A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy

Chapter 29

Unedited chapter

29. Feeling Jealous and Thundercloud

Jeress was a very patient man; Shu Shu and he chatted pretty well. Relying on the daemon’s powerful memory, Shu Shu spoke more and more smoothly and soon caught up with . . . a two-year-old little beastman.

Although a two-year-old little beastman was not likely to have a wide vocabulary, and although there were still many words that Shu Shu didn’t understand, but he believed that everything would quickly change. He had never spoken any language before, but just by listening to people talking, when he turned into a human form, he began as a clever daemon who could immediately speak. Was there any possibility that he could not learn the language of this place?

Shu Shu was full of confidence in himself.

When Jones came to find Edgar, he saw that Shu Shu and Jeress had moved up to chatting, and the content of the chat . . . . He estimated it was about the same to that of kindergarten children?

"Good morning!" Jones issued the greeting with a smile and observed the little sub-beastman carefully. The little sub-beastman was in a good spirit, so it could be assumed that he had had a pretty good rest last night. He also adapted well to the completely-new environment, which was actually very rare.

In fact, in the little sub-beastman’s current situation, he should not live alone. The right thing to do was trying to find another sub-beastman to accompany him or having him live in a family with sub-beastman. It had been Edgar who proposed that he and the little sub-beastman should just live alone, and Jones had not refused.

Not only Jones trusted Edgar's self-control, he also reckoned that they could only get along like that for several days, so there was no need to separate them now.

"Good morning." Shu Shu greeted back and smiled at the leopard spirit who had suffered the same mishap as him when becoming a human. Although this world made him feel out of place, but he was not overly scared. The society on the earth had legal systems and institutions, and this place had to be even more developed than the earth. It should be unlikely that they would kill people like scything grass, right? Yeah, it would certainly not happen. If they had really been bad people, they would have already taken him prisoner!

"Do you want to go out and have a stroll? You may have Jeress accompany you going out." Jones said and then said it again a few more times using easily understood words: "Do you want to go for a walk? Do you want to go shopping? Jeress will take you there."

Going out to shop? Shu Shu’s eyes lit up, and he nodded vigorously: “I want to!” After he nodded, he remembered something: “Money. I have no money.” He had already asked Jeress to explain about “money”. After all, it was a very important thing that could buy food.

"This is for you. Jeress will teach you how to use it." Jones took out a card and gave it to Shu Shu.

Shu Shu looked at the card, and his eyes were as bright as the full moon. However, he also felt that he should not take other people’s money casually. In the end, he patted his own chest and said, “Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I will give it back to you.”

Jones could not stop the corner of his mouth from twitching. He knew that this child probably wanted to say that he would return the money later, but he didn't know how to say "later". As a primitive, remote planet, Cas Planet was basically self-sufficient. It didn't cost much money here, and Jones also didn't lack money, so he immediately said: "No need."

"I will." Shu Shu said. Following this, he spoke to his disciple in Chinese: "Disciple, you must work hard in the future. Earn some money to pay me back, you know?" He went out because he wanted to shop for his disciple, but of course, the disciple also had to contribute and pay him back.

The little sub-beastman was willing to spend his own money, but he was not willing to spend other people’s? Edgar was perfectly satisfied.

"Move. Let's go shopping." Shu Shu spoke in local language and beckoned to the huge snake.

"Hold on, he can't go." Jones put a stop to it. Seeing Shu Shu's puzzled face, he explained the reason: "It’s inconvenient."

The huge snake still hadn’t cultivated into a human, so it was indeed inconvenient and might even scare people . . . . Shu Shu accepted this reason, however, thinking that the huge snake could not go, he suddenly didn’t want to go as well.

"There are many interesting things there." Jeress tried to persuade Shu Shu. He really, really wanted to shop together with the little sub-beastman.

"Yes, ah, there are also many beautiful clothes there." Jones added. The little sub-beastman had been wearing animal skin on his arrival. Although he had changed his clothes now, the change of clothes was actually the most ordinary style of loungewear Jones had brought. Today the little sub-beastman could definitely go and pick some nice clothes to buy and wear at home.

"There are also lots and lots of delicious things!" Jeress said again.

