Chapter 29 – Useless Pill Is Very Significant

The master of Medicine Hall was known to have an absolutely unconventional nature in the Pure Yang Palace. His entire life he had meticulously researched alchemy and different medicines, even delaying his own cultivation. If it were not for the support of large quantities of elixirs, it would have been impossible for him to enter the JieDan stage. However, since he was a master alchemist, this kind of advancement was normal for him with the help of alchemy.

These days Zhu Chen Tao was researching a difficult problem regarding the concoction of pills, when he heard, some younger disciples talking about this new type of unusual elixir. Reportedly this new elixir helps neither in cultivation nor has it any other effect after consumption. This made him quite confused.

When delving into a difficult problem, one should try to look at it from a different angle, maybe he would be able to gain a sudden insight, Zhu Chen Tao also held this kind of opinion. That’s why he called that younger disciple to come over and thoroughly inquired about this xun qi pill.

If it has no use for a person who cultivates, then what other significance does it have? Zhu Chen Tao was baffled. However, since this elixir had already been collected for appraisal, Zhu Chen Tao must have a look so that he can determine what use it has.

Seeing that the Medicine Hall master himself had personally appeared, the younger disciples hastily brought the elixir to him and explained everything to him about this elixir, such as the fact that this elixir cannot be used by people who cultivate and also this elixir was refined by a first qi layer outer disciple.

Just by holding the elixir for a moment, Zhu Chen Tao was able to determine about ninety percent of the ingredients in the elixir. He can immediately determine some medicines just based on their color alone. Nine out of ten of the raw materials in this pill were very mediocre herbs, so as to say they were all used by ordinary people. Not even a single high-grade herb was used.

Feeling disappointed, Zhu Chen Tao was just about the return this xun qi pill, when suddenly he discovered a slight anomaly. This pill was very carefully made and refined, it did not emit even a single trace of medicinal smell. Just this skill alone made Zhu Chen Tao feel inferior. He was a JieDan stage alchemist, so to manufacture this kind of pill using ordinary ingredients was not a very difficult matter for him. However, he was aware that the disciple who refined this pill was just at the first qi layer, which was an absolutely remarkable feat.

Just by looking at the mastery with which the pill was created, Zhu Chen Tao determined, that a thorough study on this thing, known as xun qi pill, was required. Since this kind of ordinary drug cannot influence him in any way, Zhu Chen Tao grasped a pill with his fingers and ate it. He believed that the fastest method to appraise a pill is indeed to use one’s own mouth to taste it.

As soon as it entered his mouth, the xun qi pill quickly melted and disappeared as if it had turned into air. Subsequently, it was no longer there. Zhu Chen Tao was stunned, don’t tell me this pill has this kind of effect?

This herb is named xun qi pill, surely it must have a purpose. Zhu Chen Tao thought about it for a moment and apparently thought of something. He again picked up a xun qi pill and it entered his mouth.

However, once again this elixir quickly melted in his mouth, but this time, he was concentrating his soul to sense exactly what is happening and discovered something acutely different. As soon as the elixir melted in his mouth, an extremely feeble stream of qi attempted to rush into his channels, however it was stopped by his own spirit power and immediately dissipated without a trace.

However a shine appeared in Zhu Chen Tao’s vision, he was familiar with that recent sensation when the stream of qi attacked his channels. This was the same sensation he had felt in the days when he had barely begun to cultivate and had attempted to sense the qi. Yes, no wonder why this was called xun qi pill. This elixir is the most simple means to assist those preparatory disciples to find the qi sensation.

Not useful for cultivators? Chu Zhen Tao did not particularly care, he was the Medicine Hall’s Hall Master so compared to those ordinary disciples he must be even more broadminded and should consider the benefits to Pure Yang Palace even more.

No matter how strong a sect is, it is always because of its disciples, directly from the lowest leveled preparatory disciples to the outer disciples and all along up to the inner, and even to the direct disciples, the disparity grows higher layer after layer. However, the lowest level disciples are the foundation of any sect. A sect’s growing potential is not at all determined by the most powerful person within the sect, but it is decided by the lowest level preparatory disciples.

Zhu Chen Tao was an experienced person, so he was aware that trying to find the sensation of qi as a preparatory disciple before they start cultivating is extremely difficult. If at that time, they had the assistance of this xun qi pill, Zhu Chen Tao was sure, that the time required for them to become an outer disciple would at least be cut by half.

If the time to reach the first qi layer can be cut by half for every preparatory disciple, then compared to the present, the number of people who can become outer disciples will increase by many times. A large number of outer disciples implies, that the number of inner disciples will also greatly increase and the higher the number of disciples, the greater the sect’s potential.

