A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 530 - The Immortal Law

Chapter 530: The Immortal Law

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“What! Black Isotta… has fallen!”

At the Holy Tower of Seven Rings back in the Sorcerers World, where First Ring Celestial Sorcerer had just sent them back to, before he even had the chance to adapt to the different new abilities that came together with the Nightmare Sorcerer, Grimm was shocked by the news brought by Solumn.

The Infernal World which had almost been completely conquered, actually caused Black Isotta to fall?

How did the First Acraepoid King hold so much power, it was impossible!

Looking at Grimm’s face under the Mask of Truth that had matured slightly, and the Light of Wisdom in his eyes that was like the time when he had failed to evolve and become more powerful, Solumn felt a bit imposed deep down.

Solumn said solemnly, “At first, I, Wicky, Claudia, Millie and the other Sorcerers that entered the Acraepoid kingdom also couldn’t believe it. It’s not only Black Isotta too, Dark Realms Stigmata Sorcerer has also fallen in the Infernal world, it caused Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer to descend to the Infernal World by force!”

No wonder…

All the explanation finally made sense because of the fallen Black Isotta!

That was why he got caught in the Nightmare World, it was because Black Isotta had stopped the Mana Pool to continue sealing those Nightmare Phantoms.

That was why Black Isotta summoned him to meet him there, and altered his ‘Book of Grimm’, which was then changed by him to the ‘Book of Truth’, Black Isotta was compensating for his own violations.

This Stigmata Sorcerer that was obsessed with returning to the golden age of the Ancient Sorcerers World, who had graced Grimm with much kindness, and the many times he had taken care of Grimm personally, did not forget about his promise before he had completely fallen.

Even though such a cruel Ancient Sorcerer who was someone dark, evil and cold to foreign beings, to Grimm, who had been much nurtured by Black Isotta himself, he was a mental guide, his place in Grimm’s heart was second only to Master Peranos.

It was because the Sorcerers World had many Sorcerers like Black Isotta, that the Sorcerers World was able to exemplify their cold-heartedness, reality and dignity, maintaining their iron-blooded rules, letting those rebels who were ready to cause trouble to think twice about their actions, fighting for more chances to let the Sorcerers World change their fate of destruction!

“Caw? That old man’s really dead? He died in such a small world? Such a pity…”

Compared to Grimm, Myna, who had seen the fall of so many immortal and powerful beings and Celestial Sorcerers, was much calmer, and merely felt that it was a waste that Black Isotta fell in such a small and nameless world.

He was such a powerful Stigmata Sorcerer, you could say he had the right to make some changes in the Civilization war.

“Who is it?”

Grimm gritted his teeth, stating the question unwillingly.

“At whose hand did Black Isotta fall, that even Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer could not defeat instantly after personally descending?”

If the answer were that Black Isotta lost to the Acraepoid King, Grimm would not believe it by any means whatsoever.

“The Infernal Giant King Abaddon.”

Slowly, Solumn mentioned a tribe that Grimm had never heard of before.

“After the Acraepoid King engaged the World Aperture that originally existed there, causing it to be formed quickly, there was a tribe of powerful living beings that invaded the Infernal World. I’ve never seen them before, but I heard that King Abaddon, who equipped the Purgatory Furnace, not only defeated Black Isotta and Dark Realms Stigmata Sorcerer, but he also destroyed a Void Fortress, many Demon-Hunter Sorcerers were burnt to crisps. Not only that, King Abaddon only fell short by a little after facing Seven Rings Celestial Sorcerer in separate worlds!”


Grimm inhaled sharply, and said with disbelief, “This Infernal Giant King Abaddon, is he really not an Eternal Dominator?”

It was unimaginable, this outbreak, and a powerful being that came from who knows where, had defeated Black Isotta just like that.

Was this the so-called unpredictable and fearful fate?

“You know this too, you and I charged into the Acraepoid Kingdom together. After that, you fell into the Nightmare World, and I only saw the craters that were left from the great battle after the Acraepoid Kingdom fell into ruins, those craters left behind are comparable to those craters left by the Ancient Sorcerers of the Sorcerers World.”


Grimm breathed in deeply, he nodded, feeling depressed.

Even with Grimm’s official Sorcerer control abilities, hearing about the death of Black Isotta made him feel a certain sense of loss.

The path of the Celestials, was as uneven as expected, behind the evolution of First Ring Celestial Sorcerer, represented the death of an unknown number of Stigmata Sorcerers that were pursuing the path of the Celestials, becoming a part of history and memory in peoples’ hearts.

He looked up to the Stigmata Sorcerers, too many of them had fallen along the way.

This was the path of a Sorcerer.

Endless loneliness, barbed and uneven, walking over corpses and skeletons, creating Sorcerer Towers, ignorance was ignorance, it could never be understood.

At the same time, it was great timing, he needed to accompany Master Peranos to meet Grandmaster Netherheart to enter the succession trial, after that was Master Peranos’ and his two other masters’ election ceremony as the Dean at the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy.

And before this, there were still two more things to do.