Shu Shu didn't care much about clothes, but hearing that there were lots of delicious things, he couldn't resist anymore. Swallowing his saliva, he firmly stated: "Go! I will go!"

"Big Snake, wait for me to come back. I’ll bring you some delicious things!" Before leaving, Shu Shu once again spoke to the huge snake in Chinese.

Seeing Shu Shu and Jeress leave together, Edgar’s mood was extraordinarily bad, but he also knew that Jones wanted to have a talk with him and had to sent Shu Shu away for that. Needless to say, Edgar had not stopped him.

Jones indeed had something to say to Edgar, and he also planned to give Edgar a physical examination at the same time. Yesterday, he had suddenly become aware that Edgar had become a fallen beast, and he had been so unsettled that he overlooked the opportunity. He naturally had to make up for it now.

"I’ve promised you that I wouldn’t push the little sub-beastman to get a physical examination. Nevertheless, I must give you a physical examination." Jones, seeing Edgar unwilling to cooperate, coaxed him.

Edgar hesitated, but he still nodded in the end. However, he couldn't help but think of the little sub-beastman. The little sub-beastman was obviously very unfamiliar with everything here, yet he could dress himself and could also use every kind of electrical appliances after taking a look at them . . . . Could it be that he had lived on a solitary planet in a remote location before? In this case, why didn't he know the difference between a beastman and a sub-beastman?

When Edgar was being examined by Jones, Shu Shu was shopping.

Formerly, he had merely been a very, very small little hamster. Naturally, it had been impossible to go shopping. Now was his first time seeing such a lively street, and he was simply excited to the max.

Selling clothes, selling foods, selling toys . . . . Shu Shu saw a whole group of shops, and the more he saw, the more excited he was.

There were many things that he especially wanted to buy, but the money in his possession was actually not his. If he spent it excessively, he might not be able to afford it in the future. In that case, he could only restrain himself!

He had had an owner who couldn't control herself from buying all kinds of things. Every month, she squandered all her monthly salary. Once, at the end of the month, she couldn't even afford to eat instant noodles, so she had no other choice but to take those oats, millets, and corn kernels that were originally for him to eat and use them to make some porridge for herself. It was totally unbearable!

In no way would he fall into this plight!

However, the barbecue next door smelled really good, ah . . . . In the end, Shu Shu still handed out the card he held and asked for ten skewers of barbecue.

"I’ll treat you, all right?" Jeress was a little anxious. He was taking a sub-beastman shopping, and he actually let the sub-beastman buy his own snacks. He would be despised and condemned by the other beastmen!

"No need, no need." Shu Shu shook his head. It was better to be indebted to only one person, making it easy to pay up in the future . . . . As he spoke, he bit down a big mouthful of barbecue.

This barbecue was really much more delicious than the ones made by himself. He had to let the huge snake taste it . . . . Shu Shu put some barbecue into his food pouches, leaving no trace.

His food pouches were a very magical space. He could put lots and lots of food in there. The food put inside wouldn’t go bad or even get tainted with other smells. They were practically as handy as the magical space in certain novels. The only drawback was that . . . the entrance of this space was his mouth.

Therefore, although there was space, but he could only put food into it, and only small-sized food, either. Other things . . . he wanted to stuff some clothes into it, but they could not go in.

Shu Shu cheerfully gnawed on the barbecue; some he ate, and some he put into the food pouches. In a short time, ten skewers of barbecue were gone.

It just so happened that there was someone selling fruits on the side, so he again asked for a plate of fruits and continued to follow the previous pattern.

He ate and ate until he was very full, and he also put so many things into his food pouches. Then Shu Shu remembered his real mission—he wanted to buy some daily necessities for the huge snake.

Together with Jeress, Shu Shu went into a family supermarket and strolled around.

In the small house where he lived, only the master bedroom had a set of bed sheet and quilt. Since the other rooms had none, he had to buy a few sets. There was only one set of toothbrush and washcloth, so he also had to buy more. There was only a pair of house shoes, so he had to buy one more pair . . . . Considering the huge snake’s imminent transformation into a human, it would need some clothes. But because Shu Shu did not know the size, he only bought a thick nightwear in the end.

