Volume 1 afterword

[86 V1] Afterword

Garterbelts are romantic, you know? Hello everyone, this is Asato Asato.

Of course, this weird name is a pen name. The origin is based on my actual name and “88.”

To you, who picked up this book and have yet to read it, I do believe this work will greatly interest you.

To you, who picked up this book with much skepticism, I do hope that you will be entertained by this somewhat peculiar work.

And to you, who have read this book, thank you very much. What do you think? This volume includes mecha warfare, a boy’s encounter with a girl, despair, and other various elements, so if any of them is to tug at your heartstrings, I shall be honored.

Also, as an author, I enjoyed myself while writing this. This is the kind of story I like to read! This is the story including all the elements I like after all! This is written in the way I wanted it! As to why this work won the Grand Prize though, I really, really have no idea.

Well, I greatly exceeded the number of pages specified for the submission, so I had to weep and cut away some elements. One of them was the part about the garterbelt (a descriptive scene), but I could add it in when editing the script. Garterbelts are really cute. Erotic. Erotically cute.

If you are one of us, please enjoy the super-duper cute Lena drawn by the hands of Shirabi-sama, and marvel at her absolute territory decorated by these tantalizing garterbelts.

If you are not, please allow me to explain a few points about this work before you feel disgust.

>The plot of this work is based on the black history of a certain Axis country and a certain Federation. However, this does not mean I have any hatred or bias against those two countries. I obtained some extra material for use in this work.

>The common terms of “pigs” used in this work has vibes of verbal abuse and derogatory abuse, but it does not mean that I really hate pigs, instead that I really like them. Pork is really delicious. Fried pork cutlets, fatty pork, I love them.

>Please do not read too much into the Para-RAID theory, the combat capabilities of the various weapons, and the pronunciation of various languages. Some parts were changed accordingly as needed. The “collective” subconsciousness in particular was a deliberately false explanation on my part.

>This work is set in a fictional world, but uses international metric measurements for easier visualization. Also, I did not use the Japanese units of measurements or yardage for this work, simply because I do not understand it.

>This work is set in a fictional world, but the Bible and Mr. Lamarck’s works are featured… the reasons shall be for you to imagine.

…Enough with the tomfoolery. Following this, the thanksgiving.

To the editors, Kiyose-sama and Tsuchiya-sama. Thank you for everything. You are able to give thorough views and analysis in parts I remain uncertain of, and I feel really relieved, sensing that the quality of the work has vastly improved; every interaction with the both of you has been enjoyable.

To Shirabi-sama, who drew powerful, proud looking characters with pretty expressions, thank you very much for that. I did receive a draft of Shinn in full armor that was really cool, and was really troubled, wondering if I should change the setting of this work to fit this illustration.

To I-IV-sama. Though you were hampered by my nonsensical demand to have “weak, useless machines,” you managed to design a wonderful, ominous weapon full of coldness, the super cool design of the “Juggernaut,” even including some amazing blueprints full of details. I really want to thank you for the unbreakable you drew, and the cute Fido, which now I want one beside me. Thank you very much.

And to you, holding this book in hand. Thank you very much. The content of this volume has ended, but the story has yet to end, so please continue your support.

So then, I do wish to be able to bring you into a greenhouse of faux honor and glory. Into the battlefield of blood and burned metal, the skies, the stars, the breeze, and the flowers, and to experience everything along with them.

When writing this afterword, BGM: Sidonia OP (Angela).

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