After he realized this point, Zhu Chen Tao took this bottle of xun qi pills directly to the palace master. As the leader of the sect, the palace master’s view on this matter was even more sensitive and at once his eyes brightly shined.

“This disciple must be heavily rewarded!” The palace master immediately decided to reward Yang Chen.

“Also, this xun qi pill is my Pure Yang Palace’s secret. Apart from us, two people, disciples of the sect and especially your Medicine Hall’s disciples. The secret of this xun qi pill certainly must not be easily revealed to outsiders. Having this xun qi pill, I am absolutely certain, that within a hundred years my Pure Yang Palace will be able to expand many times!” Having said that, even the Yuan Ying stage sect leader’s voice started shaking.

However, a tiny first qi layer outer disciple was still unworthy for the sect master to show himself personally. Therefore, the medicine hall’s hall master Zhu Chen Tao volunteered himself to go and find Yang Chen.

Even Zhu Chen Tao himself had some selfish interests for undertaking this task. After sampling the xun qi pill with his own mouth, he knew what it was made of. Even if he was a great master of concocting pills, if given the same drug ingredients, he still was incapable of properly refining this xun qi pill.

Strictly speaking, he basically hadn’t seen the xun qi pill being refined. Even if he had seen the procedure he would only be able to produce a pill quite resembling it, but that also wouldn’t have even a little bit of its effect. This made Zhu Chen Tao feel discouraged and simultaneously very excited.

The drug ingredients cannot be wrong, so the only mistake can be in the quantities of drug ingredients used and more precisely in the unusualness of the refining technique. It might be possible, that he hasn’t even heard of this refining technique. Zhu Chen Tao had the urge to immediately meet with Yang Chen and to see the refining technique for himself.

Hence, the entire Nine Earth Manor was totally stunned, usually they would only hear the legends of this great character of the Pure Yang Palace, Medicine Hall’s Hall Master, JieDan stage Zhu Chen Tao who had hurriedly rushed to the Nine Earth Manor and started demanding to meet with Yang Chen.

Being graced by the esteemed presence of this great JieDan stage expert, the entire Nine Earth Manor started to jump and fly like dogs and chickens. Who could have thought that a JieDan stage expert would come to the Nine Earth Manor, wanting to meet with an outer disciple who had just recently joined the Nine Earth Manor?

Chu Heng, who was the Merit Transferring Disciple, was also considered as half the owner of Nine Earth Manor, was already very respectfully waiting nearby. Hearing that Zhu Chen Tao was demanding to meet with Yang Chen, although he had a cultivation of foundation stage, he could not help but shudder within his heart. For what reason does a Jiedan stage alchemy master so anxiously want to meet with an outer disciple?

Even though he was doubtful in his heart, not a single trace of dissatisfaction was seen on Chu Heng’s face. He ordered a disciple to go and find Yang Chen and demand that he immediately come over. Wouldn’t it be a joke, if a Jiedan stage expert would have to lower himself to go to meet with an outer disciple?

At that time Yang Chen was cultivating as always, his life these days was utterly serene. To other people it appeared, that every day at a fixed time he would meditate and train to circulate his qi and afterward just idle around within the Nine Earth Manor. Sometimes he would just squander away the sect’s contribution points, earned with great difficulty and exchange them all for time at the Hidden Pavilion.

Every day he would sit around in meditation to train and circulate his qi, in the eyes of countless people, this was already lazy to the extreme. They had never seen a lazier person than him. Adding to Chu Heng’s unintentional attitude, other than his four servants, basically no one paid any attention to him.

Even Sun Hai Jing, who had recently come out of his closed-door training, also did no longer have that kind of hatred towards him as earlier. On one hand, Sun Hai Jing who had cultivated even a step further seemed to have let go in his mind. On the other hand, bothering about such a lazy person also didn’t seem appropriate with his status. The more laziness Yang Chen displayed, the less threatening he became.

But no one was aware that although Yang Chen only cultivated for one day in a week, in reality, in that one circulation, he would cultivate the Yin and Yang five phases secret forward and backward and also every time before cultivating, he would consume a Profound Yang Fruit’s pulp.

The pulp of the thousand year Profound Yang Fruit contains within it spirit power, that could make a stream of saliva flow from people’s mouths. Even if this much medicinal power cannot be absorbed completely, in the situation where Yang Chen’s Yin and Yang five phases secrets are instigating each other, a single circulation is enough for Yang Chen’s cultivation to reach the realm of second qi layer.

