A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 30

Unedited chapter

30. Struck by Lightning Together

How did this pressure resemble the one from that time when he had been going to go through the tribulation? Shu Shu was a bit confused. Before long, he thought of something and quickly turned towards Edgar.

Staring at Edgar for a while, Shu Shu then broke into a run. He ran outside and saw a thundercloud in the sky. At once, he shouted excitedly: "Lightning tribulation! It’s the lightning tribulation!"

Rolling in the sky, that cloud looked completely different than ordinary cloud. That . . . was indeed a thundercloud, ah!

He knew that his disciple's lightning tribulation was about to arrive, but he had never expected that it would actually arrive so fast!

His disciple was going to become a human? !

Shu Shu was both startled and delighted. At this time, Edgar had also come outside and raised his head to watch the sky together with Shu Shu.

How could an enormous black cloud suddenly appear in the sky?

Looking at the lightning that flashed from time to time in the black cloud, Edgar felt that a thunderbolt would inevitably strike their house down .

"Big Snake, you must go through the tribulation. You go outside and go through the tribulation, I’ll be waiting for you here . . ." Shu Shu got a lot of genuine general knowledge about cultivation from the red bead. Included among these was that you had to go through the tribulation by yourself, otherwise it might make the lightning tribulation become very formidable and very difficult to endure. This point was the reason why the huge snake had to definitely leave the house.

However, before he even finished speaking, the huge snake suddenly rushed over and used its tail to roll him up and then quickly fled towards a spacious and empty area in the distance.

The little sub-beastman seemed to want to say something, but Edgar had no time to listen to him speak—the lightning in the sky was going to strike them down, he had to quickly escape with the little sub-beastman!

Carrying the little sub-beastman, Edgar slithered faster than ever before and soon brought the little sub-beastman to a spacious and empty playing field a short distance away.

A spacious and empty area like this was suitable to be used for evading thunderbolt . . . . Edgar breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to put the little sub-beastman down, but he suddenly discovered that the thundercloud actually followed them and was now staying on top of the spacious and empty square. Moreover, it was also a little bigger.

He would still be struck by lightning here! Edgar had no time to think too much; he rolled up the little sub-beastman and continued to move forward, fleeing.

"Put me down!" Rolled up by the snake tail and carried away at high speed, Shu Shu felt that the food he had swallowed down to his belly before were all going to be jolted out. The lightning tribulation was about to begin, and if he was not let go, then it would also count him in and make him struck by lightning together with the huge snake, ah!

He had been struck by lightning last time, and it had been very, very painful. He didn't want to be struck again now!

Hurry up and let him go, ah!

Edgar clearly didn't know what Shu Shu was thinking. He faintly felt that the thundercloud in the sky was exceptionally dangerous. Now he was even more determined to take the little sub-beastman away and run for their lives.

He fled at extraordinary speed, and soon he arrived at another spacious and empty spot.

The thundercloud followed them closely until it gathered above them once again.

There wasn’t enough time to talk or to think too much; Edgar changed direction and continued to flee.

Edgar was running so fast to the extent that when Shu Shu opened his mouth to speak, the wind rushed into his mouth, and he could hardly speak. However, no matter how difficult it was to speak, some words still had to be spoken: "You . . . you’re so stupid, ah!"

His disciple was truly an idiot, ah. The thundercloud was coming; his disciple should have stayed put, rested well, and made a careful preparation, only then would it be all right when facing the lightning tribulation. To his surprise, it carried him everywhere instead, fleeing in a vain attempt to hide from the lightning tribulation. Really, it was downright stupid!

How come there was such a stupid creature in this world? !

Shu Shu was rolled up by the snake tail, and he vaguely sensed that the lightning tribulation seemed to have included himself. He felt like crying but had no tears.

How dare the huge snake dig a hole for him like this! Fine, presumably, he couldn't put all the blame on the huge snake. Today could be like this, he also had a hand in it. Blame him for not explaining clearly to the huge snake about the matter of going through the tribulation early on . . . . But the huge snake hadn’t been particularly able to understand his words before, so he had been at a loss to explain about it, ah . . . .

Furthermore, he really hadn’t known that the lightning tribulation could actually come so fast, ah! At that time, when he had sensed that his lightning tribulation would come, he had waited for one day before it had truly arrived. Who knew that Edgar’s tribulation would actually come so fast?

Seeing the thundercloud in the sky getting bigger and bigger and begin to produce thunder and lightning, Shu Shu momentarily wanted to cry.

At this time, the hustle and bustle had also attracted other people’s attention.

