A Naive Short-tempered Girl

Chapter 966

Chapter 966

"He has never looked after us for so many years. Why do you want me to call his father as soon as he appears?" Luo Yuhan's words are a burst of blood.

Yaoyao sighed helplessly: "it's not your father's fault, listen to me, it's raining cold. There are many reasons for this. Dad is not around us. Do you understand? But dad has always loved you. "

"Yes, sister, dad is very good. It's just It's just a bit fierce. "

Luo Yu lowers his head and glances at her small eyes, which gradually turn to the back of Yu Aotian

Thanks to the return of black Yan Long and luoyuhan, all the friends of yuaotian arrived at his residence to welcome him.

All of a sudden, such a big villa was very busy. Ouyang Zixuan with his wife, Qilian Aoyun with the wind, LONGYE with his child and Mo Xuetong, Gong Xiaoman with Han Lishang, and longyujue, and Nanlu, all of them came.

The villa of the royal family is more lively than ever, and the sound of happiness is higher than the wave.

Luoyuhan may be because of her mother's words. She had a communication with yuaotian after going home.

Of course, yuaotian is also a master of spoiling his daughter. His attitude towards luoyuhan is almost like that of a slave, but he is still very strict with his son.

The future.

Black Yanlong has decided to go to France to continue to fulfill his dream. He told the royal family goodbye. Luo Yuhan, who never cried in front of people, became a tearful man. He has to go with black Yanlong.

But just got his daughter's yuaotian, where would he let her go like this? So, I forced to leave luoyuhan

A year later.

"I said baby, we have been living together for a year, and the children are going to primary school. People all over the world know about us. When are you going to marry me?"

"Well? Let me think about it... "

"Think about it? Since you came back to me, I have mentioned it to you countless times. You always said to think about it! consider! When are you going to think about it? "

"Say it..."

Yu Aotian saw Yao Yao's attitude was so bad, so he took out his own mace from the safe. "Look, luoyaoyao. This is the agreement you signed that year. If you don't marry me, I'll go to court and sue you! "

Yao Yao opens the paper and has a look

The above content is really the marriage agreement she signed with Yu Aotian. When was the marriage agreement signed?

Memory, back to five years ago, vaguely remember that at that time, she was given medicine by Zeng Qing, resulting in a child of several years old, so she signed this agreement with Yu Aotian. "Go and sue me. However, I would like to remind you that all agreements signed are void if the parties do not have the autonomy. "

"You! Forget it, I'm going to work. I won't tell you! "

Seeing the back of Yu Aotian's departure, Yao Yao secretly smiles, tidies up his things, drives to the cemetery

In front of a tombstone.

Yao Yao holds a shiny ring and stares at the picture on the tombstone. "Chen Yi, you've been away for nearly seven years. I believe that you in the sky must have seen what happened in these seven years. Aotian has made numerous requests for marriage with me in this year, and I don't know why... "

"Maybe it's because I've been married to you; maybe it's because I like the feeling of being with yuaotian now, so I don't want to go through the process of marriage with yuaotian. But... "

A faint smile. "As proud as I am now, if I live with him like this, I think he will have to be knocked down by me and even lose his position as Deputy Prime Minister. I thought about it, or I decided to marry him. What do you think? " Murmuring to himself.

Yao Yao untied the necklace on her neck and slowly put the shining ring on it "Chenyi, although we are separated for 7 years, what I will never forget is that you are my most important family. So, it will always be close to my heart... " She started, stroked the ring hanging on her neck, and turned around and disappeared into the desolate cemetery

"Wow, look, look, that man over there is so handsome. Is it a star

"It must be!" In the street, the crowd heard the sound of the land.

Yao Yao lowers her head and walks slowly to the opposite street. She happens to bump into the man who is coming face to face "Yes, I'm sorry."

Raise your eyes

What she saw was a face that was so beautiful that it was amazing. A pair of blue eyes with charming luster, a blonde hair is particularly dazzling.


"Nothing." K smiled modestly.

Yaoyao frowned slightly and was about to leave.

Who knows

"Miss." K yelled at her.

The body froze there.

K looked at her face in disbelief and said with a smile, "have we met somewhere?"

YeahFor more than 20 years, I have been involved in grudges and feuds. However, he knew her existence; she did not know his existence; when she knew him, there was only hatred. "Sir, I think you must be mistaken." A natural smile is on the corner of your mouth.

K picked his eyebrows and said, "maybe..." With a graceful smile, Yaoyao walked across the road slowly.

Yao Yao looks back at the back of his gradual departure.

A red line on the ring finger of K's right finger is particularly attractive to her eyes.

Oh, it's been a year. This man has lost his memory, but is he still wearing the red line on their wedding day?

Heart, inexplicably passing a trace of sadness, Yao Yao sighed deeply and left slowly


K, who has reached the opposite side of the road, stops, and blue eyes turn back gradually There was a trace of sadness in his beautiful face.

"Blue you. What are you doing? " At this time, Arthas came running from a distance.

K pursed next lip Cape, light way: "just hit a woman."

"You like it?"

"No Ha ha, I just bumped into it accidentally. How could I like it. Just I'm curious. At the moment when I saw her face, my heart Inexplicably some pain. In my mind, it seems that I have something to remember, but I can't remember... "

When hearing K's description of this feeling, Arthas's face suddenly sank and quickly looked at the crowd across the road.

Sure enough, Yao Yao's back into his line of sight!

He knew that only when his highness just met Lando could he have such a reaction.

Since K took the antidote given by Yao Yao a year ago, he has been in a coma for three days. In these three days, Arthas settled everything and changed K's identity. Get along with good brothers. Never mention the past. Just, that red line, K would not untie it anyway. Arthas was not forced.

Just a few days ago, K was on a whim to come to China. Arthas accompanied him to travel here. Unexpectedly, K can still meet Lando.

Maybe, this is the fate created by heaven.

But Arthas believes that after they return to England in a few days, K will forget this feeling of heartache. "Ha ha, LAN you, stop thinking. Let's hurry to the next place for sightseeing. "


Time flies, the gears of fate are quietly turning

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