A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem

Chapter 29

Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Recovered From A Serious Illness

“Why?” At first Fu Ling was reluctant to stay, even though this trip of the Empress did not make things difficult but it was not truly to express her goodwill. Under such circumstances, why would she suddenly change her mind? Qing Feng is puzzled.

“This servant… Want to stay by your Ladyship’s side”

Qing Feng face sank and coldly said, “You are lying, I want to hear the truth.”

A faint disgust was heard in the ice cold voice. Fu Ling raised her head and immediately saw a fury pair of eyes. She slightly hesitated thinking that she should not have lied to her, why did she lie to her? If she wants to stay, won’t the words “someone to trust” will touched her? Looking at the peonies’ blooming outside the window, Fu Ling softly replied, “This servant entered the Palace at twelve and till now it has been eleven years and have worked in the Imperial Kitchens, Weaving Department and female medical courtyard. And now this servant fear that she can no longer return to the Laundry Bureau. If not here, where else will she go?” Trust in this Imperial Palace is too precious. She also wanted to try if it is possible to trust someone.

Only because there was nowhere to go? Qing Feng was a little disappointed, “You have been in the Palace for so many years so you should be very clear about my current situation. Did you think it through clearly?”

“En.” Fu Ling nodded her head and did not say anything else.

“Good. You just stay beside me then.” Staring at Fu Ling gentle and calm profile, Qing Feng said word for word, “But you must remember that I hate deception and betrayal.”

With silent shimmering eyes, Fu Ling bowed her head low and replied, “This servant will bear in mind.”

“And do not call me Ladyship from now on.”

“Yes Mistress.” Fu Ling obediently changed her words, seemingly taking Qing Feng’s words as orders and be in all obedience. Qing Feng felt inexplicable irritated and she waved her hands, “You can retreat.”


Watching Fu Ling leaving figure, Qing Feng furrowed her brows. This kind of elusive and profound thinking person, is it right or wrong to keep her at her side?


During which she was in bed for over ten days, Yan Hong Tian did not once reappear. The Empress or other concubines also did not bother her. Fu Ling was careful and considerate and the chest pain gradually faded. Everything was calm. Letting Fu Ling spend a few silver to bribe, she was able to hear a few news about Eldest Sister and Youngest Sister. They were staying at the Prime Minister Mansion and the General Mansion respectively and could occasionally see one another. Even though it was just knowing these things, she was still very happy. At least Eldest Sister and Youngest Sister can meet up.

Huang Jiao removed the acupuncture needles and took her pulse for a while before speaking in relief, “Your injury is healed about seventh to eighth tenth. Rest well and continue to take the medication and your body will slowly recover. It’s just that you have to be more careful in the future, don’t overwork, especially don’t catch a cold and you must not get furious.” Her internal injuries dragged for days before treatment thus have left the roots. If she could maintain her lifestyle like now, it would not cause any problems.

Qing Feng kept thinking of how to find out more news about her sisters thus whatever Huang Jia have said, she did not listen at all. After he finish speaking, Qing Feng then recovered and smiled, “I understand.”

Qing Feng was not listening but Fu Ling was listening very detailedly. For the Imperial Physician to say this much, it meant that the injury will not be able to be completely healed. Fu Ling asked softly, “Do you meant that the illness that Mistress is suffering from still have remaining issues? With regards to daily meals and medication, what areas should attention be focused on?”

Huang Jiao, who was packing up his medicine box, paused and looked at the female at the side. Her beautiful face and clear eyes indicated a intelligent and detailed girl. Huang Jiao laughed, “You know medicine?”

Fu Ling gently shook her head and replied, “This servant only learn a few years in female medical courtyard and crudely recognized some medical ingredients.”

So she is a female doctor. Huang Jia nodded his head satisfyingly and said, “Good. Come over here, I will explain to you what areas you should pay attention in the future.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling followed Huang Jiao out to the outer chambers.

The early summer sun shone through the purple silk curtain and laminated the entire floor. After stretching a bit, Qing Feng got up and walked to the windows and took a deep breath. A light flower fragrance tingled with the breeze, made one instantly refreshed and accompanied by the light pink flower petals that were vying to be the most glamorous. The flower arrangements may not be as noble as the Mudan (Tree peony – Queen of all flowers) but it has a flare of attractiveness. Xin Yue Ning was not wrong, these Chinese peonies are indeed the best kind. It’s just that she preferred the autumn begonia flowers lofty feeling. Thinking a while, Qing Feng suddenly said, “Lan-er, get me an outer wear.”

“Yes.” Lan-er brought a plain light yellow flower dress for Qing Feng to wear. Qing Feng then open the curtain up and headed out of the hall.

Lan-er did not dare to slight and quickly kept up, “Your Ladyship, where do want to go?” Xia Yin immediately took out a paper umbrella. The afternoon sun is vicious enough to make one faint, going out to view flowers at this time was not good.

“Just walking around, you all need not follow me.” Just as Fu Ling came back after sending Huang Jiao out, Qing Feng raised her hand and said, “Fu Ling, support me out for a walk.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling took the umbrella over from Xia Yin and supported Qing Feng out of Qing Feng Hall.

Lan-er was slightly annoyed and complained softly, “Older sister Xia Yin, that Fu Ling knows medicine and knows how to please her Ladyship. In the future at Qing Feng Hall, will there be a place for us?”

Placing the empty medicine bowl into Lan-er hands, Xia Yin replied as she was tidying up the bed, “Just do what you are suppose to do. Whoever her Ladyship decide to favour is not controllable by me or you.”

Curling her lips, Lan-er mumbled back, “I understand.”

Lan-er brought the bowl which previously contained the medicine out of the hall and Xia Yin looked around. After confirming that no one was around, she took out something from her sleeves and quietly tucked it under Qing Feng pillows.


During noon, the mistresses naturally stay at their own palaces to rest and there will not be many people on the palace roads. In a distance, there was a light green paper umbrella and there was two lean figures walked over under the hot sun. Both of their steps were light and slow, as if bringing a trace of coolness to the hot summer afternoon.

“Fu Ling, you should know Lou Xi Yan. What… Is he like?

Fu Ling thought for a while before softly replying, “This servant did not have any contact with Prime Minister Lou and don’t know how he is like. But from what the other people from the palace, he is refined, humble and also the official that the Emperor rely on the most.”

After a long time, Qing Feng suddenly asked, “Has he taken a wife yet?” Eldest Sister is gentle and elegant. For her to be concubine, it would be a great grievance but for Lou Xi Yan such a figure, did he not have any wife?

“Prime Minister Lou do not have a wife yet, but…”

Fu Ling did not finish speaking when there was a white fluffy thing that suddenly jumped out of the roadside bushes and onto Qing Feng legs.

“Ahh!” The sudden turn of events scared Qing Feng that she screamed. She just recovered from a serious illness and now her leg was severely hit. Qing Feng’s legs could not help but stumble backwards.

“Be careful.” A deep male voice sounded by her ears and a large hand grabbed her arm. With this force of support, Qing Feng could stand straight and firmly. When the hand released, Qing Feng looked back and saw a familiar pair of cool eyes.

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