A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 26

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26. Watching Children Instructional Video

During the journey, Edgar had mulled over what would follow after the little sub-beastman arrived at the beastman colony. For example, how to resolve his and the little sub-beastman’s ID problem, how to contact his own parents, and also how to find the undiscovered traitor. He had thought of everything, but there had been no perfect answer. Until he saw Jones. Only then did he sigh in relief.

Jones was a friend of his birth father.

His birth father had been born on a remote planet, his family financial situation average, and Jones had once been his classmate.

Jones had been born in a wretched family, worse than his birth father’s. Jones’ family had been poor since he had been a child, so he had had no money to study in the university, but he had never given up on his study. He had joined the army at the age of eighteen and become a nurse. Later on, he had followed after a military doctor and studied medicine intensively under him. He had also been recommended several times by the army to study in some well-known hospitals. Twenty years ago, he had already been a famous trauma surgeon. He had also published a research paper on a quick suturing method for the beast type, and was an expert at performing surgery on the beastman who became a beast type after getting injured. In the Beastman Empire, he was one of the very best great masters in the field of medicine.

Edgar regarded the very young-looking sub-beastman in front of him. His birth father and Dr. Jones had a very good relationship. When Dr. Jones had returned to the capital star a few years ago, he had met with this man. Upon his birth father’s request, he had even revealed his beast type and let the man collect material on him . . . .

One heard that Dr. Jones had been living on a remote planet in order to be able to study all kinds of beastman medical cases better. Apparently it was true.

"Your Imperial Highness the Crown Prince?" Jones asked again. Many sub-beastmen were not good at identifying a beastman's beast type, but he was different. He had mixed in the army for thirty years and seen and known the beast types of countless beastmen. He had already had his own methods for identifying them, and he absolutely wouldn’t make a mistake. Not to mention that the crown prince had once been in his hands, being "studied" carefully.

Although he had not shown anything on the surface, but in fact, his heart had long been as turbulent as a stormy sea—the crown prince had become a fallen beast!

Half a year ago, he had received the news that Edgar had been missing and, reportedly, had also suffered serious injuries. Therefore, whenever he heard that a serpentine fallen beast had showed up, he would specially go out to take a look. He had not expected that this time it was really Edgar.

Jones couldn’t stop his hands from trembling slightly. His shocked look made Shu Shu a bit puzzled. After discovering that the man’s sight was fixed on the huge snake’s body, he couldn't help but said in a small voice: "Is there a problem with Big Snake?" The huge snake cultivated so quickly, could it be that it had come from an ancient race? Maybe it had a mythical animal bloodline and what not? How could it made this leopard spirit so surprised? His disciple was really exceptional.

Edgar didn't know Shu Shu's train of thought. He waved his tail toward Jones and then used his tail tip to point at Shu Shu. His move was done behind Shu Shu’s body, so Shu Shu totally didn’t see it, and fortunately, he was looking at Jones curiously now.

Jones finally calmed down. He glanced at Shu Shu, and a smile showed up on his face: "You don't seem to understand much about this world. I’ll show you some popular children science videos." He pulled Shu Shu to the sofa on the side and pressed a button. Across the sofa, a screen appeared, and a children instructional video began to play.

Vaguely, Shu Shu had already realized that everything here was very different than he had thought. To say the least, this place was completely different than the earth he knew. He was watching the children instructional video now, and he watched it very seriously while starting to follow the video to learn the local language.

Although he was lacking in strength, but, unlike the huge snake, he could already form the daemon core. It allowed him to have a highly retentive memory, so his learning ability was particularly fast.

The little sub-beastman was engrossed in the children instructional video, but he would turn his head to look at Edgar from time to time. Taking note of this detail, Jones did not bring Edgar to another room and gave Edgar a tablet instead.

Shu Shu had been paying attention to Edgar all along. When he saw this scene, he thought this little daemon spirit, Jones, had also prepared a toy or a learning tool for the huge snake. He actually did not take it seriously, but the corner of his eyes nevertheless didn’t leave the huge snake’s body.

The huge snake had already developed intelligence. It could learn many human things like he had done long ago. He hoped it could learn more quickly, so that the two of them could help each other in the future.

That’s right, he had to study hard and strive for self-improvement. No matter what, he could not fall behind his own disciple.

While Shu Shu was seriously learning from the children educational video, Edgar quickly tapped on the tablet in front of him and communicated with Jones who stood beside him and also held a tablet.

If they were in the capital star, they actually could use the more convenient network helmets, but Cas planet was a remote planet and essentially wasn’t connected to the star network. The general network inside the planet did not even cover the whole planet. Naturally, they could only use this ordinary tablet.

Anyway, it was enough for them to communicate.

Edgar used his body to block Shu Shu's line of sight while his tail tip kept moving on the tablet. Not long after, he finished typing out his past experiences. Since his parents had let Jones record his physical data, Jones was surely trustworthy. Moreover, his current physical condition was obvious, and he also had nothing to hide.

Jones read the words in front of him, his complexion very unsightly. The members of the Imperial family were always sparse; Edgar was the only child of the current emperor and his imperial consort. And now, Edgar had become a fallen beast and was being framed by someone. How big of a blow was it for them?

Furthermore, in whose hands Edgar had gone down after all? Was it possible that these people were actually targeting the emperor and his imperial consort?

Jones’ expression was a little grave. In the end, he could only write on the tablet: “I will inform His Majesty and the Imperial Consort of your news.” He had used the courteous you to call Edgar before, but now that he was less anxious, he did not use it anymore.

"Don't let others know." Edgar tapped out the sentence on the tablet. After tapping it out, his mood was exceptionally complicated.

Of course he wanted to return to human society, but he had already become a beast. If he did go back, he would only become an inconvenience. He might as well let other people think that he was dead.

Jones took a quick look at the huge snake in front of him. At first, he wanted to say something, but in the end, he just gave a bitter smile.

He had studied the fallen beasts for so many years and always hoped that he could make the fallen beasts become the beastmen again, but he had gained nothing.

Legend had it that when the gods saw the sub-beastmen live in hardships, they had the beasts become the beastmen to protect the sub-beastmen properly, and the beast core was the key for them to become humans. Without the beast core . . . they were just beasts.

A fallen beast could no longer become a human. This matter had long been known by all people in the Beastman Empire. And so, how could a beast exist in human society?

Coming outside with the communication device, Jones took a deep breath and couldn't help but frown slightly.

Cas planet was too far away from the capital star. Although the military information channel could be directly connected with the capital star, but wanting to open that kind of channel required passing layer upon layer of checkpoints. It was very unlikely to genuinely depend on this channel to transmit information. He was afraid that Edgar’s affairs would spread everywhere in the end.

Jones eventually used his own communication device to transmit the confidential information. By sending the information through the information hub, it might reach the capital star in a few days.

Although the speed was a bit slow, but in any case, the information would not be known by other people . . . . Edgar had already been missing for half a year, just a few more days would not make a difference.

Done with this matter, Jones returned to the previous room just to see that the huge snake was accompanying the little sub-beastman nearby, watching TV together with the little sub-beastman. The two people looked very harmonious.

No, these were not two people. Rather, these were a human and a beast.

TL’s note:

您 (nín) = you (courteous)

你 (nǐ) = you (informal)

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