A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem

epilogue 1

Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Epilogue 1

Epilogue 1

The beginning of autumn should be the best of the season, the cool air and atmosphere made one feel refresh in every breath. The plum blossoms at the Shu Shan Residence was no longer like how it was previously. Great care was put into the endless plum tree forest that their branches were full of foliage. Even though there were no blossoming flowers in autumn, looking at the growth of the vigorous branches, they too have a different type of beauty.

A lean figure stood in the middle of the plum blossoms as the cool autumn wind blew the pale blue dress as it fluttered around. A large hand suddenly came out from behind and Qing Feng was enveloped in a warm embrace.

"It is almost autumn and you still don't wear an additional layer of clothes." The person behind seem to be not happy as the hand around the waist tightened.

Qing Feng comfortably lean against this familiar embrace and did not seem to care about that person's temper but instead laughed, "This year's plum blossoms must be better than last year."

Yan Hong Tian glanced at the plum blossom forest which was of no difference to previous years and asked, "How could you tell?"

"With me taking great care of it, of course the blossoms would get better."

Speaking of this made Yan Hong Tian not happy. He rarely came over to Shu Shan Residence but Qing Feng was either busy with the plum blossoms or thinking of the bamboo forest behind the mountain else she would be busy taking care of Ning-er. She did not even see eye to eye at him. How could Yan Hong Tian not be angry. He held onto Qing Feng's shoulder and turn her around to face him. Yan Hong Tian lightly cough, "No matter how good, one would need to also give thanks."

Seeing Yan Hong Tian's poor expressions, Qing Feng started the chuckled as she replied without fear, "That is true but the good thing is that it would still flower next year."

She was getting not afraid of him! Yan Hong Tian glared at her and suddenly raised his hand. Qing Feng did not hide and only felt her hair gently moved. She curiously asked, "What is it?"

As Qing Feng asked, one of her hand reach up and touched a hairpin like thing on her head. She took it down and saw that it was indeed a hairpin. The purple gold long hairpin was very unique, on the front of the slender body of the hairpin was a captivating red plum blossom and below the blossom the tassels were hanging down like water. At the end of the tassel, there were pieces of jade carved into small bamboos. The hairpin was not large but it was especially beautiful.

"Since you like plum blossoms, you now can have a plum blossom that would not wither." Yan Hong Tian put up a relaxed look but his eyes kept on staring at Qing Feng's face, as if he feared of missing any of her expression. Qing Feng does not like to wear jewellery and did not wear the usual stuff that was bestowed. This hairpin was found after great pains. The red colour and red ruby inlay already took half a year to prepare and was only completed recently. Yan Hong Tian waiting for a long time but Qing Feng only stared at the hairpin and did not say anything. Yan Hong Tian's brows gradually twisted up, "Don't like it?"

Putting back the hairpin lightly into her hair, Qing Feng then slowly raised her head. Her eyes was filled with warmth but she said… "Only one is considered little."

Yan Hong Tian was surprised for a moment before laughing, "What a greedy female."

She reached her hands out to circle around Yan Hong Tian's neck and buried her face between his shoulders and neck as she replied muffled, "Now then you know?" Previously she felt that she would be satisfied to be able to get out of the Palace to live freely at this place and occasionally see him. Who knew that she had underestimated herself. Even now when he see her almost every few days, she still felt that it was not enough. She was greedy.

Naturally Yan Hong Tian did not know Qing Feng thoughts at the moment but it was rare for this beauty to throw herself into his arms so Yan Hong Tian would certainly not let go and tighten his arms around her.

"Xi Yan, do you find that this plum blossom forest seemed a little small that one is unable to hide anywhere."

Suddenly a female voice sounded behind that killed the joy. Yan Hong Tian turned back and saw Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing standing not far away with a look of entertained. Qing Feng retrieved her hands back from around Yan Hong Tian's neck as a touch of flush appeared on her fair face. She slightly struggled a little but Yan Hong Tian continued to hold on.

What a joke. He was a monarch of an nation and this is his territory so the people who should withdraw should be that people who are annoying the lovey dovely of a couple. Unfortunately this couple were not ordinary people and had no intentions of withdrawing thus the most embarrassed person was Qing Feng. It was fortunate that her obedient daughter came to rescue her.