However Yang Chen was not satisfied with this dramatic increase in the spirit power, and used the reverse five phases to subdue each other, so that the rapidly increasing spirit powers will crazily try to restrain each other and cancel out, only leaving behind the purest portion which the reverse five phases aren’t able to offset. Nevertheless due to these reverse five phases of Yin and Yang, Yang Chen’s cultivation once again returned to first qi layer.

Being processed by these kinds of forward and backward five phases of Yin and Yang’s loop, the spirit power in Yang Chen’s body was being continuously purified. Only Yang Chen knew, that this kind of purification was the best of the best. When he reaches the pinnacle of qi layer and tries to break through to the foundation stage, he won’t have to purify the heterogeneous spirit power within his body.

Countless people bottleneck at the pinnacle of qi realm, just because they had used a variety of means to increase their magic power rapidly in order to rush to the pinnacle of the qi realm, but although the magic power is increased it’s quality is far from sufficient. But Yang Chen will not have this kind of problem.

Since Yang Chen is now displaying fire attributed spirit power, naturally he would focus more on the quality of the fire attribute spirit power. After thoroughly digesting the medicinal power of Pure Yang Fruit, Yang Chen can always intentionally raise the spirit power of his fire attribute and reflect outside, for people to sense the fire qi circulating in his body.

Every day, a single complete circulation cultivation was already sufficient for Yang Chen. If it were not for this Profound Yang Fruit, then the spirit power which he cultivated naturally during training is so small that it can be easily overlooked. Yang Chen was unwilling to waste his time during such hard labor. To the other people, it seemed as if he was just a lazy person.

“To blindly and painstakingly cultivate is not the correct path.”

Shen Da and other servants were very suspicious. Before entering the Nine Earth Manor, Yang Chen was not this kind of careless, why had he changed like this after coming here, he seemed like a different person. For them Yang Chen explained:“If just painstakingly cultivating can guarantee success, then why does the sect still encourage disciples to travel outside, concoct pills of immortality, refine tools and even do odd jobs to be exchanged for sect’s contribution points and still allows disciples to relax after cultivation?”

Under Yang Chen’s influence, Shen Da, Ho Lin and others only cultivated nine circulations in a day. He had informed them, that this was their limit. During the rest of the time, other than serving Yang Chen, they do odd jobs at the Nine Earth Manor, to be exchanged for sect’s contribution points. Yang Chen and his servants had turned into unusual few within the Nine Earth Manor.

Since Zhu Chen Tao had demanded to look for Yang Chen, naturally a disciple was sent at once to request Yang Chen to come over. It just so happens that at this moment Yang Chen was just taking a stroll, so when he heard someone calling him, he hurriedly rushed to come over. Some distance away, Yang Chen sensed an unusual breath, barely exposing a loftiness similar to a monarch under the heavens.

Discovering this grandeur, Yang Chen’s emotions were stirred, but his face didn’t show any abnormality and he rapidly followed after the disciple, who was leading the way and arrived at the Medicine Hall.

Zhu Chen Tao didn’t meticulously curb his own breath entirely, so naturally it was emitted. Nevertheless, a JieDan stage expert’s grandeur made the urge to bow down in worship appear in the nearby people. The waiting disciples, were all breathing heavily, but still did not dare to rise, looking at Zhu Chen Tao, their hearts filled with great admiration.

“Yang Chen still hasn’t come to pay his respects to the elders?”

At a far away distance, Chu Heng’s berating voice was heard.

Yang Chen also didn’t dare to be careless and very respectfully bowed in front of Zhu Chen Tao. Before he could open his mouth Zhu Chen Tao’s figure arrived before him in a flash and clutched Yang Chen. Zhu Chen Tao loudly asked:

“You are Yang Chen? This xun qi pill was refined by you?”

“Yes, Elder!”

From his previous life, Yang Chen was well aware, that Zhu Chen Tao was a pill concocting enthusiast. He had refined this xun qi pill precisely to raise his importance in the Medicine Hall. Initially, he had planned to refine some high-grade elixir, so that Zhu Chen Tao would take notice of him, but he didn’t anticipate that Zhu Chen Tao would come this fast.

“Refine it in front of me!”

Without saying anything further, Zhu Chen Tao directly instructed Yang Chen to start concocting pills. When everyone standing on the side heard this, each and every person was stupefied. A JieDan stage expert had shown this much impatience just for this, this really made people unable to believe it.


Yang Chen was startled, following which he started laughing.

“Elder, this place has many people present, which is not suitable for the meditation to concoct pills of immortality. We should change the location!”

While speaking, he glanced at Chu Heng from the corners of his eyes. Very clearly, ‘many people present’ precisely meant Chu Heng.

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