling Chu Heng and Du Qian as Uncle Master. What Yang Chen had said just now, was the same as what Chu Heng had spoken just a moment ago, so he naturally didn’t say anything and just nodded in agreement.

“When I challenge senior Sun, this a challenge between us and others cannot interfere, nor can anyone of us be replaced with another person. If someone receives injury, it’s one’s own fault for not being skilled enough, moreover it’s quite possible to suffer a serious injury, but nobody can be killed. Uncle Master Chu Heng, is that correct?”

Yang Chen once repeated what Chu Heng had recently said to ask thoroughly. Chu Heng once again nodded.

“In that case, I agree to Uncle Master Chu’s punishment.”

Yang Chen saluted towards Chu Heng and Du Qian and immediately afterwards walked towards Sun Hai Jing.

“Elder Brother Sun, I am Junior Yang Chen, I challenge you! Please advise me!”

Who could have anticipated that Yang Chen would immediately go to Sun Hai Jing to issue a challenge? After hearing what Yang Chen said, almost all people there stared at him, wide eyed and with their mouths hanging open.

If an ordinary person who challenges a cultivator of the third qi layer is not mad, then he has to be a complete fool. Yang Chen appeared quite ordinary and he was neither mad nor foolish, so who could have thought that he would do something like this?

Chu Heng and Du Qian on the contrary, secretly nodded as Yang Chen had raised the challenge immediately. Even though it seemed as if Yang Chen’s challenge was an impossible affair, this time he actually had the largest advantage. If it had been at a later time in future, Sun Hai Jing would have progressed incessantly and Yang Chen who could not cultivate would not make any progress, so his chances of victory would grow smaller and smaller.

Only, despite nodding, Chu Heng thought that Yang Chen’s challenge was overestimating his capabilities and did not care about it. Meeting Sun Hai Jing’s gaze, he gave a slight nod to handle the affair and didn’t say anything.

Sun Hai Jing was inspired and felt that he had naturally nothing to be worried about. As for Yang Chen’s challenge, his master had spoken very clearly just a moment ago. Yang Chen had still asked him again and again, that this time Yang Chen could not be held responsible for any fractures or breaking of ribs, which could be considered as insulting his master by making him reply personally.

All of a sudden with an excessive movement of his limbs, Sun Hai Jing even twisted his neck so that a cackling sound echoed in the area. Anyway this was his limit. Controlling one’s body’s joints was already an easy thing to do. But this movement produced a sense of cruelness and at least several outer disciples who were there on the side turned their heads, not wanting to see any more.

Everyone unhurriedly walked to one place of unused space. Sun Hai Jing fished out a Thousand Jin Talisman from his qiankun pouch and with one hand indicated for Yang Chen to start. Facing an ordinary person, Sun Hai Jing was two hundred percent certain of his victory, as long as the Thousand Jin talisman could make it difficult for Yang Chen to move forward, it would give him free rein to slaughter. Under these kinds of circumstances, if he was forced to use a large amount of magic power, then he would truly lose face. Also if Sun Hai Jing were to lose to this man here, then Chu Heng would not have any face left.

Yang Chen finally advanced, moving towards Sun Hai Jing’s side. He had already decided which was the easiest way of dealing with Sun Hai Jing. In his previous life the Luminous Moon Hall strived for supremacy over the Fierce Yang Hall and ultimately the people of the Luminous Moon Hall sold his master to the Greatest Sky Sect, leading to his master’s regrettable suicide. In this life the Luminous Moon Hall has once again colluded with the Greatest Sky Sect to scheme against him, so he would not let Sun Hai Jing off easily.

“Be careful Senior Brother, I am about to start!”

Yang Chen still warned him politely before he started.

Sun Hai Jing in front of him laughed out loud, saying with disdain:

“Junior Brother Yang Chen, bring it on!”

He was already ridiculing Yang Chen by calling him Junior Brother and it seemed he was determined to destroy Yang Chen as such.

Yang Chen had solemn look on his face, a portion of cold qi appeared from Yang Chen’s body. The surrounding people looking from one side felt as if the atmosphere within the room had become many times colder.

“Killing a large number of talented people can accumulate this kind of aura of death?”

Chu Heng, who simply didn’t care about the killing intent emerging from Yang Chen’s body, coldly snorted as if to get the attention of Du Qian, who was standing on the side, to make him clearly see what kind of person Yang Chen was in the end.

