A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 529 - First Ring Celestial Sorcerer

Chapter 529: First Ring Celestial Sorcerer

One, two, three, four, five, six.

Six Sorcerers that had transformed into red, long-haired hideous apes each flew far away and formed a circle around the sky, sensing each other, forming a cycle of symbiotic energy, looping endlessly.

Next, each that represented the stage where they were able to freely return to the Sorcerers World, the stage where the Nightmare Sorcerer possessed the hunter talent, the stage where the Nightmare Sorcerer’s body never died, the stage where Nightmare Sorcerers became Nightmare Hematology Sorcerers, the stage where they were Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentices, and the stage where they were official Nightmare Sorcerers respectively, began to alternate the energy between each other.

A hexagon sat in the middle of the circle, a giant Six Asterism Magical Array about a few ten thousand metres was formed.

The deep and mysterious Ancient Sorcerer started to sing, like the voice of the nature laws interchanging, the alternating energy of the giant Six Asterism Magical Array started to vibrate more and more intensely.


A silhouette was curled up in the middle of the magical array, followed by thousands of thunder-like tentacles, gathering toward the giant Six Asterism Magical Array, as if the interactions between energy in the magical array were sucking some sort of law dry.

“Hmm? This law…”

Somehow, the name of this law appeared in Grimm’s mind naturally, The law of the World Veil?

Right now this giant magical array, was corroding a hole in the World Veil in between the Sorcerers World and Nightmare World?

The World Veil and the Endless World Balanced Law, were the most basic law of protection in the outer world to prevent the intrusion of a more powerful being, as for the different types of chain laws in the inner world, they acted like a sort of immune system in the living beings.

Even though the Nightmare World was a part of the Sorcerers World, it was just one of the passive parts.

There were three big separations in between the Sorcerers World and the Nightmare World.

First, the separation between the real and illusory worlds.

Be it travelling from the real world to the illusory world, or from the illusory world to the real world, there was a specific way to cross over, it was not something that could be done by force.

Second, the specific law of the Nightmare World and the Sorcerers World.

The parasitic law of the Nightmare World had caused the Sorcerers World to become a victim, their passive defences during the ancient times to the point of their development now, the two world laws needed a medium, and this medium was the Nightmare Sorcerer.

Third, the World Veil.

The World Veil existed as the Nightmare World and the Sorcerers World were in actuality not a completely united world, they could not form a close relationship between the Sorcerers mainland and the underground abyss.

Of course, even this newly promoted Celestial Sorcerer, did not have the power to remove the World Veil of the Nightmare World and the Sorcerers World. The only thing she could do, was sustain an eternal ‘hole’ on the World Veil.

Yes, she.

This Nightmare Sorcerer, was a Sorceress.

But of course, at this level in life, the discrimination between men and women was almost non-existent.

The giant Six Asterism Magical Array kept vibrating, it was like the Sorcerers World was breathing and its heart beating, the hole on the World Veil started to stabilize.

Gradually, the adjudication law, the hunter law, the Nightmare Sorcerer law and the World Veil empty hole law converged, as that curled up silhouette slowly stood up, like an infant stretching with pleasure, Adjudication Staff Stigmata Sorcerer had finally completed his life evolution within the beams of Celestial Sacrifice law.

After tens of thousands of years, Adjudication Staff who was the will of the Celestial Sacrifice as a Nightmare Sorcerer, was finally going to become a new Celestial Sorcerer of the Sorcerers World!

At this moment, no matter if it were the inner Sorcerers World, or within the Sorcerers World Realm, or every Celestial Sorcerer, Holy Sorcerer, World Guardian that was wandering in the Endless Void, everyone could feel the great waves of law.

These strong people stopped what they were doing, and sensed this new law delicately.

Grimm, Solumn, all six Sorcerers stood at the center, the Celestial Sorceress looked shrivelled and covered in wrinkles, her body was rickety, her eyes murky but bursting with an unbelievable amount of Light of Wisdom, she first nodded at Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer as a greeting, then she turned to looked at the six Sorcerers surrounding her.

“From this day forth, my name shall be First Ring Celestial Sorceress, the Nightmare World Tower shall be built here.”


Invisible waves started to spread from this illusory Nightmare World, the Nightmare fog, Nightmare dirt, Nightmare bugs, the shrivelling ruins, peeping and eavesdropping, deception and lies and Grimm’s solidified Nightmare skeleton fear law, disappeared like ashes.