Beside the Heart of Seven Rings on the Tree of Life, Solumn looked toward Grimm and said, “I’m going to return to my Demon-Hunter castle, I was pulled into the Nightmare World after I had just come back to the Sorcerers World, I just started an experiment then, I don’t know if I can still make up for it.”

“With First Ring Celestial Sorcerer’s reward of the Sorcerer Essences, what kind of experiment can you not do?”

Grimm seemed to have returned to his calm tone, after thinking, he said deeply, “I need to go to the Seven Rings World for a bit.”


After Solumn bade farewell to Grimm, he drew out a Seven Rings bubble, and flew to his own Demon-Hunter castle.

“My young master, you tried to evolve once in the Nightmare World?”

Myna, on Grimm’s shoulder, asked him after he felt a part of life energy lost in Grimm.

Grimm stepped onto the Heart of Seven Rings, the appearance of the Sorcerers World’s Principle Will made the surrounding Sorcerers peep a little, but Grimm was used to it, and he did not mind at all.

“Yeah, it failed.”

Grimm nodded, his words were laced with slight regret.

“Even with the assistance of Ice Marrow Crystallization, and the Ice Top research by the King of Snowthreads, it’s still not enough. On one side, the demand for the elemental tank to discharge in a short period of time is higher than the elemental body itself, on another hand, the fundamental reason being during the years I’d spent being promoted to an Official Sorcerer, I had put all my energy mainly on the destructive force of the clash between ice and fire element, and didn’t put much effort on the research of ice element.”

The energy light beam of the hexagon-star Heart of Seven Rings rushed toward the clouds, as the sound of wind breaking through kept buzzing in his ears.

“Oh, that’s okay. Caw caw caw, my young master, your ‘Book of Truth’ can actually be connected to the Forgotten World, this is pretty interesting. But you gotta be careful, Spectral Worlds are very dangerous, one small careless move and you’ll plunge down forever, I don’t wanna go through something like this that has happened twice again, the first time was still fine, do you know what I went through all these years in the Dimensional Gap?”

“Alright, alright, it’s still too early to think about the Forgotten World, we don’t need to think about it for another few hundred years, we haven’t even opened the door yet.”

Grimm silently started to feel the Nightmare Sorcerer law while dealing with Myna.

First, the immortal body.

It seemed that there was a price for the immortal body, Sorcerer-Apprentices who unleashed the immortal body would expend Fright Energy, and slowly cut off their hope of becoming an official Sorcerer.

As for official Sorcerers who unleashed the immortal body, they would expend mental strength, if they were damaged greatly their mental strength would be lowered, and if they did not supply mental strength by meditating for a long period of time, when the mental strength had been lowered to 5 and below, it would be quite dangerous if it caught the attention of Dreadlord Servants.

Or… taken advantage of by other Nightmare Sorcerer-Apprentices?!

This was not to be taken lightly, there was a more dangerous price to pay and many more difficulties to face as all things had their own balanced law.

As for the rule about the fear of seals, they were the Nightmare Sorcerers’ absolute weakness, something like the Shadow World which was a world that Nightmare Sorcerers could restrain to the utmost.

Because of Grimm and Myna’s space communication abilities, unless there was a difference in level, or if Grimm and Myna were both sealed at the same time, Grimm could ignore any sealing power other than the Spacetime Seal.

Second, Nightmare bloodline.

Grimm was not like Solumn, who had been leached by a Dreadlord and was protected by the adjudication law, as such he was able to obtain that Dreadlord’s original foreign being’s Bloodline Sorcery.

As for Grimm who was the first to evolve from a Dreadlord to an official Nightmare Sorcerer, the lonesome and fearful law of the piles of skeletons in the Nightmare World had brought Grimm a special power that only belonged to him.

When Grimm was in the middle of a large crowd of Sorcerers, the speed of stimulating mental strength by meditating increased significantly!

This ability did not seem to be of much use, because normally speaking only newly promoted Sorcerers would pay attention to the speed of meditation stimulating mental strength, but to a Nightmare Sorcerer like Grimm, this and the immortal body complemented each other!

This meant that if Grimm unleashed the effectiveness of the immortal body once during an expedition, it would lower 20 points of mental strength, which was equivalent to lowering 20 points of mental strength of all sorceries and increasing the power of attacks, as such lowering battle strength, which would highly increase the chances of Grimm dying again.

Normally speaking, meditation stimulating the mental strength differed according to the Sorcerer’s capabilities. There was a possibility that one, or two years, or even several years of meditation could only increase a bit of mental strength.

And so, Grimm could substantially increase the recovery speed of his mental strength, there was not much to say about the benefits.

As for the path of evolution of a Nightmare Sorcerer, there were two choices with Grimm’s initial vision with low-level elemental sorcery, one was to combine the Elemental Sorcerer, second to unleash the Nightmare Sorcerer Bloodline Sorcery to become an Anatomy Refinery Sorcerer.

Of course, this was Grimm’s knowledge with low-level elemental sorcery.

Badump! Badump! Badump…

Suddenly, Grimm felt the Heart of Dreams in his body beating, he went blank for a moment and said, “Does this count as my own Nightmare Bloodline Sorcery?”

The Heart of Dreams, to slip into other people’s dreams.

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