Jeress and the other men’s vacation was not over yet, but since they had already returned, they did not go out hunting again. Rather, they stayed in the camp to continue training.

They were originally telling others about all kinds of things they had encountered this time, conveniently taking out photos for others to see. Then they discovered the sudden appearance of a black cloud in the originally sunny and cloudless sky.

"What’s that thing? Didn’t the weather forecast say that there’s no rain today?" Jeca, looking at the black cloud on the horizon, asked in confusion.

"Even if it’s going to rain, it’s impossible that there’s only a single dark cloud." Someone on the side replied, frowning and wondering why the black cloud looked abnormal.

"It seems that there are also thunder and lightning inside the black cloud?" Another man said.

They all watched the black cloud in confusion. Jeress looked at the direction of the black cloud’s location and then said with a frown: "Let's go take a look!"

Jeress's voice barely fell, and the other men had already run toward that direction in a hurry . . . .

Just like Jeress’ group, there were many people who rushed to the same direction. Jones had even run earlier, but they all unexpectedly couldn’t catch up with the black cloud—that fleeing black cloud was really formidable.

"Crap! This cloud shouldn’t be alive, right? Its escape route is really amazing!" Jaka couldn't help exclaiming. Right at this moment, a muffled sound blasted from between the heaven and earth. Soon after, thick and solid lightning bolts streaked out together from the inside of the black cloud and struck the ground.

The people present all saw the lightning, but it was truly the first time they saw such dazzling lightning, and all of them were quite shaken.

At this time, the black cloud at long last stopped moving.

Everyone’s footsteps stopped, and then they immediately ran to that direction.

They soon arrived underneath the black cloud, and only then did they find out that the lightning seemed to have struck someone . . . . Was that the prototype of a snake beastman?

That man was really stupid, ah! When the black cloud came, he actually stayed underneath it to get struck, unaware that he had to hide!

The people present were somewhat sympathetic to the beastman who was struck by lightning. Right at this moment, they saw another lightning in the sky striking down and struck the beastman on the ground once again.

They were too late to tell the beastman to stay away from the lightning. The other party was once again hit by the lightning strike, his whole body emitting electric sparks. At this moment, someone suddenly yelled: "There’s a sub-beastman there!"

Just now, when the second lightning struck down, the snake beastman took the initiative to face the falling thunderbolt. Taking the initiative to get hit by the lightning strike, he then exposed the head of a sub-beastman who was rolled up in the middle.

There was actually a sub-beastman under the black cloud!

"Quick, go save them!" Jeress immediately ordered. He naturally recognized the fallen beast and the sub-beastman whom he had brought back himself. At this moment, he wanted to run towards the area where the snake beastman and the sub-beastman were.

However, he had only ran a few steps and then could not continue to move forward—a formidable pressure locked him into place, unexpectedly making him unable to move a single step.

Jeress was speechless for a while. Then he looked around and discovered that the beastmen around him seemed to have run into the same problem—they could not go under the cloud.

"Call on a few planes to come and scatter that black cloud!" Jones ordered while watching the black cloud. He stood farther than Jeress and the others, yet he already couldn’t go any further.

Although Jones was a doctor, but his military rank was not low. As soon as the words came out, someone promptly went to get the planes. At this time, the third lightning streaked out from the black cloud and struck down.

Seeing that there was another lightning falling down, Shu Shu couldn't help but curl his whole body into a ball.

Getting struck by lightning was really, really painful. Although two lightnings had been blocked by the huge snake, but some lightning sparks more or less reached his body. Presently, his hair was already scorched, and his clothes were already scraps.

If this continued, his whole person would get scorched. At that time, maybe he would give off a tempting barbecue aroma . . . . The more Shu Shu brooded, the more he felt miserable. He could not help but choke up with sobs.

Edgar heard the sobs, but he did not dare to get distracted. He raised his head high, facing upward, and charged into the thunderbolt. They met head-on. First, there was a sharp pain on his head. Soon after, the lightning sparks coursed through his body, making him hurt from head to tail and weakening his whole body.

Fortunately, the little sub-beastman was all right . . . . A quick look confirmed that although the little sub-beastman was affected, but his life was not in danger. Edgar breathed a sigh of relief, and right then, another lightning strike was coming down.

Covering the little sub-beastman with his body and tail, Edgar once again faced the thunderbolt with his head.

His scales were very, very hard, but his head had been struck so many times now, exposing scorched, black skin and flesh. If not for the cultivated spiritual power in his body healing his wounds, Edgar felt that he might have been killed by the lightning strike.

It’s just, how could lightning suddenly came and struck him?