Everyone who was watching only sensed a burst of intense killing intent which appeared somewhat frightening, but nothing more. But Sun Hai Jing, who was bearing the brunt, didn’t feel the same way at all.

In Sun Hai Jing’s eyes, Yang Chen, who was standing in front of him, had suddenly turned into an ocean of blood from hell, wanting to engulf Sun Hai Jing. The monstrous killing intent invaded Sun Hai Jing’s spirit awareness, making Sun Hai Jing tremble from dread and collapse, other than that he could not feel anything.

Clenching the Thousand Jin Talisman in his hand he threw it, but it did not even show the slightest effect. The talisman looked like it was very likely to hit Yang Chen, but at the last moment his body merely leaned to one side and immediately dodged it. Afterwards he resolutely rushed up towards Sun Hai Jing, who was standing at the same place without any movement and ruthlessly punched him.

Bang, after storing power in the fist for a long time, it firmly hit Sun Hai Jing’s nose. Even if Sun Hai Jing’s cultivation had been more profound, under the circumstances where he could not use his magic power, his physical body would be incapable of resisting this kind of punch. Immediately his nose had started bleeding and darkness enveloped his vision.

Even without waiting for Sun Hai Jing to respond to the pain, Yang Chen’s other hand had already grabbed the Thousand Jin Talisman out of Sun Hai Jing’s hand and then rapidly moved his body backwards. Then, leaning his shoulder to come near to Sun Hai Jing’s elbow, he pushed it in the reverse direction, forcefully bending his joints.


An absolutely horrifying sound echoed through the room. That hand of Sun Hai Jing could be seen hanging softly by the side, incapable of moving it anymore, as a blood curdling screech came out of Sun Hai Jing’s mouth. The severe pain almost made him lose consciousness at this point.

Yang Chen nevertheless did not let him go and in an instant his body leaned towards the other side of Sun Hai Jing, with his other hand as his second target. However Yang Chen had retracted his foot previously to pull him, thus Sun Hai Jing had already fallen to the ground involuntarily. When he fell, Sun Hai Jing had used his only free hand to support himself. But immediately he issued a painful howl, like that of a dying pig, again.

And so Yang Chen took the opportunity to throw himself at Sun Hai Jing’s body, tightly pressing him down with the top of his knee and hitting Sun Hai Jing’s shoulder, pulling his only remaining hand and turning it over using force.


The arm that was supporting his body finally twisted in a weird way behind his back. To the bystanders it seemed as if the joint was bending baselessly.

As both of his hands were twisted and broken by Yang Chen, Sun Hai Jing kept on screaming. Yang Chen’s powerful fist kept on smashing incessantly against Sun Hai Jing’s temples.

Bang! Bang!

Sounds like these unceasingly echoed, while Sun Hai Jing’s screams became weaker and weaker, while the sound of struggling also became very feeble.

Alarmed, Chu Heng was just about to intervene. But before he started moving, a hand appeared before his eyes and stopped him. Smilingly Du Qian said:

“Junior Brother Chu, in a duel between two people other people cannot intervene.”

“See, my disciple has already sustained injuries!”

Chu Heng who was under great urgency could not help but shout loudly, which made the disciples who were watching in the surroundings, jump.

“To be injured, naturally is his lack of skill, others cannot be blamed! It is unavoidable to suffer serious injuries, these are the words spoken by you, Junior Brother Chu.”

Du Qian’s facial expression was, as before, full of smiles, his hand stopping Chu Heng from intervening, explaining on one side and using his spirit awareness on the other side to check the circumstances over there, he confidently stated:

“Be assured, Junior Brother Chu, I guarantee your disciples life is not in danger.”

While he was speaking, Yang Chen had already stopped his punching. Blood was spread across Sun Hai Jing’s face, who was already unconscious. Both of his arms were disabled, one was bent backwards from the elbow joint, while the other one was snapped at the root. The temples on his head were in complete mess, with some broken bones pressing down on them. But he was still alive and not dead yet.

Calmly getting up, Yang Chen confronted Chu Heng who was fuming with anger and slightly smiled while saluting him.

“Uncle Master Chu, this disciple has already challenged and defeated Senior Brother Sun, Do Uncle Master Chu’s previous words still hold?”


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