A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 528 - Nightmare Sorcerer

Chapter 528: Nightmare Sorcerer


Grimm’s body had expanded to a few hundred meters tall.

On the opposite side, the Dreadlord Servants, that were defeated again and again by Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer, were all reduced to only a few meters or shorter.

Finally, as his body had expanded to such limits, Grimm could feel the layer of dark greyish coat outside his body, which was in the Ancient Experiment Lab at the Black Isotta Realm, a sealed Ancient Dreadlord that was parasitizing in the Nightmare World, casting a Nightmare Phantom onto himself.

Roaring, struggling.

Cracks were starting to appear on the giant ape body that Grimm had transformed into, and beams of blinding light were bursting from the cracks, as if something was going to come out from the inside.

Fright Energy was converted into Nightmare Energy, as the secret to Dreadlord Servants evolving into the new generation Dreadlord, was to find the source of fear of the living being tribes in the Parasitic World, and the source of fear of humans in the Sorcerers World!

Normally speaking, there was a need to create nightmares again and again to probe further.

Ruins represented that time was flowing and could not be reversed, the Nightmare Mist represented the dark unknown, the Nightmare Mire represented contamination and decivilization, the Nightmare Bug represented density and distortion, spying and eavesdropping represented the stealing of privacy and deception, while lies represented the fear of truth.

As a human, Grimm was very clear on what the source of fear in humans was!


Suddenly, after Grimm’s outer ape layer shattered, a hundred-meter tall hideous monkey with long red fur, which was a common sight in the Nightmare World, appeared.

Following that, the laws of the Nightmare World changed drastically, and something wallowed in the dirt as corpses of human skeletons appeared one by one.

With Grimm at the center, those human skeletons were like Nightmare Bugs, spreading all over across the Nightmare World!

The human beings’ source of fear was the loneliness that came after a companion’s death!

No matter if it were a Sorcerer or a normal human being, the fewer the number of people, the more they would feel this fear of loneliness.

As the number of Sorcerers of the same rank decreased, Sorcerers who exchanged knowledge with the high rank Sorcerers would lose their assistance, and when there were fewer normal human beings, they would lose the people who worked for the society, and slowly descend into beasts who kept on feeding themselves to survive.

In the Nightmare World, the Nightmare Skeleton Dreadlord was born!

The Dreadlords who were rushing over from the Nightmare World Black Domain, and the Dreadlord Servants who had holed themselves up in their own Nightmare domain, were surprised as they saw the new nightmare law appearing in the Nightmare World. They slowly stopped what they were doing and silently basked in its revelation.

“Tell me, do you feel the adjudication law?”

Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer looked over imposingly and asked, through his own Nightmare Power and hunter talent, he could almost see something, the red long fur covering his mouth twisted into an evil smile, like the bloody crescent moon in the night of the Nightmare World, flashing his neat and clean teeth.

Grimm answered excitedly, “Yes, I can feel it!”

Grimm saw it.

It really was the adjudication law, the adjudication law of the Sorcerers World, the adjudication law that crossed between the Black Domain and the Sorcerers Continent!

Humans who possessed magic power and mental power below 10, back during the Ancient period when the Nightmare World was leeching off the Sorcerers World, were the Dreadlord Servants’ revival standard.

As the Nightmare World weakened as the years went by, this standard had gradually lowered, reaching to only a magic power and mental power of below 5.

How was this possible?

To a human being, possessing mental health below 5 was already a rarity, not to mention letting him go on the path of a Sorcerer?

The adjudication law itself, was judgment to Black Field Black Sorcerer!

Black Field Black Sorcerer had collected countless human slaves as Despair Energy materials, and as for the slaves there, not a day went by without them living in a nightmare.

In relation to that, the center of the Nightmare World where all the Dreadlords gathered was exactly where the Black Domain was.

That place was a heaven for collecting Fright Energy in the Nightmare World, a place where the Tricolor fairies of the fairytale law could not touch, the Dreadlords had seized the most important resource to the Nightmare Creatures, the Black Domain.