He could not read or write the local language, so when he bought the nightwear, he just chose a big and thick one that only used two straps to fasten, making it especially convenient to put on or take off. He thought even if it turned out that it was too big for his disciple to wear, it could still be used as a quilt or a cover. However, he did not know that what he bought was actually the style of nightwear worn by the beastmen.

Jeress didn't understand why the little sub-beastman bought these things, but they were not expensive and were also commonly used household items. He didn't say much and just helped packing them up. Then he delivered the little sub-beastman along with all kinds of things he had bought back to the place where the little sub-beastman lived.

"Thank you." Shu Shu watched Jeress help him move everything in, feeling grateful from the bottom of his heart.

"Don't mention it, I haven’t done anything." Jeress promptly said. As a matter of fact, for a beastman who still didn't have a partner, accompanying a single sub-beastman shopping was a pleasant task.

"Come again tomorrow and let’s eat together!" Shu Shu said again.

"Alright, I’ll come again tomorrow!" Jeress' eyes immediately shone.

Edgar had asked Jones to help checking the area where his scales had fallen off. However, nothing had come to light from the examination. Initially, he was still at a loss thinking about what the hell the problem was with his missing scales, but when he saw this scene, he did not have time to care about the problem with his scales anymore.

The little sub-beastman actually invited Jeress to come round for a meal!

He didn't want anyone else eat the food made personally by the little sub-beastman, but he . . . what did he have to do to stop it?

Edgar's mood became low, and when he saw the things bought by the little sub-beastman, he felt like being struck by lightning.

The various kinds of things in the house that Jones had prepared for them were very complete. Although only one person used them, but they were already enough for the little sub-beastman to use for a while. Why did he suddenly buy so many things?

Who did he buy these things for?

Watching the little sub-beastman arrange the second bedroom upstairs and then put the nightwear worn by the beastmen into the wardrobe of the second bedroom, Edgar was a little stupefied.

Would the little sub-beastman respond to Jeress’ courting? Although Edgar considered Jeress inferior, but on this remote planet, he was already good enough. The little sub-beastman also liked his beast type and would agree that his type was definitely very normal.

If only Edgar had realized it earlier, he would not have allowed the little sub-beastman and that guy go shopping together!

But what use was him not allowing it? He was a fallen beast, and he would never be able to accompany the little sub-beastman. The little sub-beastman would definitely find a beastman to live together, and that man would never be him.

He didn't want to be a beast; he wanted to become a human. Unfortunately, he was already a beast.

The unwillingness in Edgar’s heart got more and more intense, and the spiritual power in his body automatically circulated faster and faster.

There was a faint feeling of what was going to happen and so forth in his heart, and the area on his body where the scales had fallen off got more and more itchy, but in the end, he didn’t know what would happen. Finally, feeling jittery, he tapped his tail three times. He wanted to make the little sub-beastman prepare his meal instead of carrying on arranging the second bedroom.

"Are you hungry?" Shu Shu saw Edgar use his tail to tap the floor three times and immediately ran towards the kitchen, lest he was too slow and made the huge snake grow an appetite for him.

But to prepare a meal that fast was impossible . . . . Shu Shu suddenly remembered that inside his food pouches, there were some delicious foods he had brought back for the huge snake. He at last breathed a sigh of relief and then took out all the foods that he had put into his food pouches: "I brought back lots of delicious food for you!"

Later on, when the little sub-beastman had a partner, he would only do this kind of thing for his partner, right? Edgar, eyeing the food, had no appetite at all.

"You hurry up and eat! Fill your stomach and don't be hungry!" Shu Shu impatiently pushed the food forward. Seeing the huge snake staring at him and not moving its mouth, he once again said: "You can rest assured that these are taken out of my food pouches. I guarantee that they’re clean and won't even have my saliva."

Edgar actually didn’t mind eating the little sub-beastman’s saliva, but he felt extremely violent as long as he thought that, in the future, someone might get the little sub-beastman’s attention just like him.

The spiritual power in his body became more and more violent. Inexplicably, he also felt that there was something in the sky that began to oppress him.

At this time, Shu Shu also felt something was wrong. He looked at the sky with puzzlement across his whole face, a little doubtful: "Why does it seem like something is going to happen?"

Right at this moment, the sky exploded with a loud burst, and the thundercloud began to gather in the sky.

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