The lightning came so fast, and it struck very, very quickly too! Watching the thunderbolt in the sky, Shu Shu was a little stunned. At that time, after one lightning had struck him, the interval for the next one to arrive had been a half hour or even an hour. Why, when it was his disciple, the lightnings were linked together and arrived so rapidly, ah!

More and more black clouds were gathering above them. In the vicinity, the rain quickly started, and the surrounding beastmen who were watching the scene got drenched. At the same time, the thunderbolt went on one after another and continued to strike the huge snake’s head.

Each time, the huge snake took the initiative to face the thunderbolt squarely. Therefore, from start to finish, Shu Shu had never faced the lightning tribulation directly. However, lightning could be transmitted. Not to mention that every inch of his body was scorched black, it also hurt very, very much.

It was fine if there was a talisman to block the thunderbolt, but unfortunately, he had nothing.

However, the red bead also said that having the thunderbolt strike the body was advantageous. Thunderbolt could be used to forge the body, making the body become extremely hard and strong . . . . His disciple had been quite strong before, and after going through the lightning tribulation, it would most likely become stronger. Maybe he could also become a little powerful.

"The ninth lightning! After this lightning falls, then we’ll be OK!" Shu Shu excitedly said while watching a thunderbolt as thick as a thigh brewing within the black cloud.

It was said that when two people went through the tribulation together, the lightning tribulation would become very, very difficult to endure. But it seemed that the current tribulation was not so bad—although this lightning tribulation was much, much stronger than the one he had encountered, but it looked like his disciple would not be struck to death.

Edgar’s flesh had been lacerated by eight consecutive lightning strikes. He was lying prone on the ground and happened to hear the the little sub-beastman’s words. Naturally, he was quite amazed.

The little sub-beastman knew about what these black cloud and thunderbolts were all about? Then . . . why the hell would they be struck? Also, why couldn't they hide from those things?

"Ah ah ah! You, concentrate!" Shu Shu promptly said. The lightning strike was coming towards him, ah!

Edgar raised his body, facing upward, and rushed toward the lightning again. This lightning would be more difficult to endure compared to the previous eight. It struck his head, and then blood splattered everywhere. Fortunately, he had been bracing himself.

Somewhat, Shu Shu also suffered a little. He was momentarily paralyzed by the electric current. After a while, the pain dulled to some extent. Then he immediately said to Edgar: "You . . . you quickly . . . quickly cultivate." After going through the tribulation, it was best to quickly consolidate the cultivation . . . . But . . . why was the heavenly thundercloud still here?

Edgar subconsciously began to circulate his spiritual power. One cycle, and the injuries on his body immediately began to improve at a speed visible to the naked eye. Vaguely, he even felt that his strength was a bit stronger.

After being struck by the thunderbolts, his muscles and bones seemed to have become harder—this lightning actually gave him a lot of benefits!

Edgar was thinking of doing a proper study, but he suddenly realized that the pressure from the black cloud on top of his head did not decrease. In contrary, it increased, and at the same time, another thunderbolt struck down.

"Why there’s more?!" Shu Shu gazed at the thunderbolt stupidly. Wasn’t it over after the full nine lightning strikes?

Just when Shu Shu was both anxious and depressed, the red bead within his body gave him the answer.

Daemon who wanted to form the daemon core and transform into a human shape had to go through the heavenly tribulation. Among the heavenly tribulations, the least was nine lightnings altogether. These nine lightnings would not be too strong, and getting through them was easy enough. For example, the one he had gone through before. This kind of heavenly tribulation was intended for those daemons with inferior innate skill and poor aptitude.

However, if the daemon who went through the tribulation had outstanding innate skill and great strength, it was clearly impossible to only get struck by nine lightnings. In fact, after the full nine strikes, the lightning might come nine more times, and nine more, and nine more times . . . .

Of course, considering that it was only to form the daemon core and not to ascend to heaven, at most, the heavenly tribulation would be four times nine, which equaled thirty-six.

His disciple was quite powerful, and its cultivation was very, very fast. Moreover, it also brought him along. Since the situation was like this . . . his disciple wouldn’t get struck by thirty-six lightnings, right?

If his disciple really had to get through so many lightnings, could it stay alive? Shu Shu glanced at the huge snake whose head had no scales, and his lips started to tremble.

Edgar got through another lightning, and this lightning was even stronger.

But this time he was a little more at ease than before because he had calmed down now, and because his body was stronger, and also because he had discovered the function of the spiritual power within his body.

Using the spiritual power to protect his head, Edgar looked at the black cloud in the sky, his eyes full of firmness.

In any case, he would not let this lightning hurt his beloved little sub-beastman.

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