Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 928 - Found The Cause

Chapter 928: Found The Cause

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After cleaning the table, Wu Chengyue came out and saw a piece of paper fly to him with a few words written on it.

‘Do me a favor. Can you leave this house now?’

Wu Chengyue read the note with confusion. After a short silence, he said, “Why? For what?”

For him, the whole thing was weird and confusing. The zombie lady suddenly showed up in his place, and now asked him to do something strange without telling him why.

Wu Chengyue decided to first ask her why. He knew that she wouldn’t try to hurt him, but it might have something to do with her current condition. He wanted to know about it.

The piece of paper flew away from his hand and landed on the tea table, then the pen on the table stood up and wrote down another line on it.

‘I need to figure out one thing before telling you.’

She was aware that Wu Chengyue wanted the answer firmly this time, so she didn’t insist on not telling him. Wu Chengyue walked over and glanced at the note, then asked her, “Will you really tell me?”

‘Yes,’ Lin Qiao quickly wrote down a word.

“Alright,” Wu Chengyue turned and said, “But, I can’t go out of the front door now. I’ll take the back door. How far do I need to go?”

‘Just go out of the yard ,’ Lin Qiao wrote.

She knew why he couldn’t go out of the front door. It was because he didn’t want the group of Huaxia people see him. No one but his secret guards were near the house, but some people might have their eyes on the house through telescopes.

“Ling Ling, Daddy will come back later to give you a shower. You stay here and feed Grey. Don’t go anywhere else.”

While speaking, Wu Chengyue found a hoody and put it on, covering his head with the hood before putting on a face mask. After that, he walked to the backdoor and looked around to make sure that no suspicious people existed within six-hundred meters radius, then walked out of the house.

Wu Chengyue glanced at him. She wanted to follow her Daddy, but Daddy told her to stay in the house and feed the rabbit. So, she had no choice but stay and keep feeding the rabbit like Daddy said.

She handed a tender leaf to the rabbit. Watching the rabbit chew the leaf, her heart slowly calmed down. Daddy said that he would soon come back to give her a shower anyway.

Lin Qiao followed Wu Chengyue out of the house. As he walked out of the yard, she walked out as well and made a circle around him. She managed to leave the yard, but got stuck about twenty meters away from Wu Chengyue.

She tried different directions, but the result was the same. She could go no further than twenty-five meters away from Wu Chengyue.

“How’s it going? Have you felt anything yet?” Wu Chengyue abruptly said to the darkness.

Lin Qiao frowned slightly. She walked to his side and grasped his sleeve, then moved further away from the house.

“What’s wrong?” Wu Chengyue knew that it was Lin Qiao who was dragging him, so he asked another question.

Lin Qiao held his sleeve and brought him further away from the yard. Her hand accidentally touched his arm. Hearing his question, she unwittingly answered it in her head.

‘I think you’re the cause.’

He didn’t seem to hear her, so she decided to write him a note later when they got back into the house. But suddenly, Wu Chengyue stopped moving, then turned to her and asked, “I’m the cause? Lu Tianyu, were you talking to me? What cause?”

Lin Qiao stopped moving as well and looked at him with surprise.

Wu Chengyue was at a higher-level than she was, so she couldn’t read his mind. For that reason, she thought she couldn’t make him hear her through his mind either.But judging by his question, he had clearly heard her just now.

He was surprised too. “Eh? I think I just heard you talking in my head.”

Lin Qiao dropped her hand and tried to talk to him again, ‘What about now?’

This time, Wu Chengyue made no response. He felt that Lin Qiao wasn’t holding his sleeve anymore, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Qiao reached a hand toward his arm again. Before touching him, she hesitated slightly, and then gently put her hand on his arm. Meanwhile, she said to him in her heart, ‘What about now?’

Wu Chengyue was utterly confused. She first led him to walk around his house, then told him that he was the cause. Now, he found that he could hear her talking in his mind. That was interesting.

“I can hear you. Did you say something earlier?” He felt that the connection between him and her was somehow cut off just now.

Lin Qiao looked at her hand which was holding his arm and said, ‘I think you can only hear me when I’m touching you.’

Wu Chengyue nodded and said, “I see.”

He raised his head and looked around, hearing the roaring of the wind. “Can we go back now?” he asked.

“Yes,” Lin Qiao responded.

Then, she relaxed her hold on his arm.

They went back into the house, where Wu Chengyue took Wu Yueling into the bathroom for a shower. He decided to ask Lin Qiao about what happened after he gave the little girl a shower.

Lin Qiao folded her arm and sat down on the couch, thinking about what happened earlier.

It turned out what trapped her wasn’t the house, but Wu Chengyue. In that case, she would need to leave the base together with him tomorrow, right? But, she had promised him to stay at home and look after Ling Ling. That would be troublesome.

But, why did such a thing happen between her and Wu Chengyue?

More importantly, she couldn’t enter her space anymore. She had tried that earlier today. She tried to enter her space and then come out. She might end up in a random spot, but it would be better than being trapped in a house.

However, she couldn’t get in.

She put a hand on her slightly bulged belly and sighed helplessly, “Viney, can’t you just be a good little baby? Don’t always cause your mommy trouble! Naughty girl!”

Something gently pushed her hand from inside her belly, as if Viney was responding to her.

Lin Qiao paused with surprise, then smiled delightedly. She put both hands on her belly to see if she could feel that again, but nothing happened in the next couple of minutes.

Her Viney started to kick her so early. Would she be dancing in her womb when she was about to be born?

She spent another while feeling her stomach, but still nothing happened. She sighed disappointedly, then kept thinking about her problem.

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