The adjudication law, crossing between the Sorcerers Continent and the Black Domain, with the endless nightmares the humans that were enslaved by Black Field Black Sorcerer had, as a price for releasing a large amount of Fright Energy, with itself acting as a fulcrum, pried the Sorcerers Continent’s Nightmare Phantom. As such, the human beings that were stimulated by them fell into the Nightmare World, possessing the ability of the hunter talent and being able to return to the Sorcerers World.

This was known as the Nightmare Sorcerer!

As long as they became a Dreadlord in the Nightmare World, they would be able to detach from their identity as a Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentice, and be promoted into an official Nightmare Sorcerer.

Using the hunter talent, Grimm became a dreadlord in about forty years with the help of Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer.

Even if there were some advancement toward becoming Nightmare Sorcerers, having so many basic and easy laws to abide by, it was normal for most of the Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentices to not be able to become official Sorcerers for the rest of their lives.

Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentices that wanted to become Dreadlords, to be promoted as official Sorcerers, after going through competition after competition among fellow Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentices, would be pushed toward the center of the Black Domain to collect Fright Energy, thus gaining a better understanding of Black Field Black Sorcerer’s merciless and inhumane ways.

Probably after many countless years, this mission of extracting this cancer from the Sorcerers World’s Black Domain might fall under the responsibility of the Nightmare Sorcerers?

It was not that the Sorcerers World or the Sorcerers Continent did not want to remove this cancer known as Black Field Black Sorcerer, it was that the Black Sorcerers that were controlling the human beings for Despair Energy were too strong against the human Sorcerers.

If an internal war were to happen between the Sorcerers World and the Black Sorcerers, the Sorcerers World would pay a price almost the same as experiencing half of the Ancient war if the Black Sorcerers resisted with all their power, at the same time, victory would not reward them with anything.

On the other hand, the Black Sorcerers could only desperately collect and draw more Despair Energy from the humans as means of self-defense and to not let themselves be eradicated, as such, they had become more and more restrained to only the humans and other Sorcerers.

With that, the Black Domain had become a cancerous place that the Sorcerers World could do nothing about, but due to the confrontations happening outside on both sides, it was for the aim of saving the Sorcerers World from destruction and keeping this peace between them.

“Hehehehehe, hehehehAHAHAH…”

Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer roared out in laughter, a carefree laugh.

“The Sorcerers World’s first-ever Nightmare Sorcerer is finally born! Judgment Staff, you’ve finally succeeded!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, something shone in the skies of the Nightmare world, it was five more of the long-haired monkeys.

Grimm knew they were from the Sorcerers World, as they became one with him, each representing the six stages of building a Nightmare Sorcerer according to the adjudication law.

Among the five monkeys, one of them was Solumn!

The three monkeys in front were already Stigmata Sorcerers, to build the first three stages of the Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentice law, a few tens of thousands of years had been used.

This was the difference of years between Grimm and Solumn.

Six people, each representing the Nightmare Sorcerer law at all the six stages. They consisted of the stage where they were able to freely return to the Sorcerers World, the stage where the Nightmare Sorcerer possessed the hunter talent, the stage where the Nightmare Sorcerer’s body never died, the stage where Nightmare Sorcerers became Nightmare Hematology Sorcerers, the stage where they were Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentices, and the stage where they were official Nightmare Sorcerers.

The six people looked at each other, in just mere moments they could understand each other’s will.

It was time for Judgment Staff Stigmata Sorcerer that had made the Celestial Sacrifice to advance into a Celestial Sorcerer.

From now on, the Sorcerers World would include Machinists, Black Sorcerers, Elemental Sorcerers, Alchemist Sorcerers, and the newly born Nightmare Sorcerer.

After tens of thousands of years of Celestial Sacrifice in the Nightmare World, being listed by Black Isotta Stigmata Sorcerer as a force that could compete to the top with the Purgatory Furnace King Abaddon as the Sorcerers World’s first Celestial Sorcerer, he had finally advanced as a new Celestial Sorcerer.

An extraordinary Creation Celestial Sorcerer at that!

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