At the same time, the Sorcerers slowly returned to their human forms, this was the law transition of the Nightmare World and Sorcerers World truly becoming one.

The name En, derived from the hole of the World Veil that was built from the Sorcerers World and the Nightmare world, if there were a Ni’En Nightmare Sorcerer, it meant that it derived from the second hole of the World Veil of the Sorcerers World and Nightmare world.

The position of First Ring Celestial Sorceress, could not be compared to the Six, Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer.

As a Creation Celestial Sorcerer, the position of the First Ring Nightmare Holy Tower was the same as the Sorcerer mainland’s One Ring Elemental Holy Tower, the Sky City Machinery Holy Tower, the Black Domain Holy Tower, and the One Star Abyss Holy Tower of the underground abyss.

For the Sorcerers mainland’s Elemental Sorcerers, the word ‘Ring’ derived from the Endless Energy Ring law of the Six Asterism Magical Array, while for the Anatomy Refinery Sorcerers from the Abyss World, the word ‘Star’ derived from the Self-Willed Star of the inner Six Asterism Magical Array.

If there were more Elemental Sorcerers and Anatomy Refinery Sorcerers who evolve into Celestials in the future, they could only be addressed accordingly, one followed by the next.

“And all of you… If you are willing to build Sorcerer Towers in the First Ring Nightmare Tower, you will become Sorcerers that command territories, luxuriate in the benefits and rewards from the Holy Tower expeditions.”

Following First Ring Celestial Sorceress’s gaze, three of the six Sorcerers, including Solumn and Grimm, all looked at this Celestial Sorceress with adoration.

Of course, in regards to building a Sorcerer Tower, the two of them did not even have the right to interrupt the conversation.

Only the fourth person who was a Level-3 Great Sorcerer, with a satisfied smile, disintegrated with a poof into ashes.

It seemed that Sorcerer’s life was at its end, but he was using some sort of way to hold on.

The newly promoted First Ring Celestial Sorceress stared at the ashes drifting in the air for a moment, lifted her staff, and pointed at the starlight to blow those ashes away.

“No, you can’t do that!”

“The Nightmare World is a world belonging to us Nightmare Creatures…”

The final traces of Nightmare Mist from the Nightmare World gathered together, forming a gigantic whirlpool, a hundred-metre red-haired ape that was wrapped inside appeared, it was the Nightmare Mist Dreadlord.

The Nightmare Mire was like stormy waves, turbulent and stirring, another red-haired ape appeared, the rolling mud surged vigorously, but it was nothing more than the last of the Nightmare Mire of the Nightmare World.

The Nightmare bugs and Decaying and Corrupting Dreadlord, both emerged in their own ways, the Dreadlords looked at the Sorcerers present, howling with rage.

To rush from the Nightmare World Black Domains to the Three Rings Holy Tower in the Nightmare World here, these Dreadlords had actually arrived in such a short amount of time, it was truly rare.

Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer from the ancient times, who performed the Celestial Sacrifice with the Tricolor Fairies of the fairytale law, after having evolved into a Celestial Sorcerer, had caused the Nightmare World to slowly start to disintegrate.

And now, the appearance of the Nightmare Sorcerer law of First Ring Celestial Sorceress had led the Nightmare World to absolute ruins, becoming an appendage of the Sorcerers World.

These Dreadlords that represented the Nightmare World’s Will would never allow it!

The Nightmare World in the ancient ages was a terrifying Spectral World that was rumoured among Greater worlds, as the worlds that were leached by the Nightmare World would have their rulers be reduced to Nightmare Creatures, Dreadlord Servants, and become mental slaves.

Yet, that piece of glorious and brilliant history of the Nightmare World, had led to destruction and ruins.

The arrogant Ancient Nightmare World had chosen to leech off the Sorcerers World, resulting in their vain attempts at becoming the Sorcerers’ controllers, the Sorcerers’ master!

Little did they know, the Nightmare World was opening a horrifying demon seal.

Those Ancient Dreadlords would never know, that compared to the Nightmare World, the Sorcerers World was the actual frightening world.

The Nightmare World that had caused many Greater world tribes to cower in fear was nothing in the face of those Ancient Sorcerers who used their wisdom to easily figure out the Nightmare World’s controlling plan, and thus carried out an effective plan against the Nightmare World. Even Adjudication Staff Stigmata Sorcerer with a vast knowledge had actually planned to completely conquer the Spectral Nightmare World!