"Daddy…" A childish voice sounded and Yan Hong Tian looked down seeing Yan Ning pulling the corner of his clothes as she look at him with her big watery eyes as if she wanted him to carry her.

Seeing his own daughter by his feet, Yan Hong Tian was then willing to let go. When he just squatted down, the little body threw herself into his arms. Yan Ning was not over two years old thus she was not able to walk properly or speak much but the word 'daddy' was carefully taught by Qing Feng thus it was said particularly clear. Yan Hong Tian enjoyed listening to it as it was much more to his liking than the 'Imperial Father' that was used to listening. Little Yan Ning was already perfect at such a young age, especially that small cinnabar mole like it was a red plum embedded between her brows.

"Be good Ning-er." Yan Hong Tian carried his daughter and sat her on his lap pampering. He took out a bag of candy and gave it to her. Yan Ning's little eyes shone bring as she grab one piece and put it in her mouth as she happily smile with her eyes closed. Seeing two little figures standing not far away, Yan Hong Tian smile, "Chen-er, Xi-er, come over here."

The two children tottered over to Yan Hong Tian's side and he handed the candy to them. Both of them look at one other before Lou Xi reached his hand out to take one piece but handed it to his sister. Lou Chen took the piece of candy from him but did not eat it and instead put it into Lou Xi's mouth before reaching out to take one piece of candy for herself to eat.

Yan Hong Tian watched in laughter at the interaction of both children when a candy was placed near his lips. Yan Ning sweet voice followed with it, "Daddy… Eat…"

Yan Hong Tian slightly frown. He usually do not like to eat these disgustingly sweet thing but the little girl seems set in heart and pushed the candy into his mouth. Yan Hong Tian was helpless towards it and can only open his out to eat. Lou Xi saw his Eldest Sister Ning had fed Yifu (husband of mother's sister) a candy so he also learned from her and picked one candy to place near Yan Hong Tian's mouth. Yan Hong Tian felt a moment of loss, if it was someone else, he did not have to eat but this person was Xi-er. Let alone candy, if it was poison, he would also swallowed it down.

Lou Chen saw the entanglement and look at Yan Ning before turning to see Lou Xi. She thought about it and also pick up a candy to place it at Yan Hong Tian's mouth. His mouth was already filled with two candies but seeing Lou Chen big bright eyes, Yan Hong Tian bit the bullet and also ate the other candy up. The three little fellows surrounded Yan Hong Tian and seemingly falling in love with the game of you feed one candy, I feed another game.

Yan Hong Tian finally had too much and called out, "You all just stand there by the side-lines?!"

Qing Feng stood by the side smiling while Zhuo Qing pretended not to have seen it. Only Lou Xi Yan took two steps forward and gently sighed with his soft voice, "It's truly a touching scene."

The three of them refused to lend a helping hand which made Yan Hong Tian just about to make things difficult when Fu Ling hurriedly ran over. Seeing that Yan Hong Tian was here, she quickly bowed and greeted, "May the Emperor have thousands of blessings."

Seeing her abnormal expression, Qing Feng asked, "What had happened?"

"The General's Furen is about to deliver but after one day she have yet to deliver. The people from the General's residence came over and would like to bring Lou Furen over."

The people there were stumped for words. Gu Yun was about to deliver? Wasn't it not due for another few more days? Zhuo Qing was too hurried to ask more questions and said, "Where are the people from the General's residence? I want to go there now."

"In the front hall."

Zhuo Qing nodded her head and ran over. Qing Feng was also worried that it would be a difficult birth for Gu Yun and shouted to Zhuo Qing's figure, "Wait up, we will also go." After finishing, she did not even ask Yan Hong Tian as she handed the three children to Fu Ling and pulled his hand to head out.

Yan Hong Tian's face darken, his official's wife was about to deliver and what logic was it that he, as an Emperor, would go over to look? Just as he was about to pull Qing Feng back to say that he would not be going, he saw Qing Feng strained look as she tightly pulled his hand. Yan Hong Tian changed his mind after some thought. Never mind, will go and be concern about this younger sister-in-law. It would not matter much. He looked over and also saw that Zhuo Qing was pulling Lou Xi Yan along and he had a helpless smile on his face. Seeing that, his heart became much better…

General's Residence

When they rushed over to Ling Yun Court, where Gu Yun was staying, they were almost shocked at the scene. Qing Feng stood frozen for a moment and if the atmosphere was not like that, she would have laughed out.

