Chapter 835: Fulfilling Karma

Chapter 835: Fulfilling Karma

The sound was so sudden that Yi Tian was startled. However, after all, it was Yi Laomo who would be the most famous figure in later generations. Soon Yi Tian calmed down and began to think quickly in his mind.

Kill? Yi Tian had never been afraid. Originally, he was going to kill people on this trip, so how could he be afraid of killing people? What Yi Tian is afraid of is that the secret in his heart will be known, which will be a fatal disaster.

The voice only said one sentence and never appeared again. Yi Tian weighed it for a long time, but it seemed that he couldn’t find any malicious intent on the part of the owner of that voice. It doesn’t take much trouble to kill him. The only concern is whether this person is secretly coveting the technique developed by the Yi family.

However, how can that kind of demonic method be learned by outsiders just by looking at it? After so many years of research, the ancestors of the Yi family have not left any opportunities for outsiders to take advantage of. Even when this demonic technique is being cultivated, outsiders cannot see anything unusual.

After understanding this, Yi Tian no longer explored the intentions of the owner of that voice, and began to focus on the figures that suddenly appeared.

Soon Yi Tian discovered that all of these people were cultivators. Yi Tian has never practiced cultivation, but that doesn’t mean he can’t see something. These cultivators clearly have a strong foundation, but they are all unconscious for some reason.

They didn’t have anything on their bodies that could prove their identity, nor did they leave any magic treasures like the storage bag. They just lay there, unconscious.

While he was investigating, Yi Tian suddenly discovered that a cultivator seemed to be about to wake up, which startled him immediately.

Now Yi Tian is a mortal who has never practiced any skills. Once this person wakes up, Yi Tian can think of anything with his buttocks, and he will definitely not get any good results. In a hurry, he looked around and suddenly found a sharp wrist-breaking knife not far from where he was originally lying.

Without thinking, Yi Tian ran over and picked up the knife. He ran to the guy who made the movement.

To be called Yi Laomo by future generations, Yi Tian has absolutely no psychological pressure on killing people. He originally planned to join the army to kill people. Now that there are ready-made cultivators asking him to kill, he can’t think of any other reason for him to refuse.

With one slash of the knife, blood burst out, and the cultivator who seemed to be about to wake up died. The body only moved a few times before turning into a corpse.

Without saying a word, Yi Tian began to practice the set of cultivation methods in his mind. After a few breaths, Yi Tian immediately felt a warm current entering his body from the corpse in front of him. After practicing that set of cultivation method for a week, Yi Tian immediately turned his attention to the other guy next to him.

After killing more than a hundred people in a row, Yi Tian felt tired. But he was still afraid of any movement from the remaining dozens of people. After dragging his exhausted body and killing all the remaining people, he walked back to the hut, made a fire to cook, and then rested.

When Yi Tian woke up, the more than two hundred people he killed had disappeared. Yi Tian let out a sigh of relief and was about to look around to see where this place was. His eyes flashed, and more than two hundred figures appeared in front of him again. It was still in that open space, and everyone was still unconscious.

There were bloodstains all over the floor, and Yi Tian knew what would happen to him if he let someone wake up. Therefore, Yi Tian had to pick up the wrist-relieving knife and start repeating yesterday’s process. Perform meritorious deeds, kill again, perform meritorious deeds again, and the cycle begins again.

In the following days, Yi Tian did not distinguish between day and night. He only knew how to perform mechanical killings and then rest. The only extra thing he did was just sharpening the knife. After killing so many people, the wrist sharp knife was already a bit dull. It would not be fun to kill without sharpening it.

After waiting until more than a thousand people have been killed, Yi Tian discovered that his body had begun to become stronger. Absorbing life essence brings not only the improvement of the postnatal spiritual roots, but also the strength of the physical body itself.

As a result of his strong body, the number of people killed every day increased from more than 200 to more than 300, and then more and more. Yi Tian had no objection to this and was still killing and cultivating mechanically.

Yi Tian kept counting every day. After dozens of days, he had killed more than 10,000 cultivators. Now, how could he not understand that these people were deliberately asked to be killed by the owner of the mysterious voice, and he must fulfill his wish.

It’s a pity that no matter how Yi Tian acted or shouted, no one responded to him. The owner of that voice seemed not to have any communication with him, but just kept providing cultivators for him to kill.

Most of the people he killed before were in the foundation-building stage, and Yi Tian had the eyesight to detect them. But in the past few days, he has discovered that there are already masters at the Jiedan stage. Who is that mysterious man, what kind of strength does he have, and how come he gets so many cultivators for him to kill every day?

Puzzled for a moment, Yi Tian simply let it go. Anyway, if the mysterious man wanted to kill him, he would have killed him a long ago, so there was no need to dwell on it. After letting go of everything, Yi Tian became more and more wanton in killing without any worries.

The skills passed down by his ancestors allowed him to clearly notice the changes in his body. Although Yi Tian has always had the colorful stone on his body, Yi Tian never dared to take it out and try to measure his postnatal spiritual roots, for fear of letting the mysterious person see the clues.

In this kind of defensive and wanton killing, Yi Tian counted nearly 50,000 cultivators killed. What frightened him the most was that the later he got, the more powerful masters he killed. In the beginning, it was just the foundation building period, and then he got the Jiedan stage. By now, he has killed dozens of Yuanying stage ancestors. He really don’t know if if this continues, there will be masters in the Dacheng stage who will let him kill him.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, and Yi Tian no longer knew what was going on outside. He only knew that all the people he had killed now were Yuanying stage ancestors. That wrist-breaking knife has been sharpened countless times.

The body of the Yuanying stage ancestors was so powerful that even in a coma, it is not easy to kill them. On this day, Yi Tian finally killed the last unconscious master with difficulty. Now there are fewer and fewer masters killing each time, only twenty or thirty, but the time it takes is about the same as before. He really doesn’t know when it will end.

Yi Tian was about to return to the hut to rest, but the voice that had not appeared for a long time rang again: “Take care of yourself!”

Before Yi Tian could understand what had happened, in a flash, Yi Tian had appeared in another place that was once familiar to him. The huts and the corpses of the masters all disappeared without a trace before his eyes.


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