A Naive Short-tempered Girl

Chapter 967

Chapter 967

At that time, Yao Yao first occupied and then gathered together to announce that he was suffering from terminal illness. After returning home, he passed his position to Lannuo.

Lano has been secretly in love with ice night since childhood. After five years of getting along with each other, the two finally walked together.

Yao Yao and Yu Aotian have been married for 12 years. The single dragon Baron also found his own love and married him five years ago.

As for the others, the children have already run everywhere. Are extremely happy

Talking about

Qilian rain cold, that is, the year of Luoyu cold; qilianhe, that is, the year of Luoxiao, has also become a year.

I'm not as tearful as I was when I was a child. I'm full of manliness, which means I have a natural Playboy style and countless pursuers. In the face of this, as a father, yuaotian can only be blind and upset. Who knows that he used to be better than his son. But

The headache of yuaotian is the cold rain in Qilian!

"Cold rain, I forbid you to go to France!"

"You have no right to refuse me. I have to go to France. I have worked hard for such a long time since I was a child. I just want to be a model! " Qilian rain cold tone has a sense of command that can not be refused.

Yuaotian, who is Laozi, can't eat her way: "it's rainy and cold. Since he was a child, my father has been doting on you. Everything depends on you. When you are a model, dad has no objection. But you can stay in China and why go to France. "

"Gee, gee, is Yanlong in France? You don't even know that?!" Yao Yao on the side of the conversation.

"Yao Yao, what do you mean by that?" Yu Aotian glared

"Don't you know? Yuhan went out with Yanlong last summer...... "

A thunderbolt flashed by. Yuaotian didn't know that his daughter would be with black Yanlong. They are at least 20 years old, OK?!

"Yao Yao! You know, you don't care? "

"Why should I care?" Yao Yao is confused and pulls Yu Aotian aside: "I always think Yanlong is very good, but unfortunately, he used to be a homosexual, now he can not easily get emotional with our daughter. Our daughter also likes Yanlong since she was a child. They are together, isn't it good?"

Wipe! homosexuality?!

Only Yao Yao doesn't know the truth!

Yu Aotian's lungs are about to explode! "I'll go out first!"

"Hello! What are you doing out there? "

"Leave me alone!" Yu Aotian left home and went straight to the residence of black Yanlong and killed him.

These days, black Yanlong came to China to work, so he has always stayed in China.

Yu Aotian knocks on the door of black Yanlong's room, and scolds him immediately, regardless of the number of people in the room.

In that way, black Yanlong listened to him scold himself and didn't retort.

In the end, yuaotian is tired of scolding Finally calmed down: "Yan long, do you know how old you are different from rain and cold?"

"I know."

"Then are you still with her?!"

In fact, the matter of Qilian rain and cold and black Yanlong is not really a problem of black Yanlong.

This little girl has been more mature than ordinary people since she was young. She has known about love and love since she was about 12 years old. She clearly knows that she likes black Yanlong. When I was about 16 years old, I confessed to heiyanlong.

At that time, the reaction of black Yanlong and yuaotian was almost the same. They were all opposed and preached to the rain coldly.

However, what he can't deny is that he can't be indifferent to the rain and cold. After all, many things in Yuhan attracted him like that

In this way, Yuhan has been reluctant to give up the pursuit of black Yanlong; black Yanlong can only one strength to avoid. But as time goes by, just like the ending of all the stories about women chasing men, he still can't betray his heart and talk about cross age love with Yuhan.

"I love rain and cold, so I want to be with her." The black scorching dragon coldly replies to the proud sky.

"No! It's not about love or not, it's about your age! Add You used to treat Yao Yao! "

"Well I used to love Yao Yao, too. However, Yao Yao loves you. But since Yao Yao was born with a little cold rain, my love for Yao Yao has gradually become a family habit. As for me and Yuhan, although we are in our twenties, but Are you ten years younger than Yao Yao? "

"Er..." Yu Aotian is suddenly blocked by some words questioned by black Yanlong. To put it this way, he is also an old ox eating tender grass?!

"Aotian, I know you are worried about the rainy and cold future, and I am worried too. I'm afraid I'm so much older than him. In case I leave earlier, what should she do? But she told me... "

"Life and death have their own destiny. Even if we find a young man, he may die tomorrow. Who can estimate his future? "

"Yes, I think so. Who can estimate his future? Even for the sake of rain and cold, I will call myself to live for several years. The main thing is... " Black Yan Long said that, eyebrow peak a pick, dark smile way: "rest assured, I that aspect is still very strong, you do not have to be afraid of rain cold widowhood!"In fact, the reason why Yu Aotian is against this relationship is nothing more than these two points. He can't deny that black Yanlong is a man.

Imagine that black Yanlong actually had countless opportunities to be with Yao Yao, but he gave up thinking about his brother's righteousness. It can be seen that black Yanlong is such a man who attaches great importance to love and justice.

In addition, the nature of black Yanlong is open and aboveboard, and he knows how to hurt people. How can Yu Aotian not trust to give his daughter to him?!

"Whatever you like. But, Yan long, don't blame me for not reminding you. Rain cold is still small now, she likes you now, she may not like you in the future, you should be prepared psychologically! " Out of the face of friends, Yu Aotian will also fear that his daughter has failed to live up to the black dragon.

Black Yan long did not mind smile: "in the future, who will know? Even marriage can lead to divorce. I think Catch it now! "


Grab it now!

No one can estimate their own future, and no one can know what the future is like. It's better to seize the present

Think about how merciless and ignorant a man Yu Aotian was in those days, but slowly, after years of baptism, he loved Yao Yao more than anyone else;

Feng Chenyi was also a prodigal in those days, but after the loss, he should know how to cherish and be greater than anyone else.

Black Yanlong missed, had a dark past. When he realized the truth, his whole life seemed to change.

As for K, although he has been addicted to the darkness, it has to be said that all he has done to Yao Yao, all of which is just because he doesn't know how to love.

Long ye, Han Lishang, long Yujue, Qilian Aoyun, and so on, all have bad aspects, but they all have one thing in common, that is, after getting love, they should stick to it more than anyone else

Sometimes, look at people, not the surface.

Sometimes, we should also distinguish the difference between love and marriage.

The present happiness of Yao Yao comes from her years of precipitation. If she is in business with Yu Aotian, maybe their future may not be as happy as it is now.

Anyway, at least Yao Yao finally changed the man who is only suitable for being a lover into a man who is suitable for being a husband.

Now, he is not only a qualified husband, but also a qualified father. In the future, he will be a qualified elder

Love is so simple. It's also so complicated; however, marriage takes a lifetime to penetrate

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