A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 27

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27. Getting Help to Settle Down

Shu Shu was watching those instructional videos that children watched, and the more he saw, the more he felt that something was wrong.

He had always thought that he had still been on the earth. The second he had been found, he had still thought that he had run into a group of monsters who lived together on the earth. But now it seemed that he had been wrong, ah!

In the end, he was momentarily unable to say where the wrongness was, but somehow, everything now was totally different from what he had imagined.

Shu Shu was just thinking about it when he suddenly saw the "little daemon" in the video being carried by his parents onto a spaceship.

On the screen, the cartoon child Cocoa danced along to the background sound of “Cocoa travels on a spaceship; Cocoa is going to travel on a spaceship; Cocoa goes on a trip; Cocoa is going to go on a trip”, looking incomparably lively. Shu Shu, however, was already stupefied.

Spaceship! There was actually a spaceship here! This video talked about all kinds of general knowledge in life, and a spaceship actually showed up in the video!

Here . . . was not the earth?

When he had been trapped in the forest before, because he had once lived in the forest for a long, long time, although he had been afraid, but he hadn’t felt that he had been incongruous with everything around him. Now though . . . .

Shu Shu had the faint sensation of being abandoned by the whole world.

This place . . . was not the earth he had lived in.

Although the spiritual power on the earth was sparse, and the environmental pollution was grave, and he had not seen any other daemon except for him, but the earth after all was his native place. He had lived there for so many years, but here . . . Where was this place after all? Those men, were they really daemons?

In panic, Shu Shu whole person couldn't help but start to stiffen and then tremble slightly.

Edgar had been paying attention to Shu Shu’s condition. When he discovered this situation, he immediately came to Shu Shu, observing Shu Shu anxiously.

A familiar scent suddenly appeared; Shu Shu subconsciously stretched his arms out and hugged Edgar's head while asking: "Big Snake, where the heck is this, ah?" His eyes were hot, and then his tears flowed out.

Edgar was somewhat dazed when the little sub-beastman suddenly got so close to him. Then, feeling the warm tears falling onto his body, he became relentlessly distressed. However, he did not even have hands to help wiping those tears.

"What to do, ah . . ." Shu Shu once again asked. He had to say that everything here was so unfamiliar to him, and it was only the huge snake that he was quite familiar with . . . . Wait a minute, snake?

Shu Shu abruptly reacted. Apparently he was . . . hugging a snake head?

The scales under his hands were cold and smooth, and the enormous snake mouth was next to him . . . .

Before, this situation would definitely make Shu Shu scared to "death" or immediately rigid, but now he already had a certain immunity. As a result, he, at any rate, didn't react in the ways mentioned above. He ultimately just pushed the huge snake away and then cried out in fear and jumped onto the sofa.

It seemed like . . . this kind of reaction was even more hurtful? Shu Shu saw that the huge snake remained motionless even when being pushed away by him. On the whole, he felt very embarrassed: "I'm sorry, I’m sorry . . ." He also didn't want to do such things, but he could not do anything about his instinctive reaction . . . .

Edgar actually had long been used to it. The little sub-beastman was not that courageous and was also afraid of snake. Indeed, this kind of thing was quite normal, and in fact, it was nothing to find fault with.

After all, the little sub-beastman had been trying his best to overcome his fear to approach Edgar.

Although Edgar thought so, but his heart was still incomparably bitter.

"Big Snake, ah, when you become a human, I definitely won’t be afraid of you." Shu Shu gazed at the huge snake and smiled fawningly.

He only had the huge snake now. The huge snake did not have any malice and would even protect him. He really didn't want to be so afraid of it and kill his future prospects, but he couldn't help it . . . .

He had to make the huge snake cultivate successfully into a human as soon as possible! When the huge snake succeeded in cultivating into a human, he would have nothing to be afraid of!

"You . . . don't move. Let me take a look at your cultivation progress." Shu Shu said while using a finger to touch the huge snake’s body very carefully. Then he sent off a sliver of spiritual power within his body.

Using spiritual power to check other people's internal condition was actually very rude. A normal person absolutely wouldn’t let other people's spiritual power enter their body. However, Shu Shu did not know about this issue, and Edgar also didn’t guard against Shu Shu. As a result, Shu Shu’s spiritual power flew free with no obstruction within Edgar's body. Soon, it checked Edgar’s condition all the way through.

Quite a lot of spiritual power, ah! Moreover . . . it seemed like it was going to transform?

It loosely meant that the huge snake’s lightning tribulation could arrive tomorrow!

