Chapter 19 – Strength To Subdue Ten Groups

Yang Chen was not even a little bit surprised at Shangguan Feng’s appearance. The spiritual awareness of an expert at the peak of the qi realm was enough to cover the entire Ye Xiu Manor, even if a blade of grass moved inside of the Ye Xiu Manor because of some wind, it would still not escape his spiritual awareness, much less Yang Chen who had been the focus of his attention, thus not watching him attentively at all times would be terrible.

It was just that he appeared only now and not when Shen Da and others were breaking the rules, while, above all, his first words were to remind those four to fight together, which was not good news, as far as Yang Chen was concerned. If the person with real authority in Ye Xiu manor had such an attitude, naturally Shen Da and the others also became aware of what they should do.

Anyway, Yang Chen’s earlier words, saying they could either fight alone or come at him together, were all good, but he did not say anything in case he won. Naturally Shangguan Feng exploited this mistake and started the fight before it could be discussed. In addition to that Yang Chen didn’t mention it and winning is winning, at most Shen Da and others would obediently serve him, what could he gain?

Due to the personal appearance of Shangguan Feng supporting Shen Da and the others, their courage greatly increased and these four people advanced forward at lightening speed, encircling Yang Chen. Yang Chen was not even looking at them, only watching Shangguan Feng. Suddenly he smilingly asked:

“Manager don’t you think it’s quite lively?”

“You flatter me!”

Shangguan Feng slightly shook his head. He smilingly said:

“This old man just has the right to punish notoriety, but the sect leader didn’t permit me to hit new disciples.”

He only said this much, but Yang Chen understood everything. He was a master at the peak of the qi layer, to kill an ordinary person would just be an insult to him. Furthermore, as long as he would touch him, it would be an elder generation taking unfair advantage of the younger generation, and he would definitely face the accusation of injuring a disciple of his own sect. Although not too many cared about the Ye Xiu Manor, at least one or two inner disciple paid closely attention to it. Although the younger generation could compare notes with each other without any great problems, but Shangguan Feng could definitely not interfere.

In any case, four third qi layer disciples dealing with Yang Chen alone, if even all of them could not beat him down, then Shen Da and the others deserved to become Yang Chen’s servants. Originally their status was just as servants, if they were unable to beat him, could it be that they hope that some outer disciple or possibly even an inner disciple would get a few servants out of their predicament?

Hearing Shangguan Feng’s words, Yang Chen stopped paying any more attention to him, instead he slowly turned his attention towards his confinement, by looking at those servants. Then, slightly smiling, he raised both of his hands, and in front of the faces of those servants, he unhurriedly bent down his hands, finger by finger, gripping them and forming two clenched fists. Then raising his chin, he indicated Shen Da, standing in front of him, as if asking him to bring it on!

The first one to attack wasn’t Shen Da, but rather a female servant standing behind Yang Chen. She suddenly ignited a paper talisman and soon afterwards smoke filled the interior of the tiny courtyard.

Shangguan Feng, looking from above, slightly nodded his head. These servants were much more clever than Sun Hai Jing, to come up with a move to control the enemy and use this kind of strategy to interfere with Yang Chen’s vision. All of the servants had spiritual awareness so this ignited smoke could not stop their attacks, but Yang Chen’s vision would immediately be restricted.

But they hadn’t noticed that this talisman’s original name was Illusory Talisman. It had an intensely delicate bewildering effect and as long as an ordinary person was covered in the smoke, illusions would start appearing automatically. These illusions could change according to master’s thoughts. When interfering with one’s mind, this talisman was most difficult to deal with, but the power of the talisman depended on the master’s cultivation.

Within the smoke, the terrible sound of a child wailing appeared, ‘boo hoo’, seemingly countless spirits demanding vengeance for their grievances were wrapping around Yang Chen. Actually the female servant was aware of Yang Chen’s background as an executioner, that’s why she intentionally used the Illusory Talisman to make these departed spirits, who were demanding their vengeance appear.

Within the smoke, Yang Chen was standing motionless, as his eyes were looking at the ghosts, only Yang Chen’s complexion didn’t change even one bit. He coldly snorted:

“Humph, insignificant talent, when you were all alive I chopped off your heads, don’t tell me I should be afraid of you after you died? Disperse for me!”

With a loud snap, the female servant controlling the Illusory Talisman suddenly started shaking, as if she had received some kind of shock. When the Illusory Talisman was used to scare Yang Chen naturally her spiritual awareness had also been scattered within it, with Yang Chen’s loud shout, as if that spiritual awareness had become agitated, instead of intimidating Yang Chen, her own mind was shaken.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Within the smoke, two balls of fire flew towards Yang Chen almost noiselessly from both sides and their talisman power also started to attack.

