Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 930 - Can I Touch Her?

Chapter 930: Can I Touch Her?

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Viney said that she brought Ling Ling into the space, but Lin Qiao didn’t feel the little girl in her space. She wasn’t able to enter her space anymore, but she could still sense everything within.

Wu Chengyue looked at where Lin Qiao was sitting confusedly.

So, Viney, who was still in her womb, did that? The baby wasn’t even born. Was she already so powerful?

“Um… Can I touch her?” He abruptly made a request.

Lin Qiao thought he asked to touch Ling Ling, so she wrote, ‘Ling Ling has been brought into a special space by Viney.’

Wu Chengyue shook his head and said, “No, I want to touch… your belly.”

Lin Qiao didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want him to touch her! However, that was his right. He was the baby’s father after all. She should not say no.

She had been planning on raising the kid alone all the time, but Wu Chengyue was indeed the baby’s father. She had no right to stop him from caring for the baby.

At that moment, Wu Yueling reappeared. She looked a little confused, but her eyes soon glowed brightly.

Even after that, Wu Chengyue still looked at Lin Qiao expectantly. He wanted very much to sit down by her side and put a hand directly on her stomach. However, she finally started to have some good feelings for him, and he didn’t want her to lose that.

Then, he saw the pen write on the paper—’Yes.’

He was stunned at first, and then thrilled.

He didn’t move, yet he soon felt an invisible person come to sit beside him. Then, an invisible hand held his hand and gently pulled his hand to the side. Next, he touched a cool, slightly bulging belly through a layer of cloth.

Lin Qiao was able to turn her clothes invisible together with her body. She didn’t know how she did that though.

Before Wu Chengyue could feel the zombie lady’s stomach carefully, something suddenly pushed his palm. At that very moment, he had an indescribable feeling.

That was his child. She had his blood.

That subtle feeling made him reluctant to take his hand away. He gently moved his palm to feel the shape of Lin Qiao’s belly.

It was still small, even though she had been pregnant for so long. The baby was growing slowly.

Wu Chengyue was looking forward to meeting the baby. He wanted so much for the baby to grow faster, so he could meet her sooner.

Lin Qiao sensed the warmth from his palm and his gentle movement somehow felt a little itchy in her heart.

“When will she come out?” Wu Chengyue asked while touching her belly. He felt that her body was a little stiff, but she didn’t push his hand away immediately, which made him happy.

Lin Qiao said to him, ‘According to her current growth speed, seven or eight months.’

“So long?” said Wu Chengyue disappointedly.

Lin Qiao felt helpless too. She would be pregnant much longer than other pregnant ladies. It was so hard for a zombie to have a baby.

‘I’m a zombie, so you can’t see me as a normal pregnant woman. Have you had enough yet?’ she said.

Hearing that, Wu Chengyue reluctantly took his hand away.

After that, Wu Yueling moved to Wu Chengyue’s side, with her expectant eyes on Lin Qiao. Soon, she turned back to her father and pulled her father’s hand, as if some idea just popped up in her mind.

“What’s wrong?” Wu Chengyue looked at her.

Wu Yueling raised her head and looked at her father with a pair of watery eyes. Wu Chengyue didn’t know what she wanted, so he only looked at her confusedly.

Lin Qiao sensed Wu Yueling’s thoughts and felt speechless. She didn’t say anything, but moved away from Wu Chengyue’s side and sat back into the armchair nearby.

She would never tell Wu Chengyue that Ling Ling was trying to tell her father that she wanted all three of them to sleep together!

After spending a while looking at her father in the eyes, Wu Yueling realized that her father had no idea what she wanted. She was running out of patience, so she turned to look at Lin Qiao with anxiety in her eyes.

Lin Qiao saw the emotional look on her face and felt how anxious she was, and couldn’t help but get worried about the little girl.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Wu Chengyue had also found that something was not right with his daughter. He hurriedly held her and asked, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Ling Ling? Calm down, calm down!”

Wu Yueling looked around and pressed her lips together. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and said, “Sleep!”

Wu Chengyue was thrilled to hear his daughter talk. He didn’t even hear what she said because he was too excited. He looked at the girl and said delightfully, “Ling Ling, what did you say just now? Can you say again? Daddy didn’t hear it clearly!”

Wu Yueling managed to say the key word out loud just now, but she refused to repeat it at the moment. She was only glaring at Wu Chengyue with anger.

She said it, but Daddy didn’t hear it! She was so angry! Daddy had promised her to sleep together with Zombie Mommy before, but he forgot about it!

Lin Qiao looked at Wu Yueling. The little girl was still angry, but after saying that word out loud, she had already calmed down.

She picked up the paper and wrote—’I know what’s going on between you and me. Viney needs energy, but my energy isn’t enough for her. I think she needs to absorb energy from you too.’

Wu Chengyue wanted to hold Ling Ling and comfort her, but Ling Ling seemed to be a little angry. She turned away and ran up to Lin Qiao, then threw herself onto her lap with her back to her father.

She was still unhappy, but her anxiety was gone.

So, Wu Chengyue stopped worrying about her and read Lin Qiao’s note. “She needs my energy?” he was a little confused, “Is that why she bound us together?”

Lin Qiao knocked the tea table with the pen.

“But, I haven’t been feeling any discomfort,” said Wu Chengyue, “If she has been absorbing energy from me, shouldn’t I be feeling something unusual instead of you?”

Lin Qiao, of course, had no answer to that question. ‘Viney, do you know why? ‘ she asked Viney.

Viney responded, ‘Perhaps I only need a slight amount of Daddy’s energy, so he’s not feeling anything strange. I don’t know, actually. But, as long as Mommy stays close to Daddy, I won’t feel hungry.’

In fact, Viney had no idea why and how Lin Qiao ended up in her current state, because she was still asleep when it happened. Lin Qiao’s energy was suddenly gone, but she couldn’t stop her absorption. If she tried to absorb more from Lin Qiao, she would hurt her, so she subconsciously triggered her power to protect Lin Qiao.

She triggered Lin Qiao’s space power and got her into the space, then traced Wu Chengyue’s vibe to locate him. After that, she put Lin Qiao to his side.

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