And so, a Celestial sacrifice of tens of thousands of years had begun, and Adjudication Staff Stigmata Sorcerer was hailed as the strongest Stigmata Sorcerer of the Sorcerers World!

Now that eons had gone by.

The Nightmare World, a Spectral World that used to cause shivers and chills down peoples’ spines, had been reduced to a desolated state of only four Dreadlords, and they were specimens that were spared by the Sorcerers World to maintain the order and law of the Nightmare World.

Compared to the fearsome scene of Dreadlords from the ancient times walking around with glory, this was beyond belief.

This was in accordance with Black Isotta’s words.

To the living tribes that did not understand the Nightmare World, the Nightmare Creatures in the Nightmare World were unkillable, nightmares that could never be defeated, but to the Sorcerers World following the Ancient Sorcerers World, those Nightmare Creatures were nothing but bugs with power to leech mental strength.

They looked like they were immortal, but there was nothing more to it, just a bunch of living beings in the Spectral World, pitiful bugs with their vain attempts to seize a living body to return to the real world.

No matter how strong they were in the illusion, even if they destroyed the world, it was merely a nightmare.

Nightmare World?

No, it was not even a complete Spectral World, they were just Ancient Nightmare Creatures that came from a vast dream world to gnaw on the next fragment.

First Ring Celestial Sorceress looked at the four Dreadlords for a moment, her gaze looked like it was staring at summer cicadas chirping, placid and relaxed.

First Ring Celestial Sorceress lightly swung her staff, four ice cones that looked rather insignificant appeared, and they each shot toward the Dreadlords respectively.

To First Ring Celestial Sorceress that stood above the limitations of the Spectral law of the Nightmare World, and was able to ignore Fright Energy and Fear Energy, the Dreadlords were no different from the normal Fallens, they were only mental bugs in the Spectral World.

“The Sorcerers World no longer needs the Dreadlord law.”

With a tinkling sound, all four Dreadlords were frozen as ice sculptures and then shattered into ice crystals, the four Dreadlords were dissipated, and once again converged as four Fallens with zero Fright Energy.

First Ring Celestial Sorceress had dissolved all the Fear Energy in the four Dreadlords.

That’s right…

Grimm suddenly thought of something, that Heartless King from before replicated his hunting power!

Maybe in the future, it might be able to walk the path of a Nightmare Sorcerer?

Sensing First Ring Celestial Sorceress and Three Rings Celestial Sorcerer’s grand and majestic pressure, that miniscule feeling of being under an optimus giant’s feet, Grimm kept his mouth closed, the Heart of Dreams in his heart was still beating.


Through First Ring Celestial Sorceress’s World Veil round hole, a few grand and great Sorcerers’ Will came surging in.

“You have finally succeeded…”

On the other side, Grimm looked at Solumn for a few moments, and he lightly exhaled after seeing him nodding silently.

He could finally go back.

Nightmare Sorcerer?

Whether to research about the path of a Nightmare Sorcerer, or stick to refining elemental surge, Grimm did not need to think further.

Even though Grimm was the Sorcerers World’s first official Nightmare Sorcerer, representing the Demon Sorcerer law in the city, Grimm’s heart had already given up on the path of evolving as a Nightmare Sorcerer, just like Solumn who was a Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentice but did not choose this path.

To create a system was not something that could be completed with an official Sorcerer’s knowledge.

Just imagine, an Ancient Stigmata Sorcerer from the same era as Three Rings Holy Tower had already used several eras to create the Nightmare Sorcerer law, it was obvious that if a Nightmare Sorcerer were to develop a perfect system such as one of the Elemental Sorcerer, it could never be completed in such a short period of time.

The Elemental Sorcerer system was already well developed, and the Destructive Force experimenting plan that Grimm was committed to had considerable progress.

Grimm could also see, compared to the communion between Refinery Sorcerers and Elemental Sorcerers, Nightmare Sorcerers and Elemental Sorcerers or Refinery Sorcerers had the same strong communion.

“Wahh, my young master, woohoo hoo hoo, being in the Dimensional Gap for ten years or more has made my beak so pale! And also, what kinda place is this? What kind of Spectral World have you landed in this time? Please stop scaring me? Woohoohoo…”

On Grimm’s shoulder, Myna started to wail loudly.

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