It seemed as if Yang Chen had grown eyes on the back of his head, as he suddenly twisted his body and slammed both of his fists, left and right and each fist accurately landed on the two fireballs flying towards him.

Bang! Bang!

Two sounds echoed in quick succession, both of the fireballs burst open, but didn’t even harm a hair on Yang Chen’s body, only his fists turned black.

Just as Yang Chen destroyed those fire talismans, suddenly a fiercely violent sound was emitted above Yang Chen’s head as a long rod, as thick as an arm, was smashing down towards his head. The sound caused by the wind would frighten normal people easily.

This was Shen Da’s strategy, a metal rod as long as his body, although it was not a cultivation tool, it still had considerable weight. Shen Da had taken great pains to make a Thousand Jin Talisman and attach it to the rod. When holding it in his hands, its weight was almost ordinary, but when it was smashed on the ground, its strength increased to a thousand jin. Even if there was a metal ingot, Shen Da was confident that one smash from the rod could turn it into a flat metal slice.

Shangguan Feng had closed his eyes, he was using his spiritual awareness to observe everything happening below. He had helped Shen Da with his rod, so naturally he was aware of it’s effects. In his heart, he believed that one smash from the rod would conclude things, but the next moment he suddenly opened his eyes, looking at the unfathomable events taking place.

Within the small courtyard of the residence, Yang Chen had extended only one hand to grab the that was rod fiercely smashing down on him. Shen Da was rather confident in the rod, but a thousand jin’s weight were suddenly stopped with a muffled sound. Yang Chen’s figure was standing motionlessly as if this great power didn’t affect him in the slightest.

Shen Da’s eyes were opened wide, he hadn’t come across these kinds of circumstances before. Even if it was the inner disciple expert of Ye Xiu Manor, when comparing notes he had also not been able to use just use brute force to stop this rod. But right now, unexpectedly Yang Chen had used just one hand to stop his powerful rod, how could Shen Da not be extremely shocked.

Just this one was moment of shock provided Yang Chen an opportunity. Grabbing the rod’s tip with his right hand, he forcefully shouted:

“Let it go!”

Under the intense contest, both Shen Da and his rod were unable to resist the pull forwards.

Shen Da’s spiritual awareness had been tightly following Yang Chen’s nimble but random punches. He was clearly looking at Yang Chen’s movements, but it seemed as if his body had stopped listening to him. He tried to dodge those punches, but Yang Chen’s fist had already smashed firmly into his face.


Shen Da’s body rapidly flew into the air, moving away from the confinement and finally bumped against the courtyard’s walls. With a loud splatter, Shen Da’s body motionlessly fell down to the foot of the wall.

According to Shangguan Feng’s observation through his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen had only used one hand to grab the head of the rod. Shen Da’s metal rod was very heavy, he was very clear about that. Adding the strength of the Thousand Jin Talisman to its own strength, the total weight of the rod would be around a thousand and thirty five jins, but Yang Chen had stopped that rod without even moving one inch from his place, it was indeed something that could make people gasp in amazement.

Until today Shangguan Feng had never believed that Sun Hai Jing had lost to Yang Chen due to carelessness. Based on the strength Yang Chen had shown today, Sun Hai Jing using a Thousand Jin Talisman at that time had indeed been a great mistake. Even if his mind hadn’t been shaken by Yang Chen’s murderous spirit, he would still not have been Yang Chen’s opponent. If only he would have used some other methods. Merely, at that time, as soon as he got close to Yang Chen’s fist, he immediately lost consciousness, so where would the other methods come from?

Taking care of Sun Hai Jing was easy, but taking care of Shen Da was also easy. Both were at third qi realm and although their spirit power was able to nurse their bodies, Yang Chen had already spent many years as an immortal, his best aspect had been his agile body, but the disparity as compared to before was still quite large. Even Yang Chen had no exact idea of his complete strength at the moment, but just for blocking a Thousand Jin Talisman and a metal rod, it was more than enough.

Yang Chen began to violently swing the metal rod in his hand. Yang Chen was not moving it in any pattern, just simply swinging the metal rod, forming a circle that was revolving around his body while making buzzing sounds.

The smoke in the area was apparently stirred due to this sort of enormous strength and slowly began to show signs of dissipating. This alarmed the other three servants greatly. The female servant who was controlling the Illusory Talisman hurriedly fished out an embroidered ribbon, which was fully packed with pictures of various sorts. The female servant seemingly cherished this embroidered ribbon very much, but the present circumstances were beyond her control. With her hand she had activated a secret art and suddenly the embroidered ribbon flew.

Si – Si –

The embroidered ribbon rose like a poisonous snake, rapidly trapping Yang Chen and soon after that restraining the arm which held the rod. The embroidered ribbon was tightening down on his body, as if it had managed to come alive as it brushed across Yang Chen’s body and coiled around it, so as to bind it.