Shu Shu’s previously gloomy mood was swept clean, and he excitedly patted the huge snake’s head and praised it: “Disciple, you’re really awesome! You’re going to transform, and you’re several hundred times faster than your master!” No, it seemed to be more than several hundred times. He had cultivated for hundreds of years, while this snake had only cultivated for less than one hundred days!

Anyway, this was a good thing. When the huge snake became a human, he would have a companion. Even if he could not make a living to live here, at worst, he would just return to the mountain together with his disciple.

When the moment came, making his disciple go hunting while he himself preparing a meal at home was also fine.

Of course, if it was possible, he still hoped that he could stay here. After all, there were so many amazing high-tech products here . . . . Thinking about it, Shu Shu pulled the huge snake closer and continued to watch the children instructional video: "We both have to study hard and strive for self-improvement, so we can find a job in the future. We also have to find a good job, only then would we be all right. You can eat too much."

Edgar: "..." All beastmen could eat, ah!

Edgar accompanied the little sub-beastman to watch all kinds of videos that he had never watched in his childhood, and his mood slowly became tranquil. At the same time, he was also a bit puzzled. The little sub-beastman had said several times that Edgar would be able to become a sub-beastman in the future. What was the meaning of these words?

The meaning of "human" should surely be sub-beastman, right? Every time the little sub-beastman said “human”, he pointed at himself.

Shu Shu's learning ability was very fast. When Jones returned after arranging a few things, Shu Shu could already speak some simple sentences to him: "Hello! Hello! My name is Shu Shu."

Jones smiled at Shu Shu. He had already learned some things about this little sub-beastman from Edgar. According to Edgar’s version of events, this little sub-beastman was his savior, but he did not understand anything at all.

After becoming aware of this detail, Jones originally wanted to give this little sub-beastman an examination and then compare the result with the gene bank to check if there was a possibility that he was a missing sub-beastman or not. In the end, he was rejected by Edgar.

There should be some secrets in this little sub-beastman’s body. However, he appeared to be very simple. Even if there were some secrets, by no means those secrets were ill-intentioned.

Glancing at the little sub-beastman who put all his thoughts on his face, Jones immediately felt a little relaxed: "Hello, Susu! My name is Jones (Qióng sī)."

Dying poor (qióng sǐ)? Shu Shu laughed up his sleeve and smiled furtively, but then he quickly put away his smile.

Was my name very strange? Jones was a bit puzzled. Afterwards, he helped Shu Shu setting up a residence—by now, both Shu Shu and Edgar were his responsibilities to be taken care of.

A little sub-beastman had suddenly appeared in the forest. Although this matter was strange, it actually did not need Jones the doctor. But this time, taking Edgar into consideration, he nevertheless took on the responsibility to handle this matter. He also found a good reason for his involvement—he definitely could not deliver the cute little sub-beastman to that group of uncouth fellows in the barracks to be taken care of.

As for Edgar, this fallen beast . . . . He said he wanted to help this fallen beast examine his physical condition, and everyone else immediately understood.

"You two stay here for the time being, OK? Just tell me if you need anything. Also, your identity chip, I will bring it to you tomorrow." Jones said to Shu Shu. Knowing that Shu Shu might not understand, he also made some gestures, letting Shu Shu stay at ease.

Although the house prepared by Jones was very different than those on the earth, but many of its areas were similar. Jones in front demonstrated how to use various kinds of domestic electric appliances. Shu Shu more or less mastered them; he could even operate all the kitchen stuffs.

"They prepared a lot of food!" Shu Shu found that there was a big freezer in the kitchen, and after seeing a lot of meat frozen inside, his eyes were bright.

Edgar finally ate some roast meat today. Of course, Shu Shu used the oven to roast it. He had never used an oven, so he didn’t dare to roast the meat for too long. The first time, he only roasted it for two minutes. After two minutes, he took the roast meat out to inspect it. He discovered that it was still not roasted. He put it back and roasted it for another five minutes. After five minutes, it was still not roasted enough. He put it in again to roast for ten minutes . . . .

Roasted like this, of course the roast meat would not taste good. But, whether it was Edgar or Shu Shu, both of them were very satisfied with the meal. After eating, Shu Shu immediately said: "Let's hurry up and cultivate, OK!"

TL’s note:

Jones = Qióng sī

琼 (qióng) = jasper; fine jade; beautiful; exquisite

斯 (sī) = (phonetic); this

穷 (qióng) = poor; destitute; to use up; to exhaust; thoroughly; extremely

死 (sǐ) = to die; impassable; uncrossable; inflexible; rigid; damned; extremely

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