Volume 2 prologue

Owen’s army began to move to surround the enemy’s headquarters.

They all moved carefully to avoid enemy soldiers who were on night patrol.

Sarya was sitting inside the headquarters, a soldier was reporting the situation to her.

“General Sarya, the enemy has entered our trap. Right now they’ve surrounded this base.”

“All right, all the troops prepare that item. When they attack, use the item. Victory will be ours.” (Sarya)


All the soldiers in the base had been given items purchased by Ren from the Shop.

♦ ♦ ♦

The news of the massacres in the villages reached the ears of General Racco.

At this time, the troops who had been sent to the village were on their way back to Trase City.

“Without the rest…” (Racco)

Damn Demi-Humans, but I should not be emotional.

I must remain calm in this war.

“What about the enemy’s movements, any news?” (Racco)

“No, the insects sent by the Tamers didn’t find any suspicious movements from the enemy.”

If the headquarters is fake, where would they attack us…

“Spread the search in all directions, do not focus too much on the east.” (Racco)


♦ ♦ ♦

Ren is still sitting watching the war with Demon Lord Yaura and her Generals.

Humans seemed to have fallen into Yaura’s trap, is it better if I move now?

While thinking, Ren sees the soldiers returning from the village to the Trase City.

Two hundred people per group, now they are still separated.

Level? Ah, if only two hundred people are on average level 30, I can still finish them.

It seems it’s time to raise my level drastically.

Ren asked Demon Lord Yaura.

“Lord Yaura, can I go? I want to finish off the separated forces.” (Ren)

Ren pointed his finger to the group that was heading for Trase City.

“Hmm? Of course, why not?” (Yaura)

“Okay then, I’ll excuse myself.” (Ren)

After asking for Demon Lord Yaura’s permission, Ren left the room and went to the battlefield.

After walking a few miles away from Demon Lord Yaura, Ren contacts One and Two with Telepathy.

“One, Two.” (Ren)

“What is it Zero?” (Two)

“Yes?” (One)

“We will hunt.” (Ren)

“I’ve been hunting.” (One)

“Hunting what?” (Two)

“That’s not what I meant, One. Two, you know that the troops are being sent to the villages right?” (Ren)

“Yeah.” (Two)

“We’ll finish them off.” (Ren)

“Hmm, please explain in more detail.” (Two)

“Right now they are divided into five groups each group consists of two hundred people. First, each of us will fight one group. We’re going to kill six hundred people.” (Ren)

“Maybe you can fight two hundred people yourself, but I and One can not and what about my position here as Raffel?” (Two)

“Use your Clones to replace your presence there. Then, on the way to the troops consisting of two hundred people. One can use his Clone so One will attack with his Clone. While you’re gonna strike along with my Clone.” (Ren)

“All right.” (Two)

“What will we do with the remaining four hundred people?” (One)*

“When we’re done with six hundred people, I’ll fight one of the remaining groups and you with Two against one other group.” (Ren)

I will get many levels and SP.

“Now I will give you the location of the three groups we will attack first, then we will use Teleport directly to move there.” (Ren)

Using the telepathic link between Ren and the other Clones, Ren sent the information containing the location of their prey to his Clones.

“All right, Two should prepare a clone to take your place there. We’re going to Teleport together in ten minutes. I will prepare a new skill that we can use later.” (Ren)


One and Two replied together.

Ren stop Telepathy with them.

“Well, until now I have no Skill that can attack many enemies at once (AOE). I have to buy it now. Thanks to One who hunted for weeks, right now I have a lot of SP. Gui, please recommend it.” (Ren)

[Well… I suggest Master buys Ultimate Skill Comet, it costs fifty thousand SP.]

Hearing the price, Ren’s mouth was wide open with a surprised face.

Not only that, he did not know that Ultimate Skill can be bought at Shop until now.

“Wait! Wait. So, I can buy Ultimate Skills from the Shop? I thought I had to match two or more Skills to get it.” (Ren)

[If the Master has enough SP and no one else had that Ultimate skill, the Master does not need that way to get an Ultimate skill.]

Hmm, this is good news.

But, I have to save my SP to buy the Eye of Providence.

I’m also better off buying the regular AoE Skill for this battle.

[And the Ultimate Comet skill has a very wide range of areas, with that Skill, it makes it look like killing dozens or even hundreds of thousands of people is not a difficult thing.]


Ren was surprised by the statement given by Gui.

“How big is the Comet and how wide its range is?” (Ren)

[A spherical comet that has a diameter of ten kilometers and can cause damage of up to fifteen kilometers due to the pressure generated when the Comet touches the ground. The Ultimate Skill Comet can also be developed into a God Skill Meteor that has a size and a range which is ten times larger than the Ultimate Skill Comet. But the Comet can only be used once per day, while the Meteor once per week, which means they have different cooldown time.]

Ren swallowed his saliva as he listened to Gui’s explanation.



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