Even Yang Chen couldn’t help but nod in his heart, this embroidered ribbon of the female servant was a magical device with potential to develop, it was just that the class of the refining method was not high enough and that the materials used to make it were quite low grade, thus it could only be used to twist around an enemy to control him, unable to fatally injure him. At best it would play a good role for containing the enemy.

The two other servants, seeing that Yang Chen had already been twisted in the embroidered ribbon, were quite pleased in their hearts. One of the servants launched a bright palm containing raging flames towards Yang Chen’s stomach. The other servant fished out a peach wood sword from somewhere and a translucent beam of light stabbed towards Yang Chen’s throat to kill him.

Even though Yang Chen only wanted to compare notes, with the appearance of Shangguan Feng, when these servants started to fight, they had already stopped caring about Yang Chen’s life and started attacking his vital organs.

Just as the blazing palm and the peach wood sword reached his body, Yang Chen suddenly shouted loudly and forcefully straightened the embroidered ribbon, twisting around his body, with his arms. After that, it issued few rattling sound before snapping into a few pieces with a loud bang. Under Yang Chen’s control, the rod in his arm incessantly swung towards the two servants who had wanted to take his life.

The female servant holding the peach wood sword was greatly astonished. Seeing that the iron rod would soon sweep at her body and that she would not be able to deal with it during that imminent peril, she instinctively raised the peach wood sword, trying to block it.


An oppressive sound was produced and the peach wood sword immediately broke off at the guard. Watching this scene, the mind of the female servant simply broke down. All of the people lifelessly looked at the sword hilt within her hand and halted at the same place.

The rod in Yang Chen’s hand suddenly halted and was then pulled backwards. The Iron rod’s other head struck the hand of the male servant approaching from behind. The male servant ignited a blazing fire within the palm of his hand.


The sound of breaking suddenly echoed and within the blink of an eye, his wrist was bent at a strange angle.

At this moment Yang Chen turned towards the stunned female servant who still hadn’t come back to her senses. Just as the male servant produced a blood curdling scream, Yang Chen’s fist had already attacked the female servant’s face.

One fist after another continuously attacked the female servant’s face, Yang Chen didn’t show one bit of mercy on account of her being female. Under the assault, the body of the female servant soon failed to rise and flew into the air, before falling onto the ground some distance away, and thus became motionless.

The male servant behind him saw the miserable condition of the female and immediately stopped shrieking, but Yang Chen had already turned towards him. Alarmed, the male servant subconsciously retreated backwards as fast as he could. He directly withdrew to the foot of the wall without even becoming aware of it.

With his body leaning against the wall, the male servant opened his eyes and was shocked to see the situation. Form the side of his head rod, as thick as an arm, was pounded repeatedly at the position where the servant’s skull was.

Bang! Bang!

Due to the repeated pounding, a hole was created in the wall, around the size of a head, with rocks flying everywhere.

Yang Chen silhouette followed soon after the arrival of the rod and suddenly he drew close to the male servant’s body. With an explosion, the wall of the abode caved in, forming a hole. The male servant lost consciousness without saying a word.

The female servant controlling the Illusory Talisman had seen everything clearly. She hadn’t anticipated any of this, four people with a cultivation of the third qi layer each lost miserably when confronting an ordinary person who had never cultivated before. It was unknown whether three of them were alive or dead and only she was remaining. She had never faced these kinds of circumstances before, hence she did not know what to do.

Regardless of her thoughts, Yang Chen threw the iron rod at her. Greatly alarmed, she hastily tried to scuttle out of the way and just in the nick of time could she dodge the rod. Looking behind her, she laughed loudly when seeing the iron rod inserted at the place where her foot had been just a moment ago.

But Yang Chen had already rushed towards her, when the female servant astonishingly abandoned the others and hurriedly started to rise, using a soaring technique she had recently learned. Soaring in the air she decided to escape.

But the rising female servant gave Yang Chen an exceptionally good opportunity. At this very moment, the female servant was directly between Yang Chen and Shangguan Feng, who was standing on top of the entrance.

Reaching out for the rod below his feet, Yang Chen’s hand grabbed one end of the rod. Turning his body in a circle he used the power of his rotation and powerfully threw the rod, physically exhausting himself in the process. Though it’s target appeared to be the female servant it was actually aimed at Shangguan Feng.

The female servant in the air still hadn’t rose high enough before suddenly something grabbed her foot and destroyed her balance. From afar it looked like Yang Chen’s hand had grabbed the female servants leg, raising her high before whipping her onto ground severely.

The rod in the air, without losing even a bit of its speed, flew directly towards Shangguan Feng. Shangguan Feng’s complexion drastically changed.


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