In the huge Ling Yun Court, other than the area in front of the door where Su Ling was pacing anxiously, the rest of the area were densely packed. Gu Yun was delivering a baby and a group of soldiers were crouching outside to wait. What exactly was this scene?!

Zhuo Qing went into the house to help while Qing Feng went to inquire about the whole story. So it was said that Gu Yun felt that since there were several more days before the birth, she went to see the army exercise today. Who knew that after watching half of it, her abdomen started to hurt and that immediately brought chaos to the entire disciplined and orderly General's residence.

At that time Gu Yun was in so much pain that her entire face was white, which scared the entire platoon of soldiers. What kind of person was Gu Yun, during normal trainings they have all seen it, she would not even complain or make a single sound no matter how hard it was but now there were screaming coming out of the room from time to time. Listening to the screams made them feel absolutely horrified as they worried incessantly, thus they just crouch nearby to wait for the news.

In the room, after much efforts from Zhuo Qing and the midwife, the child was finally born. When the crisp cries from the child sounded, the atmosphere outside was boiling.

Zhuo Qing wrapped the child well and showed to Gu Yun as she smiled, "Yun, it's a daughter."

After being torment for the entire day, no matter how good Gu Yun physical strength was, she can only now lay on the bed and not move. Gu Yun slightly looked up at the quieten baby and nodded her head. It's good as long as there was no mishap.

"I will carry out for them to take a lot and also call Su Ling in."

Gu Yun lightly coughed and when Zhuo Qing opened the door, she saw Su Ling's tall huge figure blocking the way as he spoke to her in a hoarse voice filled with anxiety, "How is she?"

"Both mother and child are safe, you can go in to see her." Before Zhuo Qing could finish, Su Ling ran into the room in a flash, without even asking if the child was a boy or a girl. Zhuo Qing slightly smile as she carried the baby to the courtyard, "Congratulations, it's a daughter."


Zhuo Qing's face stiffen as the elders in the Su family stared at her with enlarged eyes and voices as loud as thunder.

"It's… It's a girl?!" Even the usually elegant Su Ren's facial expression were strange.

"How could it be a girl?!"

"Really a daughter?"

"Furen actually gave birth to a daughter?!"

Seeing the extremely shocked expressions on this group of men, Zhuo Qing was very confused. Even Yan Hong Tian and Lou Xi Yan had an incredible look on their face like it was a strange thing that Yun could deliver a girl. Zhuo Qing's heart was somewhat unhappy as she coldly retorted, "What is wrong with a daughter?"

"Daughter… A daughter is great!"

"The ancestors have gave their blessings!"

"Quick. Quickly go back to report to the elders that there is a daughter in our Su family!"

Zhuo Qing previously thought they valued sons and belittled daughters and was unhappy about it. But they fell into chaos as they took in the good news. Zhuo Qing stood frozen there, suddenly not knowing what was going on as this group of males in the Su family surrounded her with a look of joy on their faces, staring at the baby in her arms as they sing praises.

"What a pretty baby girl. Her little face looks really good."

"Yes, really look good."

"What soft and supple skin, will definitely be a great beauty when grown up!"

A group of men stared at the little baby girl until they were almost drooling and that made Zhuo Qing entire body filled with goose bumps. She finally remembered Xi Yan mentioning that all these years the Su family always had sons and never had daughters before. No wonder they had such a cherish look on their faces. She could imagine in the future, this little girl would be spoilt by this group of men.

Seeing each one of them seemingly have stars in their eyes, Zhuo Qing push the child forward and said, "Let you carry to slowly look at her."

When Qing Feng just finished her words, the originally excited men surrounding her seemed to have suffered a great shock and immediately jumped seven to eight steps away from her.

"No no no, you should carry instead."

"It's a baby girl! What if she was carried incorrectly?"

Zhuo Qing was speechless and at this moment she start to worry about this precious daughter of the Su family that would be loved by thousands. To grow up by the side of this group of men and with Gu Yun as her mother, was it… Really not a problem?

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